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Dream interpretation Lightening


This Lightening dream suggests the mental state of surprise resulting from unanticipated changes or actions. It may seem caustic in nature but lightening also possesses a second side which is the side of radiance. In spiritual sense such dreams mean a spiritual disclosure or awakening that you desired for. It shows you the hidden forces or energies that are regulating your life events and unfolding its nature by way of dreams. These dreams are considered both positive and negative omen depending on the situation you have dreamt of.

Lightening dreams are of different types where you dream yourself or some other object being stricken by lightning bolt. Many people observe themselves under the thunder bolt which definitely implies a negative effect on the following future. Every object need to be considered as far as lightening dreams are concerned because these are so wide-ranging that any single description can change the whole meaning it implies on the person. These dreams might fear you but they are stunning in own sense and need to be looked closely to extract the message hidden inside.

Lightning dream situations and its significance

Lightning in dreams generally symbolize happiness and opulence which remains only for a while similar to the lightning bolt. If it smacks a nearby object in your dream which leaves you in state of shock means that a near and dear one of your life may hurt you or give you unpleasant surprise by way of some news. If you see lightning bolt coming through black clouds suggests that you will face difficulties and depression in near future. If you see yourself in the zone of lightning and if it strikes you then unexpected sorrows will devastate your business or relationships. To see lightning from dark and mystic clouds foretells a kind of heavy loss in your personal life. Lightning also brings some positive effects such as if you see it right above the head on the skies then it can bring good luck and fortune to you. If ladies dream of lightning and rain is considered as a good omen which signifies that they will get married to desirable family. For men the lightning dreams indicate a sign of recovery in prolonged illness.

Lightning dreams - a warning signal?

Every dream we observe serves a purpose and suggests particular fact that we are unaware off. Similar is true with lightning dreams, as they are great warning signals to tell you the dangers laid ahead. These dreams are very powerful and hence should not be taken lightly. This is a chance to recover and to prevent your relationship or loss at business.

Customary lightning dream and its analysis

Consider a dream where you are walking up on the dark road with no street lights and any source of light. You are scared in your dream but have no choice but to walk until you reach a destination. You are all alone with no one to ask help or guidelines for road. While walking you observe clouds in the sky and see a sudden bolt of lightning which illuminates your path for some time and b following the light you are able to see the surrounding and just walking on and on. This dream signifies a good luck in your already battered life as dark road is the difficulties you are facing where sudden light is like a ray of hope. This dream definitely signifies that you will reach your goals after a long struggle.

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Vicki 2019-06-11 00:34:12
I dreamt I was at work in this nice building I was closing the blinds when I heard this loud whoosh bang, when I looked out the window the house across the road was damaged by a lightening strike there was a lot of black smoke coming from the house then I woke up
Sammie 2019-02-27 09:12:28
I just dreamt that I shot lightening bolts from both of my hands, simultaneously, at an object across the room and then the whole house exploded with me in it.
daniel 2018-06-15 12:01:31
i had a dream where i was standing on my porch and infront of my i had the view of the ocean , and suddenly purple-white lightning strikes into the shore of the beach and it created mini tsunami waves but they didnt reachmy house , they kept breaking infront of it , but i could still feel the water splashing on me., What does that mean ?
Karsen 2018-05-30 03:06:21
I had a strange dream last night where it was a typical day that was sunny, but suddenly a giant dark mass started to spreads across the sky. I was the first one in my family to notice. I told my mom but she kept saying "where?". She couldn't see it. Neither could all the girls at my house that I didn't know. I just told them that I saw it and we needed to leave. Everyone slowly but surely piled into the car (there were like 10 girls, my mom, and I, so no room in my mom's tiny car) and I woke up before we could drive away. What does it mean??
Pedro Gonzalez 2018-04-23 01:33:37
hey good evening im trying to figure out what my dream means
i dreamt that i jumped out of the window and i became a lightning bolt and struck the ground i mean i survived but when i looked at the floor i saw ashes i felt empowered the next day can anyone help me interpret this dream. its bugging me.
Julian 2018-02-27 07:53:58
So I was having a lucid dream, the setting was sort of a flat plain of dirt as far as the eye could see (battle field) it was night, and people were around me. My first instinct was to focus all of my energy into my hands, I could feel its powerful presence like I was vibrating with powerful chi. And I manifested purple lightning from the sky and brought it crashing into the ground. This continued for a while, the feeling was extremly powerfull, surreal and vivid I felt like some omnipotent god. I also created a lightning tornado which I was inside of, it was quite a thin concentrated torando. I wish I recorded my dream when I woke as I have forgotten minor details. But it was an amazing feeling to cast purple lightning. Peace and love
Moii 2018-02-11 18:09:27
Hi last night in my dream I saw lightning and rain.. I watch from window when I wake up Its keep coming my mind . I'm single lady
Paul 2017-10-05 17:33:28
In my dream I was walking in a park with lots of trees, when it got darker almost coming to the end of the park lighting came crashing down hitting a tree a spreading on the ground, as it did it pushed me up in the air and I floated back to where I started..
jeneva 2017-08-04 05:54:44
In my dream I was trying to leave a town that I hate with thean that I love so that we could get back home to our family, my job and there was an office person surching for me. The sky was clean but there were huge fearce lightning bolt coming out of the sky. The only sound was this powerful thunderous sound while the lightning was gathering strength before it emerged from the clouds. The sound and lightning bolt were huge, loud and ground shaking. I was so scared every time I saw the lightning bolt growing and coming out of the sky. Any ideas what this ment.
Giovanni 2017-02-20 19:42:36
My dream went like this, happening during the last images before waking: I'm telling my mom that we need to close the window and step away. Outside your could see a probable combination of green lightning or thunder and fireworks. I keep telling and yelling at my mom to step away and let's get out of here. I think she might have been perplexed by it because I had little success in moving away. Before waking lightning appears to strikes and moves throughout the living room and strikes me. I don't feel pain but I then see myself being held by my hands by my mom and I think my aunt. I see small streams of green electricity on both my arms. Then I wake up. I'm curious to hear what domeay think it may mean.
Avery 2017-01-20 10:36:43
Hello, I had a weird dream the other night. In my dream I was on a prairie when a storm was forming and rolling over the land approaching me. When it was directly ahead I could hear the sound of thunder then a flash of lightning came down in front of me but had turned into a tall man with long blond hair. We stared at one another and he bent over and kissed me. I kissed back. We ended up having sex. I woke up after and I have never had a dream like that. What would this dream mean?
Emmy 2016-12-21 06:21:16
I was swimming in my dream and this string of lightning streamed into the water I was swimming in and struck me...not sure what the swimming meant.

Caleb Y 2016-11-04 22:10:12
I was walking up the street with pizza with a friend and jumped over over a fence then got struck by lightning and was just laying there looking up hearing the electrictyelectricity and watch the beam of light just enter my body
Jourdin 2016-10-22 01:25:09
I just woke up from a dream..I was walking down the street holding a charger. Wherever my hand moved from me walkin with the charger in my hand rain kept following and moving with it. Then when I switched it to the other hand I was struck by lightening n that caused my to throw the charger then I started floating still in shock.
John 2016-09-30 21:02:46
I was attack by a blue lightening claw in my bed. It was attacking my arm. Two weeks later i had to get distal bicep surgery on that same arm. I was going through sleep paralysis at that time.
Melissa 2016-09-21 00:52:15
I was in a buliding cleaning there was a sick boy child i was trying to take him to his family i was carrying him to the car then rain started to fall one one drop got the child to his family on my way back someone pass me who looked like the rain was falowing and thats how the lighting started to strike at me
JC 2016-09-01 16:38:13
I had a dream last night that I was in an outdoor market with my daughter. I looked up and saw very black clouds moving in. I felt 2 drops of rain and looked around for shelter. I then felt a bolt of lightning go through me and actually felt it in my dream go down my legs and exit my feet. It woke me from my sleep and I immediately felt anxious and had a sense of anticipation. All day I felt worn down and my legs felt weak.
katie 2016-08-24 14:45:19
i dreamt i was in a somewhat like tower structure, i could see the calm horizon. and suddenly a series of lightning struck. and i was in awe. and i said, "that's beautiful"
MARIA 2016-08-11 14:25:26
I has a dream where there was lightning with rain and it was very bright what does this mean
Lost guy 2016-08-11 02:04:33
I had a dream about a week ago seeing lightning and then being struck by lightning before waking up right after that. I looked up the dream meaning because I'm always interested in weird dreams... I was just fired from my job yesterday...
karen 2016-08-03 00:09:08
I dreamt last night I got woken with loud bang which was lightning striking the power line out our back door & the cable was just flying around. And then my huby, our 2 dogs & I were on a high speed train which couldn't stop & the lightning above us was very violent. And then it my dream jumped to me sitting outside about to get my hair done when the lightning started above my head.

All throughout my dream I could hear a woman screaming but couldn't see her.
Michael Peterson 2016-08-02 18:30:54
I had a dream that I was looking through my door window and I heard a huge clash of lightning and it formed a red star. It's really getting me. Does anybody know what it means?
Umi 2016-07-27 04:29:39
I had a dream about my niece driving a car, somehow she gained her driver license and i said "oh yeah thats true, you got a driver license".
We were in the car the air was just getting dark because it was getting late.

But then i saw some black clouds rapidly flying above me in our direction, the clouds were getting worse. Then in the distance, right infront of us a chain of lightning occured: light-orange-ish lightning that rapidly moved into our direction and almost striked us.
I gues it striked something nearby that made me feel the shockwave,my niece lost controll of the vehicle and we ran away.
Turns out that the entire country was in a panic
maspedi 2016-07-17 21:25:04
Last wee I had a dream that my aunt was trying to strike me with lightening bt she couldnt. Few days after i had another dream that soldiers were exploding n destroying everything at home. Last night when i got back to my room(where im renting) frm home i found that our room was destroyed someone broke in n stole our stuff bt funny enough that person stole all my room mates shoes bt mine r still there

Louise 2016-07-13 13:14:57
I dreamt that I was inside looking out at a black sky. There was a streak of lightning and I was reassuring someone next to me, but unseen. There were three strears in total and each time they seemed greater but the person I was reassuring became calmer and calmer.
Tami 2016-07-12 16:07:33
My dream consisted of being in a house and I was certain I was going to be struck by lightning. Suddenly a lightning bolt burst through the door of the house and chased me and zapped me. Does that mean I was in the zone?
bdy 2016-06-20 14:45:32
i was involved in a accident a few days ago and my car got wrecked, but last night i dreamed i was home and when i watched outside i saw my car in good condition but the rain was pouring and when i went to get the car i was struck by lightning. Could anyone explain what my dream meant?
Nathalie 2016-06-15 08:15:46
I had a dream about a lighting stricken out side of my house and when I saw it I moved were I couldn't see it then my house went to a blackout
Kellie 2016-06-12 20:07:15
I dreamt that I was walking back from the shop nd met a friend we were walking past our church an lightning struck beside us. I was fighting then based spirits an lightning hit again killing my friend. I defeated the spirits and continued home.
K 2016-06-09 13:23:17
I had a dream last night that my partner, my youngest daughter my son who's 16 months And other people and myself where at the beach. My daughter was playing in the sand n I was holding baby talking to my partner. I put baby down in the middle of us. As I did this we looked up into the sky, noticed it was getting dark. I said do you think we should leave? Then clouds started changing colour from light grey to dark while it started to rain.. So I picked up my son running for shelter and said come on we better go. In the dream I was scared of either myself or my son getting strucked. I kept thinking I can't die cause my kids need me. (My son has a lot of medical issues) I also remember the lighting hit where my son was lying then was hitting again quite close to us as we ran (and it was that slow motion run you get in dreams) I remember looking up watching the light come down to the ground and got a bit scared so I just focused on running as we got to the entrance of the batch house heaps of little lighten and thunder went off. Then I called up my sister in law for some reason she had my oldest daughter to see if they were ok and yeah woke up

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