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As in real life, there is no such thing as a dream of cats that will provide you with a clearly defined answer. Aside from providing a look at some of the more mysterious aspects of your mind, dreams of cats can also reveal a number of hidden things going on in your life. While these things may seem negative to some people, if you happen to like cats, then you may wind up feeling differently about the events at some point in the future.

General Dream Meaning: Cat

If you tend to dislike cats, seeing one in your dream may indicate bad luck. On the other hand,if you like them, they can represent sexuality, feminine mystique, and grace. Kittens may also represent a short, but happy romance. If the cat was aggressive, or skulking around, it may indicate dishonest people amongst your friends and peers. Emotionally, cats may also represent extremely sensitive emotions, as well as the inability to let go of grudges easily. Cats in dreams may also be interpreted based on their color. Black cats may indicate magical happenings, or bad luck depending on your personal beliefs, while white cats may symbolize protection and blessings.

How Dream Symbol Cats may Fit in your Life

When you dream of a cat, it is important to realize that self respect, and respect for others will always play a key role in your life. In this instance, the beauty and mysterious aspects of cats indicate that other people will not always tell you how they feel, let alone indicate whether or not they reciprocate your feelings. That said, if you understand cat behavior, then you will have a much better chance of understanding how to manage various situations in your own life. If the cat in your dream happens to be in reference to your own inner landscape, taking a gentle and subtle approach to these issues may be better than simply trying to tear into them with little concern for what you will find.

A Sample Dream meaning and Cat Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you like cats, and adore kittens. In the dream, you find a lost white cat in your back yard, and decide to take care of it. Once you bring the cat into your home, it gives birth to four kittens. Two of the kittens are black, and two are white. Excitedly, you play with the kittens and find yourself completely charmed by them. Suddenly, three of the kittens turn directly into men that you already know. Even though you would consider dating them, none are as attractive as you imagined dream man.

You look expectantly at the fourth kitten, which also happens to be a white one. It curls up in your lap and goes to sleep. As you sit with the kitten, you also fall asleep and dream of your soul mate. Upon waking, you realize that the man in question is a neighbor that you hardly speak to.

In this particular dream, the white cats symbolize good luck. Since kittens represent short, but pleasant romances, you can rest assured that the three kittens represent men that you may enjoy a relationship with. That said, you should not expect to stay with them for the rest of your life. Even though the fourth kitten does not turn into a man, it still symbolizes another possible relationship. In this case, you may want to conclude that your neighbor is a viable possibility, and that he is, in fact your soul mate. Since you forgot about the kitten at that point in the dream, you may want to conclude that this relationship will be an enjoyable, and long term one.

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Cats dream 2024-01-18 03:02:51
Dreaming about cats can evoke a wide spectrum of emotional responses, as these enigmatic creatures of the night carry with them a legacy steeped in mystery, magic, and metaphor. Cats in dreams may represent aspects of our instinctual nature, independence, feminine mystique, and sometimes the darker undertones of betrayal or impending misfortune. From ancient Egyptian reverence to medieval superstitions, cats have been a potent symbol in the shared human psyche, and as such, their appearance in dreams invites a deep dive into a rich tapestry of possible meanings.
To dream of a menacing cat suggests looming bad luck or an undercurrent of deceit in your waking life. The cat's presence could be a harbinger of betrayals or setbacks orchestrated by those envious of your achievements. If the dream cat attacks and you find yourself unable to repel it, this could be a sign that adversaries are afoot, plotting to undermine your standing or property with malice.
Imagining a confrontation where you are beset upon by a hostile cat that portrays a tangible darkness, with claws bared and eyes glowing with malice, can be disconcerting. Such a dream plays out like a nocturnal thriller, where overcoming the beast may require the summoning of courage and cunning not commonly tapped into during daylight hours. Vanquishing the cat in this scenario can symbolize that despite the sinister forces aligned against you, your resolve and determination will ultimately carve a path to triumph.
Encountering a scrawny, unkempt cat in the landscape of dreams can be reflective of anxiety concerning loved ones or news from afar. This mangy creature, a ghost of its regal relatives, may embody the fear for a friend’s health or an uneasy anticipation of unfavorable tidings. Its expulsion from your dream's narrative signals an underlying optimism that, despite dire appearances, the arc of events will bend towards recovery and reprieve.
Let us consider a scene where you stumble upon a malnourished, ragged feline, lurking in the shadows of an otherwise mundane dream street. Its gaze locks with yours, sending a shudder down your spine as a feeling of foreboding takes hold. The impulse to chase it away is strong, reflecting a fervent desire to repel the darkness it represents, to protect those for whom your heart aches even as they are out of reach.
Cat sounds, such as a scream or mewling within a dream, often evoke a sense of urgency or alarm. It may suggest subterfuge or the machinations of a pretended ally who, behind the placid facade, is conniving to bring about your downfall. To awaken from sleep with the echo of such feline cries, might cause you to be more guarded, scrutinizing the intentions of those around you with newfound suspicion.
Visualize a scenario where amidst an otherwise serene dream setting, a sudden, jarring caterwaul splits the air, unsettling not only dream birds but the very ground of your dream self's confidence. This sonic intrusion prompts a heightened awareness that all is not as it seems and that unseen threats might be concealed beneath the surface of polite interactions.
For a young woman, dreaming of embracing a cat or kitten hints at the risk of her being drawn into a compromising situation by the manipulation of supposed confidants. Such a dream suggests vigilance against the seductive charm of those who, beneath their pleasing visage, may harbor deceitful intentions.
Dreaming of a pure white cat, while seemingly an image of innocence and charm, illusively portends entanglements. These interactions may appear benign at first but can spiral into unexpected distress and economic downturns. The dreamer might indulge in these relationships or ventures, believing in their harmlessness, only to discover they bear hidden thorns.
For business-minded individuals, particularly merchants, a dreamed cat prompts a warning to engage more ardently in their trade. It suggests that unnoticed, competitors are weaving their strategies to undermine one's accustomed mode of operation. Such a dream may motivate a sharpening of wits and perhaps a recalibration of business tactics to stay afloat in an unforgiving marketplace.
Lastly, envisioning a cat and snake as companions in a dream evokes quite a disturbing alliance, signifying upcoming tumultuous times. This uneasy peace between naturally conflicting animals points to the uneasy alliances one might be fostering with acquaintances of dubious allegiance. It signals doubt over the secrets shared and anxiety over personal affairs becoming fodder for gossip or scandal.
One could imagine a dream where the curious sight of a cat and snake intertwined in camaraderie gives way to an uneasiness at the pit of your stomach. A harbinger of tumult, this alliance foreshadows battles not yet fought, challenging you to discern friend from foe, genuine concern from concealed animosity, and ultimately, to practice discretion in what you reveal about the inner workings of your life.
In the enigmatic dance of dreaming, cats serve as guides and symbols, prompting us to tread carefully on our life's path, to guard our secrets closely, and to remain vigilant against the quiet encroachment of falsehood and treachery. In their silence and their sudden outbursts lie omens, wise to heed, but also complexity to be embraced, reminding us that within the feline's gaze lies the depth of our own untamed natures.
Some one 2019-01-20 14:40:49
I had a dream where I saw these kittens playing outside and a white cat was watching them and I asked if the kittens were hers and she said no and she could talk and said she was babysitting. My real cat was pregnant at the time and a while later she had those same kittens from the dream. This happens to me twice with kittens and I had a third dream where she didn't say anything and nothing's happened yet.
Share uh lot 2017-09-03 22:04:04
I just woke from an odd dream first one little kitten then a nother then one in the window sill all cute. The one in the window sill was on it back there was nothing wrong with any of them they trusted me. But I don't understand what Three yellow kittens mean. Then I woke up. What does the three and yellow and kittens mean?
Nadine 2017-07-01 16:31:20
I had a dream of my cat who's black and white sitting on me and giving birth to a very large number of cats. What was weird is that the kittens were coming out a little bit big and their fur was normal. I was happy seeing my cat giving birth and i didn't want to move until she's done, this happened in my house's garden. Then i went to bring my phone so i can take some pictures of the newly born kittens and send them to my friends. My cat was glaring at me but ignored her and took pictures. She didn't do anything. Btw my cat in real life is not that kind of cats who doesn't allow people to touch her kids. She even allowed me to play with the kittens in their first day. It was surprising that she was glaring at me in the dream
i hope you still give meanings as this until now
And sorry if there's some Eng mistakes.
Kindly send me the meaning of this dream on my email : nadineziadi00@gmail.com
saaya 2017-06-12 07:37:53
hello.....i saw a really weird dream that's been bothering me since i woke up, could u help me please??.....i had a dream about a gray cat that suddenly came through my window and on to my bed where i was sleeping....it cuddled with me but i don't really like animals near me or cuddle with me so i tried to move away shooing the cat!!but it didn't go,the further i moved in my bed to put space between the cat and me the nearer it came...then i just decided to play with its fur, the cat seemed happy....i was scared before because i felt the cat was trying to be seductive(i just felt that!!)...but after a while i was not scared and felt happy and felt a loving emotion towards the cat and i kissed its forehead!! (i m never the type of kissing animals, and i don't have a cat either)
The cat then talked!!!....it asked me,why did i kissed him?? i was really disgusting cuddling a moment before but my sudden action surprise the cat as well, since its eyes grew larger....i said-its because i like him now,and that he is cute (i don't know why i addressed the cat as "he")......then the cat kissed me on my lips......and in the dream i didn't mind being kissed by a cat!!
Its really weird....i always remember all sorts of weird dreams and most don't bother me but this one's really stuck into my thoughts!!
Could you kindly help me interpret this??
Emily 2017-06-08 01:06:26
Hi. I had a dream that I was in this house and there were a litter of black cats with a mother and some grey kittens to. I love black cats and I specifically remember me thinking that in my dream too. So I was looking at one of the black kittens but then I saw a grey kitten in the corner of my eye and I went to that one instead. I looked at it and it continued to stare at me and then I picked it up. It wasn't staring at me in a bad way in fact it seemed really happy. Almost as if it was proud or something. I was still holding the cat and I felt some sort of bond towards it. I looked back at the black cats but then I just walked through the hallway towards the front door to leave. That's when the dream ended. I had it last night but I only just now remembered that I had it. I really love cats too. They have been my favorite for a while. I just don't understand it though. I always loved black cats and when I first saw the litter I was positive I was going to take one of them but just one look at the grey kittens face and it was a done deal.
Cemile 2017-03-21 19:04:21
I dreamed of a kitten with only its head no body roaming around please inpeter this dream cheers
komal 2017-01-18 23:59:57
Hi, i had this dream that i am playing with 7 puppies from different different breeds and 2 kitties...we all are playing happily and a person saying they all are yours now.
what is the meaning of that?
Justin 2017-01-07 06:32:10
I just had this dream where a cat turned into a gorgeous woman we fell in love but one could know during the day she'd become a cat but they once everyone leaves she turns back into a human I'm so confused even more so that the girl looks like a friends girlfriend I'm confused and would like to know what it means
Frank 2017-02-21 02:28:07
Just last night I had a similar dream . So messed up .. I mean it felt so real . This was about a white cat tho and I've had this dream 3 times already and every time it changes . This huge like a beautiful albino panther climbed out of a tree while I was arriving home with my children and it turned into a beautiful woman who just walked right beside me and picked up my daughter and carried her inside my home for me . From there things got weird . Strangely I must have accepted the fact she changes from a woman to a cat during the day . Had long conversations and had this long beautifull Indian name with the number 5 in it . Her and I fell in love and carried on with life as if it were normal . Only thing is she could read the future and had told me that I was to die within the next 2 years and that my children would be safe . Then I woke up now I'm confused
... 2016-11-30 17:27:00
I need help there is white cat with brownish and reddish eyes it goes against my backdoor and goes against it and just rubs and meows for hours it happen since midnight last night and I don't know what this means and yes we did have spiritual things happen is this a good or bad sign ? Please help
Becky 2016-11-19 01:33:35
The other night I had many dreams of cats and kittens. All night long I dreamt of them, one dream after another. One dream that really stands out is there were many cats giving birth to kittens in my bedroom, then these kittens would give birth to more kittens, and so on. I picked up a super tiny newborn kitten, no bigger than a walnut, and I gently squeezed it. I don't know why I squeezed it, but it made a faint 'mew' sound and then started squirting milk out of its mouth. By the time I woke up there were probably 40 to 50 cats and kittens in my room. All of them were orange or orange and white, except the one I squeezed. It was all white. Anyone have any ideas what the heck this dream means? Or the fact that I had several cat dreams in one night? I like cats, as well as pretty much all animals, but I do not have any (landlord won't allow them).
Preet 2017-01-10 05:42:15
I had the same lind of dream today still its really mysterious wat u hv concluded from it
Moni 2016-11-15 23:07:30
I saw so many cats were running infront of me. What does it mean?

tamara 2016-10-31 16:36:08
i had a dream, that i was sitting on a couch with this guy, and we were kissing,he then turned into a cat, and begged me to go all the way with him. what the heck does this dream mean ?
candy 2016-10-05 08:19:42
I had a messed up dream, it's actually funny to me cause it's just... damn!! - I was taking a bath when all of my lower teeth fell. I could still talk fine without them so I went to tell my brother, who was outside with our dog, about it.I remember complaining about how loosing them would affect my smile and the way I sing. Meanwhile, our cat (it's dead in reality), was singing about how it had been poisoned. What's weird is that, I didn't find anything odd about it singing and in my head it wasn't dead yet.( How can a cat sing BTW!). My brother laughed about my situation and bluntly asked me if I had drunk coffee. I started crying and before I said anything, I woke up.

Okay, what the hell does that all that mean! In my dream I was all scared and shit. lol, this has me laughing now but I have to understand what it all means. Especially the part where our cat was singing.
RAMS 2016-09-12 15:27:24
I had this dream at about 2.50 a.m. in the morning. Dreamt of cleaning a pond which had lot of cat-litter. And then suddenly a large cat showed up... actually in the dream it was a tiger or something. But I cleary remember that I used the word "a large cat" knowing that it wasnt a cat. Then in order to defend the friends I had with me , I decided to use fire to chase the cat away.So we did attack the cat and now it was a regular sized ginger cat,but still aggressive . I remember that I targeted its eyes more. And finally once the cat was blind, I was upset.
Then may be I became lucid in my dream, I thought of defeating the cat without hurting them. I was visualizing within the dream that "I capture a tiger and a lion.And I do it without hurting them. I visualized myself talking to it while taking it away..And then I saw the cat I burnt, lying in pain. A man was pouring water over its head, clearly with the intention of hurting the poor cat.. I heard him cleary say.... " these are beautiful lines you know.... make the world a better place... learn to live in harmony.... and then you learn to survive..." And with that I woke up.

What bothers me is that I am not a cat lover but I can never be rude to any animal like that.. And trully I was upset about it in the dream as well as in reality . Some body please explain.
Vars 2016-07-04 10:22:20
Hi, good day. please help.My dream left a real impression on me well after i woke up in the morning.I dreampt of a beige, soft cat. it climbed up my left shoulder and burying its head between my shoulder and head. I felt uncomfortable at first but after a while I felt so much love for it and a little bit afraid of it also. I hope to receive a reply, thanks in advance.I attach an emai:varshustar20@gmail.com
Mubeen Taj 2016-06-24 21:04:41
I Saw dream in morning that two White cats are sitting in our window suddenly one White cat with black dots attacked my friend some how she escape, then It attacked me start bitting my finger , I was very scared I could not tell U It was not like dream as Its real, it was holding my finger but I start rotating my hand and throwed the cat out side the window and other one also sitting in window (it was full white color)throwed and closed the window.

What does it mean pls help me
Sulman 2016-05-29 09:59:31
I saw a dream in which i saw I am taking rest on bed and one white cat is came in my room, I try to afraid him through my hand but cat came and sit under my bed.

Kindly give the meaning of my this dream on my email

ishmael 2016-05-21 02:02:48
In my dream I saw two friendly cats singing when I played guitar at my work place. In real life I'm a musician and I play guitar. What does that dream mean.
Jayjay 2016-04-12 10:06:51
I'm a male and this morning i wasn't sure it's a dream or real.while i lies still sleep in my bed.I felt a cat jump on me,I thought it was my cat,her name snowing.when i reach to pet the cat.I felt fury,longer then my cat hair,somehow i pet and i felt that its a male cat.I open my eye and look,it was a cat with black and brown fury hair,jump of the bed.I didnt see the eyes though.I call my wife to look for the cat,and she look everywhere see nothing..what is this mean?
pain 2016-03-17 03:09:00
I had a dream that my puppy impregnated a female puppy and that the female birthed a kitten. The kitten was white with black spots that had green eyes but then turned blue. What does it mean?..
Vidhya 2016-03-01 20:44:48
In my drean My cat is protecting me from other huge dangerous animals?? What does it mean? I had this dream really surprising this morning... Next to me there are people whom I've never seen before and was like everyone in my dream is protecting me. Can anybody explain this... I love my cat she s a new mother cat given birth to 3 adorable kittens ten days back.
tAleta 2016-02-22 08:45:12
Dream lastnight seeing a gray bringle cat bring her young kitten in her mouth come give me and i beat her and run her out of my house.
Bunny 2016-02-15 22:25:14
In my dream I needed to pick up my own cat (my pet IRL ) and then she began throwing Up dry can treats every where and i needed to get her food or she would die . PLEASE tell me what this means (This all happens in my house )

cd 2016-02-02 02:46:11
just had a dream last night about a white cat with blue eyes. It was definitely a male cat. He was loving and sweet and let me hold him. The dream generally gave me a good feeling.
Sheila 2016-01-20 15:58:37
I had a dream that there was a normal tabby cat I think female and it came to me knowing me jumps on my lap and cuddled up to sleep like she was giving me a hug and showing me she loves me. The feeling at that time was pure love for it, like how much I appreciated the love she gave me and realisation of how much I love cats. What does this mean??
Asha 2016-01-07 01:11:14
Last night i had a dream in which I saw a white cat. I jut tried to touch hi head but he jumped and grabbed my shoulder and put his head in my neck. He was caressing for some time and was trying to show his love for me. After a few while I left him down and entered my house without him while he was looking at me walk in
LAURIELLE 2015-09-15 19:04:58
Last night I had a dream that I was walking in a town with my 3 year old grand son, and we came upon a large grey cat that swiped at me when I went to pet him, then I picked it up and it said it was a witch. I said really then it became friendly to me.
Shakira 2015-08-15 12:04:13
What does it mean when you dream about giving a cat away?
Sara 2015-08-06 07:32:22
I dreamt that while I was showing a newish friend where I lived (the house and area were representative of where I live but not exactly) and my favourite cat when I noticed how my cats health was failing which sent me into anxiety mode.

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