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No matter whether you dream of one lion, or a whole pride of them, they represent the role of power in your life. This includes how you feel about your job, love life, and even your social life. Aside from paying attention to the gender of the lion, you should also note what they were doing, as well as how you felt about them. Needless to say, the interpretation will be a bit different if the animals are captive, as opposed to living in a natural setting.

Lion Dream General Meaning

Overall, lions represent royalty, courage, and strength. If you dream of a male lion, you can count on a strong persona and plenty of power to help you achieve your goals. This dream symbol can also indicate aggression, either displayed by you or others. Therefore, while this dream symbol usually has positive connotations, it can also have some hidden negative ones. That said, if the lion happens to be female, the dream may indicate maternal instincts, protectiveness, or a sense of being guarded.

How Lion Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

When you dream of lions, you can rest assured that power and all its effects are going to play an enormous role in your life. If you happen to be coming into some new strengths of your own, then you can rest assured that you will know how to use them to your advantage. No matter whether you choose to explore this power in your home setting, or at work, you may find that all kinds of new opportunities for leadership will appear. Needless to say, if you do not consider yourself to be a leader, then you may need to study the energy of lions in a bit more detail in order to feel more comfortable.

A Sample Lion Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you see a female lion pacing in a cage. Even though the zoo appears clean, you feel dizzy and disoriented. Slowly, you begin to realize that the lioness is watching you, and trying to convey a message. Mesmerized, you walk up to the bars. As if by magic, a hole appears in the cage, and you slip through it.

Immediately, the lioness grabs you in a hug. You look deep into its eyes and realize that it is your first highschool crush. Slowly, the lioness transforms into this person, and you begin to dance. At the end of the dream, neither of you are in the zoo. Strangely enough, you are not surprised to find yourself in your own home, and married to the person in question. Upon waking, you feel a bit forlorn because you are between relationships, and find yourself wondering what would have happened if you had asked your highschool crush out for a date way back when.

Since the lion in this dream is a female, you can begin the interpretation process by looking at your sense of security in personal relationships. In this case, the fact that the lion turns into a former love interest indicates that you are thinking about previous situations that may have resulted in better outcomes if you had acted differently. This fact is highlighted upon waking when you realize that you are in between relationships.

Interestingly enough, this dream may also be precognitive in nature. Even though you may not know where your former love interest is, you may run into him/her unexpectedly. From there, you may want to take advantage of the lion symbol in this dream and find out if getting involved is possible. While you may not want to get into a romantic relationship immediately, starting out as friends, or going out on a date may be an ideal place to start. At the very least, dreaming of a lioness indicates that you will have some form of protection around you. That said, you should always be aware of events in a relationship, as well as how you feel about them in order to avoid a wide range of problems.
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Gauresh 2014-08-15 00:15:10
From last 5 years am having lions in my dreams. They try to attack people around and somehow I try to manage rescuing people or to guide them to protect themselves. All dreams that I had are similar wherein they try to attack people or they try to enter their houses. They neither had attack me nor have chased me yet am not very sure but they terrify the people with their presences they try to chase them and sometime as said why they try to enter their homes.
What that means??

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Lizzy 2014-08-06 08:29:25
In my dream, there were two male lions. I was walking down an empty road, when one of them caught me unawares and lunged at me, roaring loudly. I was filled with fear at the time. But then someone else was there with me. some sort of guide, a friend. He had his back turned to the second lion, and told me to do the same. So I turned my back to the ferocious lion and began walking slowly backwards.

My change in body language caused the lion to stop being openly aggressive and instead it started swatting me with its powerful paws as if it were playing with me. Even though the danger was gone, I was still wary and scared of the lions.

Its probably not that important, but I was just wondering what it might mean. Thanks  :)

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blissfulmay1 2014-07-01 17:43:43
It seemed I was walking at night in a path that was kinda familiar. Suddenly I passed up a carcass and took a doubletake. Then I see 2 lions, one of them actually bit off a front left leg of the other. Like it was angry, maybe a male lion. When it happened the female didn't seem hurt, but it saw me and looked like she was getting the male's attention towards me. He did and it felt like it was gonna attack me but I was scared that that was when I woke up.

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Sami 2014-06-19 16:33:40
I am a female Leo. I had a dream where I was in a meadow and I'm being "surrounded" by a lion and lioness. They just keep going in circles around me roaring softly and looking serious. I could sense that they were upset and they were not trying to harm me. I felt comfortable and not afraid just concerned to why they were upset. What does this mean?

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Zay 2014-05-08 03:29:57
This is the second time in 3 days that I saw lion in my dreams..The first time it wwas beneath the water and it jumped and bite my leg ...today morning it was juat roaming around like a stray dog but at laast he chased me bur luckily I hid

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hannah 2014-04-19 08:22:57
What is dream

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Nova 2014-04-15 21:19:12
I had a dream I was on a jungle road, broke down with my car, standing outside of it I see in one direction a river about 30 yards ahead and I see a lion jump down onto the river come up on my side and come my direction. so I jump into my car and sure enough the lions jumps up but just her front paws and starts pushing my car forward and suddenly my fear goes to a comforting feeling like i knew it was there to help and i wake up. Does anyone know what this means?

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Julie 2014-03-08 01:34:14
Hi,today morning at6am i saw a dream that a lioness is attacking a monkey on the roof,immediately i called my daughter to show it,while showing it is scaring to us,what does it mean?

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Jenny 2013-11-20 15:47:49
I dreamed that im playing with lion cubs, and then one of bite me, so im im shacking my hand so he'll let me go and he did. But then, his mother is coming to chase after me.
What that means?

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Poe 2013-09-21 18:25:41
For a little background my cat spice passed away and I had her sinse I was about 5 and I'm 17 now and she was 12 when we put her to rest. Anyway, I have always thought she was like a lion because she was dominate and showed beautiful pride but was very loyal and loving. She showed courage. My dream yesterday was about her and she seemed a little less perky and happy. I think she missed me and now the dream I just has was about this little group of boys were following me and there was two gators and then we turned around because we didn't feel safe and a lion came out. I took a log and distracted it and told the boys to go ahead of me then the lion started batting at the log a little more playfully and I ran with the log in order for it to chase the log and it loved it so it almost was speaking in my conscience to put my arm around it's neck and to run with it so I ran and it spoke to me again and said "this would be more fun if you could run faster" I thought it was quirky. I believe it isn't out to get me but it knows I do have hardships in my life. Right now and I can't catch a break at all...

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Eve 2013-07-07 23:37:36
I had a dream last night about my Grandmother standing over a male lion, looking very powerful...previous to that a lioness gently sauntered out the boot of my car. So confused. Anyone know what this could mean?

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Carolyn 2013-05-28 22:38:03
I had a dream that I went to someone house and at the back door there was a Lion standing there. I looked at it and it yawned and looked at me. I went ahead and knocked on the door, no one came to the door so I looked in the glass of the door and seen a tiger on the counter. I walked away and was about to get in a truck and said to myself I should run, so I did a slow jog and so did the lion so I stopped and put my hand up and backed up and the lion stopped and walked away.
What does that mean

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Brittany 2013-05-18 11:11:24
In one dream I had I was in a car like a large jeep (with the plastic zip up windows) and somehow the driver (I was in the back seat) drove off the road and we ended up landing down in a field where there were a pride of Lions, I only remember seeing female lions at the time. Then the lions and a Tiger got interested in the car and somehow the windows were unzipped or something and they just easily jumped up into the car, at first they were curious then all of a sudden they started trying to bite my hands off. I ended up with badly bruised hands after someone saved us somehow (maybe by simply driving away and the animals jumped out?? I don't know) and my hands were quite bruised and battered with gashes and stuff. Someone bandaged them up and that was the end of my dream as far as I can remember.

Another dream I had was even more scary a tiger was attacking people like it was crazy, eating them alive, i was hiding in a closet in some building and the tiger got into the building and somehow was right outside my closet door, somehow the wall turned into glass or plastic or something clear and i could see the tiger mauling that poor guy, it was very graphic and blood and everything was flying everywhere. I knew it wanted to eat me. The tiger's head was banging up against the glass wall next to the door as he was chewing the guy to bits. I was terrified, I really wasn't sure the glass would hold. I knew that if the glass broke or the door caved in I would be next and I KNEW I was going to die. I took out my cell phone and tried to call my mother to tell her I loved her. I was so scared and in a trance by looking at the tiger eating the guy that I forgot mom was on the phone. I remembered and said "you still there, mom??" and I heard a faint voice and then nothing. The call was gone. Then my life flashed before my eyes in a way and I woke up.

What the hell do those dreams mean??? Am I just having night terrors like my mom does or is there really something to these dreams??

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Christine 2013-03-27 22:54:06
What if the lion in the dream is loving and protective and won't leave your side?

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alex 2013-03-14 13:08:53
And what if the lioness was in the sky, like actually walking across the sky? After I saw her, I had an awful feeling, and then Smith really bad happened? Can a lioness be a bad sign? I also saw a baby in my dream...

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