Dream meaning Tree

Dream meaning Tree

Trees in dreams generally signify new desires, hopes or prospect of higher education.

Dream meaning Tree
Dream meaning Tree, Factual meaning of Tree dreams symbol, Tree dreams interpretation through dream dictionary

The color and present stage of trees in your dreams signify different correlations with wake life. The accurate dream interpretation also depends on the surrounding and incidences happening in the dream.

Interpretations of dreams about trees vary greatly with the beliefs followed in the part of world you are currently living in. mythological implications are taken from the common tales running from the generations. To get the practical meaning of your dreams you need to look closely at the dream itself to get the clue of its purpose. Basically, these are carriers of positive energy owing to the fact that they provide oxygen and food. Same meaning should be implied to your dreams as the appearance of trees will bring in some positive energy to your anyways dull life.

Tree dream interpretations based on some common physical characteristic and actions

You can observe trees in n number of formats and situations and all of them hold some important in the interpretation and relation with life. Some regular dreams and their meanings are described here to give you a better understanding about this symbol. In relation with color, green leaves on trees describe strength and flow of positive energy that will reach your wake life. Sometimes this color reflects your attempts of self improvement. To see your figure climbing on the tallest tree of the forest suggests that you will definitely achieve lofty career aspirations and position. Here you also need to concentrate on the rate of climbing as this will tell you approximately at which rate you will get the goals set by you. To see a line of falling trees in dreams imply that you are little bit disturbed and away from normal routine of life due to some hurtful incidence. This can be a warning signal to let you know that you have chosen a wrong path for your career or education. To dream that you are chopping the trees with your pick axe signifies that you are overly possessive about a goal which is not realistic and it will only cause wastage of time and energy. To see birds sitting on trees signify your emotions or feelings of settlement in life maybe you are thinking about marriage.

Help from dreams about trees

These dreams are of great help as they signify that you have chosen a wrong side or path related to anything crucial in life. They are present just to warn you to consider this path closely and review all the pros and cons to avoid future repent and disappointment. Also leave the pursuit of impractical goals that are not in reach and move ahead to concentrate on other more fruitful objectives.

Sample tree related dream analysis

Consider a dream where you are a child and watching elders cutting the trees surrounding your home in order to expand the structure and build extra porch and hall. You want to stop them from doing that but nobody takes your words seriously. After the trees are cleared you decide to plant new sap lets in the area and become successful in growing beautiful fruit tree in that patch. Even though you have viewed chopping of trees but the new plantations is a good omen. It represents that you will enjoy blissfully romantic relationship and will get success in your love affairs. It is also related to friendship and denotes that you will get a true best pal soon.

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Annete 2018-11-21 20:04:39
I dreamt of a dead tree falling in my yard and just missing my cousins parked car, any ideas what this may mean?

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