Dream Dictionary Cutting

Dream Dictionary Cutting


Cutting is often seen as a dream symbol for the ending or the splitting of two things. If you dream that you are cutting something, this signifies a broken relationship. You are splitting apart a whole into two different parts. The meaning of dream regarding cutting is designed to show that you have probably gone through a major change in your life. Perhaps you have recently parted ways with a friend that you have had for a very long time. Maybe you are breaking up with your significant other pr cutting ties with a family member. Perhaps none of this was planned as neatly as a dream dictionary might suggest, and you actually don't even recall attempting to get rid of any of your relationships. A dream in which you are cutting something into two different parts might be another way of your mind telling you that you are afraid something like this will happen.

As dream interpretation would suggest, certainly if you are afraid of someone cutting you, or cutting something important of yours, then you are probably subconsciously worried that someone is going to cut you out of their lives, or that the intervention of someone else in your life will cause a rift in a relationship that you already have with someone.

If your dream does not necessarily involve cutting, but just cuts in general, this can also be a solemn sign that you should pay attention to. Dream interpretations usually suggest that to dream that you have cuts is to dream that you are letting yourself down in some way, or that you have been let down by someone else. Cuts can also stand as a symbol for femininity according to some dream meanings, and if you are a woman with cuts in her legs in your dream, it could mean that you are involved in feminist turmoil. You haven't given yourself two legs to stand on, and you really need to become more independent according to one dream meaning of cuts.

To dream that you are cutting yourself in a dream is just as severe as it might be to cut yourself in real life. This indicates that you are experiencing something so emotionally unbearable that you are willing to cut yourself out of your own life and totally end it all in one stroke. If you have cuts anywhere on your body it could also be a simply physical symbol for pain, but this is one of the more traditional interpretations. If you have happened to experience pain anywhere recently or seriously hurt yourself, seeing a cut in that same spot in your dream could be a reminder of that accident.

Also, if you feel that something you are going to do might put one of your limbs in danger, you might have a dream where you see a cut in that position. Cutting generally has a negative meaning as far as dream interpretation is concerned and it should be noted that if you ever notice cutting or cuts in your dreams that you should begin to take life a bit more easily.

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Anna 2024-05-10 17:28:18
I Dreamed about somoene cutting me by leg upper thigh and I bled.But in the dream a male friend of mine cleaned the cut and comforted me while I played down on his lap.
Leela 2024-05-08 06:00:38
Would someone be able to help me what my dream is trying to say ?
I dreamt that I went to multiple houses and then I slit peoples throats and I could see the blood and everything. The knife was like a butchers knife and only once I cut them I was free to leave the house.

Quite scary to say the least.
But in the dream I wasn’t scared.
theDream 2024-05-11 11:57:26
Dreams can be unsettling, especially when they involve violent or disturbing imagery. Understanding the potential meanings behind this type of dream involves looking at symbolic elements and emotions tied to them. Remember, dreams are often more about emotional releases and subconscious processing than literal desires or intentions. Here are some perspectives and questions that could help you explore this dream further:

1. Feelings of Powerlessness or Frustration: Dreams about violence could reflect feelings of powerlessness, anger, aggression, or frustration in your life. Consider if there are aspects of your waking life where you feel trapped, controlled, or unable to express yourself, and the violence could symbolize a desire to cut through these obstacles or pressures.

2. Pressure to Conform or Perform: The element of having to commit an act to "be free to leave the house" might symbolize feelings of being coerced into conforming to certain rules, expectations, or standards in your life, and the violent act could represent a drastic breaking away from those constraints.

3. Transitional Periods: Are you going through a major change in life—like switching jobs, ending a relationship, or moving to a new place? Sometimes the mind uses extreme scenarios to process significant life transitions.

4. Repressed Emotions: Violent dreams may sometimes be an outlet for emotions you're not addressing in your waking life. This can include anger, resentment, or deep-seated anxiety. Reflect on whether you are currently suppressing any emotions that need attention.

5. Symbolism of the Knife and Houses: A knife is a tool that separates or cuts. This could relate to a desire or necessity to cut ties with something or someone. Houses in dreams often represent different aspects of the self or different life situations. Visiting and leaving multiple houses could mean there are several areas in your life or aspects of your personality you are trying to separate from or change.

6. Reflection of Media Consumption: Sometimes, elements from movies, books, or video games can seep into our dreams. Reflect on whether you've recently consumed media involving violence or knife imagery, as this might also influence your dream content.

Remember that dreaming of violence doesn’t mean you will act violently; instead, it's often a metaphorical expression of emotional conflict or stress.
Dream 2023-11-20 02:32:38
I dreamt of a cut baby foot with blood in a plastic bag what does that mean?
theDream 2023-11-20 02:38:44
Commonly associated symbolic interpretations of the elements in your dream:

Baby: Babies in dreams often represent new beginnings, innocence, and vulnerability. They can also symbolize creativity, growth, or a fresh start.

Foot: Feet are typically associated with movement, progress, and the foundation on which we stand. In this context, a cut foot may represent a hindrance or obstacle that is preventing you from moving forward in some aspect of your life.

Blood: Blood can symbolize both life force and vitality, as well as potential emotions such as passion, strength, or vulnerability.

Plastic Bag: Plastic bags can represent containment or a desire to keep something hidden or protected. They can also symbolize a need for organization or a sense of suffocation or restriction.

It's important to note that dreams are highly subjective and can vary in meaning depending on the individual and their personal experiences. To gain a clearer understanding of the significance of your dream, consider the emotions and thoughts that arose during the dream. Additionally, reflecting on any recent events or challenges in your life may provide insight into the symbolism and meaning of the dream.
Michael 2023-09-16 13:36:48
Just had a dream where I had to cut my top of my toes which is kinda weird but apparently it was for my own good. No blood no pain, but a weird feeling after
HeliosEos 2023-09-18 10:48:05
Dreams can have a variety of interpretations, and it's important to note that the meaning of a dream can vary from person to person. However, based on some common symbolisms, cutting off a body part like the top of your toes might indicate a need for detachment or letting go of something in your waking life. It could symbolize removing unnecessary burdens or aspects that no longer serve you. The absence of pain or blood may suggest that the process, although uncomfortable, might ultimately be beneficial for your personal growth or wellbeing. Exploring any current situations or emotions where you feel the need for change or releasing something could provide further insights into the specific meaning of this dream for you.
A 2023-04-11 01:59:29
Very interesting. Just broke up with someone last week for good. Toxic relationship. Dream involved me floating around with a katana of sorts. Violently slicing things. I couldn’t really make out of what It was that I was cutting, but it felt gory. Also felt the presence of my now ex in the dream.
Bug 2023-03-09 15:19:52
" If you have happened to experience pain anywhere recently or seriously hurt yourself, seeing a cut in that same spot in your dream could be a reminder of that accident. " holy sh**, im a selfharmer who cuts daily and this gave me extreme goosebumps and chills
John 2023-03-05 19:58:11
I almost never remember my dreams, but when I do, they are quite jarring. I dreamt that I was half asleep and could not wake up completely. So I took a razor knife and slashed my self across my arms and chest several times in efforts to wake myself up. I felt no pain, but every time someone saw the cuts running across my biceps and chest they looked at me as if I had cut myself as a result of emotional turmoil. I don't remember who I specifically encountered, but I do remember feeling very ashamed and misunderstood. There was no pain at all, I don't think there was any blood either. When I woke up I had to check myself to be sure I had not really cut myself. It felt so real.
HeliosEos 2023-11-29 04:57:31
Here's a possible interpretation of the elements of your dream:

1. Half Asleep and Unable to Wake Up: This sensation could represent a feeling of being stuck or powerless in some area of your life. It may suggest a lack of control over a situation or an inability to take action when you want to.

2. Using a Razor to Wake Up: The act of slashing yourself to wake up might symbolize a desperate need for a change or a strong desire to feel something more intensely. It may indicate a situation in which you feel numb or disconnected and the need to do something drastic to escape that state.

3. Lack of Pain and Blood: Not feeling pain or seeing blood where you would expect it might indicate emotional numbness or a feeling of being disconnected from your own emotions in waking life. It could also signify that the issues you are dealing with are not as harmful as they might seem to you or others.

4. Reactions of Others: Other people seeing the cuts and drawing conclusions could reflect a fear of being judged or misunderstood by those around you. It may also represent an internal conflict about how you perceive yourself versus how you are perceived by others.

5. Feelings of Shame and Misunderstanding: These emotions in the dream could suggest an internal struggle with self-acceptance or a fear of revealing your true feelings to others. This reaction may stem from a current issue where you're feeling judged or fear judgment.

kinzy 2022-08-12 07:10:15
i had a weird dream where a deer just jumped out of a building and died, then when i tried to look at it i almost fell out of the window, and cut my left thigh about 2-3 times and my right thigh 1 time. all cuts were pretty deep. i’ve been looking for the meaning all morning and i can’t find anything on it. please help me find out what this means. thank you!
Jarrett 2021-09-30 11:17:15
just got up from an awful dream what does it mean when you dream of seeing your mom and sister all cut up and bloody (they were cut up from head to toes and yet still alive in my dreams) when I was talking to my mom in my dreams and she had cuts on her face and I couldn’t see the rest of her body because she was sitting and something was blocking me from seeing her body but only can see her face, and next to her is a seal that had a slit throat but I could it still breathing (gasping for air) so I kicked something towards it and still saw it breathing so I said to my mom ‘gee look it’s suffering’ she was telling me it’s ok so I said ‘but shouldn’t let animals suffer you were telling me remember’ so she grabs a knife and slit it’s throat properly and it finally died than Pao came into the room all cut up from head to toe and was badly injured but still alive and said ‘look what brother did to us’ and could hear loud music from down in the living room and he came in and so I got closer to my mom than one of my nieces of Darlas one came in and asked Garrett something than he starts asking if they wanted something like candy or whatever than my mom starts mouthing giving me a sign to exit the room with her so I said to her ‘well where’s your smoke than?’ She gets up, puts her jacket on and we went outside before we got outside they had no cuts at all and Garrett came along and I got by the rail and there was a piece of wood off where I was standing my and got to way back and fell down when I fell I could see Garrett was gonna go down the stairs but I sat back up and got back on the stairs where I fell from and asked my mom for smoke and so Garrett hands out a smoke to my mom and than he gave me a cpl and just when I was gonna light the smoke in my dream I woke up and started to pray as soon as I woke up
Rose A 2021-06-04 23:21:58
I dreamt about a person I care about. He cut off his wrist or chopped off!!!! We took him to the hospital. What does this mean??? Please reply
Glass Bottles Shattered 2021-06-03 14:53:30
I had a dream that I bumped into cases of glass bottles from behind and the glass shattered and it cut my face in different places - I was trying to wash it off and all I could see was blood. Also in my dream my husband did not want to see me in pain, so he started to stab himself in the stomach???
Alyx 2021-03-26 20:42:44
it was weird, i don’t remember much but it was as if my nail was a blade, i was using my thumb to slice my neck over and over only lightly though and it was all over. i think only one or two bled though and i just stared at it. then i cut on my forehead too? i could feel the ones on my forehead though. i don’t know what it meant.

Suicidal 2021-02-18 03:43:38
My dream started with me in my room. It was this random girl I've never seen before but it was "me". So I was late for school or something or I was going to go halfway through the school day, and my friend J came to get me so we could walk together. She also was a girl I've never seen before but it was "J". We started walking and I forgot my backpack. (*side note* everything looked normal-ish something about the colors seemed a little dulled but normal) So J comes with me and I get my bag. We walk outside to the front yard close to the road at the end of our cement path. My older sister C was there too she was just talking to someone, I think my mom or dad maybe I didnt see them. Then we were in this weird gym and there was a teacher and the coolers from the stores where all the drinks and stuff are stored but they are filled with bowling pins. This random guy that's our age pretends to throw a bowling ball at me but he gets in trouble and all of a sudden we are back at my house outside in front. J asked me "Are you doing better?" And I said "No, I'm sorry" and all of a sudden I have a knife in my hand and go to slit my throat but C and J try to stop me and I accidentally hurt J but I end up slitting my throat. I fell to the ground but I'm still fully aware of most things. C and J are yelling and trying to get help. C said "it's ok you're going to be ok!" And I can see the blood pouring out in front of me. J and C ran inside to get a phone and towels. I was just laying on the grass looking at the road, my blood and the green grass. I noticed everything was becoming less dull and a little more colorful. I saw a car just drive by normally and go the the red light at the end of my street 15 feet away and drive away normally like nothing happened. Then the next thing I knew I was in a bed in a house that was mine but i did not recognize. I sat up and was very confused but C said I was fine now and left the room. I looked from side to side and saw that everything was vibrant and colorful. And somehow I knew I had superpowers? (*idk dont ask, my brain is weird*) So I walk outside and see that instead of grass and a big yard its lake water with fish in it. My dad if fishing and my mom and C are talking. I go out into the water to fish with my dad and I'm already wearing shorts and a tshirt. I use my powers to get a fish and I give it to C who is cooking something. I look at the water and then I look at C again to see that she is eating the fish raw. She skinned it but then started eating it. I was grossed out but didnt care. Then C, my mom, dad, little sister B, nephew R, niece Jb, and I were sitting on a couch in the lake thing. I was sitting behind all of them and used my powers to mess with R. Then I walked inside and saw my mom who became a random lady I've never seen. My "mom" was inside sitting on the couch and C was by the fridge. I was next to the sink and everyone else was outside. Everything became duller looking and all of a sudden I had a giant knife in my hand again. My mom, dad, and C were suddenly trying to get the knife away from me but I slit my throat again. They kept trying to take it out of my hands and I pushed them away enough for my to shove the knife into my chest. I stumbled into the living room and my mom pulled the knife out thinking it would help. I just let myself fall back to sit on the couch and I was looking at myself and saw the blood pouring out of my chest. I saw myself softly smile, looking relieved and then I woke up.
Twig 2021-02-12 11:18:17
i had a dream this girl had some scissors and was trying to cut me and some other girl she cut my risk then i cut hwr throat
Weeb 2020-11-24 20:01:16
I had a dream about the colors red and blue when ever I saw this girl and then I looked at my wrists they had cut marks like if I had harmed my self and it was a lot just on my wrists but some were old and the others were recent the had dry blood on it and I forgot about it when I woke up and earlier I had looked at my wrist they were red for no reason and remember. I had cut myself 4 years ago I hadn’t and the way I cut myself was on my Palm so I’ll say they were paper cuts. I had stop 4 years ago as I said but idk why I had this dream.
Latricia 2020-09-28 01:58:49
I had a dream that a little girl cut my back open. No idea what that means
Lol 2020-09-26 05:17:00
I had a dream where my sister gold me to cut myself for her. I asked her why and she just told me to do it, soms grabbel a knife and I cut my left wrist. I could litterly feel the pain so I closed my eyes. After I opened my eyes There wasnt al lot of blood, but there was some. What does this mean
Confused 2020-04-24 22:46:47
i had a dream my husband put wax cooking paper on my back, Took a scalpel and began cutting very carefully down the center of my back.
Any input?
Akira Sonokawa 2020-03-17 11:57:05
I had a dream that someone cut ties (I think it was from my heart) and I had 4 ties around my fingers (not my little finger included) and a monitor. It was so strange and sometimes I dream about someone pushing me in the ocean and I tried to swim but I couldn’t some kind of plant was keeping me to swim and after that I woke up from a coma.
I wonder what that all means.
none 2020-03-15 11:34:43
(Backstory) me and *leo* were bestfriends for so long until he got a possessive girlfriend and stopped hanging out with me. He's been showing signs that hes upset about that at school. (Dream) so, we were at school in this dream, and he slightly pulled up his black hoodie that he always wears and I saw cuts. I immediately grabbed his arm and looked at it to see lots of cuts up his arm. And I told him he needed to stop because I loved him and I wanted him to be happy even if it wasn't with me. Then I was crying and became extremely drepressed and woke up crying with a bloody nose. Idk what thats supposed to mean but it was by far the worst dream I've ever had.
Jenna 2020-02-23 03:20:57
I had a dream a few minutes ago where I saw myself slitting my throat and seeing my ex boyfriend catch me as I fall to the ground and slit his own throat and we died in each others arms what could this really mean
Andy 2020-02-18 16:43:22
This dream, I see this couple , I assume, they have a grey tabby cat probably a few months old, they have this cat oh his back stretches out and I see all over his abdomen, cuts plenty of cuts they used razor blades and make small cuts all over, it was horrifying so I stepped kn trying to pull them away from hurting it anymore, only to have their attention on me and them holding me down, making long cuts on my arms, my legs and my stomach. The girl was going the cuts and her presumably boyfriend told her to "stop", yet she doesn't, she's enjoying it. I lay there struggling to fight back, hand over mouth, I feeling own saliva drooling out my mouth, I feel these tiny cuts and I wake up feeling these lengthy cuts on my arm. I never saved the cat but I did see that when I finally got loose, I was leaving sitting in the back of a car in late morning.
This is my second night I've been attacked by my dreams, I'm really scared.
15 year old girl 2020-02-02 08:14:47
Ive been having this constent picture pop up in my head while i lay asleep, its a picture of my bathtub full of water the girl is facing the tap with hers arms in front of her with many slices and the blood wasnt moving nothing was it was just a picture. I couldnt see a face just the arms and legs i know its my bathroom and ive been having the dreams for over a week and a half but i still cant understand i keep trying to search up what it could mean but no one ever has the actuall answer please help me out!
CJ 2020-01-25 17:17:39
My dream has me so confused
I was in a house that was used as a Hospital. There was a medical staff that technically we're not doctors but they would do the best they could when hospitals were full to help people. They did sell studies the things simple sicknesses or diseases or simple surgeries. There were times where there was an actual doctor to perform major surgery but that doctor was retired and was willing to teach those who were there for future emergencies. Now in my dream my sister was sick and needed medical attention to stay alive. So weird to say that was not the sole purpose of my dream because while we were at this Home Hospital, a woman came screaming down the street "HELP ME SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" It look like her arms were full as she was running. I did not wait for her or meet up with her instead I went to grab a staff member to help with whatever was going on. When she reach the house and came in there was a crowd by that time and whatever was in her arm she laid down on the floor. Wrapped in a very bloody thin white blanket was to little girls around 4 and 5 years old. They had a turn of cut marks all over their body including their face. They did not have on any clothing except panties. They did not seem to be crying as they stood up blood was dripping down and with confusion my assumption felt like the woman did it because I did not see much abuse on her. But as she defended herself she revealed her back as she try to save and defend the children.

I woke up in confusion because it seemed so detailed and so real. Can anybody please help me understand what this they possibly mean.

Baishakhi 2020-01-14 02:59:18
Any dream expert or who knows about dreams reading this I'm begging you to answer me asap..... Please please......
For past many days I continually dream about my survival. I dream that my close ones are trying to kill me even my mother and father. My relatives want me to die, my mother want to sacrifice me, my father cut my wrist and many more. I don't know what all this mean but I'm very disturbed with all this.
Please someone who knows what this mean please inform me. Please
Badbich 2019-12-31 09:03:12
I had a dream where I cut my ring finger, index finger (on left hand) and my pinky on the right hand.
I thought they would just regrow and didn't really care but tryed to go to the doctor.
I was more freaking out about my long hair that I cut short and uneven, because my mom would have killed me if she found out. And I regretted cutting it.
Misty 2019-12-11 19:05:43
I had a dream my husband was cutting my whole body over and over in every place. And I wanted to make him happy so I laid still and I lost so much blood I passed out and then an old guy friend of mine woke me and smiled and took care of me even tho he knew I let my husband just cut me
michka 2019-10-27 08:50:53
i had a dream that me and my boyfriend were sitting on the bed and he started apologizing to me he turned to me and I COULD SEE HE WAS CRYING .
he climbed on top of me took my arms and started to cut me , and told me i deserved it . After that he lifted his knife to stab me and as soon as the knife got close to me , I woke up.
this is very weird to me because our relationship is absolutely amazing
can someone please tell me what this means
Fumiko 2019-10-12 01:36:35
I just had a dream where I watched a movie, in this movie there was a serial killer searching for this teenaged boy. When he found him, he cut the boy's eye in half (while still in his skull).... I'm super freaked out, and now I'm scared of going back to sleep... I don't want that dream to go on
Jasmine 2019-09-24 17:38:55
i had a dream that me and my sister were play fighting like we usually do, but only this time we were using blades and gauging chunks of our skin out of each other. Extremely disturbing.

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