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No matter whether you dream of one rat or several, they usually indicate that some type of bad luck will soon come your way. That said, if they were white, you may not have as many problems as you thought you would have. It is also important to make note of what happened to the rats. For example, if you killed them, or were able to scare them away, then the jealousy or negativity of others may not have much impact on your life.

Rat Dream General Meaning

A dream of rats can indicate hidden jealousy, rivalry and deceit. They can also indicate the presence of disease, filth, and other harmful environmental elements. If you dream of black rats, or being bitten by one, it may indicate you need to see a doctor, or guard against some type of illness. Since dreams of rats often portend hidden treachery, you should also be careful to guard your mental and emotional health as much as your physical well being. That said, if you happen to kill the rats, or dream of a white rat that is not killed, you can either look forward to resolving your problems, or receiving help from an unexpected source.

How Rat Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

Even though rats tend to be negative dream omens, you can use their potential for warning to your advantage. For example, if a rat is biting your feet, then you may feel a stinging sensation. This, in turn, can easily be caused by some health condition that you are not aware of. Rather than being afraid of the rat in your dream, you can easily make changes in your daily life that will avert disaster. In this case, you may want to get a full medical check up.

In some cases, dreams can easily have meanings at multiple levels of life. Therefore, even if you do something to safeguard your health, you can also use this time to study your associates in order to uncover hidden jealousy or opposition. No matter whether you find out that a co-worker wants your job, or a spouse is cheating on you, at least you will know what is going on. Typically, if you view rat dreams as messengers, then you will learn how to deal with the message, which ultimately, will enable to rid your life, and your dreams of these noxious creatures.

A Sample Rat Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are sleeping in a tent. Even though everything is quite, you sense the presence of a small animal near your feet. Somehow, you know that the animal in question is a rat. Even though you are afraid, you lay completely still, hoping that it will go away. Unfortunately, it crawls up on your feet and begins to walk along one leg. Desperately, you kick out and try to fling the rat off your body. As the rat bites down into the blanket, you realize that it is much larger than you had initially thought.

Finally, you turn on the light, and realize that there are actually two rats in the tent. As you stare at them, you reach for a club, and then bring it down on the head of the one closest to you. The rat scrambles away just in time, and both exit the tent. At that point, you look down at your feet and realizer that the rats had been gnawing on your toes. The next morning, you wake up with prickles in your toes that make you feel nervous for the rest of the day.

Since rats often herald some kind of disease, you will be well served by having a health checkup after this kind of dream. In some cases, the discomfort in your dream may have actually been caused by physical symptoms. No matter whether you need to have your shoes adjusted, or start medication for some other illness, you are better off finding out as soon as possible.

That said, rats can also indicate treachery in your life Since there were two rats in this particular dream, you may want to study your interactions carefully with others in order to see if something is amiss. If you happen to find problems at work, school, or at home, you can mitigate the situation by taking useful action. At the very least, if you were successful in scaring the rats off, you can have some degree of confidence that you will be able to resolve your problem as amicably as possible.
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Daisy D 2016-06-27 08:04:43
What does it mean I dreamed of 1 rat with human ears. Didn't bite me or anything when I saw this in my dream I woke up

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Ty 2016-06-26 04:10:30
I had a dream similar to the example. I was in a tent, like the ones you buy for children with Disney characters and such on them then you set it up in the child's room. Well as I was in the tent I swore I could hear some sort of strange noise outside of it. Then I remember being in an empty room that looked like a room I lived in as a child and a white rat appeared and began to repeatedly launch itself at my hands and biting them and everytime I shook it off it still found its way back. And after a few good bites I woke up.

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Neng 2016-05-24 20:17:50
I dreamed of rats biting me but i'm not sure if it's in my hands or feet. no other scenarios, they just bite me. they are small black rats. what does it mean?

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MJ 2016-05-23 08:23:40
Three little black mice stuck together were running around the living room going in a hole through the fireplace for safety ? What does that mean?

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christina 2016-05-17 07:22:30
I was having a cup of ice and all of a sudden a rat was in the middle of my cup he looked frozen but he wasn't because after I noticed the rat he attacked me and I kept trying to shake him off my shirt and he wasn't coming off...

woke up freaking disgusted lol not sure if it has to do with my unhealthy ice eating habits... its just so good..lol

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Rose 2016-05-15 08:47:05
I dreamt that I heard a noise when I was cleaning in a bedroom so I went towards the noise by the windowsill and saw a bunch of baby mice or rats don't know which one they were they were all black babies just making little squealing noises I then woke up

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kartik 2016-06-05 20:15:06
i had the same dream i caught the rat by its tail and it squealed so hard and bit me in my finger i felt pain after waking up.how can it be possible?

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Bons 2016-05-13 10:25:11
I dreamed of a grey rat in a rotting watermelon...

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Bronwyn 2016-05-10 18:10:55
I just awoke a few minutes ago, starteled! The rat and i seemed to be 'okay' with one another. Until someone came to visit me, it was speaking to itself and tried to bite my collar bone but i awoke... What would it mean if it was going for my collar bone?

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Cherryl 2016-05-07 15:27:45
I had this weird dreams,I was in a library and 1 guy start pokenin me and I get angry, they put him in a cabinet full of black little rats and some of the rats they came out and start biting my feet, like 3 bites in my right foot and 1 in my left toe. Then I woke up I feel weird,I feel pain in my foot where the rats bitten me in my dreams....

Please can you tell me what my dream means???

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nuria 2016-05-07 04:40:06
Ok.I was dreaming that I was in my old middle school but some of my high school friends where there so I was walking around and since there is a person who likes me was talking to me and some 2 girls came and he said that he will have to pick one so I left because im worth more than that so I was upset and decided I should go to my moms job so my siblings where there and my mom and some customers then I went out side and saw a weird man he looked homeless and I ran because its said that he was crazy so I went to the shop and looked the door so the guy started to appear in small places outside and kept staring at me eye to eye contact and all of a sudden I blacked out I woke up next to my sis and the other two girls from before and the guy started to make experiments on them turned them into bunnies and they killed themselves in front of me then I woke up again and I saw my brother and the guy had maneating rats and put them on my brother I was lucky enough to get off and try to help my brother the only way I could kill them was if I took their heads off the rats were eating my brother face and killed mostly of them but the last one got in his stomach but I got out and I killed it so the guy was distracted so we ran he was bleeding everywhere and we made it to safety and he got medical attention but I.woke up still in the dream and I blacked out because it's was said that if you look at the crazy guy in the eyes you start to hallucinate.the worst things but I didn't know in the beginning that that would happen so im pretty freaked out about the bunnies and rat man eating things im scared and I want to know what does it mean plz help

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Vanita 2016-04-16 06:14:19
I am sick n allready taking my madication. Still I had a dream that rat were hitting me .i was bleeding n very afraid of rat in my dream. Now what does that mean ?

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Christiana 2016-04-12 05:46:55
I recently found out I have hsv 1 and 2. I think I've been spreading it without even knowing. In my dream I was in my sister old house with a white and black rat. I had them in a cage studying them until I open they cage and they got unleash. I quickly caught them and put them back but they were fighting so the white escaped and I caught the black one again. When I walked out with the rat I was in my sister new house I threw the big black rat outdoors then i woke up

Please help your interpretation matters

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Sandra 2016-07-04 02:22:45
first of all, I want to say, that I was acutely effected by your willingness to share that you are in the process of realizing some extremely difficult news regarding your health. I was so sensitive to your honesty-sharing that you believe to be positive for both 1 and 2 and that you might have spread this to others-that I immediately wanted to just start reading about the dream comments below yours but I stopped-realized what I was feeling was based just in fear and unknowing-and I read your dream a few times. I truly believe that you are finding bravery and acceptance through opening your mind to the hard truths within the physical circumstances of your life...and you are not only present enough in your mind to vividly dream-recall that dream and analyze your dreams-but also I am impressed that you are willing, open and strong enough to inquire about the meaning and symbolism taking place in your waking life...I know that traumatic news, experiences, tragedies, events etc. often warrant shock, denial, flight, self-destruction, and coping in various sometimes damaging ways and I guess...I just feel a sense that you are holding space for compassion and awareness through all the difficulty you are experiencing right now. I think it's pretty big. Now on to the dream...

Perhaps- the rats signify the strain of number one and two that you have recently confirmed positive in a test.

Your sisters old house symbolizes denial. Perhaps you had an intuition, omens etc. about contracting this virus and you were rationalizing denying and building a sort of house of cards-within this house of cards existed a truth which is that you possess both one and two (which are the lack and white rats) and that truth warrants a great fragility on many physical planes (social, bodily, familial, relationship to self and others) and therefor they were within a cage- an extra sub-conscious barrier within the barrier of your emotional fortress (your sisters old house).

Examining the rats in the cage is your process wherein you became willing to realize what you are facing in your life and asking yourself questions-waking up to the signs and knowledge of your new hard and painful reality-peeling back the layers of the onion with care not to crumble-examine the rats within the cage symbolizes your process of acceptance of your situation.

Letting the rats out of the cage symbolizes the period when you went to a medical professional, found out your diagnosis, told your family, friends, past lovers that you tested positive. It's the time you faced the terrifying reality you couldn't before...the unleashing of a reality that incurs a lot of responsibility and reactions.

Scrambling to catch them is you wanting to undo this coming forward to undo the things that caused the contracting of HIV 1 and 2- desperately trying to undo that moment you confirmed what you feared and the rippling effect that unfolded around you following the confirmation of the test and also perhaps the lack of discretion and gentleness, maybe compromised dueting the accute shock and crisis, used when telling others you were positive.

being able to put one back and not the other and then being in your sisters new house and letting the big black one free is that you are now in a different-newer-me gal paradigm wherein you are gradually gaining more self-control and acceptance...and also you are making choices and you are changing, growing and developing more into your authentic self- self possed and also more self love and self care.

I hope this helped!

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A 2016-04-07 04:45:06
I had a dream I was petting and holding a big gray and white rat all the sudden it but my finger I asked someone to help me get my finger out of the rats mouth and they wouldn't help me it was very odd I hate rats

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Amelia 2016-03-29 02:27:43
I first dreamt that I was in a group band of singers and we were recruiting a new member, there were so many people who auditioned and as we went home on a bus that was also filled with other groups. It was fun at first but when we got home, our house or apartment looked like a hotel room from the inside. So I decided to go to the bathroom to remove a body suit that was basically like skin, so when I removed it my normal and blemished skin was under but it was in much worse condition due to the skin suit. I now had something weird under my eye that looked like something thin and long was underneath the skin (like a small worm) but it didn't feel like a worm cause it wasn't moving, I went out the bathroom to complain to the leader of the group who gave me the skin suit (she looked just like my former best friend) I then went back into the mirror to check it out again and this time there was a small rat in my eye. I quickly removed it with disgust and it looked dead at first but as soon as it got out my eye it started moving, I threw it in the sink and screamed for help. I was panicking cause the rat was starting to run around and starting to make its way towards me I screamed one of my currently close friends name repeatedly and the rat got out the sink, I fell in the process of realizing that it got out and it ran into the left side of my shirt. I was jerking around trying to get it out and that's when I woke up. I've been having a lot of problems with my past relationships and I don't know why the rat was there, no matter how may times I think there's something wrong with me and I go to the doctor they say I'm fine. So I have no idea what this means.

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Priya Mehrotra 2016-03-01 18:29:37
I saw in dream many white rats coming towards me .in my mothers house .I heard a noise and I woke up I saw my husband had fallen from bed,the dream was broken .

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