Dream Dictionary Rat

Dream Dictionary Rat


No matter whether you dream of one rat or several, they usually indicate that some type of bad luck will soon come your way. That said, if they were white, you may not have as many problems as you thought you would have. It is also important to make note of what happened to the rats. For example, if you killed them, or were able to scare them away, then the jealousy or negativity of others may not have much impact on your life.

Rat Dream General Meaning

A dream of rats can indicate hidden jealousy, rivalry and deceit. They can also indicate the presence of disease, filth, and other harmful environmental elements. If you dream of black rats, or being bitten by one, it may indicate you need to see a doctor, or guard against some type of illness. Since dreams of rats often portend hidden treachery, you should also be careful to guard your mental and emotional health as much as your physical well being. That said, if you happen to kill the rats, or dream of a white rat that is not killed, you can either look forward to resolving your problems, or receiving help from an unexpected source.

How Rat Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

Even though rats tend to be negative dream omens, you can use their potential for warning to your advantage. For example, if a rat is biting your feet, then you may feel a stinging sensation. This, in turn, can easily be caused by some health condition that you are not aware of. Rather than being afraid of the rat in your dream, you can easily make changes in your daily life that will avert disaster. In this case, you may want to get a full medical check up.

In some cases, dreams can easily have meanings at multiple levels of life. Therefore, even if you do something to safeguard your health, you can also use this time to study your associates in order to uncover hidden jealousy or opposition. No matter whether you find out that a co-worker wants your job, or a spouse is cheating on you, at least you will know what is going on. Typically, if you view rat dreams as messengers, then you will learn how to deal with the message, which ultimately, will enable to rid your life, and your dreams of these noxious creatures.

A Sample Rat Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are sleeping in a tent. Even though everything is quite, you sense the presence of a small animal near your feet. Somehow, you know that the animal in question is a rat. Even though you are afraid, you lay completely still, hoping that it will go away. Unfortunately, it crawls up on your feet and begins to walk along one leg. Desperately, you kick out and try to fling the rat off your body. As the rat bites down into the blanket, you realize that it is much larger than you had initially thought.

Finally, you turn on the light, and realize that there are actually two rats in the tent. As you stare at them, you reach for a club, and then bring it down on the head of the one closest to you. The rat scrambles away just in time, and both exit the tent. At that point, you look down at your feet and realizer that the rats had been gnawing on your toes. The next morning, you wake up with prickles in your toes that make you feel nervous for the rest of the day.

Since rats often herald some kind of disease, you will be well served by having a health checkup after this kind of dream. In some cases, the discomfort in your dream may have actually been caused by physical symptoms. No matter whether you need to have your shoes adjusted, or start medication for some other illness, you are better off finding out as soon as possible.

That said, rats can also indicate treachery in your life Since there were two rats in this particular dream, you may want to study your interactions carefully with others in order to see if something is amiss. If you happen to find problems at work, school, or at home, you can mitigate the situation by taking useful action. At the very least, if you were successful in scaring the rats off, you can have some degree of confidence that you will be able to resolve your problem as amicably as possible.

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Yvette 2021-05-31 11:45:48
The white rat was outside the window of my mum's house and it was running away
Ana 2020-05-04 12:48:04
i had a dream with a beige cream color rat. It came into the kitchen thur my door facing the backyard which was left ajar. I took a sheet of newspaper and put some food on it. The rat saw this and as it started to get close to the food on the newspaper I started to slide it out the door so that the rat could follow it, which it did and I took it out the house....
yvette 2018-11-06 10:18:06
I'm a little worry. I dreamt I got attacked by a black rat and it bit my left foot, but I fight and removed his teeth from my foot and killed it
Kaykay1103 2018-09-13 07:01:34
I just had a dream that I was in my childhood house and my mom aunt brought over 2 bags that were filled with rats I guess to feed some kind of animal that they had caged up. Well all thy’all de rats escaped and I was chasing them trying to get them out of my house cuz they were everywhere! I was picking them up by the back of their necks and trying to throw them outside. In the process I had gotten bitten several times and it broke skin. When I looked at my hands they were all chewed up with knaw marks. Then I woke up. My aunt appeared and I found out it was her who brought them all over, and I was yelling at her. My sister was there also and she was talking about calling an exterminator
Helen 2018-07-23 16:17:20
I dreamed of two black rats. One was dead, the body hung over over outside on the knocker, of my apartment front door. The other was dead, chopped up and tucked under the collar of my red, turtleneck shirt. I remembered feeling repulsed of this dead rat, tucked up the collar of my turtleneck. What does this dream means. I did meet someone from Africa, who I was sending food and money to.
Renata E 2018-04-24 16:54:41
I had a dream about a friendly brown rat it laid on my stomach and I held its paws and stroked it.
I was scared at 1st but as the dream went on I was comfortable with it!
Marissa 2018-04-23 09:04:20
I had a dream that I found a brown and white rat in my house . It was the ones that you keep as pets and my grandmom shut the rat in the door and I started crying and was so sad and saved him and fed him . I felt bad for this rat . I’m wondering what it could mean
Ramu 2018-03-19 02:26:18
My dream black rat small eating popcorn What's this meaning plz reply me
Jams 2018-02-26 20:31:14
I had such an odd dream last night that I seen a rat in my apartment. I do not remember the color of the rat all I know is that it was big. So in my dream I was in my room, I opened my door to leave and saw the fat and shut my door so fast. I then re-opened the door and again saw it and shut my door fast again. I don't remember if it was running towards me or that I saw him running and since I was scared I just closed my door. Now the tricky thing about this story is that I'm 10 weeks pregnant I'm not sure if that is a major issue to this dream but I need to know the definition of this dream asap.

please help!
karen 2017-10-25 04:00:23
I had a dream about a rat..My cats were chasing it for a while then they couldn't catch it and it jumped on me.The next day I dreamt many rats were running around me and one jumped on me again.Please someone help me explain this.Thanks
Debrah 2017-10-09 15:22:04
I had a dream of two rats which was black & white in color ran up my wall than ran back down my wall. I had lots of company in my house it didn`t scare none of us but the rats was scare of us. The rats look at me in my eyes and ran the squeeze underneath my basement door and ran in the basement after that I woke up confuse. I would like to know the meaning of this dream.
altagracia 2017-09-01 15:57:54
I had a dream that I was pulling out of my mouth a big black rat.

Jack 2017-08-16 03:20:47
Had a dream (more like a nightmare)of a very large open cut in my leg. Later in the dream I felt something moving and saw the figure of a rats faces pushing thru my flesh (leg) I tried to open the cut to get my hand up my leg or something to pull the rats out. Don't remember much after that...
Valerie 2017-08-03 17:17:31
I had a dream that I was letting in my little kittens for some reason and I went sit down in this comfy "hangout" spot I guess you could call it. I could see my mom and her friend across from me sitting at the table. Anyways this black rat was right beside me and so I grabbed it and screamed... but I couldn't let it go. Anyways I had to use two hands to hold it but one of its back legs got out and it was scratching me over and over, I tried yelling to my mom but she would come help me. I happened to leg go of the black rat for a second (except it's head I still was holding its head) and it got ahold of my arm and scratched me hard twice causing me to bleed. My mom didn't help me at all with the black rat and I couldn't move so I killed it with my bare hands when I got ahold of it good again.
Tineeblusher 2017-07-16 09:26:16
I dreamt there was a boy and a girl that i didnt know, they were teenagers of something, but they were in need of help. The boy was talking about being seperated from his sister and that he'd follow her once he started education because they werent sure if they'd end up in care and moved to different homes. In the garden as we are discussing their option i see a black rat which is walking around. The boy said hed look after it but then it enters the house and its like im the only one thats bothered by it. I tried to stop it entering the house but it gets in anyways. My dream goes to the next day and im sitting in the middle of the kitchen in a chair and i see the rat again, this time it has horns like a ram which i mention to the people in the room in the dream. It looks angry and i try to put my feet up on another chair so it doesnt touch me but it purposely runs up to my chair and then jumps up and bites down HARD on my right little toe. I grab it around its neck and grab its stomach trying to get a grip on it and look down at my toes which are covered in blood. Im panicing and the same rat bites into my left thumbs as i still try to hold it by the neck. I throw it from my left hand and in real life i woke up doing the throw movement. My toes and hand hurt for about 30 seconds afer i woke up like a intense tingling feeling. My first thought was to tidy my room and make sure my niece tidys her room and ways i could've trapped the rat. I'm not sure if the rat died in my dream which is worrying
Thandiwe 2017-03-21 23:50:17
I dreamed about rats getting into my pyjama's wile I was sleeping I wanted to wakeup and take them out but couldn't move felt like I have a night mare
Sthe 2017-02-05 23:36:06
I had a dream of being chased by rats I don't remember clearly how many were they , as I was running I fell and one rodent brutally bite my fingers so hard in a way that it's teeth were stacked in my flesh , It hurt so bad I tried to remove it as I was pulling it away it torn my skin blood was oozing out .. It was really bad ....
Vw 2018-07-08 22:30:41
I too dreamt a rat tore at my finger and as I got it off half my finger went with it! Oddly it felt like “it was painful but I had to make the sacrifice “ What ended up happening in your waking life?
Cathy 2017-01-26 11:45:07
I had a dream that rats were getting into my house but they were wrapped in tin foil so I thought they would not carry disease and so not be so harmful. Having said that I wasn't happy they were coming into the house and felt uneasy. What does that mean?
Monah 2017-02-13 06:37:28
omgd cathy i had exactly same dream as yours exactly the rats were rapped in a paper small bag and the bag was moving if u found an znswer plese let me know i just had this dream and its annoying me
One Big Rat Jumping At me. 2017-01-09 22:39:48
A large python snake shed its old skin and out of its old dead skin came a large rat which jumped at me, I awoke as it reached me...

Any suggestions on what the howl this means!!
jamunaa 2016-12-26 18:32:41
i had a dream about a white with orange dots bites me and my friend and i kill that rat what is the meaning i am so afraid of that..
Samantha 2016-12-25 11:22:13
My dream was i looked over and there was a big black rat right on the side of my face when i turnedmy head it opened its mouth and violently hissed at me mouth open with teeth i screamed and moved i woke up doing thst moveing to the right and screaming ? Whats does this mean?
Francois 2016-12-11 21:37:41
I dreamt my fianc telling there's two rats in the house. This happened after we had a fight and took all her clothes and went back home and left her engagement ring behind.
Slim 2016-12-10 21:42:41
I was awaken from a dream of coming in contact with a big white rat it's eyes were white or glossy. I screamed because at first it fid not notice me and I screamed I upset it causing it to scream back at me with those glossy white looking eyes. It chased me but I never saw it running after me by looking at other reactions I knew it was behind me getting closer. Went into a building and as I turned around it used it paws to open the door. Was coming at me calming as if it did not want to harm me only smelling the air or me. Right as it was about to attack I killed it. I have no idea where the weapon which was a shot gun came from. I heard my self say pow awakening me out of my sleep.
Rebecca 2016-11-26 22:47:23
Three baby white rats, who I thought were cute. The smallest one was "snotty" so I asked my sister to get some Kleenex for it.

Rob 2016-11-12 16:01:27
I have a dream about a rat that biting my big toe i try to make bleed but it never bleed
Kerri 2016-11-04 02:23:06
Rat bit dog tail. Husband grabbed rat while it was snapping. I threw blanket on rat to prevent bite. Husband mad at me for interfering. Knew rat trapped ready to kill. But woke up
Thetis 2016-11-03 03:05:02
I was jolted awake by A dream of killing A rat .
In my dream I was sleeping and my dog who I had put to sleep over A year ago was sleeping beside me when I heard A noise on the upper part of the spare pillow on my bed and I noticed the blanket's lifting up so I woke up in the dream slammed my hand down on the bed where I saw A shape moving under the covers. I grabbed and squeezed on the shape and turned on the light and moved the blanket's back to discover I was squeezing on A big dead grey rat . I wish I knew the meaning of such A dream .
Jssica 2016-10-30 01:45:29
I was In the living room with my mom cleaning and out of a sudden a lot of gray rats started running I grabbed a stick with a fire in the end and burned them what does that mean
Zoey 2016-09-20 08:53:23
I just woke up from a dream of 3 Grey rats that felt so real, but there were also two other people in my dream. All I can remember is that one rat looked really bad he was using my book ironically called 1,200 dreams interpeted as his legs. he was going back in fourth like the were roller blades. The second one was on the tip of the bed that I wasn't sleeping on but when I looked at it , it started to stretch as if he was excercising like seriously flexing all arms and legs. And the third one is when I realized other people were in my dream my boyfriend was in bed with me and somehow my boyfriend best friend son was in the dream. I screamed at the third rat because it was under covers moving and my boyfriend could not catch it so he picked up his friend son off the couch and put him in bed with us then we all slept together frightening hoping the rats don't get us. Can anyone help me interpet this please. I know my boyfriend and I got into a bad fight very early that morning around 5am I did not have the dream until after I woke up to call off work for lack of sleep, of course it wasn't the excuse I gave but then my boyfriend he apologized I went back to sleep at 9 then nightmare of rats occurred.
Chrissy 2016-09-01 15:18:54
I had a dream i had a pet rat? And he loved me and i cared for it back? Im not scared of rats but i wasnt a fan until after this dream its changed my views?
Tawnj a 2017-07-09 04:47:56
I deamed about having some brown pet rats. I was playing with them and they were not scared of me neither. I used to have pet rats and to the day, miss having pet rats. But dreaming of brown rats has me wondering what the meaning is.
Tonya 2016-10-03 08:43:18
Me too!!! I had a big pet dark colored gray? Pet rat in my dream that i was proud of and loved. He was like a big dog and i would let him run around in house to get plenty of exercise before putting him in a huge dog kennel at night. I saw my cousins out somewhere and went to get my pet rat to show them . At this point my rat becomes small enough to carry , my cousins backed away and were not interested in meeting my pet rat whom I named Alexander. Weird. Btw. I do not mind rats or mice at all and would save one if i saw it injured. I live animals. I have never owned these types of animals before though

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