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No matter whether you dream of one rat or several, they usually indicate that some type of bad luck will soon come your way. That said, if they were white, you may not have as many problems as you thought you would have. It is also important to make note of what happened to the rats. For example, if you killed them, or were able to scare them away, then the jealousy or negativity of others may not have much impact on your life.

Rat Dream General Meaning

A dream of rats can indicate hidden jealousy, rivalry and deceit. They can also indicate the presence of disease, filth, and other harmful environmental elements. If you dream of black rats, or being bitten by one, it may indicate you need to see a doctor, or guard against some type of illness. Since dreams of rats often portend hidden treachery, you should also be careful to guard your mental and emotional health as much as your physical well being. That said, if you happen to kill the rats, or dream of a white rat that is not killed, you can either look forward to resolving your problems, or receiving help from an unexpected source.

How Rat Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

Even though rats tend to be negative dream omens, you can use their potential for warning to your advantage. For example, if a rat is biting your feet, then you may feel a stinging sensation. This, in turn, can easily be caused by some health condition that you are not aware of. Rather than being afraid of the rat in your dream, you can easily make changes in your daily life that will avert disaster. In this case, you may want to get a full medical check up.

In some cases, dreams can easily have meanings at multiple levels of life. Therefore, even if you do something to safeguard your health, you can also use this time to study your associates in order to uncover hidden jealousy or opposition. No matter whether you find out that a co-worker wants your job, or a spouse is cheating on you, at least you will know what is going on. Typically, if you view rat dreams as messengers, then you will learn how to deal with the message, which ultimately, will enable to rid your life, and your dreams of these noxious creatures.

A Sample Rat Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are sleeping in a tent. Even though everything is quite, you sense the presence of a small animal near your feet. Somehow, you know that the animal in question is a rat. Even though you are afraid, you lay completely still, hoping that it will go away. Unfortunately, it crawls up on your feet and begins to walk along one leg. Desperately, you kick out and try to fling the rat off your body. As the rat bites down into the blanket, you realize that it is much larger than you had initially thought.

Finally, you turn on the light, and realize that there are actually two rats in the tent. As you stare at them, you reach for a club, and then bring it down on the head of the one closest to you. The rat scrambles away just in time, and both exit the tent. At that point, you look down at your feet and realizer that the rats had been gnawing on your toes. The next morning, you wake up with prickles in your toes that make you feel nervous for the rest of the day.

Since rats often herald some kind of disease, you will be well served by having a health checkup after this kind of dream. In some cases, the discomfort in your dream may have actually been caused by physical symptoms. No matter whether you need to have your shoes adjusted, or start medication for some other illness, you are better off finding out as soon as possible.

That said, rats can also indicate treachery in your life Since there were two rats in this particular dream, you may want to study your interactions carefully with others in order to see if something is amiss. If you happen to find problems at work, school, or at home, you can mitigate the situation by taking useful action. At the very least, if you were successful in scaring the rats off, you can have some degree of confidence that you will be able to resolve your problem as amicably as possible.
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saris 2016-02-09 20:03:59
I was dreaming that I was asleep and
I woke up,to some,noise in my dream but when
I looked down at my head side there were 2 Black rats with some red things on it
so I ran too my dad and he came n cough them
, that's when I woke up from this dream ...
this the first time ever dreamt about rats it
was so scary... Please tell me what it means

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Lexus c 2016-01-17 00:33:20
I dreamed that I was in my fathers house sleeping on his couch and somehow I grabbed hold of a large rat right before it got onto me it bit my hand but I squeezed and popped it's guts out I felt dread and woke up

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Jessica 2016-01-14 21:05:02
I dreamt that my mother gave me rays as a present , what does that mean? Please , I'm worried

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Emily 2016-01-04 10:30:31
I dreamt of a little door, like a cat door, and it opened up and a large rat came out and bit my finger, but then I woke up. The next day I found out that a family member deceived me badly.

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rashid 2015-12-28 01:18:26
i had dread two nights of beating rats but not succeeded, what is that

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ciara mcardle 2015-12-17 23:10:00
i had a dream where i was in my backyard and i took a piece of clothing off the line and a white rat tried to bite it and when i took it away he bit me and left a hole mark in my finger what does that mean ?  ?)

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Josie 2015-12-10 02:22:02
I had a dream of 2 black rats in the house in different direction. They just starred at me but didn't harm me. What does it mean? Yesterday I received bad news that my old boss died of cancer and it was heartbreaking. Is there a connection or is it something else. Thanks.

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David 2015-11-22 07:01:25
I had a dream that I was in a hotel room it was dark and I was woken up by the doorbell ringing constantly I went to open the door and it was neighbors from across the hall asking me to help them and I ran into their room and in the bathroom there was a young woman yelling that her three babies were killed by rat and I looked down and I saw what was like three stillborn babies dead on the floor and a black rat dead next to them so I tried to take one of the babies and a black rat bit my left hand kind of hard and I fling him across the room and try to run away but another black rat try to bite me so I grabbed him with my right hand and tried to choke him But she still bit me anyway and I woke up I've been dealing with a lot of stress I have general anxiety disorder and depression almost all my life in recent years I've been dealing with blood pressure issues and chest problems and dizziness maybe this is a clear sign that I should go see a doctor or cardiologist

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John 2015-11-22 01:50:55
I dreamed that I touched the tail of a rat which my feet which I didn't know. Once I touched it the rat woke up and it was a huge black rat. Once I realized it I was already on the floor and the rat on top of me trying to bite my ear. I asked for help from my sister and aunt but they came to late and the rat had left. What does it mean?

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connyb 2015-11-20 19:33:50
I had a dream. i just trying to fit some clothes but d rats just keeping roaming around tje room doing nothing against me. My colluegues inside the room decided to call fot a pesticide to get rid of the rats. Im not scared to the in my dream i only keep trying the clothes i have with me and i dont care avout the rats around me. Pls explain to me the meaning of this dream. Thank you

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Andrea stuart 2015-11-15 18:42:22
A rat that looked like a fox and it had a few baby's and they were different colours and I was on a train at the time, the rat bit me and some people came and took them away

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Isla 2015-11-03 23:40:28
I dreamed that my Dad had this huge black pet rat. It was climbing on my lap and was trying to bite me and my Dad was telling me that the rat won't do nothing to me. Then standing besides me was my ex boyfriend the father of my daughter. He was standing there laughing at me. I woke up when the rat was trying to bite me.

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Dhaya 2015-10-23 20:35:20
In my dream rat was happily playing around in my home, going to neibor home and come to my home!!!
Any bad luck for this dream!!! Pls ans any one!!!!

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Priscilla 2015-10-17 21:53:07
I had a nasty wierd dream two blacks rats in a family memebers house and my dad tried killing them and he couldn't i woke up scaried  :bad:

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RITA 2015-10-15 00:46:49
Hi I was dreaming of rats outside my mothers house window when I got up this morning and went to check were the level of water was in my pool their was a dead rat floating in it

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