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Usually mice are associated with fear, obviously not an all consuming fear, but mice are still a dream symbol for a more petty type of fear. The way that mice are depicted in the media is as objects of fear. Most people picked up on this at an early age from viewing cartoons or other shows that depicted mice to be scary. This means that whether or not we are scared of mice personally, they still will likely symbolize some kind of fear for us in terms of dream meanings.

A dream dictionary will occasionally have different dream interpretations for mouse and for the plural form mice. The dream interpretation for mice differs from the dream meaning of mouse in that if you are dreaming about a singular mouse it symbolizes fear, while if you are dreaming about multiple mice, it symbolizes that you are dealing with minor things of little consequence and are spending too much time doing it. Mice are small creatures and even if they are scary, in reality we are more than capable of dealing with a mouse, or even multiple mice, and exterminating them if need be. If you are consistently spending time with them in dreams, then maybe it is a signal that you are not overcoming some boundaries that you should be perfectly capable of overcoming normally.

Take a dream about mice to mean that you should take a step back from the things that you have been doing in life, and consider what values are most important. Consider what things you find to be of little value to you personally. Then think about how much time you spend on each. If you spend too much time on petty matters, then maybe your dreams about mice will stop when you learn to prioritize better. However, it is perhaps also possible, if you find that you are not spending too much time dealing with petty matters, that the meaning of dream about mice was that you are actually fearful. If you are afraid of something, there are usually different dream symbols for fear. The mouse is one of the least threatening symbols, meaning that whatever you fear will only turn out to be a small issue or no issue at all.

Another more obscure interpretation of what it means to see mice in your dreams is that you are feeling inadequate, especially if you put yourself in the place of the mouse in your dream. Possibly you feel that someone else is bigger than you, or that you canít match up to the legacy of someone else in your life. If this is so, then you might be seeing a few mice in your dreams. The best way to deal with this is to simply sort out your feelings as best as you can.
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amber 2014-09-17 11:00:56
I keep having a dream about a mouse/mice running all over my body especially near my mouth I can't move or scream .

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Dee 2014-08-05 21:30:52
I had a dream about mice. I saw the tail and but of one sticking out of a hole in the wall near the kitchen sink. I pointed them out to my mom and she sucked three of them out of the hole with her mouth and spit them into the garbage disposal and turned it on as I was discussing with her how gross it was that she did that more mice tons of mice started to come from the hole they crawled all over me it felt so real. As one was about to bite me I awoke screaming.

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keila 2014-07-13 02:07:06
In my dream I was cleaning and when i got to the nursery I heard and saw dozens of baby mice coming out of the wall screaming running around. Like nothing ive ever heard before. When they came out to the living room I had started vaccuming them up. It was a realky crazy dream for me. Does anybody know what this means?

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lisa 2014-07-02 13:24:58
My dream was.about.tryin to catch a baby black mouse under a clear yellow fisher pri e kids bucket. It kept getting away about 2 times I then eventually caght itand then filled in the whole of which.it came out of from under my bed and then woke up

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Dedrick 2014-06-14 12:59:26
What does it mean if a stampede of them come at you in your dream? I woke up after that.

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Thorn oaks 2014-02-10 21:03:36
I had a crazy dream. Ill skip most of it because it has nothing to do with mice. Well, i was in a yard with vines growing up a wall. There was a tree next to the wall and a small, glittering pond. The grass was a beautiful color of green. I was running from someone and saw two mice. One dissapeared and there was only one left. It was a pinkish color and had a bow on its head. It was talking to me and i was talking to it. I cant exactly remember what it said and im not sure if it was important.

Does anyone know what this means?

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Tamilselvi 2013-06-29 02:48:05
i would like share my dream , i saw dead mice in dirty water somebody came and shown and they removed ,

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nana 2013-06-01 18:16:42
Dreaming of many mice around me ,.I am trying to kill them ,.but there just come more ,.and more upsetting ,.its in my kids room?

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Micky 2013-01-16 23:24:21
I have had two dresms with three mice. They are t he same mice from the first dream but different scenarios. My first dream they were in a closet with a prostitute. The second dream they were accompanied by cock roaches. I killed two of the mice this time around. Anyway jw that's why I looked up mice dreams.

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