Dream interpretation Cockroach

Have you ever noticed a tendency to snicker when you are trying to be serious? Do you hate it when you promise to do something for your friends or family members, and then cannot deliver? These are just a few of many things that you may never talk about to others, but secretly feel ashamed of. Since you may also be quite fed up with yourself, it should come as no surprise that you might dream of cockroaches as you try to work through these issues.

General Dream Meaning: Cockroach

When you dream of cockroaches, it usually means there is something very unpleasant that you would rather not think about. In most cases, the issue in question has to do with your inner landscape, or other aspects of your personality. You may also interpret cockroach dreams to signify various situations that you are involved in, as well as people that are in your life. Typically, paying close attention to these instances, as well was what becomes of them can give you some good indicators of what the dream means. You should also make careful not about your emotions during the dream, as well as the names of any people that may pop into your head at that time, or while you are doing the actual interpretation.

How Dream Symbol Cockroach may Fit in your Life

NO matter how unpleasant cockroaches may be, they are a good reminder that you were not born perfect, and that you still have some work to do. From that perspective, they can give you an opportunity to look at all of the things in your inner and outer landscapes, and find ways to make changes. At the very least, you may save yourself some future embarrassment, or create a truly rewarding life for yourself once you begin to confront the issues that led to a dream of cockroaches.

A Sample Dream, Cockroach Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are at a restaurant with your children. Even though the restaurant is clean and quiet, you occasionally hear odd scratching sounds. After the food arrives, you children begin to eat, but you become even more distracted by the sound emanating from the walls. Upon feeling something crawl over you foot, you look down to find a cockroach. Horrified, you watch as more of the insects begin crawling up the table and around your children Desperately, you look around the restaurant, only to find that the cockroaches are only at your table. You call for an attendant, who appears to be one of the teachers from school. The teacher looks at you, but ignores your pleas for help. Even though your children appear perfectly calm, you do what you can to get them out of the restaurant. Fortunately, once you get outside, the cockroaches are trapped within the restaurant.

This particular dream needs to be as much interpreted by who is not there as much as who is. If your spouse normally plays a role in taking care of your children, their absence indicates that you are concerned about the disbalance in who actually provides caregiving. In this instance, their absence may indicate that you feel you are doing more than your fair share. The cockroaches symbolize the fact that you may not feel like you are doing an adequate job. Under these circumstances, your silent pleas to the teacher indicate that you are wishing someone else, perhaps in your community, would take up some of the responsibilities you are trying to cope with. Fortunately, you are able to escape from the cockroaches, indicating that you will find an equitable solution to your problem.
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TC 2015-02-25 15:58:54
I dreamt that I felt and heard a noise in my ear...i told my common-law husband that something is in my ear...he assisted me to take it out...it turned out to be big cockroach...everytime he takes out one, i feel as if another is in my ear...by the time he finishes and i feel good, there were over twenty (20) big cockroaches on the floor from my ears...some alive, some dead...what does it mean?

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James 2015-02-20 10:37:14
I dreamed that there were roaches crawling out of my armpit to the top of my fingers.
I looked at my arm then woke up.
If any one can Inerpurt this

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pauline 2015-02-10 17:29:27

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gina 2015-02-02 19:48:43
I just woke from a very disgusting dream,
a huge cockroach with a bluish legs flew on to my left neck which made me scream to death.

I woke up with a heavy Heart..

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Mari Porte 2015-01-29 07:14:29
I have dreamt that I had tiny cockroaches under my skin and that my partner was helping me removing them by just waving them off my skin as if they were over my skin and not under my skin. I was full of these tiny cockroaches and the more time passed the more they added up. I started thinking to what I can do to get rid of them then to my amazement I put my hand in a tub of water and the cockroaches just floated came out from under my skin leaving my skin normal and floated in the water. Then I realized that if I fill up a bath full of water and go into the water I will clear myself from these cockroaches. I started filling the bath then when I was about to go into it I woke up.

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Erykah 2015-01-16 15:50:45
Hi I just had a dream of me in my home and my baby cousin was there. So my little sister started yelling " cockroach in the house. My little cousin saw it and ate the cockroach's head. I tried yelling for my mom, but she wouldn't come. I told my cousin to spit it out but his mouth got all bubbily and white. Then I woke up scared and afraid something is going to happen to him in the future. Oh please tell me what that means?

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pati ck 2015-01-20 11:07:22
hes going to be gay or sick is the only things that come to my mind

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v rao 2014-12-12 16:54:22
Hi, I have dreamed that I have offered food to unknown, a cockroach began to eat, suddenly a bat flew down and hold it with its claw and flew away with food and cockroach. What does it mean. v. rao. anirudvasudev@gmail.com

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Lisa 2014-12-11 11:57:37
What does it mean to dream I am eating and cockroaches start coming out of the food and are all over me and my husband is just laughing. Then they are all over my body and I try yo get rid of them with water?and then more and mird start coming out?

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Jolyn 2014-12-05 15:03:53
I dreamt I was laying on the bed to find roaches on the ceiling and they were multiplying! Although as large in size as adult roaches, they were delicate as babies. My husband started to corner them with a paper fan in attempts to spray them but I woke up before then.

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Donnetta 2014-10-24 23:45:15
I just woke up from having a cockroach dream. I went over a friends to spend the night, as I was getting my clothes out and ready for the next day I start to notice roaches on the floor at my feet. once I notice them there started to be different big sizes. I go into the living room where there are roaches all over one of the chairs. They where big and huge and could fly. I woke up because the phone was ringing.

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erin 2014-10-16 19:13:27
I had a dream that I met this rich woman and she lived in a beautiful house. she was talking to me telling that she has all these properties but no help to run everything. I offered to be her assistant. She accepted and hired me. Then she brought these 2 huge cochroaches in her house and let them loose so they can breed. I was disgusted and saw them in this room that looked like a run down apartment kitchen. and every time I saw them the male was mounted on the female. I explained to her that they will cause an infestation and its very unsanitary. Then I see she had actually brought another to make sure they procreated. I was confused as to why she wanted them in her house and disgusted. I woke up and did not continue the dream.

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Roachi 2014-10-23 15:29:39
I know what it means ! That you had a random dream about roaches and you have control issues lol

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mary 2014-10-13 15:49:18
I dreamt that I was sleeping and suddenly I wake up and saw alot of cockroaches on the curtain they were brown to golden in color and they all look the same size.

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Jeninah 2014-09-25 18:56:44
I went some were else & someone put their jacket on the chair then in a few minutes there was roaches crawling out.

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Shanika 2014-09-25 12:53:33
I keep dreaming that the whole world is invested with roaches

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Esther 2014-09-24 21:18:51
It's so weird and random I was showering and we had a really nice big tv in there and then as I'm watching tv my brother comes in to show me a finale of this other show but I'm think wtf I'm naked get out right but then I like down and I'm wearing this huge sweater that's covering me, so then I'm watching and my other brother comes because he said there were roaches in the bathroom then my dad comes in (I'm screaming too btw) and he's holding this paper which he has a trapped roaches but since I'm screaming something gets in my mouth, then I try letting the water run because the thing that's in my mouth won't get out as I'm doing that there maybe 2 or 3 that are on the ceiling!! Then, when I pour the water in my mouth, what I spit out is this big roach!!! I scream in my dream and that's what woke me up!! Gross, right ?

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