Dream interpretation Cockroach

Have you ever noticed a tendency to snicker when you are trying to be serious? Do you hate it when you promise to do something for your friends or family members, and then cannot deliver? These are just a few of many things that you may never talk about to others, but secretly feel ashamed of. Since you may also be quite fed up with yourself, it should come as no surprise that you might dream of cockroaches as you try to work through these issues.

General Dream Meaning: Cockroach

When you dream of cockroaches, it usually means there is something very unpleasant that you would rather not think about. In most cases, the issue in question has to do with your inner landscape, or other aspects of your personality. You may also interpret cockroach dreams to signify various situations that you are involved in, as well as people that are in your life. Typically, paying close attention to these instances, as well was what becomes of them can give you some good indicators of what the dream means. You should also make careful not about your emotions during the dream, as well as the names of any people that may pop into your head at that time, or while you are doing the actual interpretation.

How Dream Symbol Cockroach may Fit in your Life

NO matter how unpleasant cockroaches may be, they are a good reminder that you were not born perfect, and that you still have some work to do. From that perspective, they can give you an opportunity to look at all of the things in your inner and outer landscapes, and find ways to make changes. At the very least, you may save yourself some future embarrassment, or create a truly rewarding life for yourself once you begin to confront the issues that led to a dream of cockroaches.

A Sample Dream, Cockroach Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are at a restaurant with your children. Even though the restaurant is clean and quiet, you occasionally hear odd scratching sounds. After the food arrives, you children begin to eat, but you become even more distracted by the sound emanating from the walls. Upon feeling something crawl over you foot, you look down to find a cockroach. Horrified, you watch as more of the insects begin crawling up the table and around your children Desperately, you look around the restaurant, only to find that the cockroaches are only at your table. You call for an attendant, who appears to be one of the teachers from school. The teacher looks at you, but ignores your pleas for help. Even though your children appear perfectly calm, you do what you can to get them out of the restaurant. Fortunately, once you get outside, the cockroaches are trapped within the restaurant.

This particular dream needs to be as much interpreted by who is not there as much as who is. If your spouse normally plays a role in taking care of your children, their absence indicates that you are concerned about the disbalance in who actually provides caregiving. In this instance, their absence may indicate that you feel you are doing more than your fair share. The cockroaches symbolize the fact that you may not feel like you are doing an adequate job. Under these circumstances, your silent pleas to the teacher indicate that you are wishing someone else, perhaps in your community, would take up some of the responsibilities you are trying to cope with. Fortunately, you are able to escape from the cockroaches, indicating that you will find an equitable solution to your problem.
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Chinky 2015-11-09 13:23:00
I had a dream that I was laying on my couch and roaches began to crawl out. Then some large spiders came out and began to eat the roaches. I wanted to kill the spiders but then I said to myself not to because they were killing the roaches, then I woke up.

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laina 2015-10-19 12:38:50

I dream they were in my room and when tried to kill them with book in my hand they would change into little baby bugs after hit one.

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Dania 2015-10-06 04:26:40
I was in my bedroom, which was a little different(had 3 beds) and i saw one crawling out of my bed and jumped out, took everything off and saw more coming out. My mom came into my room and cleaned everything. I had moved from beds and looked where the first bug was at. It was clear and i felt more calmly.

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maria cristina 2015-09-30 00:13:16
i dreamt that i was at a drugstore. when i looked ay my purse i saw a cockroach antena i pulled it then there were like 5more but smaller...
pls email me.

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browneyes 2015-09-24 10:09:19
Dreamt a friend come over chilling seen a roach killed it seen more n more n more I told him to leave cause I don't no what's going on so I sprayed the place while n the hallway a nun came up to me and ask was this place aways like I said no so she gave me more spray used that getting ready to clean up my friend comes back comes n to help me clean it was thousands of them everywhere I woke up like what's that about help me to understand...singlebarbie2000123@yahoo.com

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Ria 2015-09-20 01:11:20
I just had a dream last night about cockroaches, they were crawling around my body and I was trying to remove them but they were so many of them. It was a nightmare for me. I thought it was real because i can feel that they were crawling at me. I was wearing jacket in my dream. I can hear the crack sound inside of my jacket. And when I look inside, i found that there's still many cockroaches crawling inside.

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Dane 2015-09-18 20:29:15
I had a dream that i was removing 5 cockroach inside my ear then killed it by stepping on it.

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jazmin 2015-09-15 10:33:27
I had a dream we were rolling a couch down the street and we saw a box of knick knacks and clothes so my brother and I started debating on who gets to keep what ass we reached the bottom we fought over a wood picture for my mom and I got out then cockroaches began crawling up my legs and I kept trying to kill them but more and more came out and when I woke up I just feel as if they are crawling on me still

Please contact me with any information you have about this dream at

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Capria 2015-09-11 02:45:56
I had a dream I was with my boyfriend and some friends messing around and then I was in my bed with them around me. My boyfriend was in front of me and I saw this clear cockroach walking in my room looking for cover. I gave the slipper to my boyfriend to kill it but he was frozen with fear, I then notice a second one that was dead is trying to wake up, I take the slipper and try to kill it but miss and I notice a sleeping cockroach much closer to me, so I flick it away hoping its already dead but it wakes up and the back to life cockroach flies towards me and is trying to attack me. The second more docile one then decides to help its friend and attacks me too. The only people I seem to remember are my 4 close friends, my boyfriend and this guy that my best friend is starting to like...

Any suggestions??
email me please; capriaolivier@gmail.com
Thank you

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brian 2015-09-10 13:37:17
i was dreaming cockroaches were coming out of the pictures hung in my bedroom. they were coming out the middle of the picture

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lisalisa 2015-08-29 17:34:56
I dreamt that cockroaches were biting me and leaving their heads in my hands and ears and I had to grab their heads with tweasers and their heads kept growing in strings it was an ugly nightmare....how would you interpret this? Anybody? Ok well I'm not sure they were cockroaches but they were little brown ugly bugs with tiny pointy antlers?

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keely 2015-08-25 01:46:15
I had a dream that i finally got to meet my boyfriend mother that lives across country. When we knocked on the door a huge 2 foot long cockroach body with head of his mother answered the door. She was very nice tho and spent alot of time cleaning. ??? Does anyone know what this could possibly mean ???

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Jean 2015-08-19 00:01:02
I dreamt I bit off a roach head and nearly swallowed it

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Jen 2015-07-06 18:41:02
I dream there was alot of roaches that i was trying to kill with bop spray but they wouldn't die, eventually 2 of them turned into humans and told me that they grew strong and the spray cant hurt them and they all began to attack me. The dream has be wondering, I haven't hurt anyone and I am generally a good person in body and spirit. what can this dream mean????

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cass 2015-06-27 12:43:52
I had a dream that a reall bad disaster happen where a lot of ppl died, most of my family survived. But after home were rebuilt my mom moved into her re-molded home it was infected with roaches. For each one we attempted to kill 2 more came out until the home was covered with roaches. Then somehow my 2yr daughter was sick and dying. What does this mean, please email me.


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