Dream Dictionary Windows

Dream Dictionary Windows

There has been a phrase in existence for some time that goes something like: every life shits a door, it opens a window.

Dream Windows
Dream Dictionary Windows. Opening a Window to the Mind: What it Means to Dream About Windows

This phrase has had many different variations depending on cultural and religious beliefs. The point of discussing this though is to show the significance of the window as a dream symbol for choices and new paths. The phrase means that whenever you lose a certain option in life, or when a path that you wanted to take becomes blocked off to you, then there is always a new path to take. The meaning of dream found in a dream dictionary will sometimes discuss this, as well as other meanings for the window. After all, many dream interpretations relate to how we perceive the objects in our dreams culturally, and the window has many different perceptions.

As stated above, if you have a dream about windows, dream meanings of this might be that you have to open a new place for your life to lead you, or possibly that it is time to move on from a spot in your life and stop struggling to live life a certain way. If you have perhaps, been dumped recently, or lost a friend because of an argument, dreaming of a window might be a sign that it is simply time t move on. You need to get over all of these things that have happened in the past and take a new path in life. Another example might be if you were turned down for a job that you had really been hoping for. It is time to change your expectations, not lower them.

Not only does the window symbolize new path to take, but it also acts as a symbol of very bright new possibilities and futures for yourself. Do not look out the window, or take this new path reluctantly. Look out of the window excitedly. When another path is closed off to you, a dream about a window can be a way of letting you know that the options that are open to you now are much better than the options that you had before. The window is the portal to let the light into a room, just as it acts as a portal in dreams to let the light into your life.

Another cultural understanding of a window is that they act as openings to the soul. So if you happen to be staring into a window for some time in a dream, this could be because of an inquisitive desire to each your inner self. The window doesn’t just stand for knowledge and enlightenment itself, but for the desire to actively pursue those things. Dreaming of a window might have the dream meaning that you need to look on the bright side and begin to truly pursue your goals and desires. Windows provide knowledge and perspective to those that look out of them and to those that look through them. This is not just a dream meaning, but a cultural understanding.

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Tonie 2016-09-08 22:58:55
For the pass year I keep dreaming about opening all the windows of a home I used to live in years ago what does this mean

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Wade 2015-07-28 03:37:57
what do it mean when a window that was there when you were awake but is gone in your sleep

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Janis 2015-03-22 10:11:51
Great information provided but you need to get a new proof reader.... Check the first and last paragraphs.[just=center][/just]

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OhMy! 2014-08-23 19:30:24
I am not so sure doing that will open a window but it might be necessary to get some fresh air into the doorway.

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finding faults 2012-04-20 09:13:51
Please, correct the first line  :bad:

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