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Dream meaning Demons


Dreams about demons actually signify a concealed part of our personality or emotion that we are also not fully aware and fear to let it surface on our mind.

Interpretation of dreams having demon is varied and it depends on the type of demon observed in the nightmare. The meaning is also drained from the color of the demon as different colors possess positive and negative shades. Even though demons do not exist in real life but they are present in our mind and hence reflecting through our dreams. In order to achieve happiness one need to overcome these fears represented by devils in regular dreams.

Different representations depending on demon color and type

The physical properties of demon dominate the meanings of their existence in our dreams. Many people observe nightmarish dreams having demons but all are nothing but the reflections of your deep emotions present in the wits. To see a dark colored demon for example dark green, red, black and brown signifies that you are depressed regarding a failure or event in your mind. To see a group of demons encircling you signifies that you are going to fall prey to some kind of temptation which is not ideal. Similar kind of dream also signifies that you are feeling some kind of urges or emotions that you know are not proper and not comfortable with them but are surfacing your mind persistently. To see a red demon with piercing teeth implies that you have fears of poor health. To see light colored demons such as yellow, white, sky blue etc are signs of good fortune. These kinds of dreams are healthy and signify certain important and joyous even in your life.

Ideal steps after having demon dreams

Demon dreams as you know are representatives of false emotions or fears that you are not comfortable having. These fears are eating your mind but you are not ready to confront and get it over. You might get a feeling of some devilish thoughts or urges that are pushing you to do something evil after getting these dreams but actually this is the fear that you have deep down inside. You need to understand that these fears are baseless and are not real and nothing can go wrong when you have the quality to judge right or wrong. These emotions are life wood eaters to make you unhappy and depressive. You just need to confront these emotions in front of mirror and tell yourself that you are in full possession of your wits so nothing wrong will happen to you and see the effects.

Standard dream about demon and its analysis

Consider a dream where you are sleeping on your bed in the dream and notice hordes of demons all size all colors trying to enter your room. Some have successfully entered in your room other are crowing near the windows and door. You are frightened but the demons present inside are doing nothing just staring at you. You feel like after some time the room will be filled with demons and devils and want to run away from the house. This is a regular dream which symbolizes the temptation and following fear about some devilish activity that you want to do and still fearing for consequences. Just call the divine energy inside and follow the guidelines given by your pure heart. Forget everything and soon you will be free from these dreams and related fears.

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Robert 2024-06-15 06:58:30
A while back during my early 20s I had a dream where I appeared to be in the woods as the moon shined the color blue. In my dream I was up on a hill looking down when I suddenly seen a lady and some kid holding hands running down the hill scared. I then saw more people running down this hill. At one point I tried to stop someone to ask what are they running away from? An older man speaking different language had a hold of my arm telling me to run as he looked back and kept running down the hill. The only way I understand when he said run was because he yelled it out. Not looking back...I began hearing growling noises which made me think to run. As I began running down the hill as fast as I can I couldn't get off the growling noise just behind me as I was running. At one point I knew I wasn't going to out run these growling noises so I decided to stop and hide behind a huge tree hopping they just passed right by me..😂. Well as I stopped I looked down on my left side foot and noticed a glowing green light shape as a box hole about 2 feet high and 3 feet wide with a depth of 1 feet down. As I looked at this glowing light a sudden growl was right next to my right ear. From the corner of my right eye I began to see multiple demons suit up like if they where in a war. For some reason the green light shining on the floor was asking me to enter inside the glowing box as it will keep me safe. I decided to get in the glowing hole box. From the shadows this big demon looking like one of the monsters from lord of the rings with a staff made out of body parts such as fingers, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth etc..had approached me talking in latin. For some reason I understood what he was telling me and more so I had the chance to respond back in latin..not exactly knowing what I said to it when I replied back we shook hands. Demons hand felt weird. When we finished shaking hands I woke up. What does this mean?
HeliosEos 2024-06-17 07:56:36
Dreams can be incredibly mysterious and often imbued with layers of symbolism. Analyzing your dream and understanding its potential meaning can be a fascinating endeavor. Here’s a comprehensive look at some of the symbols and themes you described:

The Woods and the Moon:
- Woods: Being in the woods generally represents exploration of the unknown, delving into the subconscious, or confronting hidden fears and emotions.
- Moon: The blue-colored moon might symbolize intuition, emotions, and subconscious thoughts. A blue moon might also represent something rare or unexpected.

Running Down the Hill:
- Running: This act could symbolize trying to escape from a problem or fear in real life. Running downhill suggests losing control or things moving quickly beyond your grasp.
- People Running: This might point to a collective fear or a sense of urgency shared by others around you.

The Growling Noises:
- Growling: This noise typically symbolizes an imminent threat or confrontation with a disturbing aspect of yourself or an external force.
- Running from Growling: This indicates a fear of facing these issues directly.

Green Glowing Box Hole:
- Green Light: A green light often represents healing, hope, or safety.
- Box Hole: This could symbolize a sanctuary or a hidden place within your subconscious mind where you can find refuge.

Suit-Up Demons:
- Demons in Armor: This might suggest confronting deeply ingrained fears or negative aspects of yourself that are resistant to change and are prepared for battle.
- Talking in Latin: Latin, often associated with ancient wisdom or hidden knowledge, might suggest communicating with a deeper, more archaic part of your psyche.

Shaking Hands with the Demon:
- Handshake: This can symbolize coming to terms with a part of yourself that you previously found terrifying or unacceptable.
- Demon’s Hand: The odd feeling might highlight the foreign or unfamiliar nature of the issues you're confronting.

Possible Interpretations:
1. Personal Growth and Confrontation: Your dream might symbolize the process of facing and confronting deep-rooted fears or negative emotions. The interaction with the demon and the safe feeling in the glowing box suggests acceptance and finding peace with these darker aspects.
2. Transformation and Understanding: The understanding and communication in Latin might imply gaining insight into previously misunderstood or neglected parts of your personality.
3. Resolution of Conflicts: Shaking hands with the demon could signify a resolution or coming to peace with internal or external conflicts.

Dreams are deeply personal, and while symbols can have general meanings, their specific significance can vary based on personal experiences and feelings. Reflecting on how these themes and symbols relate to your current life situation can provide more nuanced insights. Ultimately, considering what emotions and thoughts the dream evokes in you when you recall it might be the key to unlocking its true meaning.
Eleazar 2024-04-17 12:15:59
What happens if I see a Ghost Girl like the Grudge or the Ring and a Tall Lanky Black Demon with 3 horns on its head and clawed hands just standing and lifting my mom towards it but I saved her by running up and punching the demon in the face then I woke up does that mean anything?
theDream 2024-04-27 07:46:35
The dream you described contains powerful imagery and can be quite unsettling. Dreams about supernatural entities like ghosts or demons often reflect underlying fears, Anxiety, or conflicts. Since dreams are deeply symbolic, let's explore potential interpretations of the elements in your dream:

1. Ghost Girl (like The Grudge or The Ring): These characters typically symbolize unresolved past traumas or fears. In a dream, their appearance might suggest that there are unresolved issues or fears in your life that continue to haunt you.

2. Tall Lanky Black Demon with Three Horns: Such a figure is undoubtedly menacing and typically represents internal or external forces that you perceive as threatening. The specifics (e.g., "three horns", "clawed hands") enhance its threatening aspect, possibly symbolizing overwhelming challenges or negative emotions that you are facing.

3. The Demon Lifting Your Mom: Your mother in the dream can represent familial ties, care, and security. The demon lifting her could symbolize your fear of losing these aspects of your life or a perceived threat to your family's well-being.

4. Saving Your Mom by Punching the Demon: This action reflects your desire to protect your loved ones and confront your fears or challenges directly. It suggests a readiness to tackle problems head-on, regardless of how intimidating they may seem.

5. Waking Up Just After the Confrontation: Waking up immediately after such a climax in a dream might indicate that these issues are pressing and need immediate attention in your waking life.

Interpretive Suggestions:
- Addressing Fear: Consider what might currently be causing you stress or anxiety, particularly concerning family well-being or unresolved personal issues.
- Empowerment: Your reaction to punch the demon could be a call to action from your subconscious, suggesting you might currently have, or need to muster, the courage and strength to face a significant challenge or protect something valuable to you.
- Support: Engaging with family about any mutual concerns could be beneficial. Understanding that you are not alone in facing these fears can provide additional strength.

Reflect deeply on your feelings during the dream and the emotions it evoked upon waking. These feelings can be significant indicators of what your subconscious is processing and might give you more specific clues about how to address these issues actively. Consider also the possibility of discussing these thoughts and feelings with a therapist, especially if they recur or are particularly disturbing, as this can provide further insights and coping strategies.
Sayge 2023-09-20 19:18:46
I had a dream last night, and in that dream a window that I don’t have appeared in my room above my bed. The window was one that had two panes and slid upward to open. In the dream When I first noticed the window I didn’t know it wasn’t a real window that I had (totally dream style) but after a minute I was walking toward my bed, I thought I was still awake and needed to go to sleep. When I got over to my bed I took the window in one last time and noticed it was now open, and after blinking a few times, a face appeared. The first thing I noticed about the demons faces was it’s teeth. Sharp jagged rows, hundreds of them. All of its mouth daggers pointed down in a kind of v shape, it’s face was reddish and extremely wrinkled and fleshy. I wasn’t scared to see it but I was scared it would get in my room. I started looking around my room for something to hit it with and when I turned around to smack it with a lamp it was gone. Now I just want to clarify that I’m not religious and I don’t believe in ghosts or demons but the image of its face is stuck in my head and if that means anything I would like to know.
HeliosEos 2023-09-21 01:27:54
Dreams can be highly symbolic and often represent emotions, desires, or fears that you may not consciously be aware of. Here's a possible interpretation of the elements in your dream:

1. The appearance of a window: Windows often symbolize a connection between the inner and outer world. In this dream, the window appearing in your room could represent a new perspective or opportunity that has presented itself in your life.

2. The sliding motion and opening of the window: The act of opening the window may symbolize your curiosity or willingness to explore new possibilities. It could suggest a desire for change or a need for fresh air and new experiences.

3. The appearance of a face: Faces in dreams often represent aspects of yourself or others. The demonic features you described—sharp teeth, wrinkled and fleshy skin—could represent external pressures, fears, or negative influences that you perceive may harm or disturb you. It could be a symbol of the challenges and obstacles you're facing or an inner struggle that you need to confront.

4. Fear and the attempt to defend yourself: Your fear of the face getting into your room and your instinct to search for something to hit it with suggest a sense of vulnerability and a desire to protect yourself. This may reflect a general fear of being overwhelmed or harmed by certain aspects of your life, whether they are external circumstances or internal struggles.
Shauna 2023-08-19 13:35:17
I used to have the same dream every night my door would close and demons would come out from the hell behind my door and try to drag my bed and me into this hell. I would have to say some sort of prayer to make them stop and I had this dream for like, a year.
Amanda 2023-08-16 23:35:10
I remember i had a dream about a demon a couple months back and he was tall , dark red like deep blood red with black horns and black hooves, and yellowish eyes. And he was just watching me sleep and he was smiling like a crazy smile.Ive had this dream about 4 times already and is freaking me out.
Karissa 2023-06-16 13:35:38
Last night I had a dream that I was at home, but my mom was also there (she doesn't live with us) and the power went off, and there was an evil presence that I kept telling wasn't welcome here, and I don't know what it means
Claudia 2023-03-17 16:22:28
At the beginning I was scared of him and I kind of did everything that he told me to do, at first he was using someone else’s body in this dream it was a girl that was long dead but he just needed a boy, kind of like a vessel. He wasn’t ready to go back to his body as it was frozen in ice. As the dream developed I wasn’t scared anymore, we were in places like some kind of bar in a big city, but there was something not right about it as there was a secret room which he could enter but I wasn’t able to enter, he got what he wanted and came back to look if I didn’t run away. He was holding something like a poker chip, it was back and purple and important for some reason. Gradually I started to trust him, even kind of love him. At the end of my dream he really wanted to show me something, but first he took me to like a little Christmas Village full of tourists, there was a little talk which you could go to and this well dressed lady was talking about the history of this place and a like legend of an angel which was punished and send to earth. To me it was more on a satan then a demon. He wanted me to know the half of the story before showing me where his frozen body is. He explains what actually happened to him and finally took me to see. He was giant with beautiful white hair and he was basically all white and pure but he was the devil so….
Kylix 2022-12-21 06:53:50
Green tall demon, helpful, intimidating
Shannon 2022-08-09 12:27:25
I had a dream where I was being possessed and was dropped on my floor from my bed. The power was going out as it was happening and I lost all control over my body. I woke up (in my dream) and realised it was extremely cold. I looked over to my window and noticed it was wide open. However when I closed it, I got back into my bed and my window would be open again. I was trying to close my window but EVERYTIME I did it would re-open by itself. I looked around and noticed there were items in my room that were not mine but looked a lot similar, and also items I had never seen before. That’s when I realised I wasn’t in my world, I ran out of my room to find mum, noticed her and my step father sitting outside. As I walked to the back door I noticed there was another version of myself sitting at the dining room table just emotionless. I proceeded to walk outside and noticed my mum and step dad looked different but the same at the same time and they all had bloodshot eyes other than my step dad, (which I thought was extremely strange) I requested to know where I was, they replied “home”. The other version of myself came up to me and said “follow me, I’ll show you where to go from here”, I replied with okay. When she went outside I shut the door locking them all outside and requested they take me home. They all looked at eachother for a brief second and my stepfather came to the door which I then politely opened. He said okay, and I woke up immediately, it was the weirdest dream I have ever had. Some answers would be amazing.
Jazmin Sanches 2022-05-31 11:41:27
I dreamt of a demon(a pale little boy, with a blank face really. Occasionally his eyes were bloodshot) im not sure it I made him up or not but I've dreamt of him once when I was around 12, and it happened again, but it was a full 3 hr long dream(I had woken up and then it started) He called me mommy, he killed a mix of a father figure and my real father(one person) and he needed souls. Does it have an explanation?
UNKNOWN 2021-10-13 11:40:09
The thing I saw was...I was f***ing a demon girl in my dream ...what does it mean....one thing for sure I was not scared at that time..
Machia tillman 2021-03-02 01:39:14
I keep repeating my life over and over again so if your seen this help me out in I keep on seen a white face demon no horns in a pool a water a actual pool in its scaring me because I'd int want anybody to think I'm crazy 🥺😭 ik scared I can't take it anymore this is so much torture.

Kiersha 2020-01-05 18:34:49
So I had this dream last night where I was walking down a hall and sat down at a table with my mom and my old English teacher and she looked upset or something then she opened a folder and took out pictures of me after I died I had slits on my neck I was naked in a morgue then when I kept looking at all the pictures I started to turn in to a demon like something you would see in the conjuring and I was really confused because I was like I'm here wtf is wrong i was so upset but I just want to know what that is about
Gustafson 2019-10-05 18:43:50
I’m an Empath and I’ve seen or experienced the paranormal most of my life. This is the first time I’ve had a dream quite like this one though and I’ve had a lot that revolve around the supernatural side. I was near west Edmonton mall in the city over from where I live, I’ll be moving there soon with some friends. We were chilling around and suddenly the sky darkened and started thundering and lightning struck like an electrical storm with no rain. My friends in the dream disappeared and it was just me then. What I can best describe as a demonic humanoid tree with no face, just a hole, started to chase me and the electric storm followed it. I hopped a bus, found I was sitting there in my boxers and a housecoat till the driver told me it was my stop and I was suddenly running again while the storm was a block or two behind me. I ran towards a house that I felt I recognized but I’ve never actually seen before and pounded on the door till it opened on its own. The voice of a man told me to hide in the “back room” and turn all the lights off so I did as the storm darkened the outside and inside of the house while thunder and lightning shook the ground. I heard the same voice shout and I walked out of the room I was in to see this demonic humanoid tree standing there pointing directly at me for several long moments and disappearing with a lightning strike. I woke up immediately afterwards. What could something like that mean? Is there multiple meanings?
Kaitlee 2019-02-05 21:06:37
So i had this dream and it was in my room and i was crying. and um.... i don't know if this is gonna sound legit or not but this is what i remember extremely vividly. Lucifer himself came and sat down on my bed and then proceeded to dry my tears and say " its gonna be alright" Wtf is this dream about? i know i'm satanic and all but i've never had a dream like this!
Niecey8921 2018-12-26 09:40:20
This happen to me a long Time ago. I was 9 or 10 years old when we were living in this very spooky house. I pick the room furthest from my parents room in the other side of the house. I wasnt scared much cause i had a bed full of stuff animals. One night i was in a deep sleep when i felt some one shaking me Soft like nurturing way but also alittle hard as if it was important i got up now. I kept hearing some one call my name to wake up, when i did i seen something i could not have in a Million years dream of. There at my door way on the hallway side was a tall 'white' demon staring at me with the most hateful look. He just stood there at my door way, with his bald head, long pointed ears that went past his head, his hand on my doorway showing his long black nails or maybe claws (i cant remember anymore). His eyes were Black with green thrown in, that green was a Balance of a light and dark mix in. His torso he was wearing a green suit, long seleves, Button up. I didnt look past his chest because i was to afraid to look any where else. He just stood there angry at me wanting to come in, i could see he would have came in if he could. I remember seeing his fangs Stick out from his lips, not from smiling or anything just that they Stck out alil from his lips. What seem like hours went by with him staring at me with hate he put his hand down that was resting in my doorway n walk across my doorway never taking his eyes off of me. He walk slowly as if he was trying to prove something i dont know, but as soon as he finish walking away I could no longer see his, i cried and cried till my mom finally came in asking what happen. I never seen him again but 20+ years Alters i necer forgot his Image nor eyes. I really want to know what i saw, who woke me up, Hey couldnt go in my room, why was he there. Kg any one has any idea please let me know Le send me links so i can atleast look it up myself. Thank you
Queen 2018-11-27 02:20:59
I dream about a demon named ROSE. She was the prettiest demon I have ever seen that you cannot see in this world. She asked me to come with her, then I asked why? She told me this "LUCIFER WANTS TO SEE YOU". I said NO, I'm not coming with you.She suddenly turned into an ugly monster with lots of black tentacles and big eyes. I ran away and went back to my body.
Dakota 2018-11-17 15:37:26
I have been seeing a black demon following me everywhere it my dreams. It has glowing yellow eyes and a black smoky body. It seemed as if no one else was seeing it. I then dropped dead in my dream and screamed. I dont know what happened next. I would like to know what this means and how to stop seeing in random places in real life. I see it in the dark mostly. This has been making me think that where ever I go he will be there to scare me. I dont know if this page is for adults' visions only so I came to comment. I am only 10.
Su 2020-02-29 00:22:26
Plead the blood of Jesus and it has to leave!
Phantoms 2019-09-21 04:45:06
I had a similar dream, it started off as me sleeping I then turned toward my doorway and they was an at least 8ft tall demon with yellow eyes and a smoky body I remember me coming toward it in a fast motion that made everything blurry and then I woke up. I feel lit said that it was gonna eat me but i don’t know anymore...
Sky 2018-09-23 14:30:24
So for the past few years ive had this same dream over and over and in the dream my parents and my three little brothers are with my uncle and a work crew that are building our new house well there initially are four rooms in a streaight line for now and what happend was my mom my dad and brothers invluding me sleep in this room and we woke up to a knocking sound and then a scragching sound and thenwe just left the room except for my mom and the baby well i berd a demonic voice go and chant some sort of thing but the only word i made out was incendio and the room caught on fire and i yelled for my mom to bring the bany and i went in and had her give me him and i was dragging her with me but it was to late the demon dragged her in and the door slammed behind her and the fire was gone and i dropped to my knees balling my eyes out then i went to sleep next to my brother and my dad and other brothers were sleeping in the same room so i left and went to go eat something then i herd the knocking and scratxhing again so i ran to the room to wake them up but they never didnso they burned even the babg i was trying so hard to save him but couldnt and i was watchin some tv and reading a book to help me figure out what it meant (the dream) he struck again and birned everyone bit me and i couldnt save them and i was crying for awhile then deamon came back and said hes coming for me now and he sliced my lower abdominal open and then i woke up crying caise i thought my parents were really dead and i had a dark blood stain on the hoodie im wearing where i was cit and it hurts there two. But can anyone tell me what this means please
Seifnezhad 2018-09-10 11:28:13
Last night, I dreamt of a demon in my room. He looks like a shining silver horse face but with human body. He has two black horns. He was killing me. Then, I kept on shouting. Then, I knew I was just dreaming but I could not wake up. I can hear my neighbors behind my windows, maybe they're worried about me shouting alone. I was alone in my house. Then the demon bit me on my left knee and that was the time that I woke up. I looked at my knee and there was no wound but it's so painful. And I was so afraid.I waited until the morning and just took a nap on the couch instead of sleeping in my room again.
Sara 2018-08-24 08:11:32
Okay so i had this dream about the devil yesterday. He was wearing red like in the movies but a scarier version and he also had a red cape on. In the dream i was in my room and there was someone sleeping on my bed and the devil was to the side. I was trying to read something that will stop the devil from covering my dreams and changing them (at least that was what i was thinking in my dream) and then i noticed that the woman jn my bed was my mother and that she hadn’t moved at all and just then he covered her from head to toe with his body and cape and I remember being so terrified and feeling so small when he looked at me. That’s all I remember can someone tell me what that means.
Llama 2019-07-16 20:32:49
In mine he looked exactly like you said but with white horns and he kept calling my name over and over again while he was holding my shoulder not letting go and looking at me with his black eyes which had flames in them.
Jen 2018-08-01 14:32:38
Last night I had a dream that a demon was in my bed. It was a black shadow in the form of a human body. It felt so real, because I was sleeping and it woke me up by whispering my name. The crazy thing about it, is that I thought it was God calling my name. But when I opened my eyes, I saw that it wasn't. It just kept pulling me closer and closer, not wanting to let me go. I finally broke free and was able to get out of the bed, grab keys that I always keep in my kitchen. but I hesitated to leave bc my purse with my DL was in it, so as I was going back to get it, the demon called out and said, "get back in here, so we can make a baby." in that I turned back headed to the door, but once again I was distracted bc now the stove burner was on and I couldn't get it to turn off, I tried twice, and then I woke up...couldn't go back to sleep after that dream...can anyone explain this dream to me??
Angel 2018-07-11 03:15:48
I had a dream where i went see my girlfriend at night at her house and there was something strange. Most of the lights where off her son wasnt playing with his toys and i felt unwanted by a presence so i stayed because i wanted to protect them so as we where getting ready to go to sleep i noticed something in a closet so i went towards it..at that moment something started roaring with a demonic sound it was very strong and wanted my girlfriend so i grabbed her and the kid and started running away to go get in my car and it began chasing us screaming her name ..when we got to where the car was supposed to be it was gone so we kept running and it kept chasing us..far away i see a church so i take her there and when we got there i hugged them both and started praying but i was forgetting how to pray the presence got so close that it woke me up from this dream..does anyone have an idea what this might mean?
Lilly 2018-06-12 03:19:50
I had a really weird dream last night that was about me in a family with a married couple and a older girl. Her and I where building something but we couldn't use tools at all we had to use hands. Then a man came and asked if we where almost done and we said yeah then as he left I saw something in the sky it had a gray messed up face white hair wings and claws. When the man came back he asked me what's wrong and I pointed in the sky saying that there is something flying. Then he told me and the girl to run to the barn and we did. As we waited I saw a women who got killed by the creature that was in the sky. Then he pop up in corner of the barn and left smiling then he pops up in the window the man had left to find his wife and the creature transforms into a clown and left to the other barn. The wife had asked 'oh your finally back' she had thought it was her husband but it wasn't then she got killed by the creature. By the time the husband came to the barn he saw she died then he runs back to the barn where me and the girl where and told us to hide. Then I woke up nit knowing what happened next

denis 2018-05-31 09:35:44
a demon in my dream gave me a goblet to and when i drank it i woke up sick in my belly would you know the name of this demon
Jahzel 2018-05-21 05:27:32
I have a dream about my shadow having bat wings, then I woke up and it was already morning. that’s all my dream is, my shadow having bat wings and boom I woke up. What does this mean? This just happened today.
Roj rosalia sanlocan 2018-04-03 01:49:57
Hi good day I would like to ask I have dream last night about demon in my dream im screaming and shouting for help and I started to pray but the demon still in my front but lately the demon is on my body and I wokeup I scream to loud and I scratch the face of my wife
Cathleen 2018-01-22 16:13:45
I had a dream where me and these people were at a,Ii believe a hotel dining room and I couldn't shake this fear until I saw this lime green with some darker shading of green humanoid man with yellow eyes. He was talking to me with this smile that sent fear rushing through me like ice water. he kept saying he was coming back for me because my mom sold me to him and I knew it was a lie, but the fear of going with him felt real. And when I say that I mean that that leaving with him was the truth. others saw him and were afraid of him. He left through a portal in the wall and he left. I found my mom and we were trying to figure out what to do. I felt like no matter what, no one was going to help me on this planet and nowhere to hide. This was a few years ago.
Erica 2017-12-15 03:59:08
Curious about a dream I had today. I laid down for a nap and woke up in my dream in my room. My ex was sitting on the chair in my room-whom i haven’t seen in about a month and he walked over and kneeled down beside me. He “erica i am so sorry. i never meant to hurt you.” and i was just stunned and confused at this point because he’s said this to me plenty of times. He then proceeds to go in my bathroom in the hallway and I jump up and slam my bedroom door. I immediately am overcome with this pain and emotion and just sadness and my body begins to go numb. I fall on the floor. This is all still in my dream. My dreams have always been VERY vivid and I can feel every ounce of pain that happens to me. So at this point I want to scream and cry out and the pain that I’m in won’t allow me to do so. I turn my head and there is this black cloaked figure standing in the corner of my room though it has no legs and is basically floating. I cannot see the face because it’s covered by a hood but I see it’s hands and fingers and they are nothing but beige colored bone. I’m mortified at this point as I don’t believe it’s a dream because it feels so real. I’m beginning to think i’m hallucinating and then the figure takes its hand a points a finger at me. I did not know how to take this so I crawled out of my room in pure fear while still feeling the numbness and my throat swelling up. I get to the living room where my mom is asleep on the couch and I proceeded to wake her up. It took every bit of my energy to try to get the words out that I was having an allergic reaction or a stroke or something and she hopped up and handed me ibuprofen while she went to go look for benadryl. I was so scared I threw the pills everywhere once I got the bottle open and I looked down the hallway and my mom and my ex were nowhere to be found at this point. I began to feel that sadness again on top of the serious pain I was already experiencing. I could feel whatever figure that was creeping down my hallway slowly and I began to realize that I was all alone and that this moment may be it... As it crept into my living room I woke up out of my dream today-having only been asleep for maybe 20 minutes or so. I was literally gasping for air and had the sudden urge to make sure my ex and my mom were okay. I had serious problems with sleep walking in my past and I’ve always felt a strange connection to some other side. I’ve dreamt of family members that have passed in ways that could only convince me that it was them trying to communicate with me. I have NEVER dreamt of something like this. Whatever this thing was, it was invoking fear and sadness and pain in me and only me. I don’t know how to take this dream. I felt almost called out when it pointed at me as if I’ve done something wrong or as if to say “you’re next”. I’ve never looked up my dreams because they’ve always been so realistic and I’ve just learned to accept it but this felt like something new entirely.
David coblentz 2017-12-07 06:11:04
Last night I had a very detailed set of dreams linked together throughout the night. But the most detailed one I remembered to the point I could draw it out is me being in the shower with an old girlfriend. But once I stepped out I looked into the foggy bathroom mirror seeing my reflection. Except it wasn't completely me. It was me as a red/orange eyed pale white skinned demon. With the side of my head shaved with the other side having long hair to the side. Kinda like a modern day skater kids hair. The hair itself was black with a light white path. But from there on as the dreams progressed I was that demon type creature. Suddenly my past ex's appeared in my dreams more. One's that are not even married or engaged with children. Regardless they became almost tempted by my charisma. But further on from there I even ended up killing people I never knew, stealing their valuable gold and silver jewelry. Doing things I'd never do. It was an interesting dream. But what I remember the most is as I said what I looked like. I don't want to say I was a demon but because of how I looked and my behavior in the dream it was something a demon would do.

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