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Dream meaning Party


A dream of party is not suggestive of strong emotions unless the party was enjoyable otherwise it can signify range of emotions. If you are socially active then these dreams are nothing but the need of body and mind to leave the week long stress. Opposite to this if you are not party animal still getting dreams of party means that you are lacking in self confidence to communicate with other people.

Even though party is the sign of enjoyment it can suggest different emotions depending on the nature of the party and events experienced. There are varied versions in party such as happy party, birthday party, formal party and so on which encompasses different interpretations. In ancient times observing party in dreams was considered as the omen of intensive quarrels with close relatives which is still believed in some parts of world. A party itself is the celebration of happy occasions hence most of the times it brings good fortune to the dreamer.

Character of party and its implication

As far as good fortune is considered, dreams of going to a party are more auspicious than throwing or having one. To dream of attending a party full of strangers implies that you are feeling lonely despite of people around you in real life. To dream of a formal party indicates that you are going to face troubles at work place or it can mean that you will get a promotion if the part is happy. To attend a wedding party of someone else denotes that you have enemies in friends which you need to beware of. To see yourself attending your marriage party can indicate a quick wedding or a new beginning in life. To dream of a surprise party planned for you as one of birthday parties implies different meaning which depends on your reaction. If you feel happy for the effort then it signifies that you are enjoying your relationships with friend and family. If you see yourself present at a party where you are alone then it implies that you are eager to improve your relations with special friend.

Correlation of your dream and real life

Party dreams are generally interpreted on the basis of your emotions while observing the dream. In regular times party is a means to enjoy and be happy but in dreams it can suggest variety of meanings. If you feel happy while observing the dream definitely means that you are going to have good fortune just need to be patient. It also correlates with your desire to make friends and have better social life which is only possible with efforts from your side. Concentrate on the dream and make efforts to communicate with people in real life as you never know which relation can strike a special bond.

Party dream and its interpretation

Consider a dream where you are attending a party in old warehouse flooded with people and you do not recognize any of them. These individuals are waiting for someone and are anxious to see his/her face whom you do not recognize. A person enters the hall and is being honored within the calls of cheers and applauses. This dream signifies that you are having strong emotions of being alone and lack of trust in close people. You are unnecessarily blaming someone to breach your trust in mind and hence being cautious while opening up. It also means that you are feeling jealous for someone as he is getting what you feel was yours. It is an unhappy dream and plainly implies presence of unhealthy emotions in your mind.

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Sabrina 2019-01-15 22:14:02
My dream was a surprise party in my backyard with familiar people past and others, my aunt that passed away, relatives. Food like chicken, pepper steak, burgers, chopped bbq, plates, coleslaw, big travel van of people were there and happy. Before I noticed the noticed the party, I just chased out some neighborhood girls with sticks out my back yard that we're being chased by boys. My older male stayed the night before and children father; the father left for work but my male cousin was still inside the house with my children. I had help preparing a plate with chicken for my children and I. My ain't hugged and smiled at me. I talked with a older female cousin briefly. I came out the front door, to the back was shocked.
Sabrina 2019-01-15 21:35:12
My dream was a surprise party in my backyard with familiar people past and otgers, my aunt that passed away, relatives. Food like chicken, pepper steak, burgers, chopped bbq, plates, coleslaw, big travel van of people were there and happy. Before I noticed the noticed the party, I just chased out some neighborhood girls with sticks out my back yard that we're being chased by boys. My older male stayed the night before and children father; the father left for work but my male cousin was still inside the house with my children. I had help preparing a plate with chicken for my children and I. My ain't hugged and smiled at me. I talked with a older female cousin briefly. I came out the front door, to the back was shocked.
What does it mean?
KCPOW 2018-07-04 13:10:13
My dreams are of wild parties!
The first one, I was taking ecstasy capsules & wakeboarding with Kim Jong un, it was like a wake boat party. There were a couple of other girls who were there, it was obvious they didn't like me but as my normal self, I was too busy having fun and partying.

The next night, I had a dream I was spastic drunk out clubbing with some friends, and there was this famous cricketer that had a man bun.
It was insured for $100,000.00 soo, I cut it off
I'm the kind of person who when I drink I think I'm fucking hilarious & most people think I'm loud and obnoxious...unless they're either A on the same level or B good friends of mine who actually love this version of myself.

The next dream I smoked ice through a crack pipe and remembered thinking, mm this dream is bullshit & not fun at all.

The next dream... I was in a room full of junkies and people smoking heroin.
That was when my dream self said - uh these dreams escalated quickly, I'm over them now & then the dream stopped.

I wouldn't call it complete lucid dreaming but there's a level of awareness and control.
Cece 2017-11-15 08:55:15
I dreamed i was at a party and realized it was being thrown for me. I realized there was karaoke which I love and i said oh wow i gotta tell the DJ what songs i want, suddenly there was my ex mother in law in front of me and she tells me i can't put a song in because the dj took all his request already i start to yell , " but its my birthday i want to sing a song." Again she informs that her family has made all the request and that he won't make any ajustments now. No one is paying attention to me even tbough its supposed to be for me. I begin to simply walk off the property without being questioned. I was sad but when i got away from the party i was relieved.
Terrence 2017-06-20 11:24:25
I dreamed I was at a party with my father and in attendance was my extra and her mother. However we did not speak in fact I ignored her. Then there was a commotion of people running and then I woke up
Shawn 2017-06-17 20:49:04
When ever I dream of party it represent death.once I dream of a friend husband and his brother at a party, and days later they got news of their Mother's death..always party represent death for me.
Jono 2018-03-09 08:18:31
I'm thinking the same and in this case I suspect it will be the death of my mother...
Justus Atwijukire 2017-05-17 02:37:46
I also dreamt being at an introduction party and I was the one
being introduced
wow 2017-01-10 05:37:52
Wow your parties all sound so lame.... Mine was so lit. There was cocaine and strippers everywhere, orgies and tons of dope. Been partying in my dreams every night all week though... Must mean something
Always fun, always a mix of friends and friendly strangers like in real life.
Shani 2016-11-23 11:12:50
I had dream in which i was dancing with a stranger and then he ushered me in to a room in which he started kissing my neck.
I really want to know what this means. And no, nothing else happened.
Darlene 2016-09-01 02:40:38
I had a dream that I invited myself to a party. It was just some people standing around talking with each other. The owner of the house, or person who threw the party asked me to leave. (They were very mice to me about it and asked where I was from) They helped me pack my car up and I left.
Andre 2016-08-05 01:04:07
I always dream about parties in outdoor locations alot like trance parties. There are many people whom i recognize but usually i dont interact with them. Then mosy important part is that my girlfriend is in the dream and we would have fight mostly because shes doing her own thing and when confronted she looks never-minded and just ignores me. Then in my dream i would go into an intense rage feeling extremely frustrated and basicly ready to murder. Althoughy "senses are hightened at that stage, i dont feel capable of fighting (numb feeling). When i departed from my girlfriend because i was so mad i drove a car and when i realized that i made a mistake and that i wanted to be with her on new years eve (it was a new years party at one of my hometown smalltown places) then i was stuck at the place where i drove to (where they also had a new years party but all strangers) at the end of my dream i desperately tell some ugly girl about my dilemma and that i didnt want to spend the night without my girlfriend.. She then said to follow her and as we walked through a crowd some guy came walking backwards and bumped into me, i then in a moment i did a hipthrow and he was on his back asjuating his glasses. Very angrilly he said what u think ur doing, and usually as an aggro guy i would take it as a challenge but in my dream i was not feeling up to the fight... I awoke after that feeling sadmad.
KT Narnia 2016-07-06 07:09:33
I doubt this will ever be interpreted,but Last night's dream: I lived in my Los Angeles/Glassell Park apartment, but it was more like a house and it was located out in the country, sort of. There was a back house where my VBFF Teresa & I were going to live. Her parents were in town visiting, so I was getting them settled in at the apartment. Meanwhile, my birthday party was going on down at the back house. It had already been going on for hours, but her parents were being high maintenance (and talking about the best ways to reconstruct my house) and I was having trouble getting away. So, I eventually left. When I arrived at the back house, so many people where there. I heard drums, but not like they were being played, more like they had already been played and I missed the band. I kept saying things about it being my house and my birthday party, but no one told me happy birthday. In fact, the cake was almost all the way gone. Some guy I didn't know was holding the rest of it. I said, "Hey, person I don't know, that's my birthday cake!" And he goes, "It is?" Then he dropped the top crossing layer on the floor and stepped in it to make some bully-like point, so I told him he had to leave. He and all his friends. Once they were gone, I asked around to find out who those guys were and who invited them. They were friends with my friend, Athena, but she didn't invite them. At some point, the cops showed up. I was holding a small, redbull-sized coca-cola, which is weird because I haven't drunk coke in over a decade. The cops made everyone leave and I was stuck with a HUGE mess to clean up. When I pulled out the trash can in the kitchen, all these tiny bugs (some had wings) started coming out by the dozens. I threw my hands up and decided that, instead of cleaning up, I should just wake up. So that's what I did. I wonder what it means. I missed my birthday party and got left with a huge mess. I bet those jerks I kicked out were the ones who called the cops.

Brat 2016-06-18 00:06:29
Still dreaming about getting invitated to HS preprom party and invited to sit at "popular" table! So sad for me! I'm wayyyy to old to be dreaming about HS and wishing I was popular!
Dionne 2016-06-11 05:54:57
I'm somewhat introverted but last night I had a dream that I invited a few people over to watch a show that we liked. They also invited a few people. There were at least 15 people at my place. I only knew 3 of them. We had a good time. Talked, laughed and everyone made themselves at home and a few even cooked food in my kitchen. It all felt very natural. I wasn't nervous at all. I was very relaxed and enjoyed the company. I wasn't the least bit stressed about being a great hostess. I think it's clear that my subconscious is trying to get me to understand that I can be social if I just make it happen and just relax.
Cgibbs 2016-06-08 04:17:38
I dreams last night that I went to work but things were very different. I felt some kind of bug biting me while we worked and it started to rain so we went inside a house when I did I felt dizzy and fell on my back instantly(I've never had the feeling of passing out in real life) when I woke up I had a huge open wound on my right forearm and at one point it split to my hand. I'm walking down a road that looks similar to a neighborhood I grew up around and see my two bosses sitting together, I walk past them bc up the road I see a big group of people I know having a party in the street. It's like whatever I said they answered with shortly and I continued to make my way down the road. I finally end up at what I believe to be my house and start to clean the gaping wound on my arm and it is filled with what appeared to be clumps of dirt. I felt an eerie feeling and for some reason had the urge to run up to my moms room as if I was a young child again, I also was using the flashlight on my iPhone which usually is very bright light but it was a dim orange color instead, as I made it to my moms room and got on the bed I instinctively yelled "momma!!!" And within What seemed to be a few seconds I heard a shivering yes that did not sound like my mothers voice and as the bedroom door begin to open I was sprung back to reality and here I am trying to make sense of this dream. I have had many dreams but never like this with so much imagery and I was so conscious it seemed through it all
bluivy 2016-03-16 21:16:35
I don't usually dream & not a party animal, no bf but I'm starting a new business. In the dream my new b/f leads me to this massive late night party. I walk away from it, but my bf directs us to an open field of grass by moonlight & we see another big group of ppl (strangers to me) but all friends of my b/f. They all mention how b/f talks about me a lot & how clumbsy he is. Weird. Then as we start heading to our cars, we hit a huge muddy area that we navigate over top planks of wood that are arranged in a maze-like order. Another Weird Thing. Could bf actually symbolize my new business, if so what does it mean if everyone is saying bf is clumbsy & the maze on top of muddy field?
cruzer 2015-10-05 04:58:00
okay I had a dream I was driving a black camero to a party , and I remember I brought my brothers pocket rocket because that shits fast just in case the cops came I would have that to drive off in , and I parked it behind someone's house then I walked to the party , then I remember the cops came and they were catching everyone and putting there name on this red piece of paper and I went to go steal it to see who's name were on it then the girl that was writing down all the names found me and took the paper away and that's all I remember but it was a good as party I went to I remember I was having a good time even tho that happen
Roi 2016-04-19 06:57:37
I just woke up from a dream where I was out in some hipster city at night and see a person with a band shirt that I like and I say hi to them. Then this really energetic guy from the group starts hyping everything and eventually it's daytime and we all crawl into some secluded sewer hole called the cave where there is a huge underground party and I saw people I went to high school with. So idk, brought there by strangers but saw familiars.
maxine powers 2016-04-17 08:55:50
I had a dream having intercourse with a close guy friend. Then I was still really horny so I gave him a bj. And went back to the party. I was hosting a party with close friends beer and weed. And then their was three sisters they gave me some beautiful clothes. I walked down stairs as someone asked who threw the party assuming he's the dad I said your daughters.everything was perfect. Except I was alone. No one recognized me. But my bravado was ffierce after all it was my party. That's all I remember.crazy huh .
Jeremiah 2015-08-12 10:40:42
Missing a going away party, meant for myself
blue 2015-10-14 18:00:55
Message from Jeremiah
Missing a going away party, meant for myself

that just sad man
Tony 2015-07-03 13:55:49
Attending a novelty match in honour of somebody retirement from service
John Williams 2015-06-02 12:37:58
Dreamed of going to party of a girl Ive a crush on.It was at her house.didnt know the place or anybody else there.talked to her briefly and then I left I think.All of a sudden next day Im in my house and shes my nextdoor neighbor.family then wanna go over and wish her happy birthday and talk to her family whereas I just stay in the house.had a dream about this girl few months ago as well
Ben 2015-05-31 14:55:02
Ok so I has a dream with a girl I like and then a tsunami and tornado came right after I was at someone's party. Then I started to be killed bt I flew out in an orange bubble and then the tsunami and tornado went away and my favorite football player for some reason died in that tsunami and everyone else was ok
ivy 2015-04-06 02:59:55
hi..i had a dream last night having s*x with my husband what is that mean about??..
Veronica 2015-03-19 14:06:01
I dreamt that I threw a huge party where people I currently hang with werent there but were on the phone telling me they were coming, my sister was there, my mom was there monitoring things, my current ex was there but he was on a field across the street playing football, a guy i havent seen but once since high school, some friends of friends and it seemed i was having a good time eating and drinking a socializing
bruce 2015-02-27 07:33:03
my dream was about i was at a party. then i was talking to a girl. she was at the party too. then i was talking to her. and i saw her gorgeous eyes. then something happend like my dream ended. then i went back in my dream. and i woke up and no one was there exept that girl. then i kissed her then made out with her. then my dream ended.

mari 2015-01-23 06:25:12
I had a dream i was running late to a party i was supposed to be a part of but yet i feel as if i don't know anyone. The group of girls were already getting dressed in their dresses and they all had on the same dresses like brides maid do except I'm not sure if it is a wedding. Well i'm running late & frustrated and tell this Mexican lady at the front i'm supposed to be apart of the party and i need to pick up my dress. She says,"no i have your dress right here" as if it were meant to be different cause she offers me 4 dresses of the same style but different designs very plain no were near as nice as the other girls but with no argument i make a choice and i kinda liked the dress in my dream. In real life probably not.
Kayleigh Warnes 2014-12-16 06:54:42
I had a dream that Me, my partner and three best friends all went to a hoilday park of some kind, at the beginningof the dream i was just walking around and was told I needed to join a Gym, so i went to find my partner and he said he was in a rush out to walk the dog, so he went, then i was on my way to the gym, i looked through these glass doors into a cafe, and I could see I was being lied to as all four of them were in there chatting so l left them to it and rushed of to the gym, was there for a few hours. Then as i was heading back one of them saw me and came up to me they could see I was upset, so she brought me back me back to where they were sitting, brought me a coffee and asked whats was wrong, then just out of the blue, one of them said "look at me" and i did then all of a sudden they all took pictures with flashes and I scream and they shouted surprise! And they said this is just the first part, then later on my feet were hurting it was like I had moving thorns on my feet which I had to have chopped of, my partner was there holding my hand.

Have no idea what this means
Lhynn 2014-12-15 02:41:27

I dreamt last night that Im having s*x with my husband and we caught of my boss and others. I feel im so nervous and afraid because im thinking that she will fire me. What does that mean? Help me Please. Thank you.
Lhynn 2014-12-15 02:39:20
Hi, last night I dreamt of having sex with my husband and we caught of my boss and others, I feel im so afraid and nervous because im thinking that she will fire me. what does that mean? Help me please.
jack 2014-12-13 08:46:54
I was in ano old quarry and the party was mad.. everyone was off their faces apart from me. So I walked up to to scaffolding around the edge and got arrested for it?
Brooke 2014-11-10 22:13:06
I had a dream last night that I was getting ready for my own birthday party which was dress up (I was meant to be dressing up as sleeping beauty)
My make up was done and all that was needed for me to do was put on my costume, but there were heaps of other stresses for the party like the food, setting up in time, etc.
I was feeling beat and stressed so I started crying, which made me have to take off my make up and start again
By the time my make up was ready and looking for my costume, almost all of my guests were there waiting for me but my costume was missing.

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