Dream Dictionary Love

Dream Dictionary Love


Dreaming about love in general in the form of being in a relationship could have one or two main dream interpretations depending on how you are doing in life. For example, if you are happy in your current relationship, having a dream about you being in love and happy can simply be your mind's way of expressing its contentment with your situation. Alternatively, the other dream meaning could be that you are lonely, and wishing that you had someone to love you, or to be in a relationship with. This dream interpretation is relatively straight-forward if you look into your personal relationships a little bit to come to an understanding.

If your dream is a tad more specific and you dream that your friend or someone close to you is in love with you, it may be your dream compensating for a lack of returned feelings. Perhaps you love your friend but they do not love you back. This unrequited love could be the reason for the dream. This type of dream might also occur if you sense that your friend is in love with you, when you have no particular interest in them. If you think your friend is in love with you and it has been a subject that you have been heavily considering recently, then this could be your subconscious trying to work through everything. This is what a conventional dream dictionary would suggest.

On the other hand it may be something more abstract. Maybe you have taken in some intensely personal aspects of your friend's personality or views, and you have incorporated them into your own behavior. Dreaming that you are in love with them or that they are in love with you represents a close personal bond, which is what the dream may be trying to get at. Dreaming about love doesn't always have to be sexual or romantic, and can often just be a way of your mind and body dealing with strong emotions of all kinds. Love does not always have to be equated with lust and sexual attraction. It is a less romantic dream interpretation, but it is just as plausible.

If your dream gets more physical than that, and you dream that you are making love in a public place, then it could mean a variety of things. Contrary to how visceral the image that comes to mind is, the act of having sex in public in the dream world is not so blunt in terms of dream meanings. Having sex in a public area in the dream usually means that you are questioning your own sexuality in accordance with commonly accepted social norms and practices. Maybe you are reconsidering views on sex, marriage and relationships. The meaning of dream like this could be that you need to be more expressive of yourself, physically, emotionally, or mentally. Have you kept your opinions to yourself lately? This might be your dream telling you that it's time to let them out.

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Thafuq 2017-04-01 16:12:58
Last one sucked, i had a dream about doing it in a public place but why would i be questioning my sexuality?? What the fuck?
Unknown 2016-12-13 20:08:15
I had this dream where my crush was now my boyfriend because my friend told him that I liked him.It felt soooo good!
Anonymous 2016-11-08 07:33:31
I just woke up so surprised that I had to figure out what this dream meant I've been hanging out with my bestfriend lately a lot and she has been spending a lot of time with her dream man who I think is rude and annoying and just not boyfriend material and last night I had a dream that I was shopping with my mom when I seem him but it wasn't really him and I wasn't really me well we looked different but it was us mentally and I was looking at books while my mom was off doing something else's when we started talking and hanging out almost like we were dating and when we left the store I was driving and he got in the passenger seat and my mom got in the backseat with my baby brother and she was talking to him saying his name and stuff like she knew him her whole life and I was acting the same like we were dating but he wasn't quite acting like himself he was acting nicer and not as loud like someone I would date what could this mean??
Elle 2016-11-01 10:16:29
We were In This camp like place. Then a massive typhoon started to destroy out camp and the volcano across from our island started showing signs of erupting. It was total chaos and I ran to every stall I could find and tried to help everyone and told them to evacuate as early as possible then I saw this room that was some what tightly shut. I banged at the door till it opened up. I barged inside and saw noone then I heard faint shower sounds and ignored the holes that were totally leaking. Imagine a boat that had a leak in the hull, that's what it looked like. I yelled
"Get out from there the storm is raging and we have to evacuate!"
Getting the bags, I violently shoved the somewhat unpacked clothes into the bag. It seems that they never really unpacked. I continued shoving every thing into the bags and I only stopped for a minute when I saw the person walk out the shower. It was only a curtain that separated the entire room from the bathroom. It's a HE!!!! Once our eyes connected i felt a chill run down my spine. HE walked topless and a towel around his waist, a smug scowl adorned his lips and dark bags around his eyes that seemed to change in color every now and then. His black hair matted to his forehead. He didn't yell at me but it was obviously displeased by me barging Into his apartment/stall. If he disliked it he didn't vocalize it. I took all my self discipline and yanked my eyes off of his slight- oh, who am I kidding?- his TOTALLY toned torso. I was halfway done packing ( shoving ) his things when I saw presents that were going to be soaked I started to pack them as well but he only stopped me.
"Don't bother take that" he said
I stared at the present that wrote from: lei wu... But when I looked at his eyes I hear the name liu wei
I felt of the sorrow this guy must've been feeling from the tone of his voice that failed to mask the ache he felt to the eyes that begged me to stop, it was obvious he was hurting. I presumed that lei was his name and I started to reason with him
"But lei, what about the memories these could make?"
"Just please, leave it there" he said as I searched his face for any signs of uncertainty but his only showed plead. So I reluctantly obliged and sadly smiled at him. He returned my sad smile and grabbed my hand with his cold one that slowly started to warm up. We were almost out of the apartment/stall until I caught a glimpse of his book shelf......

I took a moment to bask in its amazing glory. His books were so pristine and well handled, all hard backs and glistening with care. He had the same collection if mine but had toppled me with the care he gave his books. My knees gave way -yeah, I love books that much- and my left hand crept to stop my mouth form hitting the ground as my other hand was firmly held by him. He panicked why was I like that and when he realized it was because of the book he chuckled. My head spun as if it was a miracle that he laughed. I only met him yet I feel as if I know what he's been through. His sorrows, his worries, his everything. I knew it. Is this what it feels to meet your fated? A voice in my head ask but I brushed it off. We ran to the evacuation building. I left him there so that he could get shelter then I plunged right back to help others. I saw a light source and a square was lining it fairly closely. In my mind I knew it was bad. A bad omen. When the square reaches that light source hell will break loose. I ran and tried to help others to reach the shelter ignoring my drenched stance and completely tattered clothes. I helped.

Some time passed and we where all rebuilding the collapsed apartment stalls. A small shack was placed in the middle of the camp where food was served. Lei vanished from Thin air. From the looks of my dream it seemed it took quite a while to rebuked everything so I presume that lei and I got some time to talk and connect in a way much different from what others may think. At first glance we both knew we had something. I can't explain what I felt. It's like when our eyes met, it's like we knew everything about each other.

One day I went out of my apartment stall. I saw a letter.

Take fifteen steps. Trust me babe its easy

I took the fifteen steps and along the way I got three to four letters the last letter came from the chef that made every delicious meal we had. She beamed at "young love" and gave me the letter

I know what we have is going to be hard. Those four years aren't quite easy to forget

He was talking about his past relationship. He didn't say anything but I KNEW. I smiled that he was moving on. No, not just smile, I blushed and grinned till my mouth reached either side of my ears.

MF, trix and the ther came wearing a yukata? Don't know why but when MF saw me blushing and grinning he knew there's something going on. He asked me and when I blushed it was confirmed. Trix and the others formed a circle so I could tell the story but a coaster drove towards us as we were blocking the driveway. I recognized my cousin driving the coaster and pointed at me. I felt blood rush to my cheeks as I felt him near. -yeah I felt him. Nothing unusual about that- then when I approached so did the kids at the camp. He showed that there's a monkey going to be released. He opened the back gate which got my blood run cold. It would give the kids a view of the terrifying active volcano across the camp. A boulder fell and the volcano spouted out lava and earned yelps and screams from the children the monkey got out but the kids ran scared at what they saw. I glared at him he didn't seem to notice.

"I want to show you something!" He said in a cheery voice

I got so mad I left him as I stomped away

"I'm tired show me later, I'm going to sleep" I said in a monotonous voice

Leaving him with the necklace as I strolled the mall attachment of the building near us with mom to lighten my mood.
Then i woke up
Quite long yes, I know. The wierdest part- other than remembering every detail- is when I searched for him on facebook. I found him and he's the same age as me. I'm wierded out and loosing my mind what the hell did that dream mean?!? Take note I have no recollection of either hearing his name nor see his face. I heard that faces can be generated by our brain from memory and that faces are the faces that we've seen so it's soooooo weird that I found him that easily....... I NEED SERIOUS HELP HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHH
Maria 2016-10-29 17:35:14
So my dream is/was very weird.... it is/was set-up in a world where humans and some other powerful beings lived together. So this *amazing in every sense* guy and i are in a relashionship and he is trying to make me meet his parents. The catch is that his parents are from that other race of beings, and they don''t like humans. As soon as we get to his huuuuge out of this world literal space ship mansion, we come under attack by this girl that says she is his fianc. She is robot like and has a tail and a whip, and starts attacking me and my bf is trying to protect us and puts me in a glass container while he fights with her. For some reason or another it is my turn to fight and he can't fight anymore. So it is mainly me running around throwing her stuff. At an attemp to get away from her i get catapulted to another huge building. My bf and his whole family go searching for me, and i'm in the ceiling of the building. Another weird fact is that everyone is like 100 times my size and just a couple of them are normal human like, including my bf, the rest are just huuuge monsters. They try to find me but my bf and his sister find me first and he puts me inside of his belly button so i don't get hurt. Since no one found me the tiny war ended, and the heads of the family (my bf family and the owner of the second building) decided that while i was running away i actually fixed a problem they where having and didn't care about me anymore. My bf is really worried and try's to board a train as fast as he can so that the rest won't figure out i'm in his belly button (which i think the all did). And then we go off to a new city for a clean start. That dream followed by me dreaming that i got broken into my apartment which scared the SHIIIT out of me.
An 2016-10-27 13:39:10
the only thing i remember is my guy friend (im a girl) and me laying in my bed and him putting his arm around me and hugging me. it was friendly and cute 🙂 though im not sure if it was romantic because i remember pecking him on the lips, like we were dating.
Raquel 2016-10-25 08:35:25
I had a dream that I was with this guy and he was a very handsome guy. There was this tornado and it was heading for us and he protected me from that tornado. After he protected me we had a really mushy moment where it was all hugs and kisses.
The first light 2016-08-22 02:20:33
I had a dream about a man who takes care of me every time .when I fall, he was there to pick me up.I am not really sure how I felt the way when I was with him in my dreams .everyday I wish I could see him in real I even waited for him to meet me one day but all of despair. I didn't find that one .
Kato 2016-06-15 23:35:43
I had a dream where I was the same age as I am now (which isn't working age) and I got a job at this shoe store but nobody else was allowed in there apart from the employees. I began my day there and met this guy about 19 years old and we really clicked. We became best friends and one day we went to an abandoned garden. There was a red and white orchid at the focal point of the garden and when I went closers I it with the boy it began to glow gold. I don't know how that was relevant but, still. He then picked me up and carried me back to the store up to his dorm room and began kissing me the second the door shut. From then on we were more public about it. I'd sit on his lap, we'd kiss when we had to say goodbye, we held hands around the store. But the weird thing is that I'm in a relationship but the dream boy wasn't my boyfriend.
heartzzz 2016-03-29 16:51:07
I had this dream like Im meetig my group and friend but before that i was meeting this guy friend of mine... so i was like saying since im single and your single why dont we be in a relationship. And he said that he loved me a long time.
But once we meet our friends i totally ignored him so that we dont let anyone know about or relationship and this made him sad. And i ask is anything is bothering him and hebsaid tat why am i behaving like this to him.. like am i even sincere and all
Cecily 2016-03-24 07:58:11
Recently I started talking to this boy that I didn't like. But I started getting to know him and now have developed a liking to him. But he's a very popular guy and I don't mesh into his friend group. So I had a dream where I was at a beach party with his little friends and we wouldn't stop talking and after we just started to fall in love doing things together and we kissed and it was like a movie. Then he told me that he loved me and I told him I loved him and after that I woke up with a love for him. Very sht.
Lazeria 2016-05-03 20:56:30
it means that you love someone that you will never expect that to happen and that person likes you
Kaiza 2016-02-29 05:18:49
I dream that i fall in love with a younger boy
and he's so mystery. He give me paper that i need to go i go there but i don't go there i seach him but i cant find him. 😭 😍

Chris 2016-02-27 09:49:40
I had a dream that one of my close girl friends, I'm a guy, told me how much she felt we belonged together and loved me through a really abstract but vivid sort of interpretation, and the next thing I know I'm looking at her through a mirror and we're both naked and I'm just licking her tits, but we've been friends for 5 years and I don't think of her as any more than a friend, what does that even mean? Do I love her in that way? Bc I think that sounds implausible but idk ://
worried 2016-02-23 01:48:56
I had a dream I met this a man felt as if I loved him right away , problem is I'm married in real life and in my dream I ended my marriage and went with the other man. Now after waking up I feel broken and lost with the feeling I am missing something.
Jen 2016-04-11 11:09:40
I have the same dream every night almost that I see this man I have never once in my life met and I instantly feel safe and loved and it confused how I feel about my husband now.
Conflicted 2016-03-11 22:38:53
I dreamt I fell in love with an old school friend and in my dream we were living in present times, it felt amazing. I have just woken up next to my husband and feel horrible. I have not communicated with my friend in a ffew years. This is such a worrying feeling. Hhopefully it shall pass in a few days. Don't make any irrational decisions. Give it time.
Jasmine 2016-02-21 07:08:03
So i had a dream that i was at a beauty pageant and i had won. This guy that i know who is a year older than me comes and congratulates me. He then picks me up and gives me a piggy back ride in the whole building and then goes outside and puts me down, picks me up so we could be face to face. (I am a bit shorter than him) Then he kisses me. We both sit down and he puts his arm around me. And for whatever reason i had chocolate in my pocket and we both began to fight over it.(i got to eat the whole chocolate) I woke up and then noticed that i felt something very strong for him.
Janet 2016-02-17 08:06:05
I had a dream that my ex, which I still love was on a bed while a woman and a child where in a bathtub bathing as I walked in I asked who he loved and he said he loved her, so, I began to beat her and he asked why I did that and the woman said, "because she is selfish".
What in the world does that mean?
Kat 2016-02-12 12:11:40
I had a dream that i was in high school, at the dance, and some random guy fell in love with me, and i fell in love with him, before i woke up. It showed me what can happen in a relationship, and i don't know what it means.
jack 2016-02-07 09:33:19
I had a dream that I loved my friend and she was moving on in life going to another place but I wasn't ready for her to go and then I moved on it was weird
Anonymous 2016-01-09 15:06:19
I had a dream about this guy confessing his love to me. When he asked me to be his girlfriend I immediately said yes and hugged him. It was weird since it felt so real and I somewhat felt safe and warm in his hug. I woke up and I realized that I fell in love with that guy >_<
Stacy 2016-02-01 11:37:06
Omg! I literally had the exact same dream last night. Still looking for the interpretation though...
Kenna 2015-12-03 04:47:05
Sounds really dumb but last night I had a dream and in the dream I was with my friend and she kept trying to get me to help this guy out and I didn't want to lol but I ended up helping once I knew it was safe and I got him across water in a car somehow, and turned out he was a prince lmao and we had to try not to get sacked in some hole from gusting winds lmao then we kissed at the end but whenever he went to kiss me the first time he had blood on top of his lip so I made him get it off then I kissed him..wtf going on with me?
Kevin 2015-11-18 08:16:47
I dreamt that me and this girl I know we're running away from a tornado but there seem to be pink everywhere and it stood out like her shoes were pink the door we left from was pink the bike we each go on was pink and it was just a weird dream overall plus we were dressed as if it were the 1920's
nreneaflores 2015-10-04 20:06:42
What about a dream where u have a boyfriend but a mysterious new boy comes into the picture and has everything ur heart desires. He was like mr. Right and my boyfriend was portrayed as mr. Wrong.
Dean 2015-09-02 07:09:57
So, what about someone imaginary?
I (just) dreamed about some girl imaginary (she was one of my friends sister, but in real word, she doesn'5 have a sister!!), and she seemed like she had all the qualities of my dream girl?€¦
What does that mean? Thanks in advance!
fguoy 2015-01-25 17:34:23
ok this was great place tHanks foR the info.

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