Dream Dictionary Pools

Dream Dictionary Pools

A pool within a dream can be a very powerful dream symbol.

Dream Pools
Dream Dictionary Pool. Pools in Your Dreams: What it Means When You Have a Dream Involving a Pool

Water has been said by many a dream dictionary to represent emotion, or thought of some kind within humans. The pool being a container for this water is bound to have a very important meaning of dream. This is true. The pool can often symbolize you, or the base area where all of your emotions are being collected and stored within you. If you see a pool where the water has been unbroken in one of your dreams, this is easily identified as a symbol for the collection of your emotional baggage. This is a time for you to dive into the pool of emotions and tackle all of them at once. You need to accept your feelings and move with them and through them in order to get ahead and make progress in life.

Alternatively, if you happen to see a pool of water in your dreams that has testy waters, the dream meaning of this could be that your emotions have become roiled. You need to take some time to move through them at a slow pace. If you do not somehow learn to deal with your emotions, then dream interpretation indicates that you will drown in a pool of you own thoughts and feelings.

One more thing that a pool of water may symbolize is the desire to move forward. Pool water is often known to be very clear and pristine looking, much more so than a muddy lake, or the dark ocean. Perhaps you are imagining yourself taking a dip in order to cleanse yourself from something that may have happened recently.

Finally, a few more dream meanings for the other definition of the word pool should also be addressed. Sometimes you may have a dream about a game of billiards, you are thinking about your nature as a competitor. The message that a pool table brings forward is neutral in tone, but the dream meanings of a pool table should be looked at through an introspective scope. If you feel that you are either too competitive, or not competitive enough, then the pool table could be entering your dreams as an indication of that.

Furthermore, the pool table is also a sign that if you are too competitive, you should learn to either lose or win with honor. Making fun of your opponents when you beat them, or accusing them of cheating when they beat you is no way to get ahead, nor achieve peace in life. You need to understand yourself more as a competitive person and learn a lesson or two about how to treat your opponents. Also, because pool is a game which requires a massive amount of concentration, the pool balls on the bale could symbolize problems in your life that you are dealing with, and when you are shooting pool, this could be a way of teaching you to concentrate harder on those problems that are bothering you.

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