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Dream interpretation End of the World


There is no question that dreaming of a devastating nuclear explosion, a supervolcano, or some other "end of the world" event can leave you upset for days on end. On the other hand, it is important to realize that people across time probably had similar dreams featuring the most destructive things they could think of. When you have these dreams, they are not just an opportunity to recognize the severity of certain stresses in your life, they can also give you a few things to be thankful for upon awakening to a perfectly normal world.

General Dream Meaning: End of the World

Overall, dreams of the end of the world are not pre-cognitive in nature. On the other hand, they can easily symbolize that some aspect of your life is making you feel like your personal role in the world will soon be over. This may be related to fears of losing your job, home, romantic partner, or even fears about developing some type of illness. You may also want to interpret this dream as an ending of a significant change in some aspect of your life. Even if the change has to do with inner landscape matters, you can, and should look forward to new beginnings. In fact, if you are trying to get rid of a bad habit, a dream about the end of the world may just be the perfect time to symbolically bury that bad habit and start over with a brand new lease on life.

How Dream Symbol End of the World may Fit in your Life

When you can see the relationship between ends and beginnings, you may come to look forward to dreams featuring the end of the world. Among other things, these dreams will shake up your thought processes and give you a chance to see everything in a new light. From there, you will be in a better position to decide what things you want to keep in your life, and which things you don't want to keep. In addition, if you are afraid of something going seriously wrong with some part of your life, this may be a perfect time to confront your fears and look for ways to maneuver around the situation.

A Sample Dream, End of the World Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are taking a walk on a nice sunny day. All of a sudden, you notice five missiles streaking over your head. Even though you know they are nuclear warheads, you do not think much beyond wondering where they will land. Next, you are transported to a scene high up in the atmosphere. You watch as one missile appears to chase the other. As you watch, you hear your supervisor saying that the collision of these two missiles will result in the end of the world. Before long, the two missiles collide. You feel a sight jolt, and then your entire field of vision goes white. In your last thoughts, you know that all life has ceased to exist, and then everything slowly fades to black.

You awaken more frightened than you have ever been in your life. Slowly, you get out of bed and notice that it is a rainy day. While you usually do not like rain, you are grateful for it today, as well as the sound of coffee brewing in the kitchen.

Since your supervisor features as a key person in the dream, you can consider this dream to be related to your job. Are you having problems, or do you feel helpless in terms of improving your performance? Even if you are not aware of any given stress at this point, this dream offers a key warning that problems may come up sooner rather than later. In fact, your lack of concern in the dream may well indicate that problems will come from an unexpected source. Since you find yourself being extremely disturbed upon waking, you may want to keep an eye out for other job opportunities, as well as make sure that you understand everything that is going on around you.

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Karina 2022-10-19 03:46:48
Last night i dreamed about looking at the sun from my old house window, and it got covered by something big and the sun light went of, then it looked like it exploded and vibrations came of it so big that my ears wouldn't be able to hear. and everything was shaking. i was so scared, and it felt so real to me. i really thought this was the end of everything. then i woke up LUCKILY. and it was just a dream.
Heather 2021-09-04 06:14:50
Last couple nights I’ve had a dream about the destructive fire destroying everywhere. I’m in my house surrounded my family watching the bright orange clouds as they get closer and closer to us. I feel panicked and terrified. I read somewhere that these fire dreams are becoming more common with what’s going on in the world but I can’t shake that I should be getting a message from this dream but I’m at a lose as to what it could possibly mean.
L 2021-08-27 12:18:17
last night i had a dream that me, my mom, my old best friend, and my sister were all standing in the ocean like knee high. all of the sudden my mom tells me to look in the sky and i saw the moon surrounded by fire. then shortly after it explodes. i turn around to hug my mom thinking i was about to die and she says “don’t worry, i’ll see you again”. i’m not even religious so this was an odd thing for me to hear. i woke up after that in complete shock and almost still feeling like i had lost my mom. someone pls explain
H 2021-05-26 10:52:43
I had a dream that I was in a stuck in a small town after escaping a home. I was with my dad and little sister and dog I think. We tried to escape it but only got confused along the way. I worried it might’ve been a sundown town but we finally found someone. He sat near one road up ahead and where the roads split. I asked him if that’s the way to get to the main city and he nods. I grew relieved and my dad picked me up and turns me and I grew confused. As we walked away no longer in the car he looked at me and said “when they kill us it’ll be better if you don’t look.” Or something along those lines and I was confused. I thought oh the man did have a gun that he was playing with that had bullets in it. But when I turned I saw the explosion and knew. I didn’t panic I just turned back around and moved more forward. But I felt my body heat up and thought that was it. But I woke up and felt my body still warm and I was stuck in place a bit and thought damn I guess this is the end only to realize nope I’m awake and fine.
Meg 2020-10-25 20:38:52
Last night I had a dream that started in my backyard. We were enjoying a get together with my moms side of the family when all of a sudden an explosion went off and the woods behind my house lit on fire. I screamed for everyone to start running as I noticed that the flames continued to pick up and the fire was making its way towards the house, but my feet hesitated to move. I was the last person to run so I was far behind and could feel the heat on my back. The world went dark until I caught up with a few of my family members. At that time my lungs were filled with smoke and my skin was hot to the touch. I continued to lag behind from exhaustion and told my family members to move along without me. Then I woke up.
Josiah 2020-04-30 16:23:04
This is the dream i had last night at first it was just cloudy then there was a tornado so I told everyone to get in the basement a while later there were asteroids raining from the sky it was April 29 2020 in real life people thought the world will end at the time I'm writing this it's April 28 2020 then near the end a giant quarter fell out of the sky now I'm scared for Tomorrow because all but the quarter at the end could happen and might because asteroids are thought to hit the earth tomorrow so I am trying to find the meaning to my dream
Aiden Aguiar 2019-04-02 13:02:07
I had a dream where at 12:15, the world would end. To prevent this, a group of Kids including me would have to do a challenge and win, the first time we lost and all gave up on the world, but the time changed to earlier and we had a chance. We practiced hard, as the world started crumbling.. then we tried again.. We had put everyone in the groups th y were best at, dancing, and acting.. And we won. THE WORLD WAS SAVED! Yet.. THE world was destroyed but we were transferred to another world, where I found a girl I like (yes I’m 12) and the dream ended.
Vic 2018-12-26 21:49:09
I was in a store i believe and i was looking for stuff and the things i needed the whole section was empty and before i knew it the ground was starting to split i ended up going outside i believe for something and as i'm running down the road everything is starting to split apart. i stop and look and the part of road beside me starts splitting and before i know it a huge piece of the left side of the road is gone and a car drives into it (it was still splitting at the time) the lady gets out. Me and somebody else help her out the hole then we start running forwards and me and the lady are talking and while were running, water comes from out of nowhere in front of us and starts filling holes and basically was gonna start drowning people eventually. After that part of the dream ended i end up being outside some building (i'm not sure what it was) and everything was normal but i still remembered what happened.
Tati 2018-08-13 17:54:12
I had a dream that first there was crazy thunder storm with a earthquick ... but the scraist thing happens
Where I saw fire and the turned into fire and a
Black all seeing eye transferred out of it .... so scary
Rebecca 2018-07-14 01:11:37
Last night a few things occurred, including the moon turning red and there being multiple suns in the sky. But I remember I was standing in the driveway of my old house, it suddenly got very, very hot - burning. So I turned on the news, and there was a picture of the Earth from outer space. It was completely on fire/burning up. I decided that I didn't want to die by burning, so I basically jumped off the planet, was falling, getting colder, and ready for this final moment to fade into nothing at all/oblivion (what I believe it feels like to be dead). I then found myself on some sory of ship with my cousin whom I barely know who lives in America and a bunch of her friends. I figured everyone else was dead and there was nothing left to keep myself well and good for. So I got high on drugs and ended up sleeping with one of the friends (got knows why, he was ugly, unhygenic, and seemed like a creep) in what looked like my old bathroom. I then ended up back in my old house again and my mother was disgusted with me; apparently my getting high and being a slut caused my cousin to not want me around anymore. I tried to explain to my mum that I thought the world had ended and thought "bugger it", but she didn't want a bar of it.

Me: "I am trying to explain to you that I thought the world was ending."
Mum: "And this is me ignoring you trying to explain that you thought the world was ending."
Misu 2018-11-11 07:45:30
Omg same but for me it was the first day of summer and there was a solar eclipse so i went outside to look at it when it got to full eclipse the sun started spitting out solar flares causing the back area to start burning then suddenly a explosion of my old house happened and we all died to the sun exploding last thing i heard before waking up was screaming then silence i’m honestly wanting to cry
alex 2019-02-05 20:27:40
end of days is near
The end 2018-07-09 20:42:54
Over the years I’ve had different kinds of dreams of the world coming to an end.

I walk outside and most of the planets are lined up across the sky and it’s dark.

The roads and hills where I live are being consumed by lava. I’m always trying to find a place to get my kids to safety.

I look out my in laws back door and I can see burning in the distance.

Most recently, the sun is turning to darkness.

I swam in the lava of Hell.

Standing in front of the podium where Jesus is judging people in the parking lot at the local Walmart. Some are to his left and some are to his right.

Everything is red outside like a haze. I’m trying to get to my neighbor, who is an Elder, so he can baptize my husband.

Stood in a room with stairs up to two doors. One to Heaven and one to Hell. I’m telling my husband all he has to do is repent to get to go through the door to Heaven.

In all of these dreams always doing one or more of the following

1.Trying to get to my kids or trying to get them somewhere safe
2. I’m trying to save my husbands soul from damnation
3. I always ask God to forgive me.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a dream that I’ve made it to Heaven. I know my dreams are telling me that I’m not living right, I won’t be able to save my kids or my husband, and the end will be to late to ask for forgiveness. The end is inevitable. I better be ready when end comes.

Samia Shaikh 2018-06-01 03:28:15
I had a deeam this morning around 6:30 maybe. It was a rainy evening in my dream and the sky was perfectly beautiful I was staring at the clouds and suddenly the clouds come together and form devils face, the eyes of the devil were fire or light? But then it opens its mouth and a loud sound thunder as if the devil itself is screaming and then a comet falls from the sky. And I fall down unconsciously on the floor. And while falling on the floor I had thoughts like is this the end ? End of the world. But then i open my eyes I was not able to escape from this dream. I tried shouting for help and then I woke up.

Kristine 2018-05-23 05:16:32
I had a dream that started off with loud scary thunder. We were trying to run away from it and my fear was that we would be struck. From there, I had a dreadful feelings that something horrible was going to happen. I grabbed my daughters and was desperate to look for a safe place. A meteor was going to hit earth and basically extinct us all. I remember being so terrifies but at the same time trying to strategize how I was going to save my family. I had crazy ideas but through it all, I had this imense urge to try to save our lives. We ran to a very old factory that had some underground tunnels. I thought may e if we can go deep enough down there that we would be saved from the scorching fire and heat, toxic clouds and dust, and radiation. I remember trying to out on a brave face for my girls but I was so.terrified and all I could think was this can't be happening. Why is this happening in my lifetime? As we go down. Further and further reality sets in like how are we going to get water, food, are we safe from radiation, how are we going to get safe air to breathe? At this point, I am just thinking that we have to go down. My body is.tight, trying to anticipate the.blow and force when this meteor hits. I know we are running out of time. I think how are.we.going to survive the heat. This old.factory had huge metal turbines snd there was a large area where they kept a pool of anitfreeze.i thought if we dressed up I wet suites and had tanks, we could hide under the violent fluids long enough to not be burnt to.ashes....then I woke up. So traumatizing
MayGen 2018-04-19 16:52:00
I had a dream that started out really good. Having a party on a rooftop with friends and family, someone mentioned something about the government planning to start bombing every major city in the US and smaller surrounding cities to “terminate” the deplorables. Exact words. Al of the sudden, 10-20 bombs started goin g off causing buildings to collapse and major mushroom clouds. My family and I managed to escape and make it home. My husband went to check on our neighbors and a black SUV pulled in front of our house and gas bombed our house in hopes of killing us. Didn’t work. My husband got back with our neighbors and we managed to kill the people who came in to finish the job if the gas didn’t work. We found more people with 2 busses who were trying to get people to evacuate their homes and we went with them and made it to the top of a mountain (I live in the mountains, North Carolina). We all waited in a deserted cabin or house and a bomb had went off on a close mountain too and blew it off which started a volcanic type eruption and more bombs headed our way. Probably one of the worst scariest dreams I’ve ever had in my life.
Ally 2017-12-27 15:02:00
I had a dream last night but I don’t remember it too well. I do know however I was walking to Home Depot and I noticed there were 5 moons in the sky! And due to that somehow the world was coming to an end because meteors would get us and stuff idk it was rlly weird though.
Sarangi 2017-12-09 17:46:26
I had a dream that ...when I was sitting inside my room...
I heard a huge sound...I came out and look at the sky..
Oh..Jesus.! I saw (moon/sun) turns blood red.. and sound of huge sounds of earthquakes or something like that..!
Then I saw A very huge Book in the sky...and I couldn't read what was written in it...but it was written with white clouds...
and I heard a sound...
He was reading the names of those who were in the book aloud..

And Seeing all these ...In my dream I was dancing with joy...
knowing that .....It is the time of Jesus...!!

Bjd 2017-10-21 23:45:29
I had a dream that there were people with injuries somehow in my house (a child and a man I think) and I patched them up the best I could and then i asked why no one had already called 911. Their response was that 911 was out of service, and I was like that's ridiculous that can't happen, so I went to call 911 for myself and as I hit the call button I looked outside my front door. Cars were starting to levitate and the street lights were exploding and the crackling of like buildings/concrete could be heard. Everything felt wavy and almost instantaneously from looking outside, everyone inside my house started to levitate but it didn't feel like anti gravity. It felt like something was holding us down from above so we didn't go too high- it was just strange. It felt like pressure all around and I couldn't yell. When I woke up from that dream, I was still in another dream. (The nightmare must have been a dream in a dream) and in the new dream I was in my house and I went to the kitchen and cried at the table to my mom about being tired of the nightmares (they've been bad lately). But then that dream turned into another nightmare before I was able to truly wake up. I have no idea where these are coming from or why they won't stop happening.
Callan 2017-10-11 02:23:01
So last night I had a crazy dream. I was at school during recess and the sun looked HUGE so while I was looking at the sun it exploded! I was terrified until one of my teachers said, " Don't worry the earth will just crack up into peices And it will be like nothing happened." Then for some reason I was on an empty highway praying for the world to be ok and that it won't end. Then there was another family o n the highway and they started yelling out to their son "JOHN GET OVER HERE!!!" He then screened when he got to his family "LOOK AT THE OCEAN!" I didn't look because I was to afraid but he said it was blood red. Suddenly the sky turned red and I had a knife in my hand. I was too afraid to stay on the earth alive when it was ending. .. So I got the knife and put it in my chest to kill myself. I felt the burning and I heard the screams of the family as I also hear screams of the devil. Then snap i woke up... Please tell me what this means!
uknown 2017-10-06 09:57:31
i dreamed that I was by my god mother and it was some kind of parade and later on the sky turned lilac and was Smokey and all of a sudden a trumpets blown and then meteoroid's of fire came down upon the earth people was running we was like around a sea side area it was creepy but the fact that I was going to die a sinner was worst that moment I stand there and cried because I was not ready for the coming of god you have to be ready the time is near I had a lot of dreams of the world ending but his felt more realistic . our father in heaven is getting quite tired of our sinful ways. could you imagine everything you grown to build a bond with disappear like everything you every love vanish . like it all for noting . for some of us that doesn't knows our destiny is just going to suffer. like why do we live this way of life if we only going to either die and go to a righteous place or die for our soul to suffer some where. The hurtfully part is falling in love why do god allow us to fall in love that probably why he said materialistic things doesn't have a meaning what about other humans it just weird you fall in love gets married and what your children suffer because of sins their parents committed or sins yo never new they committed how is the thought of that pleasurable to life how. is it that's why Jesus never felled in over or had children .I never once hear Jesus falling in love with a women . I am asking him to show me my destiny before this world is burnt to ashes and given over fully to purgatory.
Tina 2017-08-31 22:16:30
I dreamt I was on a bus in Greece (I'm from australia and I have never gone overseas), and there was a guy panicking speaking in his language I coukd understand but I heard 3. He was warning us. Another man interperated words "he is.saying we have 3 minute until the end of the world we must warn all". I didn't pay much attention. Then what seemed like 5 mins later I was in a taxi and I saw a building start collapsing and.eople running. I looked out my side window and saw The building next to me starting to collapse. I got out of the taxi.to run like the rest of the people and realised I couldn't move from fear and that running wasn't going to saveme. Why the hell was I in Greece why wasn't I at home with my family and why are we in the city near buildings. I picked up my phine.to ring my family to say I love you but... I woke up.
I.always try to go back to sleep to.see what happens and I can't so in my mind with my eyes closed I finish the story the way I want it to.end.
I have had dreams in the past lava was coming up from the earth core and I was on sunny or gold coast and watching from my window as the lava was coming up into the ocean.
Mark Kristofer 2017-08-14 15:40:40
My dream was, i just woke up and i saw the sky was bloody red and there was a huge castle going down to the earth slowly, and releases it's followers or some kind of an army to kill all against it or anyone they see it's not clear to me this killing thing but i was there and hiding myself somewhere else just to be safe and i was so scared this castle looks like it wants to rule the our world.. then i woke up and so scared
Lynn 2017-08-13 01:09:41
I had a dream I was in a traffic jam and there was hundreds of missiles falling to earth and I called my husband to tell him I love him ? Any explanations 386
Paul 2017-08-09 18:59:52
I had a really messed up dream. From what I can remember. Me and my family were all going for a ride and my mom was driving, she accidentally hit a child and she was charged and going to jail in 3 days and what made it worst was the world was ending in 3 weeks or so.
Cole 2017-08-08 16:36:12
I have had this dream six days in a row now the environment and feeling changes each time but I'm still told the same thing. We have to go up to space because we have to burn the world. In my latest dream I went to three aliens in a swamp/ Marsh type area and was tasked with putting them to rest when I did so the woke up gave me night vision and sent me off I left the observatory they where in and went to the woods outside of the observatory and told my group of friends what they did to me. We all went back and I told them that they needed to get to space because we were gonna burn the world. (it was strange thinking about it now because in all my other dreams my parents had told me that we were gonna burn the world but in the most recent one my parents weren't there and that was the first time in that dream that anything about the world being burnt was mentioned) we proceeded to the top deck where we found a vampire and me and my to friends a boy and a girl we're turned into vampires and we're attacked by the one on the balcony we jump off and started flying but then we started getting chased by vampire hunters my dream stopped after the hunters died and I was transported outside in the woods next to a public pool. I was in a boys body like I had taken form in there body I walked over to an injured person knelt down and told him to turn me into a vampire he did and the smiled and died then we went to the pool me and the girl I was with at the observatory we walked through the pool area and out to the front where my parents were there in a tall truck we started driving away when my mom got a phone call she said it was my brother and that they were at a camp ground and he had asked us to bring some beer ( which is weird because my brother stopped drinking) but I told my mom sure we have three Coronas in the fridge then she went back to talking to my brother and said we have three bud lights in the fridge for you ( which again is weird because I told her Corona) thats where it ended me my family and the girl driving down the road to go to our house. I know this doesn't really country because the world doesn't actually end in any of m to dreams I'm just told that we need to leave Earth Because were gonna burn it. But it's still unsettling.

Nathan 2017-07-19 18:32:47
I had a dream where I was with family we were on a bridge and all of sudden aircrafts and all these new airplanes they make came into town and started just launching missles and the planes where going really fast then this big giant disco ball comes out of nowhere and it just keeped coming to us then it ended up rolling somewheres else but it felt so real. I don't know what this means if y'all have a prediction let me know pls.
sharn 2017-08-21 11:15:58
i had a dream where i was staying at my friends house and there was a countdown to the end of the world and it was tomorrow so we went to sleep and woke up and it was the day of the world ending. i met up with my family and we met up with a large group of people and we all sat around sharing our last moments together. i remember i was crying saying to a man that i wish i helped my mum more and spent more time together and that i regret waiting my time on people. then we all went off to go and sit in a confined area area and there was fear and then i woke up
Peaches 2017-07-16 05:57:50
i've had a dream similar to this five times so far.

so, i wake up and im floating in space, excpe theres no sun, no stars, and only the moon and earth. im wearing some sort of long black shirt and thats it. I then look at the earth. there is not a single light lit, it is completely dark. i then look at the moon. half of it is imploded and on fire. feeling a little freaked out, i turn back around to the earth and its gone, just like that. i look back at the moon hoping it's still there, but its not. After that, i sit there in the darkness, fully aware of feelings and movements. After the dream, i woke up with a start, feeling like there was just an earthquake or something.
Maria 2017-08-25 14:54:12
Dear Peaches,
That may mean you have seperation anxiety or you feel torn away from whatever is closer to you. Also, as a Christian, I believe God still gives people visions. Whatever it might mean remember Jesus loves you.
Katie 2017-07-07 00:41:34
I've had this dream before as well, maybe twice but with additional aspects added in.

I was walking to school, in my uniform, and everything was fine until we received news of a meteor coming closer to the Earth. It was going to result in the end, and everyone started sprinting out of the classrooms to get home to say goodbye to their loved ones.

I tried my best to get back, and as I was leaving the school gates, I looked up. There it was. A giant meteor, coming closer, large rock almost touchable as the tides began to become imbalanced.

I was on my street, getting closer to my house before I was transported somewhere further away. At this point I remember crying with desperation, desperately running to wherever I was going. People were screaming, running, and another meteor imploded the Earth in another country.

Panting, sobbing, I just made it to my door before the world faded to white.

Then the day started again, and again, and again. Each time more awful than the last. The raw fear, children's screams, just a different scenario.
Damiane 2017-06-27 14:31:18
I had a disturbing dream just last night. My end of the world included a space view of Earth and these angry, sweltering red spots that were growing on Earth's surface and spreading like wild fire around the world. It was like there was no ozone layer and the earth was being eaten alive by the sun's rays and I saw millions of black silhouettes that were people trying to flee but were being swept up in the heat waves and instantly burned up. United States was the first nation to be completely dissolved by the ongoing devastation. Next thing I knew, I was in a car trying to escape, but everywhere I went my path was blocked off by the heat moving in until the point where I was completely closed off and had nowhere to run. All of a sudden it stopped. The small patch where I stood and several areas in the world were what was left of Earth, yet it didn't feel like Earth anymore. I think I died and ended up somewhere new. Not Heaven or Hell exactly, but it was almost like a ghost of Earth. Freaky or what?
Rachel 2017-07-12 05:12:44
I had a very similar dream recently. I'm not sure what day it was. But the earth was burning hot and getting hotter. I was desperate to keep my baby from suffering in the heat that I knew would inevitably burn us all. I looked over and saw the sun HUGE and red, getting bigger and closer. I started praying hard for God to save us and give us another chance so my baby girl wouldn't have to suffer. I even considered killing her quicker to keep her from suffering but resorted to prayer instead. Suddenly the dream ended. It seemed so real. It's been freaking me out thinking about it ever since. All I could do was thank God that it was just a dream...
Jodi 2017-06-11 05:39:23
I had a dream last night ... I guess you could say it was an "end of the world" dream. I don't know but it really shook me up. It started of weird me , my little brother, my older sister , her friend , and two guys and older teen and a young boy. The young boy was drunk it appeared and somehow we all were on a bike riding down the road. I didn't want to ride but the olde guy wouldn't let anybody off and the young boy was still stirring the bike. Anyways 4 cars drove by, they seemed hyped up like something out of the fast and the furious. Well anyways somehow I was off the bike and at my aunts house where two other relatives were also there, anyways after that me and the original people I was with were walking down the road close to my house. Two of the 4 cars that passed earlier drove by , and just a few seconds later when they were farther up the road there was an explosion. I could see green fire about the trees. The guys driving the cars ran down the hill to us and as they reached us we looked back and seen another green fiery explosion over the trees and heard the dreadful screams of two girls , soon they ran out of the woods as well and met up with us. Pretty soon it seemed like everything was on fire. Me and my young brother ran to my house as my other people awaited with the strangers. I got in my yard and my house was on fire but not like a crumbling fire. It was blue and only the edges of the house were a bright orange. I saw through the window my step dad , my mother , and my older brother standing around like nothing was wrong attending to their everyday lives but something wasn't right. They were covered in a blue fire either their eyes peaking orange flames. Scared and unknowing of what to do I ran to the back door and kicked it in. I stepped in and seen my parents and brother fine and they had no idea of what was going on but still the house appeared the same as before, on fire. As I got to step out I jolted up out of my bed covered in sweat, burning up. I don't know what happened next that's all I can remember... it's really freaked me out and I'm not exactly sure what it meant or means or what to do now.
Joanna 2017-06-09 14:44:02
I had a dream where I was at a bar with friends when suddenly the TV switched to breaking news and the reporter was saying that the earth was about to rotate 3 times at a fast past in the next few minutes and life on earth as we no it will be no longer. Everyone was panicked and the reporter was talking us through what was to come. I could feel the earth rotate once, upside down and around. Everyone was counting after each turn. After the third turn, a few hours later I took a walk outside the bar and was walking down a road with grass on either side. I could see planets far more closer to earth, so close it was as if I could touch Saturn's rings. Very strange and scary can't explain the fear I felt whilst flipping upside down in a full circle

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