Dream interpretation End of the World

There is no question that dreaming of a devastating nuclear explosion, a supervolcano, or some other "end of the world" event can leave you upset for days on end. On the other hand, it is important to realize that people across time probably had similar dreams featuring the most destructive things they could think of. When you have these dreams, they are not just an opportunity to recognize the severity of certain stresses in your life, they can also give you a few things to be thankful for upon awakening to a perfectly normal world.

General Dream Meaning: End of the World

Overall, dreams of the end of the world are not pre-cognitive in nature. On the other hand, they can easily symbolize that some aspect of your life is making you feel like your personal role in the world will soon be over. This may be related to fears of losing your job, home, romantic partner, or even fears about developing some type of illness. You may also want to interpret this dream as an ending of a significant change in some aspect of your life. Even if the change has to do with inner landscape matters, you can, and should look forward to new beginnings. In fact, if you are trying to get rid of a bad habit, a dream about the end of the world may just be the perfect time to symbolically bury that bad habit and start over with a brand new lease on life.

How Dream Symbol End of the World may Fit in your Life

When you can see the relationship between ends and beginnings, you may come to look forward to dreams featuring the end of the world. Among other things, these dreams will shake up your thought processes and give you a chance to see everything in a new light. From there, you will be in a better position to decide what things you want to keep in your life, and which things you don't want to keep. In addition, if you are afraid of something going seriously wrong with some part of your life, this may be a perfect time to confront your fears and look for ways to maneuver around the situation.

A Sample Dream, End of the World Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are taking a walk on a nice sunny day. All of a sudden, you notice five missiles streaking over your head. Even though you know they are nuclear warheads, you do not think much beyond wondering where they will land. Next, you are transported to a scene high up in the atmosphere. You watch as one missile appears to chase the other. As you watch, you hear your supervisor saying that the collision of these two missiles will result in the end of the world. Before long, the two missiles collide. You feel a sight jolt, and then your entire field of vision goes white. In your last thoughts, you know that all life has ceased to exist, and then everything slowly fades to black.

You awaken more frightened than you have ever been in your life. Slowly, you get out of bed and notice that it is a rainy day. While you usually do not like rain, you are grateful for it today, as well as the sound of coffee brewing in the kitchen.

Since your supervisor features as a key person in the dream, you can consider this dream to be related to your job. Are you having problems, or do you feel helpless in terms of improving your performance? Even if you are not aware of any given stress at this point, this dream offers a key warning that problems may come up sooner rather than later. In fact, your lack of concern in the dream may well indicate that problems will come from an unexpected source. Since you find yourself being extremely disturbed upon waking, you may want to keep an eye out for other job opportunities, as well as make sure that you understand everything that is going on around you.
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Crystal 2016-03-22 04:22:28
I just had a dream where the earth literally broke off of its axis and was continually spinning faster and more erratically, throwing people and buildings off the planet into space. The only way for me to stop it was to sit in this room and constantly work a mechanism with my hands while using my feet to spin a model earth for the rest of my life. Like a modern day Atlas.

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Scriptos 2016-03-05 23:30:44
*Really long comment incoming, sorry!*

Just had a chain of 3 dreams (that I was too scared to go back to sleep again and continue) one after the other. Like everyone else, it was about the end of the world, but the dreams weren't so obvious about it. Everything happened slowly, and at times it seemed peaceful, but there was always this feeling of unease, and the dreams got progressively more devastating.

In the first one, I was at school (I'm a high-school student, currently) and everything seemed normal for the most part, except my friends and teachers were acting a bit weird. On my walk home, I look up at the sky, and it was a light gray, gentle raindrops falling from it. And I was like "Ok, whatever. I like weather like this anyway." Subtle enough dream, it ends when I get home. Nothing really happened, I just thought of it as a weird dream, definitely not apocalyptic.

Nothing really hinted at that dream being anything more, until I got to the second dream.

In it, I was on a tall highway (as tall as some skyscrapers, it seemed) and the sky was still the same light gray from the previous dream. Everything seemed a bit dewy, but the rain had stopped. However, when I look down from the edge of the highway (there were no cars), I can see the destruction that had happened below: buildings had collapsed, cars were destroyed, and for some reason there was no one around at all. Even the highway had been broken in half. That being said, I walk into a skyscraper from a window that was now accessible (since the building had been slanted so much) and am greeted by a group of four people; three whose appearance I cannot remember, as they were not all that important and barely spoke with me, and a boy with short white hair and wide, bright red eyes (he reminded me a bit of an albino rabbit). The three who I can't remember was two females and one male; one of the girls I think was the white-haired boy's mother and the other two his friends. Anyway, they let me into their makeshift shelter and his friends tell me we have to go find and collect these worm-like creatures to give to the boy for some reason. We spend some time talking and reluctantly collecting the gross insects and bring them back to the boy shortly after. He thanks us and his two friends go outside to talk, while his mother makes whatever food she can, and he and I are left to ourselves. I ask him what happened outside and he gives me a weird look, telling me there's no way I could have survived through that and forgotten. I tell him the last thing I remember was getting home from school, and he shrugs it off, saying I might've suffered brain cell damage from the radioactive gas outside (he doesn't mean it to offend me, but to explain my memory loss). He gives me a recap of what happened, saying that floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, etc. ravaged through the world, destroying nuclear power plants and other facilities, killing nearly everyone indirectly at best. For some reason, I don't question my family's safety in the dream, and just go on to ask why he needs the worms as I see him cutting them in half and pouring green fluids that secrete from them into a few jars. I tell him I'm really grossed out by it, and he replies saying that he is as well, but that the green fluid actually helps heal injuries and treat (not cure) a virus that broke out during the beginning of the apocalypse and killed so many survivors. I then go on and ask "So what exactly are those things?" and the boy tells me they're creatures formed from the remains of human bodies that found themselves in highly radioactive areas. I nod and don't say anything after that and decide to just sit by the window and look outside; Asperatus clouds had formed. The boy and I glance at each other every so often, but soon I find myself staring at him—more specifically, the bandages around his neck and left arm. I want to ask what happened, but don't, and decide to assume it was an injury during all the destruction. Later on he tries to commit suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach, but I stop him, and find out that the wounds were actually from previous attempts.

That's where I wake up from that dream, and I find it a bit odd that it was a continuation of the first, and that it was indeed a dream about the end of the world, but go back to sleep thinking there was no way there could possibly be a third. Of course, I was wrong, and so begins my third dream.

This time, the dream is in third-person point of view for some reason, and the "camera" is focused on me. My eyes seemed kind of lifeless, almost as if I were already dead, and I was sitting down on my knees, focused on something in the distance. The camera, however, never turned in that direction so I never knew what. I was holding the almost-dead body of the white-haired boy in my arms, and the corpses of the other three were scattered nearby. The boy himself had a deep cut on his right wrist and a knife in his left hand, so it's safe to say he killed himself before something else got to him.

"You should kill yourself," he tells me. "Something much worse is coming."

I tell him I can't, because I'm Christian and we must not end our lives ourselves no matter what, and that I already know. Apparently the reason the boy had tried to kill himself previously was because he knew the world would end soon, but nobody would believe him even if he tried warning them. He gives me a weak smile and says, "Well, okay. Good luck with what's to come then. Maybe in the next life, we could be friends for longer."

I give him a small nod and he closes his eyes, leaving me completely alone now. The sky was pitch black and everything was silent, and the minute I look directly at "the camera," the dream ends.

Or rather, I thought it ended.

I wake up, under the effects of sleep paralysis like I nornally am, but once I stand up and look outside my window, I let out a scream. The sky was a light gray, and it was raining ever so slightly—Asperatus clouds had begun to form. My mom runs in and asks what's wrong, but I'm too shocked to say anything for a while. Once I come to my senses and am about to tell her the world will end soon, I actually wake up. And it's nighttime, there's no way the sky could be a light gray. My family is fine and everything is normal, but I still can't help but be unable to shake this feeling of unease.

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Jay 2016-03-02 16:42:00
I had a dream earlier where it was announced that there's an alien invasion. It flashed a black space ship firing over buildings and it's still far away from our house, which showed a different place and my family and I packed up and decided to tell everyone when it's about to be near and for some reason we didn't coz they already know and we got out the streets and there was a lot of people outside and they seem to be arguing about something and we joined in and that's it. My mom woke me up. Idk it was really scary coz this is my 5th time of dreaming about alien invasions and second about the end of the world

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ted 2016-02-29 23:54:53
Just woke up from another world wide flood, always covering the ground. But this time which never happened in my life i was crying. I hate these flood dreams, been commig more and more latley.

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Sabin 2016-02-29 20:54:41
OMG it's really fascinating i m too dream it alien gonna take over our planet and i saw pyramid which tend to hope alive.

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Tay 2016-02-28 08:43:05
I just woke up from a night terror....
The dream was;
People were suddenly dying from this light what gets shined through a window & it was by aliens or something, everyone was getting sick & it was a disaster
anyway I went driving to my grandparents house & all the blinds were open, then all of a sudden these 2 bright lights shine through the lounge room window & I yell " PRETEND TO BE DEAD" Then I woke up after that  :(
Was so scary!

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kelly 2016-02-25 18:01:21
I also have been having end of the world dreams, but horrible acts of nature happening around, im very spiritual and also i wondered could anyone interpret this in a spirtual matter.

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Fabi 2016-02-25 04:36:15
I had this dream about the end of the world in the middle of the night. Very strange and confusing dream - which made sense for me at the time, but it is difficult to explain now. We were being invaded by superior and evil intelligent beings. Suddenly people from all over the planet vanished and appeared in other far places. People in Brasil (where I live) would appear in Japan. Our tech devices collapsed - everything was collapsing. Families got separated forever. I could realize what was happening and I told people that our world, the way we know it - ended.

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louis 2016-02-17 14:23:56
I have been dreaming about end of the world for the 3rd time with the same story over and over again. In my dream, i where sitting in the roof top of a hotel, when i nottice there where a 6-7 ufo that shoots lazer into ground that cause the place to quake. Demonic creatures rise from the ground. Volcanos erupting that turns day into night 24/7. Electricity is gone. sOme People turn into zombies. Earth quake evry 30mins. Super markets get rob by people. I went to my family to warn them that ee must seek higher ground, because i know that tsunami will happen any moment. I pack up my gear and supply. And went to the highest pickin our place,the mt. Apo. The mountain turns into a small island, because of the ice on himalayas and alaska melts, according to the news. Only few people survive including us. And People that where wealthy and royal blood that can purchase planes. Pls interpret my dream.
Sorry for my bad grammar

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Laura 2016-02-16 08:53:40
I had a dream everyone was looking at the sky I'm like what are you all looking at? They were looking over the hill near my house and everywhere was dark except for that direction. Over the hill it was a beautiful blue color. Someone goes "there's a cloud like circle in the sky" and it started to move closer and closer over a hill I'm like omg what is that it got closer and closer it was a huge planet that looked like Saturn that came charging at the earth and everything was floating and water was covering everything. The Hollywood sign in California was floating near my house which is in New York. Most insane dream I ever had.

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Puja 2016-02-15 09:41:34
Hi.. This is getting a bit weird.. Alot of us are dreaming similar dreams this month.. I dreamt that I was in the car with both my children. Suddenly the sky went pitch black.. My car would not turn on and street lights were off. It was a scary feeling. Protecting my kids was the only thing in mind. Then my car turned on.. Sky turned to a lightwr shade of Grey.. And my toddler woke me up as he started crying.

Thanks for this site.. It's good we all can share and let it out.

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ali 2016-02-15 05:39:11
I just woke up from a nightmare and it was where the world ended. So I was at the grocery store with my best friend and we found out there no school because of a big storm so we were excited. And then I checked again and my school wanted us to go back there for 1-2 classes, only for an hour or two. so we left the grocery store and it skipped scenes to us being on the road right near my house, but since it was a dream, everything looked a little different. The clouds in the sky were completely black and all of a sudden lightning started striking continuously all around us. My moms boyfriend (who was driving) started to pick up speed when these mini explosions in the sky showed up. That led to these mini wave-like things coming to our car so my moms boyfriend had to drive even faster. and then the scenes switched again. I was alone in the middle of the road, not knowing where the rest of my family was. There was actually only one other person with me, and it was some random guy who claimed he was the president. anyways, the Lightning, explosions, and weird waves kept continuing and I could see people dying far away. I started freaking out and it was horrible. Everywhere you turned there was either an explosion, a bolt of lightning, or one of those weird wave things. Then I found my phone in my pocket which was slightly damaged, but it still made calls. I called my mom which was at the house with my brother and I asked her if she was ok, but it was really hard for me to speak for some reason because I couldn't breathe. She said yes but she sounded sick. I asked if my brother was ok, and she said I don't know. and that's when I woke up. this was the most scariest dream I've had in my whole life omg and I had soda with caffeine in it before I went to bed so i think that's part of the problem

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zinia 2016-02-10 22:49:39
I hade a end of the world dream I think. First the clouds had many pictures and I were taking photos. I were still standing and taking photos bang eyes balls are falling from the sky. I were talking to my parents and we were going back in side our house. While we were in side. Bugs many bugs were coming from the shy coming with a speed. So I closed all the windows but same find there way in side,but had it undercontrol. After that it started to rain very hard. That's my dream hope everyone understands because engelish are my second language. I am going for a operation today where in a car accident 2 weeks ago

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Tiffany 2016-02-09 02:23:08
I just woke from an awful nightmare about the end of the world. I was on a highway but I was walking and there ahead in the distance I seen what looked like a tornado at first but then I realized it was smoke there was a huge explosion and the ash and smoke started coming towards me and there were a bunch of other people. We started running I had my 3 month old in my arms. I seen a camper on the side of the road so I begged them to let me and my son in they did. I then remembered I didn't have any food for my baby so then it switches to duskand I see these demons trying to attack the camper so I started praying and blessing the windows and doors and holding a cross I just sat with my Bby and prayed until dawn. The demons started catching on fire in the sun. I turned and my son was gone I freaked out but the ppl in the camper said not to worry. The had my son swaddled in all white and he was sound asleep. I picked him up and they said he was our Savior he could protect everyone so I knelt down and prayed And asked my 3 month old to help me keep everyone safe. Weird huh.

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Mel 2016-02-05 21:47:56
I woke up just now, i was woken by my scary dream, i was in (i believe our house). I was with two members of the family a building and everything seems fine until the television fell and it looks like earth quake but we dont feel it. I saw flying tractors and flying museum (famous architecture) uncontrolled and banging others while others were moving fast. And I started praying for our safety. And we saw one of the tractors hit the floor below us, i hugged my dad and pulled my brother and we fell, and everything turned black I didn't stop praying for our safatey and others who aren't with us...and I woke up.
horrible dream

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