Dream meaning Devil

Dream meaning Devil


Devils in dreams sometimes suggest that you may be holding on to negative thoughts about life, thoughts that have been affecting your mental health and bringing you down. It can also mean that you are guilty of particular actions and repressing the guilt out of fear of punishment, and this hidden secret is harbored in your subconscious. Devil dreams could also symbolize that you are struggling with issues of morality.

An analysis of regular dreams with evil connotations

Dreams of devil can come in multiple forms and circumstances. If you dream a devil in a pit of charging flames, and you're surrounded by demons, then it could be that you're hiding a secret that you're ashamed of. When the dream involves you fighting against the devil, it shows that you will succeed in defeating your adversary, or you will be able to resist temptation. Talking to the devil in your dreams, or rather the devil talks to you, it may represent that you will be put through a situation where you will be tempted to get yourself into something that may not be of in the best interest to you. Sometimes, you may even have dreams of being friends with the devil, and this may imply that you are easily influenced, especially by the wrong group of people, or you will be manipulated into doing something for the wrong reasons.

Dreams of the devil could also represent intelligence, slyness or trickery. Be careful not to be swayed by people whose main aim is to deceive you into doing something for their benefit, which could in turn cause your downfall.

How would these dreams affect your life?

These dreams usually insinuate a personal struggle. Cultivate positive thoughts throughout the day. Examine your inner thoughts and probe into your deepest fears to see what is disturbing your peace of mind. If you find yourself in the company of friends whom you are wary about, stay away, or be careful in your deals with them, as you would not know when those speculative friends will take advantage of you. If you're having a moral dilemma, ask yourself what you really want, and seek help, be it psychological or spiritual, and be freed from feelings of guilt or pressure. Often, the fears that are in the back burner of our unconscious minds cause unsettled feelings, and to overcome these fears, you first have to recognize it, before you can deal with overcoming it, in order to achieve a wholesome life. You need to fight the devil within ourselves, in order to convert the negative energy into positivity.

Common devil dreams and its connotations

Imagine a dream scenario where you are surrounded by black-hooded faceless images hounding you with axes, ranting supernatural chants against a backdrop of a flaming cave, and you are standing in the middle, with head hung low, feeling trapped, motionless and limp. This would simply mean that in reality, you feel trapped in your current situation and you are in fear of people surrounding you whom you feel are out to get you if you take even a small step. Overcome this fear by analyzing whom you are afraid of and what you need to do to get out of that situation.

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Kate 2024-02-06 00:30:42
I dreamt of been in the same room with the devil without knowing but when I found out I was praying profusely and it was working at the same time I knew I was dreaming so I tried waking up but I was waking up repeatedly in the same room. Until I got out of that room only to see myself in a big building upstairs to be precise. I saw a lot of people smiling and excited to meet who I just escaped from. I tried warning them but it didn’t work only a few people joined me to try to escape the building meanwhile he was walking around looking for me he was in human form but not with a face I could recognize. We finally decided to locate the altar in that same building or chapel as I called it in the dream. While going there with the few people that joined me I saw some of the people that went to that room I escaped from coming down they were senseless and couldn’t respond to me almost like they were brainwashed. But I saw the few of us already in the chapel praying before waking up
Devil Dream 2024-01-26 02:59:16
Dreaming of the devil warns of misfortune, illness, and deceit. Farmers, sportspeople, preachers, and women, in particular, should see it as a cautionary sign.

The devil in dreams is a potent symbol of adversity, temptation, and the darker aspects of human nature. This figure has been etched into the collective psyche for generations as a representation of evil, and its appearance in dreams can have profound implications, often sounding a clarion call for vigilance and moral fortitude.

For farmers, the devil's appearance presages trouble, typically implying natural disasters that lead to crop failure or the demise of livestock; disease may also darken their doorsteps. It is a sign that the nurturing forces of nature may be temporarily out of balance and that extra care and precaution are required to safeguard their well-being and livelihood.

Sporting individuals who dream of the devil are being cautioned about their competitive spirits possibly leading them astray. This serves as an admonition that while ambition is valuable, crossing ethical boundaries or legal lines could result in serious consequences. The dream is a warning to reflect on one's actions and to ground them in integrity.

Clergy or spiritual guides who encounter the devil in dreams might be prompted to reflect on their methods of ministry. The dream calls out an overly righteous or judgmental approach, suggesting that compassion and understanding are more effective than harsh criticism or "tongue−lashing" in matters of faith and persuasion.

Dreaming of a devil who is charming and adorned with jewels represents the seduction of vice, the allure of falsehoods, and the enticement of materialism. This is a caution against those who would use flattery and charisma to manipulate or deceive. Particularly for young and innocent individuals, this dream underscores the importance of seeking safety in trusted company and being wary of relationships that promise much but have shady foundations, especially from those who are not free to offer commitment.

The presence of the devil in any dream can be viewed as an allegorical red flag for the unconscious mind. You may be entering a phase wherein your discernment will be challenged, possibly finding that those you once believed to be friends might harbor ill intentions.

Example of a Typical Dream with this Symbol:

Suppose you dream of walking down a dimly lit alley when suddenly, a figure with a commanding presence blocks your path. Dressed in a lavish suit and flashing a deceitfully warm smile, he extends a hand full of dazzling jewels toward you, enticing you to join him in a shadowy doorway.

This dream would typically symbolize an encounter with a charismatic but untrustworthy individual in waking life. The dream cautions you against being swayed by charm and surface appearances, urging you to resist the temptation to engage in activities or relationships that may jeopardize your values. It suggests that someone may present you with an opportunity that seems too good to be true, and it usually is. The jewels represent false promises—enticements that catch the eye but ultimately lead to one's downfall. Your subconscious is signaling you to avoid falling prey to manipulative behavior and to stay true to your moral compass.
Shany 2023-05-26 11:53:57
My nightmare was pure and innocent at the beginning. I was with my daughter and she was a 4 year old (she's actually in her 20s). We were playing and suddenly a devil tattoo appeared on my left arm, and it was glowing bright red. I felt instant fear. I handed my phone to my daughter and asked her to take a picture and she did.

I woke up scared, confused and I began to pray. At the same time, my wifi camera started recording from the moment I had that nightmare and for the following hour, it kept turning on to record.

I should add that my mental health has been very bad and I believe could have been related. I'm conscious of this now and am going to be positive to stop the intrusive thoughts.
Tegan 2023-03-21 05:06:42
I have a regular occurrence with Nightmares but have only had 3 Hellish like Dreams.

First Dream: I stood in a field of Rotting Red Flesh with a red sky, Storm raining with blood, rivers running red, Sulphur in the air and nothing alive in sight. I wondered these lands to find myself hungry and thirsty. I drank the blood for there was no water, died instantly and started from the beginning. Ate the ground like flesh due to Hunger and died instantly returning back to the beginning. I ventured across this never ending expanse to find a Holy Church sprung with gods light as i was on my last legs. I made it to the church doors as i collapsed and had to crawl inside to find a fountain of water that was gloriously pouring out strands of glistening fresh liquid. As i drank from the fountain with hope in my heart i saw my hand start to decay as i witnessed a plack at the bottom of the fountain, "Give Up Hope for you will not find it here." The fountain turned red with blood and died again waking back up at the start. - The effects of this Dream when I Woke I was extremely Hungry and Thirsty at 3am.

Second Dream: I stood in front of a door had was large in size with the symbol of a black skull imprinted 5 Ruby incrusted eyes. I opened the doors to find a statue of what could presumably be Jesus Christ but the head was fritzing out like a form of glitch. I walked towards the statue within this grey room with little sunlight and stairs going up on the left and right of the statue. As I got close I started to feel heavier and heavier and heavier the more closer I got until eventually I felt an immense pressure that I swear I could literally feel, I fell to my knees crying as the statue started to move, wings sprouted and I was encumbered by the Love of a Devil. - I woke up to Tears in my eyes and pressure on my heart, it felt like an extreme version of sleep paralysis but I was still Dreaming.

Third Dream: The sky went red as i was standing on a road, uphill looking over a small town to see a Six Winged Creature with one eye in the centre emitting dark devil like energy as it roared through its voice, "FEAR NOT CHILD, I AM THE DEVIL THAT WOULD CLEANSE THE COIL OF MAN. I WANT YOU TO BE MY CHAMPION! YOU CANNOT DENY ME!" As I muttered back without realising, "I accept." - This dream f'd me up more than the other dreams cause it felt forced then falling into it. I was intimidated and have remembered this dream clearer than the rest of dreams and nightmares.

The Norm is that most my dreams are about spirits, monsters and demons. I can't recall the last time I had a happy Dream.
Jane 2022-09-24 20:00:19
I am curious to know the meaning of my dream the other night.

I dreamt of a devil with 2-colored face and body. I clearly saw in my dream the devil was kinda angry looking. I saw his teeth. It is vivid to my memory that his RIGHT horn is BLACK and the LEFT horn is RED. The devil just appeared in my dreams. I am not sure if someone helped me (i didnt see any other person or character in my dream though) because at a sudden I can see the devil was pinned on the wall and he couldnt move. It's as if someone is pushing his tummy with one hand against the wall and he couldnt move. The devil looks upset and helpless. Then the dream was over.

I was thinking what it means. Can anyone help me please? Is this dream warning me of something bad?

Backgrounder: 3 major points happening in my life, heart & mind.

1. I just lost my one & only brother recently. I have been so sad and emotionally troubled to see him slowly succumbed to death until the moment he died.

2. I have a bestfriend I parted with (we didnt fight though. But we parted with mutual decision not to communicate anymore) and now he is talking to me again when he know I lost my dearly loved brother.

3. I pity and worry about my sister-in-law and their 2 kids being left alone with my elderly mom back home but i can't do so much as I live far from them.
Tejasri Nuthakki 2020-10-12 13:53:42
Hello. I had two dreams one after the other 2days back.
One was about me being a fish and I had few of my family members or friends with me. I can only see myself as a regular fish in water and we are all swimming as God came to end the earth. I did not see God or his face directly in my dream but as we were swimming, god lifted the water to the full moon... And we swam all the way to the up and through the moon, we went to the New Earth, or new water and the water were so clean and pure that I can see everything under it. And then the Earth below, ended somehow. Even before God lifted up the water, I knew that God will come and take us(me) with him.
After this dream, I got another dream in which I saw two devils in the back of my house. They were a male and a female. I got into a fight and I defeated both of them. I could have killed them but I didn't. But it was evident that I defeated them. While they were lying on the floor, they were still talking to me but I left them there and came back to my house. My family is in the house but I think they don't know anything about those devils. Only I saw and defeated them.
I dreamed these two on the same night, don't remember the actual time but they came back to back. Can you please tell me the biblical meaning of these dreams??
Please Please..
Praise the Lord🙏🙏🙏
Yuyu 2020-07-17 04:19:02
I had a weird dream where I drove somewhere to get something to eat, I went to two restaurants and last one I was confronted by a couple i’m just having a nice conversation with them, Out of no where the woman looked hypnotize and the man was staring at me smiling in a nice way, I looked at him and asked him are you the devil and then that’s when he showed me his face, his face turned black and his eyes became bright yellow with the red pupils. I got up and ran with no hesitation and when I was running two hummingbirds were beside me following where I was going, I ended up in some kind of garden with a gorilla chasing me next, I ended up back in the restaurant with the devil and he asked me was I ready to talk to him I remember I sat down And then woke up not remembering the conversation I had... I have no idea what my dream meant.
Radhika lal 2019-12-13 05:57:02
I saw three demons.one them came to me and touched my forehead with his head and he like sticky and cold. He printed my forehead with red color....wt does it means
Gale 2019-09-20 01:23:26
I keep havibg re occuring dreams of the devil asking me to make a choice in a situation where someone I love is gravely ill, dying or has already passed (in real life for that last one). I need to make a choice and get the devils help my choice will then come true the devil says. I wake myself up at this point but I just want to know what this might mean its been reoccuring for over a month now.
Loi 2019-09-04 04:57:26
I had a dream that’s been haunting me for years coz I’ve been dreaming this a quite a few times but not lately tho. I was dreaming that I was fighting the devil up in the sky and I keep saying the John 3:16 verse. Then I saw a man on the chariot. Then I would wake up. Don’t know what it means but I would dream this over and over again with same scenario.
Christian 2019-07-27 23:54:33
I had a dream...that the devil was tryin to take over my body....he tried to make a deal with me to become the ruler or Hell after I die...the new satan....without hesitation he signed up a contract himself and tried to have me sign it... so he wanted my soul and to live out my life in my body when I died (was going to soon apparently) in exchange for me to rule hell....
I was panicking the entire dream because It seemed like I had no recollection of my answer....In my dream, I had friends and family tell me to "end it"...to "find out" a"go fight him"....then I woke up after I saw him come out and try to come up to me....
Hazel 2019-06-14 14:10:33
I actually had a nightmare last night. I was sleeping in the sleeping quarters of my BPO company together with my workmate and my dream is also situated in the same area and same position but I was with my mom beside me. In my dream I saw black shadows in a shape of a demon endlessly rising above the ground. I was praying in my dream but I felt like I was powerless and I was breathless. I kept shouting "In the name of Jesus Christ!" but I had a really hard time saying it because of my breathlessness. When I woke up, I was really scared of what happened.

Julian 2019-01-25 14:09:00
Had a dream of being in my ex 's parents house, but it was a friend and me staying the night because my friend had found some big magnets that you can hold firmly around your hands and for some reasons my ex's parents house had big tall walls that were magnetized so we decided to see how high we could carry ourselves using just magnets and sure enough it worked!! So we decide call it a night we slept in the living both on separate couches, while sleeping I heard the devil laughing and whispering things over and over woke up from my dream looked over at my friend then he woke up as well and both asked each other did you hear anything ?? He told me yes I just heard the devil laughing and whispering to me , thats when I told him yes I heard the same thing and told'em he said this to me .............THEN I really woke up from my dream and mumbling words so fast that weren't even words and realize what the hell am I saying and who am I talking too? I'm just here alone in my bed...
Isaiah 2018-12-28 19:44:09
I had a dream I was sitting at a table with the devil in a green house. At the table we were at, above us was a chandelier made of red and clear crystals. I don't know what we were talking about . But I had gotten up to walk away, and out of nowhere a little girl in a white dress put her hand on my back. Her hand made my back very hot and I could not break away from her hand. I eventually woke up.
Adeel 2018-10-22 21:32:46
I saw a dream where i was in church compound and few people said Jesus is here and when we call a name should come in front. They call a name and boy cones out takes soil from church wall and make cross on his forehead and keep walking being smiling. Atonce few pastors came out and said dont u know this is all lie we were about to tell u this that when Jesus will cone he will be in pure white gown. As soon he said that...on the sky it was bright light and an object with wings apeared. Initaly it seemed like angel but as it got closer hus face was like a skul so i immediately said its a devil. Soon his tail apeared and he stood infron of all...all the peopke ran into the class room on school in the compound. The devil had a book and pen in his hand. He followed people in the room and sat on the teachers chair. And asked all that noe we will eat..but before that we will pray he said that will cunning smile. He said my little child taught me this. As he started praying i talked to myself that whatever he will say i m not going to do ot. Once prayer ended all the peopke had plates in front and tgey were eating...except me and i immediately said to him that verse something like this tgat man is not living just on food. And he atonce looked at me and dream ended i woked up....any one knows its meaning....
Em 2018-09-10 12:11:56
I had a dream that I was in my room and I was trying to leave to go into my kitchen and it was a print from the devil on the floor.. I walked out anyways and something just kept telling me that he was somewhere close to me. I was scared so I decided to go into my bacement where my older brother was and I started telling him about my dream. I couldn't get out of the dream.... The rest is unrecalleed
Leslie 2018-09-01 04:18:02
When I was about 10 years old I had a dream I was playing cards with something I couldn’t see I was sitting in a old chair with a old table and a tall faceless think in front all black with skeleton hands with a little window light I’m not sure what this means and why I had it can someone help ??
Andre 2018-12-26 15:20:37
I recently had a similar dream. Where I was smoking a joint with the devil and we were playing cards if you have any info please help
Ruby 2018-08-26 13:28:23
I dreamed I was in this building and I was sitting beside Satan in this red chair and I asked him is it true you can shapeshift into a 3 headed dragon and he said yes, I seen his human form and he was a white male with black hair and some greys mixed in showing his age and he had a beard like you always see! His eyes kept glowing I seen lots of old people sit down in these Chairs who were going to hell but I sat in the red chair beside Satan I asked him other questions but apparently he must of kept me from remembering them...
Jacob Daniel 2018-08-19 05:39:41
I fell asleep on a Saturday night 8.19.18 and I dreamed about the devil flying us. Me and a forgotten face I'm pretty sure it was my brother Dylan and he was flying us up which makes no since since he doesn't have wings. I am very confused and not worried.just confused the Devil was flying us out of all 10 of his levels or how many it was maybe it wasn't the devil flying us up maybe it was Jesus because I saw the devils face below from where the person was flying us. AMEN AND GOD BLESS EVERYONE.
Kurley 2018-08-13 22:57:19
I had a dream that I was stabbing a man with a pitch fork not a huge one but like one you use to grill I kept stabbing him and stabbing him but he wouldn’t die he just kept laughing and throwing me off of him and I just kept trying to stab him then he laughed and said you can’t kill me then he bent over and he wanted me to torture him so I was stabbing him in the bit but he wasn’t bleeding and he liked it he just kept laughing like evilly his eyes were red but he looked like a normal person he was slightly attractive and huge the dream was so realistic like I felt me stabbing him I felt the pitchfork going into his skin
keisha hosein 2018-08-10 21:59:17
i drea m the devil wanted to marry me and this angel show up telling me to make the right choice the angel was so white i couldn't see his face its scary
Prashant 2018-07-09 19:29:50
Devil hugging me in my dreams and says thank you and goes away ! What does it means?
Eridon 2018-07-08 00:42:56
Last night I had a dream with a devil that was in the form of a black dog, and with a lion that was my “friend” and that I cared for him. The black dog deceived me and somehow he killed the lion. It’s so complicated
Belle 2018-07-07 00:17:22
I had a very strange dream last night and it was daunting. In most of my dreams, I can't see faces very well, but I instinctively know who a person is. In this dream I saw very detailed faces and expressions, so I had no way to realize it wasn't a dream.

Mostly I remember flashes, but I vividly remember a moment where I knew this handsome man cloaked in black (who I am pretty sure is the devil) was coming after me. I remembered inside the dream that I'd made a deal with him and I was now trying to evade his efforts to take my soul or whatever. There was one point where I was running from him and hid behind some unknown structure, and he was trying to locate me by talking to my cousin and brother, who I am close to. I tried to surprise and kill him by stab wound, and only succeeded in the "surprise" part. He treated it like a game after that, doing whatever he could to terrorize me into "Giving up on my faith " which is strange because I'm not religious. At one point, there was a funnel cloud and right afterward a bunch of people drowned. I vividly remember thinking that I should give up after seeing a little dark haired boy amd his father fall into the water, but when they emerged again I decided I wasn't going to give in. When one of my favorite teachers died directly by the man's influence, I remember screaming at him that I wouldn't renounce my faith for anything (again, I'm not religious), but then I heard my mom quietly saying my name behind me. When I turned around, she was talking about how it as too late and she s dying, and that's when my dream ended. I woke up terrified. I have no clue as to what any of it means. Anyone have an idea?

Meera 2018-06-29 04:38:01
I had a dream where things and people start disappearing at one part of the whole house.
Finally the dream ended when satan came into us and as he teyd to escape from a teleport which was a window in the house..we burnt it down and the evil ultimately burns with the teleport and we receive back all the people n objects thatbhad gone missing!

Can someone explain if thats a good dream or not
Gooey 2018-06-25 00:00:24
Last night, I slept for about 12 hours, and had various dreams about defeating Satan. Each dream was a different scenario, and each dream I was able to defeat his tricks and or torment. Is this only a dream, or could it be that evil is testing my resolve in reality? Did I thwart evil’s attempt to come out in reality or am I reading too deep in this?
#wolf 2018-05-27 21:27:28
i had a dream about the devil son that i was dancing with him and he was happy and me too
jacqueline 2018-04-30 17:27:59
okay in my dream the devil was telling me to kill myself what does that mean should i be concerned or scared!?
Theresa aguirre 2018-04-17 13:32:35
I had a dream of a cat that was pozest as a devil I tried taking out the devil and it went into another person.why would I dream like that.
Holly 2018-03-24 18:18:42
In my dream, I was at my grandmother’s house in her room. She was in bed and I was talking with her telling her that I will be leaving to Houston soon to visit my uncle. He was waiting for me to get there and I had to get to the airport soon. Looking for my phone to call him I realized it was gone. I searched everywhere for it. I had her call it for me. I could hear it ring but didn’t see it. When I found it, it wasn’t my phone. I have an iPhone 7 and then phone I found ringing was an Lg smaller one with my name on it. I was crying telling my grandma this isn’t my phone someone must’ve tricked me, exchanged it, stolen it. That’s when she became senile...sort of distracted and spacey looking not at me but at something else. Then she got on top of her dresser and said “Shhhh, it’s the devil.” I started screaming for my sister in the next room but she was calling out to her kids that she couldn’t hear me, then I see my deceased grandfather walk into the hallway and see me and grandma in her room. He does nothing and I look at her and she grabs my face gracefully and looks into my eyes worried but with so much love. Then I woke up.

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