Dream meaning Coins

Generally gold and silver coins are considered auspicious to be viewed in your dreams whereas copper coins symbolize improvement in health. The negative representation of coins in your dream is the irrational behavior and thoughts that lead to heavy loss. They also sometimes suggest a necessary change in thinking or living habits in order to bring in joy of living.

Coins are very important insignia to be observed in your dreams and generally are related to health and wealth of the person. The dream interpretation differs on the position, amount and type of coin observed in the dream as all have specific meanings inclined. These dreams are quite rare and if you see them it means they have some tale to tell. Here you will find interpretations on the most common types and positions of coins observed in dreams so just go on and get the meaning.

Dreams concerning coins symbol

The impression of coins in your dream is generally interpreted as the overlooked opportunity that was crucial for your life. In particular, gold coins represent immense success at your work place which is also a carrier of money. These are most auspicious type of coins to view in the dreams but other than this if you see silver coins then it signifies enhancement in spiritual sense. It is also analyzed as the enhancer of intuitive power to guide you in future. To see copper coins implies that you will get mental or physical healing which is vital in life. To see various coins stacked in a big pile at corner represents the gain in power (physical or positional) as group of coins symbolize authority in particular sector. To see coin toss in dream implies that you are contemplating over some crucial description. This also denotes that you are not taking accountability of results from your faulty decision. To observe a fake coin in dream suggests that you will suffer from a particular injury or infection. It is also believed that, coins of minor value are favorable than coins of great value.

The place of dreams about coins in wake life

If you get coins dream you can expect some positive changes in life such as improvement in health, position and so on. Such dreams also signify gains at other fronts of life such as spirituality and intuition. It is not wrong if we conclude that dreams about coins are good omen if are observed in proper position and conditions.

Imaginary coin dream and its interpretation for better illustration

Consider a dream where you are passionate about digging and finding treasures out of the land. To follow this passion you are digging at various places using your hands and tools around the house but do not get anything. One day you decide to dig at the nearby lawn and after reaching a respectable distance find a muslin cloth tied with rope containing numerous silver coins. This dream consists three symbols that is the act of digging, hands or tool and silver coins. The full meaning of this dream is that you are trying to uncover a truth about yourself or your existence and are quite depressed for not reaching the level. Silver coins signify that you will find what you were searching for and it is related to spirituality and it will solve your problems at once. This dream is the symbol of improvement in your present situation.
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ron 2014-04-22 01:53:45
i always dream of picking coins i'm not quite sure if is it a silver or copper one! my first dream about coins is picking a foreign coins. and the second is Philippines coins 5 peso and 1 peso coin a lot of them..i dream of it many times.

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Debra Roberts 2014-04-04 17:14:59
Ok so last night I dreamed that I found a bunch of loose sliver change in some dirt and the more I picked up the more it was there. It was like I couldn't stop getting it.

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thulz 2014-03-07 13:47:38
In my dream It was like I could here the dogs talking trg to give a small one a name then I suggested names to the small cute dog Then it was like I was playing with a small bird and it toileted on my head I then went where my ex girlfriend works to wash it off where we were arguing me and her Then a friend was givven a job to go and mop at the casino and was told they not going to allow him inside with sendles but he went in and I also followed also in my gypsys gave the casino lady a ten rand that I saved for cigerates to pay for entrance but she gave me R7 and a lot of silver and brown coins but when I entered there were only few machines

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babygurl 2014-03-07 04:05:44
I dream about a chinese man giving me a coins what it does mean?

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Mary Kinser 2014-02-26 15:54:45
I dreamt I found some coins with one very rare silver coin from the 1800's that was all flattened out and bent in the track of a sliding glass door at the vets office. The track was dirty and had to sorta dig them out. The rare coin was clean and shiny.

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Joy 2014-01-30 00:51:34
Just this morning I ride a tricycle then I saw a one coin I choose to stop and pick up the coin right after I notice that its just not one but eight. Any thought about this? I really annoy me what does it mean.

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rita borg 2014-01-27 10:30:04
hi l dreamed l had a box full of copper and silver coins and l dropped them and l was picking them back up

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Karen 2014-01-14 22:41:01
I had a dream that I was walking on a tiled floor and I found some coins(pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters). At first they were scattered. The more I picked up the more I was finding. Then the coins got bigger and were gold. The gold coins did not look familiar. Then I woke up. Any thoughts?

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phakile 2013-11-10 05:52:35
My husband dreamt me sending him R6.00
South Aftican coins by post

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linda 2013-11-02 16:16:47
repeated dream: kneeling in a city corner digging and finding dirt-covered coins which I proceed to put on my skirt and haul away. The coins are in layers and when I take out all the coins from the top layer, I continue to dig and get more coins from the next layers, and so on....dig, dig all night long...I'm exhausted in the morning from all the digging and carrying of the heavy dirt-covered coins.

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Archen 2013-09-28 09:06:35
I was in an old house with a person I'm close to (non-family.) suddenly an earthquake starts to happen only around and in this house and it gets ruined. Another person then picks up an old, faded gold-silver coin the size of a peach stone. Its quite dirty and had a small dagger attached to it that's the size that would fit in a little girl's doll's house as part of the set. The dagger had been heated prior to the earthquake but had been misplaced a few hours before it happened. The woman holding and showing it to us then told us it was the cause of the earthquake.

A lot of other things happens before and after this even but i want to know the meaning of this part specifically. If it helps, other prominent parts of the dream included doors which went to other realms, fairytales that linked in to me and the people in the house, my partner and her family, a legion of evil beings coming after me as part of the fairytales, a small ghost shaped candy which turns into a seed when you pick it up and kills you by growing a plant inside you when you ingest it, failure and torture when running from the head of the evil things.

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peter 2013-09-20 16:47:49
Dreamt picking coins holding some notes in one hand

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Sonia 2013-09-06 05:11:22
In dream, I got 700 rupees from my daughter, who was with me at someone unknown person's home. she got these rupees from unknown person.

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sue 2013-08-24 17:56:57
I dreamt that pennies were falling from the sky like it was rain.

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Maxine 2013-08-19 04:25:55
Please tell me what this could mean..I just dreamt there was a massive Copper coin in the sky and I told my two daughters to come out of house to see it at night time. All the lights in neighbourhood started going out one by one until it was dark. my daughters were few steps ahead of me when a car came really dast towards them and a group of other people who were out to see the coin. I know my youngest daughter did not get hit but i woke up crying because i thought my eldest got hit.

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