Dream meaning Knives

Dream meaning Knives


Dreams about observing knives indicate frustration, aggression or fierce anger. They also sometimes represent the need to remove a hurting part in your mind to get on with life fully.
The physical characteristic of the set of knives denote separate meaning for dreamer. It is necessary to consider the position of knife, quantity, the holding hand and type of the tool for better interpretation. Knives are generally taken as means of separation from a hurting side or hurting personality. They also suggest the need to look upon the extent of suffering in any relationship. Appearance of blunt or sharp knives itself suggests the amount of aggression present in the person.

Types of knives dreams and related interpretation

Appearance of knife indicates a sense of insecurity in the dreamer and may showcase the need of protection inside. A set of knives depict the psychological turmoil running in your mind or reflect a battle with yourself. It suggests that you are pushing yourself to take some serious actions that may hurt your near and dear ones but your mind is inhibiting for doing the same. Afraid to say that these dreams signify a long battle and turmoil that means you will have to go through this internal war for some more time. It is related to a relationship that is a sore on your life and even though you want to chop it off, feeling unsure about it. To see your hand holding sharp knives depict your readiness to move on by breaking a long term disastrous love affair. To see a dream where you have been attacked by many knives indicate that you have bunch of enemies around. It also suggests you to take some action before they can do anything to harm you. Also pay attention to the sharpness of knife you are holding as blunt knife will indicate towards slow progress in getting rid of the problem where a sharp knife will offer immediate relief. Dream of knives for a female dreamer indicate the fears about some unknown event or happening approaching your life.

Resolution to take from dreams of knives

Dreams of knife clearly suggest a need of taking serious and fast actions in order to eradicate a nagging problem or relationship. They are suggesting the dreamer, not to caress the lifeless relations but get over with it to enjoy the freedom and relief. It is understandable that this is simple to say but hard to do still it is what suggested by your mind. If you keep the trouble close to you for long time it will get tangled and difficult to chop off. The dream can be related to an uninterested field of education that you are forcefully studying and suggests that you need to communicate with your parents to pursue education according to your liking. If you are getting attacked by knives in dreams then identify your enemies in time and save yourself from embarrassment and failure.

Dream of being stabbed by knives and its interpretation

Consider a dream where you are walking in front of your house with a friend or unknown person and having joyous chats about day to day life. Then your friend insists you to move ahead as he/she wants to drink water for a minute. You are still walking when suddenly you feel sharp pain in back and realize that two knives have been poked inside by the friend and you are in absolute bewilderment. This dream signifies that you are carrying enemy in your trusted people. This can also determine your suspicions on your best pal due to some incidences. If you have seen yourself stabbed by a known person then you can keep an eye on his intentions to save yourself from further distress.

Comments: Dream meaning Knives

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NICOLE 2020-10-15 05:17:16
I had a dream the I opened my drawer and there are knives
Her-majesty 2018-01-27 08:58:57
I had a dream where a young boy gave me a knife
tui 2017-09-11 17:30:47
I had a dream of my house boy buried a kicthen knife with sharp blade facing up
StephyB 2017-06-05 19:40:25
I had a dream my dead Grandfather was dressed like Edgar Frog in Lost Boys and he had a knife homemade shank, and he was telling me to get a knife for my son. He was 5 or 6 at the time, and I was pregnant with his sister. He is very jealous and angry about sharing me with his sister, and she vise a versa. I am not sure giving my son a knife is a great sign, for he is aggressive. I need to spend more time with him and be more patient.
HeliosEos 2023-12-25 06:37:48
The dream you describe features several elements that may be stemming from your subconscious concerns and feelings:

1. Dead Grandfather: Seeing a deceased loved one in a dream often represents wisdom or guidance from your past or your subconscious mind. It could also mean that you're seeking comfort or advice during a time of uncertainty.

2. Edgar Frog in Lost Boys: This character represents a vampire hunter, someone who protects against a hidden danger. If you associate this character with protection or combativeness, it might reflect your own protective instincts, especially concerning your children.

3. Homemade Shank: A weapon in a dream often symbolizes a perceived threat or a need for defense. In your case, your grandfather encouraging you to provide a knife for your son might echo your own thoughts about preparing or 'arming' your son to face the challenges he has with his emotions, particularly jealousy and anger.

4. Guidance for Your Son: While your grandfather's message to get a knife could be disturbing, it is more likely a metaphorical statement than a literal one. It might represent your thoughts about equipping your son with the tools or skills necessary to defend himself emotionally as he adjusts to having a sibling and the challenges that come with sharing your attention.

5. Jealousy and Anger: These are very common emotions for a child to have when a new sibling arrives. Your dream may be expressing your own awareness of your son's need for emotional support and your role in helping him manage these feelings.

The dream likely points to your concerns about providing sufficient emotional support to your son during a time of family change. Your thoughts about needing to spend more time and be more patient with him likely infiltrated your dream, manifesting through the symbol of your authoritative grandfather offering drastic advice.

In reality, the 'knife' your grandfather suggests could represent the need for a different type of tool or strategy in dealing with the situation - perhaps the necessity for active communication, dedicated individual attention, or fostering a bond between the siblings.
robin 2017-06-05 12:31:11
my father whispered in my ear beware of knives
Lindy 2016-08-30 06:59:31
I had a dream where I was standing in front of a mirror, as I glanced I saw something on my left side of my ribs. As I looked closer I saw it was a wound and something was inside. I tried pulling it out, but wasn't sure what it was so I left it and then realized it had to come out. So I pulled it out, and in my hands was a steak knife without the handle. But no one had stabbed me in the dream? What does that mean?
Bader 2016-05-26 16:54:52
I had a weird dream where I had pus coming out of wound. it felt good during the dream to eampty that pus out. After that, I saw a small object coming out of the same wound and it was a black plastic "to go" knife. I t felt good to see all the coming out of my body. What does that mean?
Kaye 2015-07-05 15:56:53
Probably this is the scariest dream I have ever had.

So it started like this...

I was babysitting my brother in a modern house with my friend and the mad doctor from the human centipede. The mad doctor told me that he's just going to sleep because he has to work on midnight and I said okay. And then, I followed him through the kitchen because my brother needed a water. Suddenly, he pulled out a knife in the drawer and looked at me. I asked him why he was holding a knife, plus it was huge! He said that his doing a project about this thing called "human centipede". I started to panic because I know what he was talking about! He's going to make a human centipede by using the three of us! My friend, me and my brother. I started to run away and my friend followed me. I forgot about my little brother in the house but I didn't come back. As I was running, I was suddenly holding a kinfe and so as my friend. I didn't have the knife before I started running! We were both crying because the mad doctor was chasing us! And then, we found this barn house and saw several people. They asked us what was wrong and I told them everything. They let us in the barn and then suddenly, It was white. Everything was white!! I was alone when I hear someone walking behind me. I look around and saw my boyfriend! His hands were behind him so, I suspect that he was holding something. He walked towards me with a smile and he suddeny hug me. I hugged him back because I felt safe. But then, I felt this sharp thing in my stomach and I looked at it. There was a knife on my stomach!! I looked up into him and he was smiling. He caressed my cheeks and I fell onto the floor. The floor was full of my blood. He told me that I have to stay here, laying and that I needed a rest! I was gonna say something but I can't because of the pain in my stomach!!

And that's when I woke up...
Angie 2015-06-09 23:22:39
This is 100% true ! I had a weird and very scary dream last nyt ... So it all started I was with some people In a known place I don't knw who they are maybe friends . I couldn't make out their faces but we were just talking and all of a sudden they pointed behind me and this dark male figure came running behind me and stabbed my back with a knife . And I dropped to the ground and I screamed for help but those friends I was with turned into solid figures and I saw in the distance this solid black male figure just standing there watching , no one decided to help me in the dream.. Then I woke up ...

Anyone know what this means
concerned 2015-05-23 21:10:25
I dreamed that I was going to take a bath in clear hot water with these sharp plastic dagger. In which I never put myself in the water because of the discovery. What does this mean?
shane 2014-12-12 10:42:25
what does it mean when you break the blade on a knife given as a gift.
Anonymous 2017-03-09 20:41:38
it means you are refusing to kill people they are trying to give you a spark to murder people by giving you things like a knife. It's a good thing that you broke it. Your future later on turned out well a few days later. You broke something valuable but you wen't against something that was harmful to you and your health.? I'm very sorry if i give you severe badluck with this comment. This kind of badluck that I have will drive people completely insane and make everyone disagree with you no matter what. If you are going crazy right now back immediately. Until then, keep praying to God and Jesus and read bible verses Psalm 21 and Romans until then to protect you for now.? You must read the armor of god every night to protect yourself in your dreams. It won't stop them from there attacks but you will feel yourself being less mind-controlled and be able to roam around in your neighborhood more often.? 
mak 2016-03-03 13:26:30
i had the same dream n cant find any info about it
Lily 2014-05-24 10:48:35
I had this horrifying dream a couple nights ago, I was trying to forget it but every minute of every hour I think about it and I need answers.

This is how the dream went:

I was walking along a path in what seemed to be some sort of park. It was picth black and I was linking arms with my mom we could only see maybe 2 meters ahead of us. We were walking and I was saying how cold I was because I was wearing a vest a skinny jeans only. I seemed to be the inly one talking. I only saw the head of my mom I didnt aee any of her body although It was there. I looked ahead and saw two men, one sat in a old car and one stood outside of it. We walked past and all of a sudden he stabbed me in the back of my right shoulder l (I was on the left) then my mom wasn't there anymore sbe had gone and I saw the men drive off. I was frantically screaming abd screaming I woke up and I was screamiy still. I had been moving around ALOT. I had tears comming down fron my eyes. It was terrifying! And I cannot forget about it! It's like the person is in my mind reminding me of he dream. What could this mean!!

jaz 2014-03-24 17:47:41
I just had a dream Well the very last part of my dream was like this: I found my grandmother getting out of a classroom in which I was hiding from a small person whom I taught to turn into the Hulk and was looking for me to hurt me and my grandma was going back to her country and I told her Im going with you, there was a crowd on the street as we were walking I turn my head to the right and I saw a black man with a small sharp knife smirking and looking at me two people away from me, then I go to the left to protect my grandma and I realize there is another black guy with the same type of knife right in front of us, the knives were sharp and were those knives that flip out of their cases to be exposed. They already had them out but those were the type of knives. I pushed my grandma to safety thinking they want to hurt her and the two guys dont pay attention to her and stabbed me once on each shoulder and once on each arm then I run to an alley where my grandma was or so I thought she was there dont remember if I saw her but I was bleeding and I was trying to stop the bleeding. I think some people tried to help me then I woke up.

Now some background on my grandma not that the dream is about her. She lives in the country I was born and I havent seen her in years, I dont talk to her much over the phone but we do have a good relationship, she is a sick woman.

I did have sex last night with my husband after a while of not doing anything but there was no penetration and I only mention this because I read knife dreams have a sexual meaning as well.

Also yesterday I applied for like 6 jobs because Ive been unemployed for 4 months. Which is frustrating because I have a Bachelors degree and more than 10 years of experience.

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