Dream meaning God

Different implications in various beliefs

If you see god communicating with you means that you are going to face failure in business or relationships. Many people all over the world observe their god in dreams performing one or other activities. These dreams generally implicate a strange fear in mind which arises due to the transgression of some kind. Opposite to these many people observe healing dreams of god that gives them strength to face the future and bless those advancements in spirituality. Some people describe that god in the dream communicates with them without moving his lips but through mute conversation using eyes. These dreams are overwhelming and can be interpreted as good or bad fortune depending on the present situation.

Interaction with god in dreams and its essence for life

If you see your god communicating with you in the dream signifies that you will experience deterioration in health or financial status. To see yourself worshiping god implies that you have to suffer and repent for your aberrant actions. This kind of dream is very strong and it shows immediate results in your real life. To see yourself receiving soul of god means that you will face immediate changes in your beliefs over god and particular doctrine. This dream also suggests that you will withstand severe punishments for shameful act performed by you. To dream of receiving favors from god suggests that you will get advancements at your work place by someone who holds authoritative position.

Suggestions for wake life after having dreams of god

You observe god in dreams only when you have done shameful actions in life. God which appears in your dream might be your inner good side to warn you of its consequences. It is always advisable to check on your actions rather than repenting afterwards. After receiving a god dream you must confess your act to the related person or you can try to improve the situations created by you in others life. Remember, god figure has turned in your dream only to warn you to take appropriate actions well advance to escape the delirious results. Such dreams can come up due to the sense of guilt and fear present in you which needs to be tackled before it eats up your mind.

Positive god dreams and its possible meaning

It is quite possible to get positive dreams about god that can imply some positive changes in life. Consider a dream where you are standing on a road with many unknown people around and all are looking up to a godly figure in the sky. Then that figure starts showering water on all the population present below but all are completely dry except you. Your body has been drenched in the water while others are staring at you for not getting the holy water. This dream is amazing representation of god and his blessings. To have this dream means that you are going to have some special favors from the divine for your positive deeds. You can expect turn of fortune wheel and good fortune in your life as a result of this auspicious dream.
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anindita 2016-06-22 00:17:02
i Saw first Lord krishna, then Lord Vishnu, Then Lord Ram. Lord Krishna hugged me, Lord Vishnu saved me from enemies, Lord Ram spent time with me , blessed me

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Perumal 2016-06-19 23:04:08
I dream bout Lord Hanuman last nite.. in my dream im watching Lord Hanuman cartoon and the screen showed "dwarka" word red in colour.

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pavani 2016-05-26 02:27:23
I had a dream 6 years before in which goddess Durga told me that her amsa will born to me.I saw goddess Durga for few seconds even after opening my eyes, ..in front of me

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unknown 2016-05-02 19:14:07
I had a dream of jesus like there`s no something terrible happened but we`re just having an eye to eye it was just like an hour before I woke up, and when I finally woke up I felt blessed and very happy I dont understand why but it feels so good. in that day I became a very happy and joyful people seem like im high. can someone tell me what does it mean?

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Anjali 2016-04-27 23:39:50
I have seen lots krishna was swimming in my dream. I have seen krishna swimming from back side not his face.

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Raaju 2016-04-03 14:24:04
In the early morning 2 am I had a dream ... I and my Son (12 years) were in God Muruga temple and after the dheeparathanai we got prasatham and eat it in Temple itself ... After that I can't sleep .... is it good sign?

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patro 2016-04-01 22:00:09
Early morning i got dream.I went to a hill temple and taken GOd on my head to dowm the temple

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SR 2016-03-07 01:38:33

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Osinda 2016-02-16 23:08:51
I saw in my dream kali amman ...bt i dnt knw why saw kali amman plz tell me meaning of this dream

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prii 2016-02-14 16:08:43
I saw I was offering meat to lord shiva

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Holly 2016-01-26 12:57:37
I had a dream a long time ago, it is still very vivid in my mind.
In the dream I awoke from my sleep and came down a set of stairs, and walked into the kitchen to see a older man ( he was old but not old) he was wearing a comfortable sweat suit and was heavy set, his hair was whit, it only went around the sides and back of his head like a hallo that had fallen around his head. It spooked me, he looked at me and said don't be afraid. I looked at him and said you cant be God. he laughed softly and said " I appear the way you see me because that is how you think of me." then he sat there with me and looked me at me and said " all you have to do is ask and it will be done" I panic and woke up. SInce this dream I have seem to have walked a rough road yet never getting hurt, never being touched or harmed. Its like no matter what I face I never get hurt. I have never asked the Lord for anything for myself, I always ask for others. No matter how far I have strayed from the Lord it seems as if he is walking right there next to me. This is the first time I have spoke of this, only because I feared being called crazy. yet I know I am not. I just felt that I needed to let others know, that God does appear to you, in the shape and form that you see him as.

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kannan 2016-01-13 02:03:14
I had a dream loard siva dancing rudhra thandavam and he burning one priest and loard ganesh feeling sad and he is crying lot of tears acomes his eyes, Let me know the meaning of this?

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Sriram 2015-12-17 10:14:08
I got a dream that i have taken bal hanuman into my hands to make him sleep that to from the tree.

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Suman dhali 2015-12-11 03:26:37
I saw that I was in a math with guru ji. Guru ji cleaning the simhasan and one Krishna statue kept in the bed.I played with the Krishna statue and after some time I want to move Krishna from the bed but Krishna fall from there and he got broke.guru ji got very angry and me open my eyes immediate .plz tell me about the meaning for guruji and krishna

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Priyanka 2015-11-25 20:56:18
Today morning i saw in my dream that gold statue of goddess Lakshmi in the river asking me what you need and i said give me your blessing and then she blessed me with lots of gold. After some time when i call family member to see this what i got from goddess Lakshmi, all gold become black stone and goddess Lakshmi got disappear from the water.

Please advise me what does this dream means.

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