Dream Dictionary Food

Dream Dictionary Food

Food as a dream symbol has two staunch ways that people approach it for purposes of dream interpretation.

Dream Food
Dream Dictionary Food. Are You Really Hungry, or Are you Just Dreaming? What It Really Means to Dream About Food

This involves looking at food as a metaphorical element, and looking at food as a physical element. As far as food as a physical element is concerned, it is believed by some, that seeing food in your dreams is your body’s simply way of telling you that you are hungry as you sleep. Conventionally, hunger as the meaning of dream about food is not as supported by the dream dictionary.

The reason that this theory is not as well supported is because of how the body works. Scientifically speaking, the body should not crave food after a certain point if you had been eating three regular meals. If you are the type of person that eats three full meals a day, then when you are having dreams about food, it should not mean that you are hungry, because at this point you should not be hungry. However, if you had not been eating regularly as you should, then the dream meaning of food may be that you do need to get up. If the hunger pangs are this bad, then you will probably be woken up in the middle of the dream to get a midnight snack. If you are not woken up throughout the course of the dream, then you may just wake up in the morning with an extra large appetite. Just make sure to get a good healthy serving of food, and you should stop having food dreams.

Other dream interpretations insist on a more metaphorical treatment of food. Because food is a form of energy or nourishment, dream meanings of food are naturally extended to spiritual and mental areas of your life as well. What this means is that if you are having dreams about food too often, it may be because you are seeking nourishment in other areas of your life. Food dreams are most commonly associated with religion in this regard, in a form of spiritual nourishment. Some would suggest that if you are having too many dreams about food, you may have not gone to your chosen place of spiritual worship often enough. Perhaps this means it is time to go to church next Sunday when you can get a chance.

Another interpretation of this is on a mental level. You need to challenge yourself more intellectually and the food is there to show you that. Feeding your mind is just as important as feeding your body, and the minute that you stop actively challenging yourself is the minute that you start to have your intelligence decrease. You need to show some upkeep with your intellectual processes. The body only needs one type of food to function, but the mind needs many more, of a physical and non physical variety. If you dream about food too often, then there is a part of you that is not being fed the way it should. It is up to you to figure out what part of yourself needs the most help.

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