Dream meaning Keys

Dream meaning Keys


Common dreams about keys generally depict regular surrounding life door, lock and different keys. The characteristics of the keys matter to great extent in its dream interpretations; along with their physical appearance the metal used for making of key is also significant in its actual analysis. Your actions with the keys are also important while depicting its meaning along with your emotions or surroundings. Dreams about keys can be of different types hence here you will find common dreams appeared to people associated with their meaning.

General guide over dreams about keys

Apart from above meanings, appearance of keys in dreams could indicate unexpected or sudden changes in your life. To see dream of losing a key indicates unwanted circumstances or turn of events. This dream also applies to quarrel or misunderstanding with your best pal which will be resolved later. Loss of key also denotes to loss of status in life which will bring disappointment in your family. Same dream is synonymous to unpleasant frustrations or distress over loss of golden opportunity. Dreams of losing keys for women indicate dispute with partner or lover. To see broken key, indicates separation from loved ones either by internal problems or natural cause like death. If the key appears to be corroded by air then it indicates that you possess a talent that is neglected throughout the life. To hear sound of keys rattling in bunch suggests that you are following right path in life and possess all the qualities required to achieve your goal. To find a key in dreams indicates towards peace of life and solution for your troubles. To find a golden key in dreams is the symbol of fortune and indicates that your bad days are over and soon you will experience a positive period of life.

Ideology after dreams of keys

If you get dreams of keys that imply to some negative meaning then you should act quickly to control its after effects. The worst dreams as far as keys are concerned are loss of keys and such dreams indicate towards distress and disputes. These dreams are present to give you time to avoid these effects by constructing positive relationship with family. These are great warning signals for ladies, as they suggest difference of opinion and distress between two companions. These dreams suggest staying away from the person with whom you have been involved so that you can save yourself from frustrations and sorrows.

Suggestive dream about keys

Consider a dream where you are running on the street and being chased by a monstrous man from behind. You find that the road is composed of many doors on both the sides and you are trying to open them in order to escape this man. But all the doors are locked and not opening and when you reach next door you find its key hanging from the lock itself. You open it and venture inside to feel safe and secure. This dream signify that you are running away from negative circumstance of your wake life, may be a trouble marriage, tensions at work or similar things. You really want to escape this tiring and frustrating situation and finding a key for happiness. Be assured that at the end you will definitely find a solution for your problems that will make you happy and satisfied again.

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Audrey 2023-08-11 06:37:13
I had a dream that a little sparrow stole my key and flew off, he then dropped the key behind a billboard and I couldn’t reach it. Any idea what this means?
HeliosEos 2023-12-26 01:08:54
The little sparrow in your dream might represent something you perceive as small or inconsequential that has taken away something important from you (symbolized by the key). In dream symbolism, birds are often seen as messengers or represent freedom and perspective.

The key is a common dream symbol which often signifies access, control, power, or the solution to a problem. Losing a key or having it taken away might mean you're feeling a loss of control or opportunity in some part of your life.

The action of the sparrow dropping the key behind a billboard where you can't reach it can symbolize a barrier between you and what you perceive to be an opportunity, solution, or important access to an area of your life.

Billboards often represent messages and public communication. The key being dropped behind a billboard might mean that a message or an external influence is blocking you from achieving your goals or finding the solution you were looking for.

If you're currently facing a situation where you feel that a seemingly small or unexpected event has put an important goal or aspect of your life out of reach, this dream might be reflecting those frustrations or the sense of being so close yet unable to grasp what you need.
Susan 2020-05-29 20:21:46
i dream my neighbour who died about two years ago gave me new silver padlock and three keys. i was initially scared when I saw him in my dream but he told me not to be scared and he told me to say hello to his wife and other people while he handed the new silver padlock and three keys to me
Kyree 2018-05-22 13:07:05
Had a dream my keys were stuck in my mouth.i woke up in my dream lookimg for them to find the handle hanging out my mouth in the mirrior.i struggled to get them out and it hurted a bit. I dont feel bad or good about the dream. Really weird. Can anyone help me?
ricky 2018-04-02 03:30:20
i was running away from monsters through houses but running on the walls seperating the housez

i ended up with some people
wevfound a lady she hadva shotgun and she was protecting a field of water

she had to keys with her she gave one key to the one lady saying this is the key of water it was a small golden key

and another to me a silver key saying this is the key to the objects

what does this mean
Angel 2017-10-05 05:46:48
Had a dream where my ex who is now calling me everyday family gave me bunch of keys I mean house keys and they told me to take care of the house. What does that actually means?
Sania 2018-03-24 18:12:41
I had the exact same dream asking me to take care of his house. But it was from me Teacher, Master. What could it mean?
seth 2017-07-17 09:56:57
A child was playing with my keys. By the time I realized I needed it she has dropped it in a well. But in the dream as I was finding a way to get-in and pick, a lady saw an entrance to the well so I went out to find someone who could help get it from the well of water for me
Sophia 2017-07-09 15:25:47
I dream that Death/Grim/Reaper gave me a silver key... Should I be worried about that?
Tina A 2017-06-01 09:59:13
Someone gave me key in my dream
tony 2017-09-27 15:22:31
Best proof all- the constant reliance on person in control
Carol Atterberry 2017-04-21 07:50:55
I had a dream there was a troll like person that was in my crawl space. He seemed really sad so I showed him how beautiful the outside was. Then ran inside locked him out. I had a gold and black key in my mouth grinding and leaving pieces behind with fish bones. If anyone can help me with that. would be great!
Ade 2017-04-11 08:57:03
I dreamt someone came to give drop a car key & a huge lot of money saying it all belongs to me, was thinking how to go about it wen my friends whom I was living with b4 removed out of it, came back & I tld them they v removed out, so they had to return part of it, dint knw what to do cos I was thinking something might happened to me before day break so I decided to go to the hotel to sleep, then I woke up
Brian 2017-03-21 20:48:14
I dreamed that my deceased father handed me set of keys in a crowded souvenir shop of some sort. He was smiling and I hugged him. I dreamt this about 1 month after his passing. I miss him terribly.
Samantha 2018-04-25 09:12:29
I had a similar dream after my daddy died...anout a month after...he gave me a key and smiled ..kind of chuckled ... everything around us was white then I woke up
Donna 2017-02-20 05:15:33
My husband passed in 2012. I now have a bf still not divorced. My dream was my late husband holding many keys. I hugged him & begged him to come back. ??????

Cakey-Bread 2017-02-08 06:16:19
During my dream, I was in the process of pulling out a large clump of crumpled-up bedding/clothes from down the side of the boiler cupboard - this took place at the house, that I lived on 'n' off from the age of 8-20years of age. My real life buncha keys for the flat that I live in now fell out of the bundle.

My x-partner took the keys, he materialised out of nowhere, and started saying that he's keeping them, and things like; what on earth, do u need keys for. I was worried that he wasn't gonna give them back to me. Then very suddenly quickly, - he threw them on the floor, by my feet, as if he'd just been toying with me. I was wearing socks without shoes or slippers.

Incidentally when I first started menstruating, I used to hide my used sanitary napkins down the side of the boiler cupboard, because no-one ever looked down their, not even my mother who was incredibly nosey and distrustful of me, whilst I was growing up. Sometimes out of pure necessity, I would be forced to re-use those towels, the reason being coz my mum felt embarrassed about my periods. I started my periods aged 10. And I felt to embarrassed and humiliated to ask her for the money to buy them.
nombulelo 2017-01-25 04:35:20
I dream about my broke I don't know what it means
Greg 2016-10-02 10:29:20
In my dream, i was in a movie theater sitting with one of my longtime friends but we were sitting a few rows behind my ex girlfriend.
-but we both knew we were there.

So my friend was telling me that I need to go talk to her and I felt I really didint need to go up there to have a co versation with her.

As O was discussing this situation with my friend, the rapper Nas walked by us and went to go talk to my ex girlfriend?
-And I just let him go do it, which would not be my character at all!

So after Nas and my exgirlfriend talked, I weny down there to ask her what was that talk with Nas was all about? When O got up to her, I noticed that she threw my keys I gave her on the floor, stating that she didnt want them anymore.

The dream ended with me picking up the keys and following her out of the theater asking her why she doesnt want the keys anymore and her not really wanting to talk to me.

The crazy part about this dream is nothing is similar to my real life:
1-i was in the music business, but never worked with Nas
2-me and this particular ex did not end on bad terms, but i did break up with her because of our age difference (she was much younger)
3-I never gave her any keys or anything of ownership
4-we havent spoken or seen each otherin at about 6 years.

I am so confused about the meaning of this dream, it really makes no sense to me at all!
Jasmine 2016-09-21 20:17:56
I had a dream that my brother and parents were going inside of my house after we got home. However, I was laying on the ground and looking at the stars while they were doing so. While I was admiring the beautiful stars, I saw something strange in the sky. I called out to my family "do you guys see that unidentified flying object?" within seconds I realized it wasn't flying- it was falling. Before I knew it a large key fell to the earth of my front yard. The key was reddish orange and was about the size of a large shoebox. After this I remember dreaming of myself googling something along the lines of "key falling from sky". I don't know what this dream means. I wish I did.
Arcana 2016-08-08 11:58:53
I was given a set of keys in a thick plastic bag. One of th keys was yellow and made of plastic. It was the same as, or similar to my gas meter storage unit. The remaining keys were silver and gold color. I think there were about 5 keys, altho I'm not entirely sure. All I remember thinking was, - why would someone give me new packaged keys?
nonye 2016-07-21 05:57:36
I had this dream when I was having issues with my ex boyfriend after he took me to meet his people and I was praying to God to know if he is the right one for me. In the dream I was going home with my mom with friends, we came to an uncompleted building that was chained all round with a padlock, and I was to pass through (inside) the building to get to my destination, on seeing that, ma mom advised we take the side of the building hence it will lead us to same destination, I said no, thats not how it should it, I must pass through the building, I set out looking for the key, I met an elderly man who knew where the key was and I commanded him to go get the key for me, he went and brought the key for me, but was scared as he was giving me the key, I took the key from him and headed towards the building to unlock it, then I woke up. Will really want to know the meaning of the dream.
donna 2016-06-25 08:41:40
In my dream I receive a key from my prevous employer. She told me to keep it.I don't like to accept the key but my employer insist me to accept it and she told me that on the latter days I might use the keys. Nsy zi know what the meaning.
Jean 2016-05-08 15:16:25
I just had a dream this morning that the very key in my bedroom Broke in half when I tried to open the doorknob! Which means I can't get in my room! It was so clear when I came home I looked at my room key and worried it might really break. Can somebody please explain this to me? Please? I spent the night with the guy I'm sorta dating and I don't think it's going anywhere other than sex. Please, help!
Kam 2016-04-28 05:19:58
i saw a dream that three lady family members are performing religious ceremonies away from house and I am not happy about it I cam eback to house and see main door open with big lock open with key in it hanging on door. When I shout who is inside ,a unknown young lady ran out of it.
Keyy 2016-04-10 17:51:05
I was looking for my grandmas house key.
Phionah 2015-10-24 21:23:40
Had a dream where my cousin was looking for a car key but i was the one who found two bunches of keys! I gave him one and remained with one! Thereafter,i begun suspecting that the ones i had remained with might have been the ones he wanted but had no way of passing them to him! I remember looking at them and concentrating on one specific key that looked like a car key and it was a silver key!! Help me interpret this dream please
astrid 2015-08-12 21:18:14
i was basically holding a gold key and i turned it around with numbers 5534 on it and i showed my bf (ex now we just broke up after 3 days later of the dream). Is it the lotto number? I really want to understand this.
angel 2016-07-22 07:30:43
from mine perceptive,that boyfriend has been a bad luck to u but now things wil turn out good in ur life.

Damien 2015-07-30 17:39:52
I was given a Big key in my Dream, Please what does this mean?
Sherry 2015-07-23 12:03:51
i just woke up from a dream that I saw a lot of keys. I was walking with my husband and keys were left in the car. Keys on the floor, just so many keys as I was walking so weird.
full 2015-07-21 14:03:01
i dream when my brothers wife giving me and she say use this key and number 15 to open the cabnet?what is its implementation?thank you
eduardo 2015-07-06 00:26:22
my dream is theres a big black dog bites my left foot and left hand and someone give me a key and said shake the bunch of key and the dog release me,then i open the padlock of the cabinet using the key and it open theres a bunvh of papers, crayons other stuff then my friend give the other stuff to me then i close the cabinet and when friend gone i open it again and see rusty stuff inside the cabinet and i take the 2 keys and hold it.
Tom 2015-06-14 11:20:54
I just had one in which the car key for the car I sold yesterday was broken. I pulled it out my pocket and it was just a shard. I went into a school to try finding superglue, and the other pieces of the key were all in my mouth!?
Sarah 2015-06-12 05:26:45
I had a dream where I was desperately searching for something called a lusha key. As to why I was looking for it I do not know. All I knew in the dream was that I had to find it no matter what, and before I woke up i could have sworn I had found something to help me find it. But I woke up before i could find out how it worked.
Adim 2016-03-09 04:15:50
these are dark dreams that means you are experiencing setbacks in all areas. you will keep struggling and at the verge of breakthrough you fail. you need to go for strong prayers

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