Dream interpretation Travel

Dream interpretation Travel and Traveling


Travel dreams are the most common dreams one can have in these dreams people see themselves traveling in planes, cars, trains, buses, bikes or by walking. These sorts of dreams are representative of our actual life journey which contains many twists and turns. These dreams also indicate your recent movement towards your goals or objectives. A dream of difficult journey such as travel through natural calamities, accident can signify the actual difficulties you are going to face the next day. On other hand dream about fun travel at the desired destination can denote desire accomplishment. If you are tormented by these dreams on regular basis you need to have a close look on the details of your travel to get perfect elucidation.

Conclusion from various travel related dreams

All travel dreams signify some profits and pleasures just life real journey. Every travel dream detail holds important in its interpretation. Dream of traveling through completely unknown places implies comeback of dangerous enemies or a prolonged sickness. To see yourself travelling through steep road indicate temporary profit in business which will be followed by loss or other distress. To dream about traveling alone in a car means that you will face some difficult situations and worries. Travel in a car but with family members signifies that you will find new and interesting friends at work place. If you see yourself traveling through green and rich estate you will be flourishing and blissful. If you see other peoples traveling in your dream than you then it surely means some distant relative is going to visit you in following days. If you see yourself traveling all alone without any vehicle suggests that you will be separated from an old and trusted friend. To dream of abroad travels denotes that you will be making a long trip in real life but it will bring neither enjoyment nor knowledge.

Travel dreams indicate your psychology

To have travel dreams on regular basis definitely shows that you are yearning for a change in present situation. This emotion is reflected in your dreams even in subconscious stage. As always some dreams are suggestive and others are reflective to reflect what you have seen or heard during the day. Persistent travel dreams are suggestive that want to show you to take a change in your lifestyle in the way of leaving bad habits addictions which are not good for body and mind. They are telling you to take up new projects or courses to involve the mind while acquiring some knowledge. Simply travel dreams are telling you to move on in your life and there are thousand things to do so go ahead and try them to get mental satisfaction.

Example of travel dream and its interpretation

Consider a dream where you are sitting at a bus stop and buses are coming and going, everyone beside you is getting on particular bus but you are situated at that place neither taking the bus nor leaving the stand. You are not sure which way you want to go but do not feel like leaving for home. There can be variations in such dreams where you are waiting for a bus but it is not coming or getting late all the time. This dream particularly reflects anxiety to go somewhere in your life but don't know the path. It also signifies that you are getting frustrated for not reaching the place your comates have reached. In similar fashion if you see yourself getting on a wrong bus all the time signifies that you are mistaken in taking some crucial decision concerning life. If you see yourself waiting for the bus and changing but after every stop means that you are not sure what to do or which way to go in your professional or personal life.

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Dave 2019-03-13 23:38:16
Death, Always death. I dreamt journey 10 times and each time within a few days someone close or someone I knew well died.
Travelling dream! 2019-02-27 00:45:45
One night I dreamt about going to E3 myself and I really want to make that happen!! 😎
jez 2018-05-06 06:54:11
I had a dream. I was on a trip going to somewhere and in the end i was in the church or some kind of a congregation where nuns are there. It seems like I have an appointment to visit them. And then I talked to some nuns. i asked if how many slot left to enroll in that congregation (to become a nun), and then they said only one left. And then they asked me if maybe I am willing to enroll, And then i woke up.
what does it mean? pls help.
theDream 2023-11-25 16:39:09
Dreaming of a trip that culminates in a visit to a church or congregation where nuns are present can symbolize a journey towards spiritual or personal reflection. The church setting and the presence of nuns suggest themes of commitment, spiritual guidance, serenity, and a community that is devoted to a set of beliefs or ideals.

Inquiring about "slots" to enroll in the congregation reflects a part of you that is considering a commitment to a new path or life change that requires dedication. The fact that there is only one slot left may suggest that you feel there is a pressing opportunity or decision in your waking life that demands prompt action or choice.

The nuns asking you if you are willing to enroll could indicate that you are seeking a deeper meaning or purpose in life. It could also suggest that you are contemplating taking on new responsibilities or adopting a new set of values that require sacrifice or a significant change in lifestyle.

Waking up before you can respond to the nuns' question might represent an interrupted process of decision-making or self-discovery in your conscious life. It might imply that you have some unresolved questions about your direction or about making a serious commitment, whether it's related to spirituality, a career change, a relationship, or personal growth.

Reflecting on your current life situation and the emotions that accompanied the dream can provide more insight. Consider whether there are areas in your life that you feel called to explore more deeply, or if there are decisions you are facing that may dramatically alter your current way of life.
Roosevelt 2018-03-15 14:08:10
I dreamth me and my current roommate went to Berlin he asked me to go and i said ur fucking kidding amd wham we was traveling through Berlin buying stuff and etc
Shazyar mustafa 2018-01-07 11:15:45
I was with my crush and unfortunately she ran from me with one of her female friends, then I followed her to catch her when I reached her she told me with crying that she want go to Germany with a women organization, and I said please don't go then she told me that she knows that I love her and she loves me too in my Dream, then I woke up.
Please tell me the meaning of this dream, thanks.
Drea 2017-02-24 22:55:36
I have a phobia of trains from being in London as a small child I can always remember they were like big scary noisy creatures with eyes :O. I dream now very often on getting lost on a train or it takes me back to London where I don't want to be
Chris 2017-02-01 15:32:02
I always dream about going to the Philippines its wierd im flying like superman I see trees cliffs clouds what does this mean
Jewel 2016-12-28 01:37:58
Dreamt of many people moving in similar direction on foot, while I was driving a car away from them all while paying close attention to them.
smith 2016-11-17 01:16:22
I saw I was travelling & exploring south America last night.My brother was with me...we were in boat,I viewed lots of greenery & snow covered mountains in roadside.I was so amazed by this nature's beauty.I am from India and I never travelled abroad.In dream I was so happy and enjoying a lot.plzz yell me what does my dream interpret me.
neojoy 2016-10-01 16:57:08
I dreamt of travelling alone with my old lover to the cliff of a waterfall and he starts to play with mini rocks that could reassemble each other after a throw on the water surface, and then I realise each other them is connected because of magnetic force. I was awaken when I answered a call from my mother asking me to be home early in the dream. What can that mean, as I haven't not dream or think of my ex for quite sometime.
Santosh 2016-07-28 19:35:03
My lover is going to hostel, I had a dream last nit, that me n my lover were travelling in a bike, I was leaving her to hostel.... Then an accident happened to us, a major accident but not any serious wound at all, then due to that accident we returned to home... What does this dream means?? ?
jebby 2016-07-21 14:04:19
i had a dream that me and my boyfriend travels to the past .. and i'am the only one who gets back to the future .. he was stuck in the past and later on follows the next day .. and i've dreamt of this not just once .. diff. scenarios but same stories .. what does this mean? .. i'm bothered. thanks

Jess 2016-07-19 05:40:53
A couple of days ago dreamed of me and my boyfriend riding in a local bus going to like a hotel where we were checked in along the waywe had a stop over and I saw my aunt in that place so I let my boyfriend meet her but the expression of my aunt was unhappy to meet him. After that we rode again in the bus going to the hotel and in the lather part we were walking holding hands together to the hotel. The place is familiar as it look like in the area where we stayed in Hong Kong 3 months ago. What does mydream means? Because after that day I never heard from my boyfriend again. 🙁 please I need a reply here
hari 2016-04-27 08:56:16
a couple of days before I was happened to saw a dream. In that dream I saw that me and my little cousin sister were walking through a country road covered with trees and little bushes on both sides of the road. Then gradually the country road which we are moving to become wide and covered with lots of big trees and that background seems like a horror cartoon and those trees were seems like big monstrous effect like narrow high wood and less leafy long branches which seems like the arms of those trees and those branches spreads and covers the roof and prevents the sunlight to fall on the infinite road. We both started shivering and get scared then I ran with her. Finally we reached the end of the road the end was sandy and there after a big sea is there the sky seems purpled red.
Today I happened to see the same wide road while I travelled with my bf but gradually we turns to a bridge over lake and then entered into Highway.
I don't know how I see that exact place which sawn in my dreams. But I haven't visited that place ever before in real life. Why this happened so. Plz Plz Plzzz answer me.
ricky 2016-04-04 14:54:23
my name is ricky .
this now like the fourth time have this dream.
the common thing about it is that i never reach to a pace where i want to go, two years ago i went to paris,meat a friend there and now i always dream about me being in france trying to go to that freind of mine in paris,but i always wakeup before reching there . can someone plz tell me whats the meaning.thnks
Dewi Fortuna 2016-04-03 11:01:27
I had a dream, was in the car, at the back seat, I don't see who's driving me but I was going through a very beautiful road, a straight road, with luscious green environment and beautiful flowers. I was so happy as though I know the road will lead me to my home. Strange feeling. But I was very happy. Few weeks later, I saw a picture, the same scenery in my dream, it's Central Park New York with beautiful cherry blossom. I've never been to New York, and I never saw the image before beside in my dream. What a strange thing.
pretty 2016-03-31 10:25:43
dreamt of flying in an airplane and reached dubai for a job (thpugh not confirmed in my dream and i was a bit tensed on this feel in my dream) then saw I was giving a feast to many, my family members friends and saw someone who is my friend now... any ideal what it could be
RafiyaRaj 2016-03-14 01:16:25

I dreamt that I and my husband was taking two different buses that are going in opposite directions, we had our seats(window seat) and we are looking at each other. What does this mean?
Pippa 2016-03-08 14:13:30
I had a dream where I was traveling to America (I am from Australia) and I was getting on a red plane with all of my work colleagues, it was like a school camp but for my work.

And for some reason my mum packed my suitcase and she didn't pack any of my own clothes, she packed my boyfriends.

While we were in America we were going on heaps of tours and we had to be there ready for these tours at certain times, and I was late to just about every one of them!

There was one where I showed up still in my PJ's and my make up wasn't on and I felt the self conscious the whole time.

Everywhere we went was on a really big bus...

Any Idea on what this means?
Yavis 2016-05-07 10:41:53
It signifies your dorment wish/desire to come out of the closet and live your life as the true lesbian you are Boys clothes, PJ's, no makeup and riding big things..

Enjoy your new life ;-)
Irene 2016-02-27 11:09:25
I always dreamed that I was on the same places all the time.
There are few places in my dreams I keep on going back there and met different kind of people, sometimes I was alone and in isolated place.
I also dream that I was flying.

I always had the same places in my dream,same situation only difference is I met some people I know some are not.
I want to know what is it mean.
Sana 2016-01-15 00:23:50
Past 2 days i've been dreaming about travel. and on 1st day i was travelling to australia (where i always wanted to go) and i was travelling on a car mix jet and it was waiting on my house roof and my dad open the roof door we were ready to go but it took off we were late and then i shout and it came back and we were traveling me my dad and mom and we stop at somewhere in japan and there some people try to kidnap me but i was saved by 2 guys who were traveling with us on that car mix jet thing and then we go to australia and sometimes in dream i forget my shoes or something else always what does this mean??? plz pls tell me!! and on 2nd day dream means last night i had dream i was travelling to paris but not in paris its just i was on higher road and was seeing everything from a distance and i knew that i am in paris but i was saying thats its italy and i was travelling with my sister. plz plz tell what is the meaning of these dreams?????
Diana 2015-12-23 06:51:26
Dreaming with relatives floating like kites in the air. I bring each one down and they each give me a coin.
Destiny 2015-12-04 02:17:10
Lastnight i had a random dream about being in Alabama (a llace I've always wanted to visit) with a few family members.. We are all in a living room an they say we're going to Montgomery (another part in Alabama) where an ex lives .. Wbat does that mean ?
hi 2016-02-18 12:32:09
it means you want to f**k him
Irene 2015-10-14 23:46:40
Have been having this dream that me and my family in the airport checking in to travel abroad but my little brother's visa is always cancelled or denied traveling

Maria 2015-09-10 17:19:52
I constantly have traveling dreams, often disjointed, with family members or people I do not know. This makes sense considering I am a recovering Heroin addict and am currently on Suboxone but I want to get off of it. And I also want my whole life to change but do not know how or what to do to make that happen. I also often have major anxiety dreams which are very distressful. I have really bad anxiety. I just recently had a dream 2 nights ago where me, my husband and my mother and her horse she owned long ago were on almost like a cattle car, it was really big and held many people, including the horse, I wondered in the dream why my mother brought the horse with us. Then the horse started dying, all the people left. My mother was just sitting in a seat staring at the horse while it was flailing and foaming at the mouth. Then, the horse started to literally peel open, the skin came off of it and it was freaking horrible, truly demonic and strange. And my mom just sat there looking. The image of the horse dying in that way freaked me out so bad I woke with a start. When I woke up I had the feeling that my mother brought the horse onto the cattle car or whatever it was(it was huge) because she knew it was going to die. And the whole time we were traveling in this cattle car thing. Very strange. I have read that this symbolizes either my mother is going to die or to watch over my family carefully, considering she was the owner of the horse. She has always been a very sickly person, so great! Now I have even more stress. (No, I try to keep a cool head and leave it to the hands of the universe but...) My dreams are horrible, guys! Filled with anxiety and all that. I know I need to make a change but damn is it hard!
jw 2016-01-25 08:12:37
You are the horse. For some reason, your mother is unable to help you as you navigate your recovery and anxiety. She can merely sit and watch, while you suffer, flail, and froth (perhaps due to her own frailties🤔. I'm sorry, you seem strong, there are other avenues of support, I'm sure you are quite aware. Stay Brave.
Patrick bibila ndansi 2015-08-15 05:11:59
I have dreamt three times ready for travel and and something happened that i had to delay the journey. The first dream with family, the delay was a day. The last dream the delay was for two hours. But before waking, there was guarantee that i will undertake the journey.Actually i did not since i woke up.
Ted T 2015-09-12 09:12:18
Last 2 weeks every night having a dream about going somewhere, sometimes I am at an airport , other times I Am in a truck. Thing is I was supposed to be taking a trip within a week, now I am not, so I wonder if I will have more dreams like this?
Shadi 2015-07-26 06:09:36
Last night my dream was about one of my friends who told me in my dream that she has bought a flight ticket to come and visit me where I am studying(I am not studying in my homecountry). And in real life I knew my mother was going to visit me at the same day. And my mother doesn't like my friend and has told me to end my relationship with her several times. What does it mean?
Miu 2015-07-11 03:28:43
I had a dream last night that I was traveling with someone I know and we had a fun while we travel. What's the meaning of my dream?
Karen 2015-06-30 19:09:23
I had a dream that I was in Mexico, my mom and brother were there too but I wasn't with them. They were celebrating a religious ceremony and I didn't go. Some friends kept trying to push me to go but I would run away or go to another room. Then it was time for them to leave and I think it was a bus they were on, they said there wasn't a seat for me so I got off. Then once I was off they were screaming my name saying there was a seat, but the bus ran off before I could get to it. I wasn't as scared as I would've really been, I found another group of people and asked them where they were going, they were going to LB same place, so I stuck with them. I asked a group of friends if they had an extra ticket I could buy and one of them (he was cute) does he exist btw? he said yeah, he showed me a bunch of different ones and I was confused so I looked at the others tickets and found the matching one, I didn't want him to sell me another ticket, I gave him a sneaky look and he was like "looking at me like that" haha. Then we got to the waiting room and I saw a kid I knew from middle school, and said hey I know you! I asked him to use his phone and I called my sister, I said I found a group and someone has extra tickets! And then she said ok... and I said "Dude I don't fucking have money, I don't have a dollar!" and then everybody goes silent and looks at me (it was so dramatic) and THEN MARK SLOAN FROM GREYS ANATOMY is at the vending machine and looks at me and goes "So what?" hahahah LOVED IT then I automatically woke up. Quick question, when I was talking to the kid from middle school I saw his screensaver on his phone and it was Ansel Angort and some other guy, he told me "Oh thats Michael Phelps/Mark Phelps" not sure which one it was, he said he was his favorite singer. Does he exist? lol
Brittney 2015-06-21 16:27:01
I had a dream last night that i was exploring an island with 4 random people in my dream, i didn't know who they were, but they were my good friends in my dream. It was weird, than we did a whole bunch of odd things, we started walking on sharks around the island, i remember one part being very peaceful with the sharks. But than it got kinda gruesome and they started biting us. Than we were trying too get ourselves back too shore. No one ended up making it but myself. It felt so real, i love dreams that feel so real. Even if they are a bit scary at times.

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