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When you dream of a tornado, it will be in your best interest to reign in your temper. That said, you may find that others around you will also find themselves dealing with the same urge to give in to anger. At the very least, you can try to mitigate the circumstances, as well as look for ways to get out of the situation before it becomes too much for you to handle.

Tornado Dream General Meaning

Uncategorically speaking, tornadoes represent a loss of emotional control. Since these storms are also destructive, you can count on havoc being caused by the emotions being released. No matter whether you are caught up in a situation which makes you excessively angry, sad, or depressed, you will need to do what you can to mitigate the consequences. Unfortunately, even if you succeed in reigning in your own emotions, you may find that it will be hard to manage outburst from other people.

How Tornado Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

Have ever fought with a friend or family member, and then said something you wound up regretting? Unfortunately, once your temper gets the better of you, these words and actions can never be taken back. Therefore, when you dream of a tornado, you will be well served by remembering that some kinds of damage cannot be repaired. No matter whether you wind up taking a few days away from a situation, or devise some other means to avoid a conflict, it may be in your best interest to do so. Unfortunately, if the anger is coming from people around you, then you may not be able to mitigate the damage they will cause in your life. That said, if you are aware of the presence of pending unbridled anger in your life, at least you can think about methods to limit its effect as much as possible.

A Sample Tornado Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where it is a beautiful sunny day, and you are sitting in your living room with your mother. All of a sudden, the room grows dark. As your mom heads for the cellar, you feel compelled to go outside. As you watch, dark clouds march across the sky. You run to the back yard, and then turn around. At that point, the wind begins whipping around your face, and you have a hard time standing up. Stunned, you watch as a lone tree falls over, and realize that you are in serious danger.

Slowly, you make your way back to the house, and watch as the tornado makes landfall. Even though it does not touch your home, you watch as it tears up trees and toss them around. When you awaken from the dream, you feel shaken and upset about a romantic relationship that seems to be going just fine during your waking hours.

Even though your romantic partner is not featured in this dream, the fact that you awaken afraid and thinking about the relationship are prime indicators that you need to review your situation. In addition, most dreams that feature a mother indicate that the dream is about your personal life as opposed to business or social elements. Unfortunately, the tornado in your dream indicates that you may find out something that will make you very angry. This may include finding out that your partner is cheating on you, or engaging in some other activity that will cause problems in the relationship.

Since the tornado in this dream did not damage your home or cause you injury, you can conclude that you will have some upsets in your love life, but they will not be catastrophic. That said, the single tree in your yard being uprooted may indicate that the relationship itself may not survive. Ultimately, you will have a choice in how you handle the situation. If you can remove anger from it, you may be able to shift the relationship into a new direction, or find ways to salvage enough to justify continuing to make future plans with your current fiancé.
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Michelle 2015-03-05 05:08:03
I've had nightmares of tornadoes for years and it does not represent my emotions. Maybe I fear them so they come out in a dream.. last night I dreamt of a tornado coming down just out side my house it was a funnel cloud rotation rapidly and didn't touch ground I ran and got me and my children in the car and took off then the tornado touched ground!

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Rose Ann Phillips 2014-11-29 13:42:19
After 19 years I'm changing jobs, within two days I start my new job and just this morning I had a dream about a huge tornado. Do this dream have anything to do with changes in my life?

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PAUL 2013-07-17 09:03:45

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