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When you dream of crossing a bridge, it can easily indicate a number of things are going to change in your life. This may include changing jobs, place of residence, or even romantic partners. In general, if you were able to cross the bridge easily, and it was in good condition, then you can look forward to positive changes in your life You should also make special note of the situation before you got on the bridge, as well as afterward. Even if some elements appear contradictory, you may be able to sort heir meaning out once you begin to correlate them with different areas of your life. Needless to say, even though some type of change may be good for one aspect of your life, it may still have negative consequences in other areas.

Bridge Dream General Meaning

Even though a dream of crossing a bridge usually means a transition from one phase to another, it can also indicate you will need to make some important decisions. In general, if the crossing was easy, you can look forward to good luck and making wise choices in the near future. On the other hand, if you fell off the bridge, it can indicate that your emotions will prevent you from reaching your goals. In addition if the bridge was not in good condition, or fell apart before you were able to cross, then you may miss opportunities, or have other problems in the near future. Under these circumstances, if you are planing on major changes in your life, it may be best to wait a bit in order to make sure you understand each element of the situation.

How Bridge Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

If you look at life philosophically, you will soon realize that every single moment represents a transition from one state to another. That said, when you dream of bridges, it may indicate that some larger changes are coming into your life. No matter whether you are about to get married, change jobs, or move to a new area, bridges indicate transport as well as motion.

Even if you are not planning on any major life changes, dreams of bridges may indicate that you need to start thinking about the next phase of your life While you may be inclined to want things to stay the same, you should always look for opportunities to better your circumstances. At the very least, when you dream of bridges, you may be able to spot something useful that you hadn't noticed before. Why go on with a job that you don't like, or a relationship that does not make you happy when something else may be available?

A Sample Bridge Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are under orders to evacuate because of bad weather or a nuclear attack. Even though traffic is heavy, eventually you move onto an enormous bridge At this point, everyone is ordered to exit their car, and walk across the bridge on foot. During the process of crossing the bridge, your clothes change from normal ones to a blanket and common sandals. Finally, you finish crossing the bridge, and look back to see that it has been destroyed. As you look ahead, you see that others are fanning out and looking for new places to begin their lives.

There is no question that there are some troubling indicators in this dream. Among other things, the an evacuation may indicate that you will soon lose everything. Rather than deal with this situation, you may want to make some changes in your life sooner rather than later. This may include looking for a new job, moving to a better neighborhood, or doing everything that you can to be prepared for some kind of disaster. No matter whether the problem winds up being a health issue, a financial one, or something completely unexpected, at least you can try to mitigate the complete sense of loss evoked by this particular dream.
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Cemone 2017-09-10 08:32:46
I dreamt that I was about to cross an unstable bridge to meet the guy I'm currently dating who was waiting on the other side. I started making the journey then stopped myself because the bridge was wobbling. I asked the guy I'm dating to come and meet me on my side. He ran across the bridge with a smile on his face to meet me.

I'm not sure what this means...

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Grace 2017-07-27 15:59:08
I was at a water park. I climbed up the ladder for the slides, they weren't very high in the air. At the top I met a girl of whom I didn't know, but we talked casually after asking each other's names. I can't remember hers. After our conversation we went down separate slides. There were four slides. I went on far left. She went on far right. In between were two slides. I slid my way down, at the bottom was a big line of people. I bumped into a boy, apologized and got out the side.
After that I went to this little hut and talked with some friends. I got out of the hut and played with my aunt's neighbor, my age. (NOT telling her name for personal security reasons) She had asked me to play with her after I slid down the slide. I can't remember what we did... After that I walked into a makeup store nearby. I pulled out my makeup, all of which I owned in my dream and in real life. A store employee walked up to me and said, "You can't steal those". I told her they were mine and that I wasn't stealing them. She told me to give them to her so she could check. She went to the bathroom with them. (In real life when I was telling my dream I realized "Wait a minute she went to use my makeup!!!")
After that me and my family were in the car crossing this big old unstable crazy suspension bridge. Below was water maybe about a hundred feet down. We crossed the bridge slowly, IN THE VAN!! But we made it across and then I woke up.

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Mary 2017-07-08 21:50:13
I had a dream that I and my husband was walking on a bridge and the bridge was very high above the water but water was flowing on the bridge while we are waking inside that flowing water on the bridge..... What is the meaning?

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Bhianca 2017-06-18 05:08:37
I dreamt of crossing the bridge by car. The water on the side is higher than the bridge. But doesnt flow inside the bridge. The sea is dark blue. What that mean?

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shola 2017-04-13 00:48:21
crossing bridge with a child in dream and water is under the bridge

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Carrie 2017-04-12 05:56:06
I dreamed of crossing several bridges in a row covering rough water

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Sharon 2017-03-24 00:08:12
Dreamt I was trying to cross a bridge and it broke down so I couldn't and another time I was trying to cross the bridge and some guy at the entrance was there picking a fight with me so I couldn't cross..

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Jennifer 2017-02-17 19:59:19
I dreamt I am travelling in a train in a ladies compartment which is crowded and i see a girl in d gents compartment standing comfortably alone and all men around her giving ample of space to keep het comfy..i tried to capture d video of same and send it to my sister..but m not able to do it..and subsequently my eyes move to the view outside d train where i see my boarding sister with few other people suicide under a running train..immediately after that d overhead metro line collapses...and d water of d sea floods all over....and that was d end of d dream as i woke with a start at 7.00am.

What does this mean

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Anne 2017-01-23 15:50:34
I dreamdt that at first that me and my cousin needs to go home from farm and on our way we pass by the ricefields where there was a small area that the rice field was filled with blue shallow water and underneath was an animal that looks like an aligator, there was one portion that was field with healthy grains and there was also one where the field was fillded with the skeleton of dead long fishes lying in the mud.

We end up in an area where in my dream it shows something like a passage area where there are 3people guarding it.The other man gave us a water to drink and told us to move forward infront of the other man, the man that came with me which ia no longer my cousin was able to pass the test and was allowed to get pass. On my turn, the man wearing white in front of me mark my hand a three dots using thorns ang the dots stared to swell, he then asked for my age, I said 25, he then said that the godess is not allowing me to pass and asked thw e other man to escort me back.

We met several people at the back who were having talks about the only passage on the way out and there is thia one girl who said that there is an another way.

The man in my dream turns into a woman now and became a friend together with the other one.

In the next part, we are crosaing a river using a big pipe where we stand to get into the other side, while crossing, this other girl used to rock the pipe due to she was overwhlemd that she can fo home, i told her to
stop due to im getting scared that I might fall. One meter away from the end, the pipe is getting closer and closer to the water and getting lose so I decided to reach the metal at the bay so that I can safely touch the ground.

We walked to reach the higher grounda and saw that we need to cross a long bridge made of rope with metal foot walk this time.
I am on my way crossing the bridge when my dream ended with a fear that the bridge might fall due to many peopleare attempting to cross as well.

Do you know what does it mean?.

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Julia 2017-01-15 07:19:50
In my dream, my older sister was drowning inna standing position, without so much as putting up a fight or shouting for help. Because I can't swim in real life, ididnt bother trying to save her, incase I drowned, obviously or not, i had no intention of drowning. Lucky for both me an my older sis, tht our youngest sister is there, and Is an excellent swimmer. So my baby sister jumps into the body of water, which was small lika large puddle and it appeared shallow too.
My sister was drowning inna type of dignified undignity, she was sinking slowly inna totally upright position, an she showed no panic, nothing.
Both my sisters ended up dying, - because the female paramedic, whom I'd not noticed up until this point said, 'look there bodies r floating underneath the bridge, and if we follow them, they'll float thru the tunnel and end up in my older sisters new flat. My elder sister lives in a three storey house, has a son and she's married in non-dreamworld time. There's no way my younger sister would've drowned, she's too strong a swimmer.
My older sis is unable to swim.

I think my sisters and the paramedic woman are all facets of myself, I just don't know Exactly How. This is what I'm presently trying to work out.

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samuel kingal 2017-01-02 02:08:52
In my dream, I pass through thousands of dead bodies,later i found myself infront of a nerrow bridge,my step father sucessfully crossed the bridge and wave for me to come over,I walked to the middle. of the bridge and turned back,later i sucessfully crosed,.bellow the bridged i saw dead bodies were carried by fast flowing river,eagles were eating up more bodies,those bodies were from those who fallen from bridge,..later i found myself inside a church,the light was pink,people were singing and cheering,few minutes later i came out and saw a speed bus without driver,the bus passed and i woke up..

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Api 2016-11-30 22:06:44
i had a dream of 3 bridges...i was about to cross 1st one but a girl said to come over 2nd one and again without crossing i went over 3rd one but i didn't crossed the bridge and i wokeup...
what does that mean?

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vina 2016-11-13 18:22:02
I am on my way home after passing by big house which I noticed situated very near to cemetery. My path lead me to a broken bridge I crossed it but when I was half-way, I found out that it is already run down and I cannot cross over anymore. The couple behind me was able to run back easily. I don't know how to go back and find myself transported to place which looks like a basement of an old fashioned house with rough flooring. I was guided by my grandmother, who passed away last 1999 and I also saw my father, who died last November 2013. Then I woke up.

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Constantine 2016-10-17 04:22:15
In my dream a voice was telling me to search for the three bridges...please help..this is so weird..I want tp know what does it mean

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amit 2016-10-09 00:44:09
I saw a dream of a bridge which is near to my house and in my dream I saw that it was being reconstructed and looking larger than before. So I need to know what does this mean.

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