Dream Dictionary Walking

Dream Dictionary Walking

The meaning of dream about walking is a fairly simple one to grasp, because it is a symbol for progress.

Dream Walking
Dream Dictionary Walking. Walking Aimlessly or Walking With a Purpose: What Walking Means in Dreams

A step in any direction in real life is making progress as long as it isn’t in the opposite direction, so a steady walk forward means steady progress. Walking is a dream symbol for levels of progress. The slower you walk in a dream, the slower your progress is, but as long as you are setting your own pace, the dream dictionary determines that you are still progressing nicely. On the other hand, the dream meaning of walking against resistance, such as huge gusts of wind, or walking in sand signifies that something is impeding your progress. Even though you are putting your best foot forward, your progress is being slowed down by something that is no fault of your own.

Another dream interpretation of walking is that you are reaching a goal. Progress is not progress unless you have a goal to reach, so if you have been making great strides towards finishing an important project or undertaking in the waking world, you might find yourself walking in your sleep.

Some sources say that there are different dream meanings for walking against resistance. While most agree that this does indicate a failure to reach your goals, some dream interpretations state that impeded motion is the fault of the dreamer. For example, if you have been putting up roadblocks yourself that are keeping you from progressing in a project, then you might find yourself walking through sand, or walking with much resistance. It can also symbolize a kind of mental reluctance. Perhaps you are unaware of something in you that secretly wants you not to finish your project. You are subconsciously preventing yourself from doing the best that you could be doing.

Finally, if you see someone else walking ahead of you, while you are doing your best to catch up to them, it could relate to feelings of inadequacy. Essentially, anything that prevents walking in dreams is a bad sign, whiles any progress forward that is being made, even if it is slow, is a good sign. If you are dreaming that you are walking and then come to a crossroads, this could be a sign that you expect a very important decision will need to be made by you on some matter coming soon.

Walking has a lot of significance in the dreaming world as far as dream definitions are concerned, though few people realize it because walking is such a normal activity. Walking is just as important as the fish or the dinosaur that some people dream about though, and should be considered as such, even if it is not as immediately exciting.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Walking

Diana 2018-08-22 05:23:00
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I have a recurrent dream. I am walking around a neighborhood trying to avoid my ex boyfriends wife. But I feel like I am with him even though I don’t see him. I wake up and just have this feeling he was there in the dream. I’ve had this dream several times over the last 2 years. We have reconnected and there are feelings there but we’ve kept it friends only. What does it mean and why do I have it more than once?
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Veronica 2017-04-16 04:08:02
Had a dream I was walking with my sister to her Dr appointment we cut thru someones patchy yard and got caught, started to walk a little faster there was a blue bike in the way grabbed it and chucked it to the side.... the owners came out upset, man, women and two boys got into a little confrontation, the woman almost slapped my face but she turned and walked away I told my sister she was going to be late she said it was ok and we Icontinued to our destination
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Aurelia Avalon 2015-09-01 09:18:07
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I had a repeated dream where i'm walking along a path with trees and plants on my left and right, sometimes stopping for a second to look around then playfully/cheerfully running for a short while. My face was always so happy and smiling as I watched the birds chirp and chipmunks hiding here and there, all this watching and observing with a relaxed look on my face while walking. At the end of the walk is a large clearing, with trees on all sides, flowers planted everywhere and tall green grass moving with the wind. At first, it's morning then shortly after came evening. There was a sunset then after that was night but I rarely dream about the night part because I was too caught up in the morning and evening sunset moments. It was so relaxing, though I was alone I never felt alone, all the small animals comforted me and the sight of the blinding rays of the sun cutting through the leaves of trees and white fluffy clouds always put a smile on my face.
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igmers 2014-09-14 02:54:54
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One night while me and a special guy sleep together. When he woke up, he told me he has this kind of a dream: he saw me and him walk together and we end up to his old guy friend's house. Then he was awake and told me about this dream. Can you please translate this dream to me.. Thank you..
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Rasto 2014-09-12 21:07:45
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When I go to sleep sometime I walk or stand by someone but I don't no why and I don't no what happens so. I wake up and my brother told me why I was looking at him .. My dad saw me calling a black Cat don't no why ????
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