Dream meaning Cancer

Dream meaning Cancer


Meaning of appearance of any serious disease in your dream represents that you are suffering from a problem or situation in your life that has engulfed you completely. It is also a strong sign of depression or sorrow that will arrive in near future. Overall cancer dream symbol is in no ways considered as positive omen.

Cancer dreams are very disturbing and leave the dreamer in utter distress after waking up regarding its consequences. The reason for discomfort is clear with the nature of disease and its implications on normal life. As true to its name these dreams generally bring the grief in quite hideous way. It generally brings failure in business, work place or in love affairs which is why in ancient times many people used to do some worships after getting such dreams to reverse its action.

Types of cancer dreams along with detailed connotation

The cancer dream can be positive in only one way if you see its course of action completed successfully and the sufferer is free from the disease. If you get this type of successfully treated cancer dream signifies that you will get sudden gains at business or other area. There will be enhancement in your financial status after this dream. Dreams of cancer do not mean that you will suffer from the horrendous disease in your life but it signifies sorrows or distress in other formats. To dream of being stricken by cancer denotes that you will suffer from a situation that will drain you mentally, physically and emotionally. To dream of cancer engrossing a known family member signifies distress in the relationship with that person or possible arguments with him. To see a stranger having cancer denotes the fears inside for this disease and the resulting depression.

Cancer dreams and your real life

It is true that having cancer dreams does not mean that you will get it but you can expect something bad in near time. Even though we cannot do anything against destiny but we can prepare ourselves to face the problem and gather the energy. The sole reason of this dream is to give you a warning and time to do every possible try to avoid the foreseen problem. You can take a closer look at your life to understand the lacking and so likewise to avoid the crisis. If not then just gather up the energy to face it bravely so that you can tackle the situation more efficiently.

Reading of model cancer dream

Consider a dream where you are suffering from a particular type of cancer and trying hard to get out of it. After trying several treatments you are frustrated and decided that this disease has no treatment and you know you are going to die. The dreamer is not having cancer in real life but this dream symbolizes that he is trapped in very difficult situation where this problem is eating his mind and body. He is helpless for not getting any solution and ultimately he leaves it in the hands of destiny. This dream also symbolizes a foreseen trouble which is going to engulf the dreamer's life soon while he is aware of the problem but not able to solve it in any way. At such incidences better not to leave any hopes and keep trying as you don't know when the wheel of fortune will roll on your side.

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Cancer Dream 2024-01-17 05:07:25
The symbolism of dreaming about cancer is deeply intertwined with fears, anxieties, and profound life changes. Cancer in a dream might not only reference the disease itself but also metaphorically represent something in your life that is growing uncontrollably, causing decay or the consumption of resources and energy in a way that feels invasive and threatening.

When dreams envision cancer being successfully treated, they offer a paradoxical message of hope and transformation. Such a dream may act as a symbolic turnaround, where the darkest hour precedes the dawn—in this case, the transition from dire financial straits to abundant prosperity. The eradication of cancer in the dreamworld could mirror an inner purge of detrimental habits, mindset, or a toxic environment that, once addressed, paves the way for a fresh start and remarkable improvement in the dreamer's real life circumstances.

In the more troubling context where cancer appears as a shadow cast over the dreamer's world, the imagery is often linked to deep-rooted worries related to health or strained relationships. The dream may spotlight actual concerns about the wellbeing of someone close or mirror the dreamer's subconscious awareness of unresolved interpersonal conflicts that are slowly eroding the foundation of cherished connections.

For the business-minded or career-focused individual, a dream about cancer can be indicative of professional anxieties. It might point to projects or endeavors that are consuming yet fruitless, leaving the dreamer to labor intensively without reaping rewards. The dream could be a stark reminder to reassess their current path and address unsustainable practices that are jeopardizing long-term success.

Love transforming into cold formality within the dream signifies a deep-seated fear that emotional connections are at risk of becoming sterile and devoid of genuine affection. It is a solemn reflection on the loss of passion and the chilling recedes of intimacy, a warning siren to resuscitate the warmth before it fades away.

Example of a Typical Dream with Cancer Symbol and How It Might Be Interpreted:
You dream that you are wandering through an old, dilapidated house. As you pass through each room, you discover that the walls are being consumed by a spreading mold that resembles cancerous growths. Later in the dream, a kindly figure leads you out of the house into the light of day, where you witness the house being restored and the mold removed.

This dream could be interpreted as an internal acknowledgment of a deteriorating situation in your life or relationships that is causing distress and concern. The mold symbolizes a "cancerous" presence that potentiates decay. The encounter with the friendly figure suggests an external influence or internal insight that will guide you to address these issues and emerge into a healthier state of being. The restoration of the house signals that there is a path to recovery and renewal after confronting and tackling the challenges symbolized by the cancer.
Jaclyn 2019-05-26 04:23:42
I had a dream 2 nights ago btw I’m 30 years old some parts faded but I remember some like having my family there for me and me telling them I was sick.the dream didn’t make me feel scared or cry just felt so real i was i remember feeling a little down that why I finally told my loved ones in the dream .when I woke I couldn’t get over how surreal the dream felt and the only words that stayed vivid was me actually saying I had colon cancer in it !
BERT 2017-12-28 05:29:42
I took a look at cancer and I do things as a hobby invent things.The thing is that something got to me and I not sure but with that idea it would cure the cancer. I am not a doctor or anything just a idea
Kim 2017-12-08 08:13:00
I dreamed that my partner told me I had chest cancer and I saw an X-ray with 3 circles over it then I rememberd the feeling of emptiness and fear and woke up ... no idea what to think of this
Nina 2017-08-26 08:59:42
I had a dream last night about a girl that survived breast cancer, I hug her and congratulates her. Then I woke up and started feeling so weird.
Porter 2017-08-23 10:55:45
I dreamt I coughed up my intestines stomach and lungs and put tgem in a bag and went to my apartment that was full of strangers. I mean full.. I was with a friend the entire time we went to get ice while getting ice one of tge stragers asked to see my lungs and he was inflating and deflating them I saw they had black spots in certain areas and looked not healthy and he said tgat looks like carcinoma and I took my lungs back. We were going to my car and a group amassed outside and didnt like that my friend was so dark black and a crowd gathered around him one man screwed a silencer on a gun and shot him tgen tgey began to rape him. I was scared and abandoned my friend with my organs in tow. I wound up hooking back up with him in puerto rico but it was more like a wattery place and watching a canoe race versus 2 types of boat paddling techniques tgat looke weird. At end of race the team that looked like they were gonna win lost because the lead boatman died in ocean from cancer. We were in water up to our waste but it seemed like I had an airial view. Then we went on a tour talking about how the huts were designed to resemble foods Id never heard of it was almost like a commercial. My friend told me if I ate those I would be cured. End of dream.. I wish I coukd go into more detail as this was a wierd one. But it is pretty much it
Tish 2017-06-12 09:36:23
So my dream started as this, I'd gotten 2 dogs that me and my boyfriend ordered off the internet they were young still one a bulldog a girl and then one a bull terroir a boy. My partners uncle had called him and said I'm popping round to see you and at that point I decided to open the back door and let the dogs out to stretch their legs, the boy dog had gone upstairs and my partner went after him as it sounded like he was being mischievous which he was told him off a little and then he came and joined us downstairs in the garden. There were 2 sheds and every time the dogs went into the sheds they changed into toddlers. Weird. Then I noticed the toddlers (because they were in the shed) were arguing about something, they were writing words down on a piece of paper and arguing how to spell the word parade. The little girl went back out and turned back into a dog and then boy was chatting away and then came out with the words 'germinoma teratoma' which is a type of tumor. He then stood up and walked out of the shed and turned back into a dog. End of dream. Any thoughts?
kimberly 2017-03-28 15:17:17
Last night, I had the weirdest dream ever. I dreamt about myself was in the hospital cos my legs are swollen and in reds colour and my eye was spilling i don't know what. I got test and while i was waiting i saw two of my teachers running in towards me babbling about my assignment due tomorrow and i told them about my situation and my teacher Mrs I forgot her name says something about it what it called and then the nurse told my husband the results and he hide from me but i heard something so i ran and grab the envelope from my husbands hand and look at the result. It appeared positive cancer in my stomach. I turned to my husband and cried and i woke up finding myself crying.
Xyz 2017-01-22 09:24:19
Hi off lately I'm getting wiered dreams like lot of crocodiles in water I'm crossing water I was scared but wasn't harmed , then I saw a newly born being drowned in same water with crocodiles which I saved .
Then I saw me being arrested for touching a mosque well women are not allowed to touch & me being Hindu women is even more scared .
Then I saw my friend lifting me on shoulder & running during this I lost one of my bathroom slipper which was smaller then my size but I couldn't find the pair . Then I saw rest of my slippers also are only single pair though I Rembrd I have kept them somewhere for some reason which I don't remember .
I saw I'm being told to remove my clothes in dream .
Then I saw someone who is just a colleague wearing my old clothes given to her by my mom , one of which I liked too much so trying to indirectly get it back by telling you are not confortable or it doesn't fit you. Then I'm thinking of idea exchanging my used clothes with others used clothes so both can have diffrent clothes.
Then I saw me &I my sister dancing on someone else's marraige hall on a stage I'm copying my sister as I Dono how to Dance.
Then I saw too much high speed destructive wind in my house though it didn't damage but me & family are seen runing and hiding to save ourself which we could .
I saw myself sexually vulnerable & wanted to be a apart of something sexual publicly .
I saw myself getting ready for my marraige to same person I'm married to & lady dressing me tells me I look much younger then him , he looks like he is 29/30 which he actuly is & I look like I'm 12 whereas I'm 30 too .
I get 6/7 dreams in one night at times even 20 dreams which I have to remember & tell someone or I forget with blurred memory . They mostly go true or depict something . The more tensed I'm the more dreams I see. At times I wait to sleep to get answers in my dream as they are true mostly . About big things in my life & if I'm too tensed I even see tomorow I'll get a pimple on right cheek or I'll get scratched by a table corner on which date .
Then I saw one of my classmates suffer with cancer & he is on last stage & might die soon.
Livia 2017-01-14 07:22:49
So lastnight i dreamt that i was walking pass this house and i stopped because firstly it was open and i saw some fragrances in there, it was alomost like a perfume shop so i stepped in and said HELLO, no one answered. it was beautifully declarated, the house itself was beautiful. A lady came out she was chinese, she said i gave her a fright so i told her i called but heard no answer. Long story short she invited me to sit on her sofa and i told her the place looked exceptional and i love the fragrances...i notice she was looking on my tummy, she stepped forward and poked me with her index finger and said " you have cancer" and why havent i gone to see a doctor. i must say, i was horrified because reality is...i am always feeling lower abdominal pain and thought about it all. what could this mean though. I got up and decided that i am going to see a doc and i wont delay this time because i am freaking out.
KIM 2017-11-13 14:29:39
did you ever go to the doctor? i had a dream similar to this and i have to been feeling abdominal pain
Kim 2018-04-24 06:38:17
No I didn’t not had dream like that since did you get checked ?
Beth 2017-01-11 18:33:49
Hi, I thought I would share my dream as I have just now woken up from it around 2:30am. The dream I had scared me a lot. I shot up out of bed and text a friend straight away (as I'm on my own). In my dream I'm surrounded by people I don't recognise. I know I have cancer but it felt like I was going to make it. All of a sudden the dream alters and I get told by a doctor that actually the prognosis isn't good and I'm not going to make it. Everyone's reactions in the dream was almost like they didn't really care and were counting down till I did pass. The location where I was wasn't a hospital but almost like a house by the sea. I called a few people I was close to in the dream however no one was really bothered this was happening. I was 25 i.n the dream as I remember shouting out in the dream 'why me? I'm only 25 I'm so scared I don't want to die' I began to gradually get more tired but was reluctant to fall sleep. I tried to write a letter but found I had no energy. I found the dream had started about someone is having cancer but it turned out I was dying and she was okay. I never actually died in the dream however I knew that it was going to happen.
I hope everyone is well, firstly the way I interpret my dream is I'm currently on a break/seeing someone who I know deep down poisons me and my life. Maybe the dream is him being the cancer spreading it onto me ? I'm going to go to the doctors to see if I can get any councillor to talk to.

Best wishes.
Nicole 2017-01-09 12:04:30
I had a dream last night that i was being given chemo in a hospital. In the dream it was my second chemo.treatment and I felt horribly sick but was optimistic in the potential outcome. I've never had cancer and hope to God that I never do.

Jessie 2017-01-05 17:24:37
i had a dream last night that i was laying in a hospital bed and the doctor was telling me and my parents that chemo is my best option, then it flashfowarded and i was in front of a mirror and i looked very pale and thin and weak, and when i ran my hands through my hair, a huge chunk came out. it flashfowarded again, and i was laying back in the hospital bed, except this time i was bald. does anyone know what this could mean?
Leona 36 2017-01-04 17:38:16
Cancer dream last night but I figured it out. I am back in school now getting yet another degree. I got all A's this semester. I texted my mom, joking her asking if I could have a Barbie for my good grades. My dad was the one who would drive us when we got all A' to store. Two years ago I lost my dad to cancer. I think my question of my Barbie and the fact that dad died two years ago this month had a lot to do with the dream. It's not always a bad thing. In the dream I was getting chemo. Mine was different from the others. I miss my dad and he always was positive and we should be too.
Eshi 2016-12-27 00:36:57
In my dream one man told me you got cancer ... what is the meaning of this dream.. ?could somebody tell me ..?. m very worry :-(
Lorna 2016-12-18 15:24:02
In keep dreaming my cancer came back.. I had cancer hogkins cancer of the blood 10 years ago.. Age 34 .. Now 44 ,. But I keep dreaming about seeing the doctor..and it starting all over.. Its hobbile I wake up in a shock thinking to my self thank god it was a dream.. I was to hell and back with the cancer.. But I'm here today I got through it but I wake up after the dream sometimes sweating..and shaking.. I wish I could move on..from trauma..
Maria 2016-09-26 19:03:41
Last night I had a dream that I had been diagnosed with stage 4 leukaemia. My father was crying, and at one point in the dream I was pacing around outside, thinking to myself, "I'm going to die. I guess I don't have much time left." I made a few phone calls, but each time I called someone I couldn't bring myself to tell them about my diagnosis or my worries. I kept thinking to myself that I would bother them, and that it was best if they went on with their day without feeling upset. What does this dream mean?
Kate 2016-10-26 00:55:55
I had a similar dream to you being told to come and see the doctor where I was diagnosed with stomach or pelvic cancer (pointing in dream ) , it has shook me up a bit then I remember walking around crying all the time thinking I am going to die !!! It was awful , I assume I have to turn my life around get healthy and stop worrying about worrying ... this is the only explanation I have for this dream .. but I know where your coming f on xxx
Mandy 2016-09-06 08:38:39
I dreamt a really long vivid dream first it started off in this pond area and there was a house on the pond the pond was very big there were jungle type trees surrounding. I methink 3 people there one person stuck out in particular was a man with blonde dreaded hair had a beard and mustache very nice gentlemen. We were all hanging out on the wrap around deck above the pond the we all went into the water everyone laughing talk having a good time. Then I remember being told to go under the water nothing threatening but I remember saying but there is no river filtering through this water I felt weird by the water but thought to myself what harm could it do so I immersed myself into the water....🙁 as soon as I come up my breaststroke are showing I feel instantly embarrassed they people reassure me it's OK and not to feel ashamed. We come out of the water I don't remember for awhile what's going on I remember it being late at night and I'm in sort of a community area and I think that man is still with me I immediately start feeling really odd like my body is swelling in certain place I look at my neck as if I'm seeing my self away from my body right side of my neck and right arm I lift and it's like a main artery is swallow out like a huge tube I'm really scared at this point I'm told not to panic that I know it sounds alarming they say but you have camcer its easy to treat and it's gonna take some chemo therapy.I Pray to God I don't have cancer in real life. Anyway they make it seem like it's an uneasy chance I'm gonna get the help when we are taking to this lady....time goes by and I Just remember everybody talking about this day everyone like big religion's put a huge bid onot like money people were putting all their life savings into it I Remember not feeling scared I was walking with a women, i can't quite remember who but she seemed firmiliar we were walking in ally area where people were placing bets and feeling bad because why would you place a bet on something that is to come if its the end it's the end. I didn't want to give up all I had to some person that wasnt God Only time I would give up is for my Lord if he asked me. I didn't want my family to take a chance and losing all we had, to scams of gambling our life away. Brought into a bright area I feel great like not sick I see a bunch of people maybe Islamic with coverings and talking about the women needing coverings and if they didnt they could be severally injured or even killed??? Feeling sadness I am still walking toward them I see men getting closer and getting aggressive I'm wearing a red long shaul with two layers my friend I am with shouts to me and tells me quick put your covering over your head I pull this shaul slash skirt up I'm wearing clothes underneath I keep one part down and pull the red covering over my head a bit tight but it works they hit me with something from a distant I believe I'm being hit with rocks, they stop after the covering determined now not scared not worried what is to come next I pull the shaul off I think the women maybe Im not to sure but I put over this beautiful Blue Gown with white in it the feeling I got when I put it on Was the star of David. I GLIDED TOWARD THIS Church Ramping with Love on my Heart For God and Yeshua a man standing in front of this church takes trel one look at me Grabs my hand with pure excitement and says you are Confident I believe you are ready and swings me through this church, I have no covering over my head people snarling at me I walk past with no worry and there is a choir they see me and are instantly excited God's pounding on my heart strong I touch this Black women's hands and we are singing and dancing and Praising the Lord the people are astonished byou the wonders of God in our souls because his Spirit roared through that Church people cheering dancing. All I remember singing about YESHUA OUR BROTHER AND ALL MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS AT ONE AND HE HAS COME AND OUR FATHER HAS SENT HIS SON AND REJOICING AND CONQUERING ALL THE ILLUSION THAT COMES AGAINST US. COMING TOGETHER WITH TRUTH WIH THE LORD RIDING DOWN ON ALL OUR SOULS CONNECTED WITH THE HEART AND MIND AND WITH ALL HIS STRENGTH. Please email me AdonaiSpiritSoulRetrieval@gmail.com
megan 2016-09-01 01:56:31
This is my first time with a cancer dream. I had a strange dream before it. But I was in bed in the hospital next to my mom when the nurse came in and showed me a picture tjat had a small dot in the left side of the chest. She pointed to it and said I had cancer. I asked if we could get it removed and that's when I woke up. I hope its nothing serious. I haven't seen or heard from my boyfriend in a while I wonder if that has something to do with it
Erica 2016-08-09 22:56:21
I dreamt last night that I was a nurse and went for a random test at the hospital that I worked at and was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. I decided not to tell anyone except my sister in New Zealand that I am very close to about it. When she asked what type of cancer, I said that I am not sure but I think they said it was liver cancer. In my dream when I leave the hospital I have already lost my hair and felt helpless and emotionally overwhelmed.
Haidy 2016-07-08 07:22:59
This morning i had a dream that i was diagnosed with cancer, but the people who told me said they weren't sure yet. Also, it wasn't mentioned what type of cancer i had.
jenna 2016-12-06 06:39:38
Mine was really similar. This holistic dr. suggested the pain in my hip could be caused by cancer but didn't say what kind or if I actually had it.
sandra 2016-06-07 05:59:53
i had a dream about going to the doctor for a regular test and i had waited for the result for quite a while so i phoned to doctor and they told me that i have cancer what does this mean and im only 15
izzy 2016-07-22 17:32:57
omg that is crazy because i have the same exact dream last night. im only 13
Lucinda 2016-05-16 20:01:13
I had a dream that I was out with my mom, and I was crying really hard and i started telling her how thin my hair is (it's really thick in real life) and how its color turned to blondish-white (its dirty blonde in real life), so she told me that everything is going to be okay, but she looked away and started crying and whispered "1 month".
marietha 2016-05-14 09:15:36
Last night I dreamed that I popped a boil or pimple and a hard piece of round looked like bone came out. Then someone else told me it is cancerous and I have cancer? wha t does this mean..

Tina 2016-04-24 03:56:24
A couple of nights ago I had the most terrifying dream of my dad dying of lung cancer and out of my family I had been the only one to care and cried so hard that I woke up crying. To my relief in that moment I heard my dad getting up to take a shower, but I am still confused as to why I had the dream.
Jennifer 2016-08-14 05:49:38
I've had a very similar dream and it scared me.
I don't know what kind of cancer he had in the dream, but he recently started drinking and smoking cigars more this year, and I've told him he better watch it. Becuse he could get liver or lung cancer from those. lol this dream makes me even more scared for him. Even though what I have read about this dream tells me.
It's becuse you might have problems with your relationship with that person, or it's you expressing how much you care for them...
Asia 2016-04-16 08:57:05
I had a dream that I took out my braids nd I was bald nd I started to cry nd I was scared nd my mom or a doctor told me I had breast cancer nd in only 14 and then I started screaming nd crying saying No no this can't be happening nd I didn't want to die and I'm just scared nd I hope nd pray tht I won't get sick what does this mean
Sam 2016-04-09 16:11:34
My niece told me she had a dream about me that I had cancer and they tried to revive me and when they did I said that I had cancer. And that kind of have me thinking really hard because she asked me if I was ok, I was in denial somewhat to say yes because she's very young and I didn't want her to worry. But eventually I went ahead and told her that I have been feeling like I have. And others around me say that to me a lot. Should I be afraid or not.
Tori 2016-03-29 18:46:29
I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I had I rare type of cancer where cancer was taking over my red blood cells and was getting into them (and i don't think this is even a real type of cancer). I was told that there was nothing to do that could save me. Fast forward a couple more days, I had another dream about cancer where I had lung cancer and water kept filling up my lungs (I dies at the end of the dream).

Should I be worried??? [u][/u]
yussuf budda 2016-03-26 00:12:19
I had a dream about my father dying of cancer . And I dreamed that he died we buried him m this made me nervous . Any one can translate this 68
Sabrina 2016-02-23 23:31:15
had a dream a week ago that I was with a doctor and he told me I had lung cancer there was no treatment for me if I have treatment it may give me more time but I would be sick with it and I only had months left to live and now in my real life I have a bad cough but when I coughing I have pain in my my chest and it feel like it in my lungs I feel like I have punch there can you tell me what it mean should I go to the doctor

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