Dream meaning Cancer

Meaning of appearance of any serious disease in your dream represents that you are suffering from a problem or situation in your life that has engulfed you completely. It is also a strong sign of depression or sorrow that will arrive in near future. Overall cancer dream symbol is in no ways considered as positive omen.

Cancer dreams are very disturbing and leave the dreamer in utter distress after waking up regarding its consequences. The reason for discomfort is clear with the nature of disease and its implications on normal life. As true to its name these dreams generally bring the grief in quite hideous way. It generally brings failure in business, work place or in love affairs which is why in ancient times many people used to do some worships after getting such dreams to reverse its action.

Types of cancer dreams along with detailed connotation

The cancer dream can be positive in only one way if you see its course of action completed successfully and the sufferer is free from the disease. If you get this type of successfully treated cancer dream signifies that you will get sudden gains at business or other area. There will be enhancement in your financial status after this dream. Dreams of cancer do not mean that you will suffer from the horrendous disease in your life but it signifies sorrows or distress in other formats. To dream of being stricken by cancer denotes that you will suffer from a situation that will drain you mentally, physically and emotionally. To dream of cancer engrossing a known family member signifies distress in the relationship with that person or possible arguments with him. To see a stranger having cancer denotes the fears inside for this disease and the resulting depression.

Cancer dreams and your real life

It is true that having cancer dreams does not mean that you will get it but you can expect something bad in near time. Even though we cannot do anything against destiny but we can prepare ourselves to face the problem and gather the energy. The sole reason of this dream is to give you a warning and time to do every possible try to avoid the foreseen problem. You can take a closer look at your life to understand the lacking and so likewise to avoid the crisis. If not then just gather up the energy to face it bravely so that you can tackle the situation more efficiently.

Reading of model cancer dream

Consider a dream where you are suffering from a particular type of cancer and trying hard to get out of it. After trying several treatments you are frustrated and decided that this disease has no treatment and you know you are going to die. The dreamer is not having cancer in real life but this dream symbolizes that he is trapped in very difficult situation where this problem is eating his mind and body. He is helpless for not getting any solution and ultimately he leaves it in the hands of destiny. This dream also symbolizes a foreseen trouble which is going to engulf the dreamer's life soon while he is aware of the problem but not able to solve it in any way. At such incidences better not to leave any hopes and keep trying as you don't know when the wheel of fortune will roll on your side.
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arlene samuels 2014-08-19 21:18:09
I dream that i had stage four cervical cancer n the doc told me i've been doing good so far with it with no pain so i can continue to live with it no need for surgery.Woke up scared. What does this mean?

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Kevin Ford 2014-08-19 01:05:03
I had a dream that I had cancer, I'm not sure what kind or at what point in my life? I just know I was in a room full of people, photographers asking me question. "Why did you shave your head balled" I came out and said I had cancer. Everybody gasped like they cared. I wasn't mad or sad I just laughed about it. All I could say I lived my life and played my part. I don't know what the dream means but I'm to young to be afraid of what I don't understand.

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Nelisa 2014-07-05 23:50:20
I dream of having a leukemia which is a type of cancer
Is this possible to happen? Omg i'm scared.

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Aysha 2014-06-23 17:56:30
I have been having the same dream that I got cancer for years. I have asked around for answers and no one has one for me. Can anyone help?

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Sammie 2014-06-22 08:03:02
I had a dream that me and my younger brother were both diagnosed with Hans cancer. But that isn't a real cancer so what does that mean? Thankyou.

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jessica 2014-06-15 14:38:24
I had a dream last night and I couldnt get out of the dream tht I had bladder cancer what does this mean please help

thank u  :)

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Reanne powell 2014-06-11 00:07:29
I keep having dreams that ive got cancer, can someone tell me exactly what it means???

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Ever 2014-07-30 17:14:07
Dream means there is either someone or a situation that has either recently entered your life or is headed your way that will not be good for you and this will emotionally drain you like cancer. In my case it was a new guy I met, then I kept having the cancer dreams..he was too clingy and trying to move the relationship to fast for me and that made me very uncomfortable. A few days after we met...I started having the cancer dreams.

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salima 2014-06-01 09:28:24
my mom dreamt of having cancer and i got really scared however i think this will help me a lot


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