Dream Dictionary Bees

Dream Dictionary Bees


Throughout childhood we are generally taught to fear bees. If bees are on our skin, parents or other more mature loved ones will take it as their duty to brush the bees away and to make sure that we are left unharmed by them. When we become old enough to get rid of bees ourselves, and someone sees a bee on us, they will scream and vigorously insist that we swat it away before something bad happens. With all of these negative experiences involving bees, you would probably imagine that a dream dictionary would have negative thoughts on them as well. However, dream interpretations are much more forgiving involving bees. In fact, a dream interpretation taken straight out of the dictionary will tell you that bees as a dream symbol are actually a very good omen.

The meaning of dream involving bees is usually one having to do with studiousness, or being busy. Bees are by nature, busy creatures, and though we don't often consider them as such, they are extremely well known for tirelessly working for their queen's benefit. This is the reason that a dream meaning for bees involves wealth and happiness. When you see bees in your dreams you can expect to be happy and healthy for however long your luck lasts. These dream meanings can also serve as a symbol letting you know that you have been lucky for the past few days. Maybe you've gotten a raise recently or a promotion. Perhaps you have come across a small fortune. Either way, the bees are in your dream to indicate your good fortune that you've had recently.

Bees in your dream can also just be an indicator of increased activity. Maybe your life has suddenly become more active than it was just a few days ago, or maybe you have had an increase in duties at work. Bees are busy creatures, so when you see them in your dreams, it probably means that you've been busy too.

Dreaming that you have been stung by a bee can indicate that you have been stung by someone else recently in a more metaphorical sense. It may not have been something serious, but it was probably still something that hurt, much like a bee sting. Perhaps you caught wind of something that a good friend said about you behind your back, or perhaps you were wronged by someone in a different way recently. This is one reason that you might be seeing bees invading your dream. Despite having cultural associations with bees that usually state how dangerous or scary they are, we also have cultural associations with them that put them in a positive light. Apparently the most important cultural associations are to be found in your dreams, as this seems to be the place where they mean the most positive things.

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Bees dreams 2024-01-12 10:44:39
In the rich tapestry of dreams, the bee emerges as a symbol with many layers, each one brimming with potential meaning, and affording the dreamer insight into their waking life's endeavors. To dream of bees is generally to dream of vibrancy, of industrious spirits colluding in harmonious enterprise. These diligent creatures become the embodiment of pleasant and profitable pursuits, carrying with them the promise of sweet rewards born from collective effort and perseverance.

For a military officer, bees buzzing harmoniously might speak to the dreamer's longing or current state of commanding respect and loyalty from their subordinates. The presence of bees could be a subconscious reflection of, or aspiration for, a well-ordered battalion, where each member performs their role with precision – a military unit as efficient and cooperative as a hive.

To a preacher, the gentle hum of bees might represent a congregation filled with zeal and spiritual fervor. Just as bees gather nectar to sustain their hive, so too does the preacher gather faithful attendees, each contributing to the spiritual nourishing of the community. This dream may hint at growth within the church or the preacher's own feelings of accomplishment in guiding their flock.

For the entrepreneur or business person, a dream of bees can evoke notions of a flourishing enterprise. The bees symbolize busy employees and buzzing marketplaces, each transaction contributing to the hive's overall prosperity. It is as if the dreamer's own business acumen is mirrored in the bees' tireless dedication to their tasks.

Parents who dream of bees might find in them a reflection of their joy and satisfaction in raising children who embody the values of hard work and respect. The bees, diligently tending to their queen and their young, could be likening to the dreamer's own family, each member contributing to the household's well-being.

However, even within the sweetness, there exists a sting – a potent reminder that loss or injury can spring from the most unexpected and friendly of places. A single bee sting in the dream might portend a minor setback or a betrayal by someone close, an admonishment to remain vigilant even amidst the buzz of success.

Imagine the typical dream of an artist, who finds themselves walking through a vibrant, sunlit meadow. They stumble upon a bustling hive, bees zipping in and out, the very air alive with their eager thrums. As the artist draws closer, they notice that each bee carries a vibrant color, painting the flowers with every brush of their tiny bodies. Yet, as the dreamer extends a hand to touch the miracle before them, a lone bee stings them, awakening a sharp pain that echoes in the beauty of the meadow.

In interpreting this dream, we could posit that the artist feels fulfilled in their creative endeavors – the bees serving as a metaphor for their active imagination and the flourishing of their artistic output. The colors carried by the bees may indicate the diversity of the artist's work and the positive reception it finds in the world. The sting, however, might serve as a cautionary symbol – perhaps to be wary of overreaching in their work, or a reminder that amidst public acclaim, there can be critical barbs.

Thus, dreams of bees are multilayered, beckoning the dreamer to consider their own communities, their roles within them, and the rewards and risks inherent in all cooperative endeavors. It is a dream rich with implication, inviting one to ponder the intricate dance between collective success and individual vulnerability.
Channo 2020-08-19 02:48:33
I dreamt of bees under my skin on my bottom lip. I gently pushed out maybe 10 or so of them. I was scared seeing them come out and alive, but was determined to get them all out.
Natalie 2020-04-16 20:52:48
I had a dream of my father watching me while I was surrounded by mosquitoes and bees. The mosquitoes were on my skin, sucking my blood but the bees tries to bring the mosquitoes away from me, which was then successful. The bees somehow applied honey on the bites and gave me honey. What does it mean? It's quite odd yet unique in the same time.
Connie 2019-06-21 21:00:35
I dreamed of a big bee under my skin on my leg and I can see the legs of the bee it didn’t hurt
Laverne 2018-07-16 09:31:41
Stacy 2017-12-08 12:02:06
I dreamt of a giant yellojacet bee, it landed on a tree that appear small in comparison the to bee. It tried to sting the tree and was flopping all over the place. I felt afraid of this bee was going to sting me and th ought if it did I would certainly be killed.
chungku 2017-09-13 02:54:32
dreams of swarm of bees coming out of my mouth.
Rahul 2017-01-28 22:15:27
I dream about a bunch of bees are attackeing people around me and leave scaleton only...And in my dream I am trying to hide of attacks I was so afraid and woke up and feel relaxed.
what is that mean.
Anna 2017-01-14 12:30:35
I had a dream where there was a bunch of bees making honey on my ceiling and Ibwas trying to catch it. What does my dream mean?
Seraine 2016-05-21 01:39:39
I found a bee in a garden and kept It as a pet. I was able to get it to pollinate whenever I want by holding up a finger for the bee to land on, it never stung me. I took the bee to perform on stage and everyone was shocked. The dream ended when the perform ended....
Vina 2016-03-19 12:27:24
I had a dream that I had a cluster of bees on my lower back and another cluster on my chest.I didnt get sting, I was afraid if I moved it would sting me. Please tell me what does that mean?
Brent 2016-02-01 20:08:54
I was being chased by what looked like a snake slithering through short grass but then when I looked closer the snake was actually a bunch of tightly formed honeybees. What could this possibly mean?

Carolyn 2016-01-15 06:00:26
In my dream i saw alot of bees in the sky, it was like the end of time
Kim 2016-02-09 17:19:29
Message from Carolyn
In my dream i saw alot of bees in the sky, it was like the end of time

I saw the same thing. It was like waves of them coming down from the sky.
Sylvanna 2015-12-23 14:42:27
Dream of a woman giving birth lots of bees ,,I saw many bees coming out of her vagine.... Very curious about what does it. Emans
Rhena 2015-12-02 05:23:52
I had a dream wherein I was dreaming of my aunt who's far away from me and and then suddenly I saw a bee and then it landed on my head.. What d0es this mean..?
Trina 2015-09-27 13:59:26
I was taking care of my grandkids and heard somethg in the kitchen. In my dream my dog was in the house covered in bees and bleeding. However, she had a lot of bite but was ok...There was a lot of bees, which I killed early n then they were gone...
Dmitry 2015-07-30 17:53:24
In my dream, I was inside of my grandpas industrial sized greenhouse, and knowing that he used bees to pollinate his plants I wasn't surprised to see a whole lot of them around. But the weird thing was is that there were no plants growing at the time of my dream. There were bees on the ground slowly moving around the place. When I wanted to check it out what's going on, the bees slowly started to move towards me and started to climb me. I wasn't scared of them at all. They acted like beetles. I than was handed a pair of glasses of some sort, and after putting the glasses on I saw that a portion of the bees were glowing blue, as if a black light was illuminating them, and the rest of the bees were just darker in color and had no reaction to the glasses I was wearing. I have a good memory of this dream because I'm currently laying in my bed freshly awoken from it. What could this all mean?
Daniel 2015-04-21 01:50:37
what happens when your wearing bees for shoes...
pumpkinhead 2015-06-05 18:41:36
Maybe your afraid of a job intererview so u want to tread caustiously
Taylorlovesyouforeva224 2015-02-15 11:59:05
I have dance class in my school but in my dream for some reason we had it outside. It was hot weather and I saw a bee. I stayed still like I was told. And it kept flying around me and wouldn't leave me alone. Then it flew in my mouth
michael 2015-02-05 14:38:23
i had a dream there was this huge bee and my mom started stepping on it and then i disappeared and then there was a swarm of yellow jackets while my mom tried to kill the huge bee and then the yellow jackets came and i woke up to go to school 🙁
Alicia 2014-12-21 18:03:44
I had a dream where a giant bee was flying around in my house and for some reason we were trying to outsmart the bee and get something back from said giant bee.... what that means? I haven't a clue
dan 2014-12-13 15:07:02
IN my dream I saw a giant bee, the size of a small bird above me and suddenly it was on the top of my head, and then it was in my hand and it was brightly colored with a very bright green and 2 other colors.
Kiera 2015-07-14 19:11:06
I had a dream of a bee the size of a small dog that came and flew above my lap. At first I was fearful but then became calm. The bee stung me yet i felt no pain. After it stung me it just stayed there. Quite odd yet very interesting.
Amanda 2014-07-13 06:58:03
I had a dream that a single bubble bee landed on my eye we blew smoke at it blew on it and it wouldn't move it never stung my but just sat there then I woke up.
veggzter 2014-04-27 23:17:49
I had a dream in which I was running and ran into a patch of grass that happened to have bees flying around. However, I did not know this fact until I checked my legs after and they were swollen, filled with stings that had puss in them, and that is how I figured that it was bee stings.

Thornoaks 2013-11-03 16:45:39
I had a dream that i was with my mom and dad and i had pumpkin pie. We were driving somewhere and when we got to the end of the street, my mom was spreading honey on the streets. There was i giant knife that was spreading it around. I ended up on the street. I saw my dads car and started walking to it. Before it got there a bee flew up and headed straight for my ankle. Its head got stuck to the honey that was covering my foot. So it couldnt sting me. So i used something to gently take it off of my foot without letting it sting me. Itgot mad and tried to attack me. When i didnt let it touch me it got angry and started flickering between white and its natural colors. I swated it once and it turned all white. I closed my eyes and waves my hand around. The next thing i knew, the bee stung my hand. Then i woke up feeling the pain. What does this mean?
misti 2014-12-02 17:11:12
I kinda have the same dream I was sitting on the ground and a bee started circling me so I would wave my hands around trying to get it to go away then it stung my hand and I woke up with the pain in my hand
holly 2013-08-17 18:27:44
I had a dream of bees on both of my lower legs and they were covered in honey. no stinging just walking around and when I tried to wipe them off they were sticking to my hands. any ideas what that could mean??/
Alice 2013-04-26 12:21:21
I dreamed a fuzzy, fluffy little bee had flown in the place I was visiting. Outside was foreign and dark and inhospitable. It was the only familiar friendly thing around. I couldn't kill it, so I was taking it outside, and I swear it was trying to tell me something.
Aria 2013-02-23 18:50:10
My dream had one bee chasing me, when it caught up to me it flew in my mouth and I put weight on the bee so it couldn't sting me.. It stung me of course and I fainted.. What does this mean?!
leanne 2012-12-01 19:06:27
i had a brown spot just under my eye, i sqeezed it and a long brown egg like thing came out! and i hade a bee leg hanging out the corner of my eye and when i moved my eye i could see a bee behind my eye? whats this mean ? x
NENE 2012-11-28 11:40:41
My dream had atleast 20 bee's stinging and atl me east 100 coming after me it was the scarest thing i ever seen cause i could feel the pain
Thornoaks 2013-11-03 22:33:37
When i woke up from my dream i could feel the pain of the bee sting too.

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