Dream Dictionary Stabbing

Dream Dictionary Stabbing


Being stabbed is an important dream symbol in regards to social interactions. The meaning of dream about stabbing is usually related to your social life. Any dream dictionary will tell you that one of the most commonly considered themes for dreams regarding stabbing is the idea of being stabbed in the back. Being stabbed in the back is such a culturally iconic phrase, that when something negative happens to us, or we feel betrayed, it is possible to have a dream reaction that involves us being stabbed in the back. Has someone broken a promise to you, or done something that they swore they wouldn't just to hurt you? Then you may be having dreams about being stabbed.

Some dream meanings of being stabbed also relate it to a feeling of inadequacy. You have not been up to par lately, or there is someone out there that you think is better than you. It is because of emotions and feelings like these that you may find yourself being stabbed in the dream world. This is just one possible dream interpretation for being stabbed though.

Another dream meaning entirely set apart from the rest is more related to you doing the stabbing. If you are the one that is stabbing someone else in the dream, this could be because you have been recalling malicious thoughts about them recently. A dream like this should serve as a warning to control your temper in the future. There are other dream interpretations of this action though, such as the idea that stabbing recalls your competitive streak. If the person that you are stabbing in your dream is someone you recognize, then you may be seeing yourself stabbing them because of how competitive you feel towards them. Noticing dream symbols such as this is a great way of making sure to keep your competitive streak in check in the waking world.

If what you see is from an entirely different perspective, such as you witnessing someone you know or love being stabbed in a dream, this recalls feelings of powerlessness, and also shows that you have some deep seated fear for this person. Perhaps they are going to do something soon that you believe will put them in danger. You are probably having this dream as a way of coping with that. The dream is letting you know that you are still afraid of what will happen to your loved one.

One final interpretation of a stabbing dream is that if you are the one stabbing someone else, then you feel betrayed, and the dream is you overcoming your feelings of betrayal by getting back at the person. This interpretation only works of course if the person being stabbed is someone that you know or are related to. Otherwise, this does not make much sense. Stabbing can be a very serious sign that something is going wrong in your life, or that you fear that something will go wrong. At the same time it could simply be a petty jealous feeling. All of this can be determined through a little bit of reflection.

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U don't need to know :) 2023-06-18 06:10:29
I just had this dream a few secs ago.

I was in my backyard with a friend of mine from school. Let's say his name is Matt. Matt and I are chilling on the very tall backyard fence that surrounds my houses, much like every other house in the neighborhood. Suddenly I spot an ugly looking being a few houses down. It starts running to us and we jump over the fence to get away. We eventually reach his house and run into his kitchen. When I get there, Matt disappears and I see my brother. He tells me the only way to get rid of the monster is to stab it. The monster is back, and it's obvious it's targeting me. I yell at him to go get scissors and he leaves. I keep running up and down the kitchen, narrowly escaping the monster. My brother eventually comes back with the scissors and my mother. I yell at my mom to stay back. My brother is trying to give me the scissors, but the monster is getting in the way. I finally get them and open them, and they seems to have a third blade going down the middle. My mom comes to me and tries to yank them away, but I have trouble telling her it's not safe. The monster is still in the kitchen and I'm still in this moment fighting it off. Suddenly it's like I know this isn't real and I squirm to wake up.

All the people in my dream are real people in my life. My brother and mother live with me at home and we are all really close. My dad as well but he wasn't in the dream. My friend Matt has been going to school with me since 4th grade. We live in the same bus and used to take the school bus together every morning and afternoon until 8thgrade. I'm kinda confused as to why he would be in it, bc that's totally random. Any thoughts?
HeliosEos 2023-11-28 18:11:49
Let’s consider some of the elements of your dream:

1. The Backyard and Tall Fence: These elements may symbolize familiar territory and boundaries, respectively. Being in your backyard with a friend suggests a space that’s normally safe or comforting, while the tall fence could represent limits or barriers in your life.

2. The Monster/Being: Monsters in dreams often symbolize internal fears, anxieties, or struggles. The fact that it's targeting you might indicate personal challenges or issues that you feel are specifically threatening or concerning you right now.

3. The Chase: Being pursued in a dream often reflects a feeling of stress or an issue in waking life that you feel you can't escape from. It could also mirror feelings of vulnerability or a sense of being overwhelmed.

4. Matt's Disappearance and Your Brother's Appearance: Friends or acquaintances showing up in dreams might not always have a deep significance; they could simply be a result of recent interactions, memories resurfacing, or they could be stand-ins for certain qualities you associate with them. Your brother replacing Matt might signify a shift in the dream from a less serious atmosphere to one involving family and more personal stakes.

5. Stabbing the Monster: Your brother's advice to stab the monster suggests action against a threat, possibly indicating a need to confront issues head-on rather than avoid them. Scissors with a third blade might symbolize a solution that isn't straightforward or a tool/strategy that you're trying to figure out how to use correctly.

6. Your Mother's Involvement: Your mother trying to take the scissors could signify your perception of her protective instincts or perhaps a disconnect between how you want to handle a problem versus her approach.

7. Lucidity and Waking Up: Realizing within the dream that it's not real suggests an emerging awareness or lucidity. Your attempt to wake up might mirror an instinct to retreat from difficult situations when they seem too overwhelming or bizarre.

Considering the above points, it seems that the dream could be a reflection of your subconscious working through issues of anxiety, stress, or confrontations that may require action or decision-making in real life. The family and safety themes seem strong, with the potential threat (the monster) and the protective yet confusing actions of your family.
(???) 2023-05-17 07:05:42
So to start off the story I was dreaming, and I woke up in the middle of a forest fire, in a specific open area and this shadowy figure that represented a feminine body was standing above me. I couldn’t move my body at all and by the time I blinked the shadow figure was crouched above me holding a flaming arrow, I could suddenly move my arms and I tried to keep her from pushing the arrow into my chest but it wasn’t enough. It eventually went through my chest entirely and I jolted awake. Surprised I remember the dream to this day since it was around 2017-2018 but it scarred me a little bit and I still haven’t told a single person about it.
nobody 2023-05-03 11:45:31
i dreamed i was walking out of a building when a bunch of random people i dont know started trying to talk to me. i can’t remember what they said. they all had knifes. they surrounded me and then one stabbed me in the side, i fell and then they all started stabbing me. it felt so real and i thought i was gonna die then i woke up. and that scared the living shite outta me
James 2023-04-24 09:52:31
I dream I'm walking through the woods. I see an arrow and pick it up and continue walking. At some point, I trip and fall and the arrow goes into my stomach. I am able to walk a little farther but then I fall again and die.
Secret heheh 2023-04-09 14:53:06
I was having a Wholesome moment with my family and cousins, but after getting out of the van a young boy who looks like younger than me was using the jumping rope, after seeing me he started running towards me, looked at me as I thought he was playing till I felt pain in my back.
As I woke up I still felt it as my breathing was uneasy too
Pat 2023-03-10 15:17:07
In my dreams I was leaving a friend's and kept feeling like I a being stabbed or poked in the back. Had this same dream the entire night would wake up and fall asleep and repeat the dream. I even woke my friend once from my screaming and talking in my dream.
Nytesong 2022-12-25 06:28:15
I dreamed that my younger sister stabbed my mother with all these knives from the kitchen and that my mother was crying in pain and in dream I gently took the knives out and started to carry mother away from my younger sister so she could not hurt mother anymore. My mother had passed away September 29, 2020. What does this dream mean exactly? :/
Brandon 2022-10-09 00:56:48
My wife dream that her ex attacked me with a small pocket knife, stabbing me in the stomach then tried to slash my throat but I blocked it with my for arm, getting slashed there instead. She said I then tripped back words and fell but when I got up I was not wounded and/or it don't bother me. But as I got up he came at me again and out of know where I grabbed this pole with a giant blade (sounded like a polearm) and drove it threw him he went poof (her words) and was gone then she woke up.
kyler 2022-10-06 04:30:42
I had a dream that my sister got scissors from her room with my brother and they both ran at me with them I then got stabbed in the stomach.
Purple mice 123 2022-07-09 14:15:30
Hey, so I just woke up from a dream and I had a dream where I was just standing in my cousins living room for some reason. And then a random girl who is supposed to be my sisters friend. The girl told me to look behind me. So I did and she told me to stay there. I heard whispering so I turned back . My sister was gonna stab me with scissors. But instead I grabbed her scissors and I almost stabbed her in the chest. I stabbed her a little hole but not all the way. Then my hand was moving slowly and I dropped the scissors and I started crying. I really don’t get this dream. Is my sister gonna betray me but I’m gonna betray her back? But why was she gonna stab me with scissors? Why not a knife?
Martin 2022-03-03 16:56:41
I got stabbed in the back in a dream by a team member but I don’t work for that company anymore it’s the 2nd time over a period of 2 years
Cristlan Agard 2022-01-17 08:28:39
I Dream I Stabbed Someone And Was Going To Jail Because The Person who came to Me Concerned the man I’m deeply in love with

TwwoPlayer 2021-12-20 15:26:32
SO basically I just woke up from this dream a few minutes ago and I'm kinda really freaked out by it- Ok so I was in class at a school I didn't recognize, (but that's not the important part) and I hid in a closet because I didn't feel like trying to pay attention, and these two people, a guy that i sort of know, and a girl that I didn't recognize, walked in. They both said something to the effect of "Why are you here, this is our hideout?" Etc etc, and the scenery changed, and they soon left. I waited there until the end of the day and then, thinking back to the guy and the girl, I had the strange reaction to kill them. I think I stabbed the guy 18 times and the girl 7 and somehow they were still alive, and then I started feeling guilty so I stabbed myself? I don't remember how many times, just that I kept stabbing until I was dead. I've tried to find the meaning behind it because I'm really not usually the violent type and I can't find anything that resonates with me.
Briggitt Perez 2021-06-21 12:02:58
I had a dream just woke up from it... My dream was it was late maybe 5am still dark but a little light and in my dream I woke up in my grandmother's house and my son screaming that My boyfriend is outside bleeding I go walking towards his grandma's I see all his family saying he got stabbed I see blood on there hands an investigator a lady trying to get them to relax as I see cops I put down every knife I could find because I thought someone was stabbing him so I wanna go protect him I put them down he is on top of a table I run I'm screaming at him why are you out on the streets he is holding onto where he got stabbed he turns his neck into making it lock n the sun's coming up he looks at it n he doesn't even hear me so at this point I'm telling him babe , calling him by his full name . I start saying our kids names and I'm telling him I love him . Then I wake up scared as hell what does this mean . I've had many bad dreams and they always unravel n happen .Honestly freaked me out.
Mel 2021-06-07 04:57:26
I had a dream that my dead cousin and his friend (that I don’t see the face of) approaches me and my husband and the “friend” stabs me in the leg. My eldest cousin (who is alive) also appears. It’s shaken me. Does anyone know what this could mean?
Pls help I’m bloody scared 2021-04-27 00:52:43
I had a dream and all I can remember is the police person being called to my house they came and tried to shoot me in my kitchen, but the garden door which was usually on the left, was on the right. It was night time so right before he grabbbed his gun, I grabbed some scissors and told him Somethingbalong the lines of: “if you want to kill me then do it.” They were so traumatised they just stared at me I fear and stayed in a mid crouch next to the kitchen door as I grabbed my kitchen knife and stabbed my brother in the head. I couldn’t really get the knife through and it was hard to take out of his head so I ran outside and his behind the green bin. My dad came out sweeping the outside of the house which he never does and he just smiled at me. And then I was inside the house with my mother and sister said “don’t worry your dad is waiting for you” then I woke up like wtf just happened 😳 I do hate my brother but killing him is something I wouldn’t do so does this mean I’ll die?
Kelly 2021-04-17 20:09:03
I have dream, I was at home and singing around. Mom she just hit me three to four time and it didn't hurt me. Than I seat down comfortably when mom she came with knife. She just keep knife in my mouth, I catch the knife and and stabbed myself while mom is also hold it.
Neo 2020-11-28 15:13:10
I keep having this recurring dream where,, theres this serial killer that only ever attacks females, and so,,I remember that he had killed almost all of my friends and nobody even noticed,, and it was clear that I was next,, but the thing is my only friend that had survived was there I didnt want her to die,, so I had shielded her with my body,, and I just remember me being stabbed in my side stomach multiple times,, and then he pulls my pants down and then he rapes me.... I yell for help with the little strength i have left In me,, and after that all I remember is him running,, and someone else running after him.. then I wake up in the hospital,, and the person that went after him is sitting besides me,, I ask if my friends okay,, and he says to me,, "you should be more worried about yourself" but then he says "yeah she's alright" and then after that I had woke up,, but I was still feeling the pain on my side from the stabbing in the dream..
Mr Mr 2020-08-25 05:25:06
I had a dream last night in which I was playing Call of Duty Black Ops II (on Hijacked) with my brother, and I was pretty bad (like in real life) and I was only killing the enemies with the knife. After killing 3 or 4 of them there was a sudden change in my dream, I wasn’t playing the game no more, I was in a street holding a big kitchen knife trying to kill a guy but he was only dodging my hits he never tried to fight. At sum point he couldn’t back off anymore because there was a fence and a bench behind him and he sat on the bench. I wanted to stop chasing him but I felt like I was forced to. I tried to stab him like the characters do in the game but he only got a slight scratch on the arm, then I looked away and stabbed harder around the heart area, and I felt very sad, upset and disgusted, but I don’t know if he died because I didn’t look at him. Then I threw the knife on the ground and I woke up.
Alice 2020-07-13 09:47:43
I had a dream where I was out with a friend and I see an old friend and all this anger builds up inside me. Then she starts coming at me and trying to punch me to I stabbed her in the shoulder blade with a pencil. I have no feelings of anger towards her in real life but in my dream it felt like all I wanted to do was hurt her
Cynthia 2019-11-22 09:38:04
My dream was very vivid,

Me and my best friend and child where on our way to my aunts house as per what it seemed ( she never went ) . On our way there we had a couple stops , as we get out of one store my 10 year old child finds a nail on the floor and tries to stab me with it in my neck ( he is a really sweet loving caring , soft would never hurt anyone in life) I get the nail away from him , then he finds a pencils and he also talking and acting like a devil took over him as he also has anger and tears no control of his words or actions , we arrive near my aunts I parked the car further to try to control my child , my son stabbed me in my neck at that point I fake going into a hug shock , body shaking and twisting to scare him . After 3-4 min of acting dead , I “wake up “ look back and my son currently is holding a steak knife from our house I look at him in the eyes , he put a finger on his mouth and said shhhhh and points to his private part being stabbed . All I could say is what the f**k , why ?? And I look back at my aunts house and my ex stepfather was standing in front of the door of the house calling our black dog Bella back home but she been dead for a long time and I look back at my son and start the car rush to the hospital and I woke up !!
Nobody 2019-11-13 17:34:11
I was dreaming of being in a room with just my sister, and i had a knife. I stabbed her but there wasn't any blood or anything like that, she didn't cry or anything just kept making this one noise, and i got scared so i said turn around to her and i kept stabbing her back to see if i could just kill her so she doesn't have to feel the pain. I woke up and started crying, i also walked to her bed because we share the same room and she was fine. I don't know why i dreamed about that but i never want to dream about it again
Delphinedevine 2019-09-07 03:13:52
I had a dream about my nephew that died a year ago in a car can to me and I was telling him not to go an fright this boy an he went any way an got killed by the guy in the deam stabbed by him he got killed by him.an the guy was crying like he didn't want to do it. And he was bold up crying
melanie 2019-08-04 13:17:45
in my dream i was severely bullied at school and work by a gang of boys , however i couldn't see their faces or anything about them , they was just there in uniforms (btw i have no problems at school and i don't have a job) i was bullied to the point i got stabbed in the heart they broke my leg and left me bleeding stuck in an abandoned house door made of bricks that was broken down crying for help then the abandoned house door turns into my door ( i dont see the change it was like teleporting without knowing that i was teleporting) so i scream and get in the house by moving on the floor like a slug finding my mum cry when she sees me and hug me . I cried when i woke up knowing that many people are bullied in real life and im lucky this was just a dream . I would really like to know what my dream actually meant.

jeezii 2019-06-14 03:46:36
i had a dream where i witnessed an incident of youths provoking someone to which this person who was being provoked made threats by yelling at them and went about with a knife to confront these youths. these provokers probably seen the knife so they scattered avoiding confrontation. i was heading solo toward their direction as the youths dispersed. arriving at the scene, the one with the knife stabbed me instead in the back although he could have known i was totally innocent. what a shitty dream haha
Beatrice 2019-06-10 04:28:37
I dreamt of my siblings at home and I was on the way with my other sister from school to home. When we got there the house was open and keys outside and I saw the man who stabbed them or killed them so my sister and I decided to run for our lives to my dads shop. This man came following us and told us he had also just gotten there and he didn’t do it but I could tell he was lying but we believed him but he looked really weird... my sister and I went to bed and he came back to stab us too and he stabbed me but I don’t remember dying I woke up immediately.. I don’t understand this dream. But the nanny had died too
Alison 2019-05-20 09:10:26
In my dream I was pumping gas and some guy that I didn’t know walked up to me and asked for a quarter o looked in my pockets and their was no quarter so I told him o didn’t have a quarter and he slit my stomach open in 4 places and slit both my legs open from thigh to ankle. I went to the hospital and had to wait like 4 hours before they could do anything but Aaron Hotchner from criminal minds was my surgeon.
Marni 2019-05-19 10:00:56
My dream isn’t like the way yous describe it coz in my dream, me my mum , my 5 cousins and this random man was in a car on the way home n the tire popped so the man said I’ll just drive use t tha house gate, so when we got there there where ppl tha had been buried There, all the ppl that had been buried where pregnant. We all ended up going into the house to try and find help, just before we got to the door someone Ino from school said I wouldn’t go in there if I was u so I said Rio shut up then he gave us money for a drink. Me and my family when into tha house and then Rio said be careful in this house coz there’s bad ppl in here my mum said we can handle ourselves, afew minutes When past and we split up to walk around the house (p.s in the dream the house is my school building) coz my mum couldn’t walk be cause she was pregnant so I was walking with my cousin Issack an we seen theses two boys (also in my school) an one of them was holding a chisel, he stabbed me in the chest and left Issack ran down the stairs to tell my mum. They all came up stairs to get me out off here (btw I was still alive) they got me to the bottom of the stairs an then we seen the boys again but there was more this time one of them came over to me and said she’s not dead yet she’s a little fighter isn’t she to my mum who was crying, then he sliced my neck open n said she’ll bleed out soon don’t worry . Then I woke up bu I couldn’t feel exactly where they stabbed me in my chest and neck and it hurt so badly.
Nomnomnom 2019-01-15 11:50:38
In my dream..everyone was gone except me,my brother and basically my stepmom. And she just started like running really fast to the doors locking them and creepily giggling. And I was getting an eerie feeling. She said” You always think everything is about you” to me and my brother. So I went to grab a knife from the kitchen in case I needed to defend myself and when I went back to the room, she was standing over him, he was dead and had been stabbed multiple times. So this is where it gets weird so I try to stab her to get her off my brother but she ends up stabbing me over and over and I was like cringing and I guess I was sort of conscience because I was like I don’t like this so I changed the dream and started over with me successfully stabbing her and killing her. Then the whole thing started over again but instead of being alone my sister was there also so that made the whole event not happen then I woke up.
Confused and tired 2018-12-30 10:07:34
I had 3 dreams that scared me. The first one is a story about this beautiful witch and her daughter, the witch's daughter was known to be beautiful, but was raped at 10 and killed by this family. So the witch attempted to kill the rapist but was caught and was tried to be hanged, she cursed the family. That every 20 years a daughter will be born, up to the age of 10. The child will be sent to the woods where the witch's daughter was killed and found and would deal the same fate as the daughter. One child survived the murder but gave birth to a kid but died after birth, was stabbed. But to keep the young mother from looking for the kid cause for some reason it's bad, the little girl was trapped in stone statue of herself on a stone slab and I was bestowed with the honor of being the witch's daughter and I had to sing this odd song then stab this child in the mouth every red full moon.
The second dream was like the video from the movie ring I think. It was like random glimpses of creepy stuff then this demonic creature that's tall and I mean tall like 14 ft black sewed up mouth skin grown over the stitches, and red eyes. Every flash of those creepy images the creature game closer and closer until it stabs me with one of his long talon.
The third is short and sweet I was tied up on a upside down cross with fire around me, hooded figures surrounded me in a forest shouting in demonic words. Until this thing emerges from the fire peeling my skin on Mr as I am still alive, and creating these wish papers from my skIn.
I get nightmares normally every night. I don't sleep barely anymore.
Wisewoman 2019-12-17 01:05:41
Sounds like a movie....you should write this and get your just rewards.

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