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Being stabbed is an important dream symbol in regards to social interactions. The meaning of dream about stabbing is usually related to your social life. Any dream dictionary will tell you that one of the most commonly considered themes for dreams regarding stabbing is the idea of being stabbed in the back. Being stabbed in the back is such a culturally iconic phrase, that when something negative happens to us, or we feel betrayed, it is possible to have a dream reaction that involves us being stabbed in the back. Has someone broken a promise to you, or done something that they swore they wouldnít just to hurt you? Then you may be having dreams about being stabbed.

Some dream meanings of being stabbed also relate it to a feeling of inadequacy. You have not been up to par lately, or there is someone out there that you think is better than you. It is because of emotions and feelings like these that you may find yourself being stabbed in the dream world. This is just one possible dream interpretation for being stabbed though.

Another dream meaning entirely set apart from the rest is more related to you doing the stabbing. If you are the one that is stabbing someone else in the dream, this could be because you have been recalling malicious thoughts about them recently. A dream like this should serve as a warning to control your temper in the future. There are other dream interpretations of this action though, such as the idea that stabbing recalls your competitive streak. If the person that you are stabbing in your dream is someone you recognize, then you may be seeing yourself stabbing them because of how competitive you feel towards them. Noticing dream symbols such as this is a great way of making sure to keep your competitive streak in check in the waking world.

If what you see is from an entirely different perspective, such as you witnessing someone you know or love being stabbed in a dream, this recalls feelings of powerlessness, and also shows that you have some deep seated fear for this person. Perhaps they are going to do something soon that you believe will put them in danger. You are probably having this dream as a way of coping with that. The dream is letting you know that you are still afraid of what will happen to your loved one.

One final interpretation of a stabbing dream is that if you are the one stabbing someone else, then you feel betrayed, and the dream is you overcoming your feelings of betrayal by getting back at the person. This interpretation only works of course if the person being stabbed is someone that you know or are related to. Otherwise, this does not make much sense. Stabbing can be a very serious sign that something is going wrong in your life, or that you fear that something will go wrong. At the same time it could simply be a petty jealous feeling. All of this can be determined through a little bit of reflection.
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ally 2015-02-24 18:06:32
I had a dream that this girl (whom I have had many problems with in the past but we are fine now) was keeping my friends and I against our will. She was getting ready to kill us and I just grabbed a pair of scissors and started stabbing her in the face. She wouldn't die she was just laughing. I could literally see chunks of her face missing. I ran and got my mom and we came back she was dead. Then the cops came and questioned me and I woke up.

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Rosario 2015-02-19 23:47:35
I dream that I was being stabbed and stabbing the other person to. however I don't know who it was I just remembered they where gang bangers and where trying to kill me ?
I don't understand it, I don't bang so lol ?

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Bernice Pasz 2015-02-15 14:09:53
I had a dream that my bestfriend, my sister, and my cousin were im the car next to me and another friend. Suddenly this truck pullup and goes to the car next to us and pulls them out and begins to stab them over and over again. Later in the dream i found my sister and cousin just left in the street for dead, and my bestfriend actually was dead. Wtf does this mean please help

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Kieran 2015-02-15 11:14:29
I must be pretty disturbed because in my dreams I am either stabbed, shot, hung or tortured so s*cks to be me  =)

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elizabeth 2015-02-14 03:40:49
In my dream i saw two elderly lying on the pavement. One have blood on his chest and next to it is a knife and the other one was lying ten feet away.

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wyatt 2015-02-12 16:46:01
Last night I had several dreams as I kept waking up but the were all connected in one way or another weather it was my long lost brother walking beside me or the place we were or were heading to I ultimily ended up in a wooded grassy place with what looked like tall walls surrounding the whole forest there were many people everywhere no faces were recognizable at all "and keep in mind my long lost brother is still behind me but at this point he doesn't speak" so we r walking I cant see him but I know he is right behind me, and out of no were I pull a knife out a knife that in life I do own witch I don't understand why it was my real knife but I stabbed a man in a need shirt many people got aggressive and some ran the ones who stayed I than one at a time stabbed anyone willing to fight me, I could feel the presence of my long lost brother behind me still at that point but I woke up and immediately here I am my mind is totally perplexed as to why or even how the dream happend why did I not know any of these people and why did I start the whole ordeal why was my long lost brother with me I'm very confused and would like some help interpretating this very weird dream I don't know if my mind will be setteled tell I know why this happened, but future thanks to any one willing to help me

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Jordan 2015-02-07 16:13:31
I had a dream with some class mates an my pocket knife in a sink then we saw something we were going to get rid of and she stabbed my head and i stabbed her arm what does that mean I love my friend to death :( plz help me

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Jessica 2015-02-05 04:08:07
I had a dream that I was in a forest and I see myself holding a knive. I stabbed the other me and I woke up actually feeling the pain of the knives in my gut.

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Sydney 2015-02-03 13:55:01
i had a dream that i was in this big building with 3 srories, but it was really dark like you could barely see, there was this small group of people with me in these weird outfits, and we were all supposed to get knives and go and kill random people in rooms... none of the people we "killed" i had never seen before

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Tyler 2015-01-31 19:50:02
I dreamt that I had an argument with an old neighbor and he was threatening my mother. When her boyfriend wouldn't help me attack him I did it myself, 5 he fight spilled into my mother's house where she locked the door,I grabbed two knives and put one to his throat while struggling to get him against the wall and convince him to leave, as I proceeded to throw him out I slashed his throat and threw him to the ground where he changed into a black cat. I whispered to the cat " I've gotten niggas this way before" and I began brutal mutilation and dismemberment of the cat, I remember standing above the bloody pieces of the slain cat, and thinking what to do with them, when I went inside to fetch a bag. Matches and lighter fluid, I woke up out of breath and covered in sweat.

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Sofie Holiday 2015-01-27 17:55:52



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carra 2015-01-17 15:34:22
I had a dream I was watching a cctv clip of someone I don't know being stabbed viciously by 3 men she was in the shower and they just came in and started stabbing her.they enjoyed seeing the fear in the woman none of them were English not even the victim... The dream makes no sense and it woke me up in real fear!

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Lisa London 2015-01-09 11:51:57
All I can remember is in my dream I stabbed my partner of 9 years through his eye. We've recently separated but I still care about him. Anyway, I stabbed him with what appeared to be an ice pick and it went through the side of his eyeball just missing the eyeball and came out of the back of his head. I then calmly pulled the ice pick back out of his head and started to panic. I began apologising and thought he was going to die. He was screaming and crying

I can't pinpoint what happened after that but I feel terrible  :(

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Kerry Sneddon 2015-01-08 04:03:59
I had a dream we'll not sure what to even call it but my dream I'm standing with a machete smaller sized one and I'm walking about my mums house and she is in the house and knows I have the machete and she's standing looking at me with no expression not a blink from her it was like I had stabbed her I didn't next thing I know I'm walking up stairs to my old room from when I did stay there and I start talking to myself answering myself as am talking away I'm able to see myself in front off me I could not move nothing had to stand and watch what ever I was doing before I know it I have the blade up to my neck in middle and start pushing this machete through it was like I knew why I was doing but it didn't have a reason as I'm still talking am stabbing myself from my neck to my back I can see old scars on my back exactly same spot never went to left or righ bang on centre but as I got the knife through my eyes were focusing on something I hear two voices little boy an girl before I can react towards the blade I'm on my knees face to face with my son and daughter I had been talking to them as I was doing it all I can hear is mummy mummy what you doing why? from my daughter and nothing from my son as I look over to him he has nothing to say speechless white as a ghost and freezing my mum had came up and said to me that I needed to go and get help as I will end up killing myself soon if the bled wa to go in t the wrong angle or what I had to ask what you mean I do this regualarly I get answer yes and I'm standing in front off a mirror looking at my self stare into the mirror I still can't move still nothing I'm watching myself move my head left to right up n down and I'm starring at a hole in my neck I can see back off my throught through the hole my mouth is also closed then I'm watching myself go through emotions and what reactions I was having I never understood y I did it still watching myself standing still staring into the mirror before I know we're I am I end up waking up from the dream suffocating not breathing I'm struggling to get a breath wide awake I can feel were I stabbed the blade right through pressure,pain off the. blade and sensitive pain from the scars and I can feel like tht for hours I start to believe I have done it for real I need to move about to reassure I didn't it was in my dream I done it... left feeling sick felling like the blade sitting in my throught but nothing is in my neck at all nothing is there...that was my dream I have had 6 times in a row now have fun reading it hope you don't end up dreaming the dreams been told could all collide together and give u a nightmare that never ends. true fact happened to me once, some off you are having sleep paralysis mean you wake up before ur body and see thing people demons hear screaming laughter scary stuff try take ur self out off the paralysis by rolling over on ur side back or otherside twitching to move apart off your body to turn it off.

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laura 2015-01-06 22:48:01
I had a dream that i was at a friends house for a sleep over. We were watching movies. The main couple the the house had a fught and br9ke up. They both walking out of the house and never returned. Then myself and another gurl went into the kitchen to fet food only tho find the door wide open. My friend closed the door and then got stab by a person standing behind the door. She die.
Then managed to knock the lady out by hitting her over the head. I then wrapped myself up with tee towles to protect my body. As a wlked out of the room 3 more people came out from behind a hall wall door push me down on the floor held me by the throat and stabbed me vigorously.
And then i woke up.
What does this mean? ?

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