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Dream interpretation Running


Regardless of whether or not you run on a regular basis, a dream of running can still have some important symbolic meaning. In fact, if you find that the way you run in a dream does not match your current physical level, you may want to pay even more attention to the other events in this dream, as well as how they compare to various areas of your life. Needless to say, if you feel danger in the dream, or you are being chased, then you may not want to ignore the possibility that this dream may have some precognitive aspects.

General Dream Meaning: Running

If you were running in your dream without little effort, it usually means you will be able to achieve your goals. That said, if you were running away from something, as opposed to being in a race, then the dream may indicate that you are trying to avoid something. If you have a hard time running, or your feet feel stuck, then you should look for situations that may be robbing you of your self-esteem. In some instances, dreaming of not being able to move while running may also indicate you are suffering from sleep paralysis.

How Dream Symbol Running may Fit in your Life

A dream of running can give you some good indicators about how you feel about your progress towards various goals. If you find that running in a dream does not match with your waking reality, then it may be time to examine each situation in order to find out if there are hidden factors. Aside from making use of your intuitive abilities to avoid various problems, you may just uncover any number of appealing opportunities. Needless to say, if you dream of being chased, or notice other things that create an emotional disturbance, this dream will also give you a chance to do some repair work on your inner landscape.

A Sample Dream meaning and Running Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are about to begin running a marathon. Once the race begins, you start off slowly, and feel an immense amount of power. Despite that you do not rush, and simply want to enjoy the race. As you continue to run, you continually remind yourself that you do not think you will win. The landscape changes, and all of as sudden, you see your arch enemy just ahead. Instantly, you are galvanized to run faster. Even though you still believe you aren't going to win the race, you run faster and faster. Finally, you approach the finish line, and realize that you can win. With a final burst of speed, you brush past your enemy and find that you have won the race. When you look back at your enemy, you are surprised to find that it is now a former lover that you had broken up with years ago.

In this particular dream, you should keep sight of the fact that it was always easy for you to run. Even though your feelings about your abilities were not accurate, you were able to keep up with the group, as well as enjoy the scenery around you. This indicates that in your daily life, you may feel that you are not as competent or as capable as you actually are. That said, once you see your enemy, the challenge of doing better kicks in. Since you are able to meet the additional demands on your body, it is a clear indicator that you can be doing better in your life. When you turn around and discover that the enemy is an old lover, you can conclude that this dream refers to your love life.

If you happen to be in a relationship that satisfies you, it may be of some help to look at your inner landscape. Do you feel bored, or find that you aren't being pushed to grow as an individual. Are you often wondering if you can find someone else that you will have more passion with? Regardless of what comes up, you may want to compare these feelings to what you felt for your ex while you were on good terms. From there, you can begin to take steps to bring fulfilling changes to your current relationship, or start thinking about looking for a partner that will be more suitable for your needs.

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Katherine 2020-09-17 09:55:55
Lately I been dreaming that when Iam trying to run, I can’t it seems like slow motion running and also so hard to make the next step!!! Why am I dreaming this???
Sky Bry 2020-01-07 23:02:43
Had a dream where I was running on a track effortlessly, the stands around me were filled with a lot of people I know, but none of them were watching, I was the only one running, and it felt so freeing I felt I could run forever, and I did not just run in the one direction I would run clockwise then turn around and run in the other direction as well, again it felt as though I could keep going on forever.
Jessica 2019-09-05 18:11:41
So I dreamt I was watching a race there were two men racing. The one on the outer lane I was routing for he was ahead but kept stumbling never falling though. And the wierd partwas that they were running so fast their legs were a circular blur. Like a cartoon almost.
Tania 2018-07-31 17:26:05
I had a dream where my best friend and I are holding hands and kinda running in the highway like my car was from the flint stones
We just can’t run fast enough but as we’re trying we see many car accidents,flipped ,blocking roads and all but we kept going
I feel like this dream has a meaning but I can’t find it
Emily Flores 2018-01-03 19:28:20
So this dream I had last night... And I need some answers... And In Real Life I don't have much freedom... Because I'm young, 13 years old.

It started with my family having a party. But after everyone left, my parents were gonna sleep... But, since it was early in the morning, I wanted to go somewhere... So I walked up to her and asked her. She allowed me to, so I instantly walked outside, and started running... I wasn't being chased, I wasn't chasing anyone. I felt more like I was running away... And I've thought about running away before, but I font really know where I'd go... So, I kept running, just running. Then I stopped, "Where do I go? To my best friend's house or my ex boyfriend's?" (IRL I almost went to his house before school started but I turned around, because I started having a panic attack...) Well, I decided to go to his because he was further away and I wanted to do it without getting a panic attack. So I started running again. And the next stop was at this clothing store. I didn't need clothes or anything, I just decided to take a look inside. So I was walking around, go into the dressing room, doing anything I could. And when I came out of the dressing room, I seen my mom and brother. They had forgotten about my little personal adventure. And I decided that I wanted to leave. So, I was about to leave, but my mom said she'd rather have me go home, and then my brother asked if he could come with me, (my brother is 7 years older than me... So this was kinda weird) I said no to both of them, and left. I walked out of the store and started running again. And after a while of running, I found this boy, around my age, and he wanted to come with me. So I allowed him, and then, these two boy started following us, and I thought they were gonna shoot us with sling shots... But they actually had guns. But I decided to stop where I was, and try covering myself with leaves. They laughed, and the kid that joined me, he was still running, he yelled to me, "Keep running, they don't have any bullets in their guns." I trusted him and run, catching up to him. Then, the boys were still chasing us, and then we ran to this little bee hive. The kid said, "The most powerful weapon in the world." He grabbed a stick, and then stuck it into the hive. He held the stick for a little bit, and then I felt a little pain in my hip, then he threw the stick at the boys. They then ran away screaming. But, I had to go home, now, so I ran home, and went through people's backyards, it was now dark. So I went through a bunch of people, helping everyone. Then, when it was day again, I was at my neighbor's house, and doing stuff. He walked out, and I had to leave. And I was doing these amazing things. After a while, my dad noticed me, because it was day, and he asked me, "So, what have you been up to?" I replied with, "I've been doing bad things to snobby people and good things to people who need it." I was amazing...

But, that's where I woke, and now, I want to know what that means. So can someone !maybe help me out?
Ghost 2017-11-30 22:40:41
I dreamed that I was even more emotional and bad at communicating than I already am and I had a fight with my dad and got so upset that I started running away. My dad, my mum and my grandma were all chasing me but I was going so fast that they couldn't catch me. In real life I can't run very fast but in this dream I was sprinting so extremely fast and it didn't feel like I was struggling. I was already running so fast but I was trying to run even faster by using my arms for momentum and it kind of felt like I was pushing myself through water. I was running so fast that I leaped across this very wide gap that appeared in the ground and my mum, dad and grandma couldn't get across it. My dad kept saying things to try and discipline me and calling me a bat which made me want to keep running while my mum kept telling him to shut up and telling me that everything was going to be ok. Then my dad said "well I don't want a daughter that is going to be this badly behaved" and so I said "alright then bye" and he said "bye" and so then I started running again and my mum leaped over the gap somehow and caught up to me and it turned from her chasing me to her and I running together.
MookDa 2017-11-13 01:48:23
I always have dreams where I am running. Most of the time I am being chased and am running for my life. Then I always turn around and start chasing and fighting back. Kill them firat before they kill you sort of thing.

Yesterday, I was surrounded by my Christian brothers and sisters at some sort od camp. I felt like running all of the sudden so I just ran. When I was running, there were times when it was easy, then times when I felt like I was slowing or plugging along so I had to lean foward and push myself to try to run normally. I knew I was going somewhere but when I came to the spot to continue, I almost plunged to my death. I was able to stop on time and was running back when my dream changed and the senario and situationchanged. (I have complex dreams. They switch back and forth and continually changed during my dream.)

Because my dream switched when I was going to run my way back to where I came from, I really do not know what to think and how to interpret this dream.
richard 2017-11-12 13:36:08
I had a dream that I was walking first with a lady who I seem know through the woods I see other people in red and black and she said they are from a particular company which I cannot remember, then we stated to run like we was in a race, suddenly we was running up a hill but when I reach to the top she pass me a rope and I eventually reach up, rain was falling and all the other runners seek shelter but both of us keep running until we reach the city I ask her do you want to take the route I usually take she said no and continue to run as I follow and I wake up. please interprete what this mean
Juanita 2017-08-21 20:00:48
My dream was a little weird, I was chasing someone/ racing them I guess because when I had passed the person I was going against I kept running but while I passed them I was going super fast. The next part of my dream I wad roller scating and a woman looked like she was following me and when she got next to me we began to talk she told me she was 50 out of no where my old car appeared and she had a car too and we were both trying to start our cars my uncles house was around the corner but I didnt want to go because I had no pants just underwearand a plaid shirt so i just went back to my car to help the lady with hers
Lyra Myrtle 2017-06-20 13:23:22
I have had some CRAZY dreams in my life .
Here they are . 1, 2, and 4 are the recent ones. :3
1. I had a dream I was chasing someone , but I was also being chased be someone else, I was running faster then I usually do but I still couldn't catch the person and I was somebody else with black hair blue overalls, I couldn't even see my face.
2. I had a weird dream where I was catching Pokemon but every time I caught one it kept disappearing .
3. A couple years ago I had a dream where I was in some swamp and there was containers of water filled with lily pads but crocodile ( or alligators not sure ) someone told me to hop on the lily pads and I did flawlessly but then I fell in and possibly got eaten . When I woke up I was scared and even checked the containers under my bed ( they were filled with shoes ) . Stupid, right ? But then I had the same dream again and the same reaction, what does that mean ?
4. I literally had a dream about being haunted by a vengeful ghost and having a monster under the bed. I was even scared until I was like " OMG THERE IS NO MONSTER UNDER MY BED AND IF THERE WAS I WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD GROW UP SELF !" Funny thing is, I don't belive in monsters and would love to meet a ghost ( WHO YOU GONNA CALL?GHOSTBUSTERS !) , and I'm not afraid of the dark. Typical Lyra.
5. When I was a little girl I had a dream I got lost at Chucky Cheezits ( DON'T JUDGE ME) and when I found my mom there was two of her and I had to choose one of them and I had to be correct, and I choose the wrong one and my mom killed me. Ironically, me and my mom hate each other now and don't get along and I can't wait to move out. Was that dream in some twisted way showing my future relationship with my mom ?: Dead and done?
Creepy ! Please interpret these !
Lola 2017-04-13 05:34:13
I had a dream I was cooking for a competition in teams and everyone in my team finished but me but I was so close but I decided to talk to someone and we ran out of time. I got so stressed out and angry I broke a plate and at rates running out side and running and running and I loved it, I was having fun.
Random 2017-03-19 04:29:53
I have dreams where i run and i struggle to get were i wanna go and then while im getting trying to get there i slowly yet rough get pulled pack to try to start over and try to go were i wanna go

PS 2017-03-10 00:56:26
I've dreamt that I'm running at a very great speed to go away from my enemy who's my ex. When I woke up I was sweating.
Kpopfan12 2016-11-01 15:16:54
My mom dreamed that someone is courting me a pale tall guy and that guy Borrowed my uncle's Car (the one we always use) and me and that guy go somewhere

Next week i felt inlove with a tall,pale guy and he is one of my schoolmate, we have the same club Soccer(im a girl), And one day i dreamed about him hugging me And when i woke up i fell the hug When im alone sometimes i always feel it even in school.... And One day i ask my mom who is the one she dreamed and i give him his pic and my mom said he the one she dreamed last month

abiola 2016-10-08 23:16:32
I had a dream that i switched off the light of my father's house
abiola 2016-10-08 23:10:42
I had a dream that i was braiding another womans hair
Jess 2016-09-24 15:43:16
I had a dream that i was a jockey and my mum helped me up onto the horse and we were getting ready..The race started And i was like a whole half lap of the track past everyone and the horse started getting really slow and i kept on kicking it and it wouldnt go so i jumped off the horse, started running away with all my horse gear on and then i wole up //:
Chantelle 2016-09-21 14:08:39
I had a dream I was running and no matter what I did I couldn't run very fast
Jolo 2016-09-11 20:06:32
I had a dream where I was running at night on a Highway to see my boyfriend in their house. It was raining the entire time I was running. I found it easier to run in my dream than I do in real life, Though I catched a few breaths while running in my dream. It was still raining when I got to their home, But he wasn't there. What could my dream possibly mean?
Vandana 2016-09-01 04:11:08
I have a dream me n my boyfriend are in living relationship bought a new flat there maid is cooked some lunch n we are watching avengers movie lunch was good so i was asking maid tell me the recipe she left without telling me after a while i was in road with my bf n few other relatives my father is also there he said lets see who reaches home first we raced my bf lift me took me on his arms n started running we came first wen we reached home there were uninvited lots of guests n i was few of relatives y u all came suddenly
Few said its a beautiful house. N after dat i am hiding all the photo frames so dat nobody knows i am n my bf r living here
One of the nearby relatives r complaining about sexual sounds they're here nowadays n saying we have to warn these new owners to take it low...
In real life also we are in living relationship from past 6 months nobody knows about it we are very happy
Please interpret this dream
Angel 2016-08-11 11:06:18
I had a dream where I'm on deployment and im in a gun fight and my mom shows up next to me and she says run and the way she says it is scary with such fear in her eyes and then the dream skips and im with my girlfriend and im getting ready for work in the dream im a police officer and I kiss her goodbye and right when I walk out my mom is there again and she said run with the same expression and I start running and then i stop and turn around and she is right there in my face saying run and I wake up
Anjum 2016-07-11 22:11:43
i had dream that i was waiting of my son and was passing uneven ground and light was very low, i was walking carefully, i reached to the destination where from he will be coming i saw the road was full of darkness i afraid
to see such darkness and run back from where i came but when i was running the whole area of the ground was covered with full of darkness and i was running with high speed on this ground when i was running at some point i try to look to the ground as i see to the ground it was even and some light was falling from some where that i can look to the ground the ground or earth was beautiful. i pay thanks to God that i was running carefully and more so that land or ground/earth is even.
unknown 2016-07-08 14:31:46
I had a dream were I was sitting down in a room and then a bunch of people started to walk in so I got up and ran out the door because I was upset and I didn't want anyone to see me upset anyway I'm running and Kelly the main person in my dream starts to chase after me trying to stop me to see what's going on I can remember her saying "slow down what's the matter" but I keep running at one point she grabs ahold of me and wraps her arms around me to stop me from running anyway I get away and continue to run in through some corridors to the other side of the building that's where I finally stop and sit down and then Kelly follows behind me and comes to me and helps cool me down and comforts me and then that's where I woke up.
David 2016-06-02 11:06:22
Just had a dream that I could run very fast. Passing cars and trucks on Highway. I seemed to rally enjoy my run.

Jarred 2016-03-24 17:25:26
Had a dream where I started running. Later on I felt charged up and ran at extremely high and abnormal speed. Very fast. To me it felt like a jog but I only ran just for the thrill of it.
B 2016-08-18 11:17:08
Happened to me as well
Felt like I was running at light speed
When I jumped I went so high I was scared to come down
Ran so fast the wind was trying to pull me back
ana 2016-04-24 23:00:33
You will become a cheetah in your next life son.
vikki 2016-03-02 23:20:35
i had a dream i was running away i was nervous what does this mean
Angel Rodriguez 2016-01-17 21:35:18
I had a dream similar to the one being interpreted. I love running. I'd say I'm a fairly decent runner. I do CX and track. I had a dream of me practicing at the track I was stretching and warming up and there was two guys I have never seen before, running on the track.. I approached to them and asked them how they were doing.. One looked at me smiled and took off. He was about at the 100 meter mark and the other guy says to me "I bet you can't catch up" and he took off. And I did too. I caught up to the second guy and at about the 200 meter mark I was beside the first guy.. He started speeding up and then I felt as if I was moving so fast.. I caught up to him and I was at the finish line.. It was really weird.. But as soon as I turned to look at them I woke up..
Gaurav 2015-10-25 23:55:39
I have dreamed many times that I am running at a very high speed. Speed is extremely high that I keep on crossing almost everything even the motor vehicles.
I am meeting many people/friends/relatives on the way, but just cannot stop for them, however, shout some massage for them while running.

can anyone make some interpretation?
George 2018-12-30 09:12:31
I just had a dream that i was running down a neighborhood at night very fast
Kunal 2016-02-14 18:39:46
I too have the same dream.
Please share if u got the interpretation.
Eyya 2015-10-14 10:39:15
I always dream that i was running then slowly co'z i might think that whatever i do they can always caught me.
joanna tovar 2015-09-19 07:29:33
Man i had a dream i was just sprinting across town a guy stop me and said why do you keep runny i said cuase i wasnt to and i get were i need to soo much faster now i jave to go and run more i was running from place to place like NOTHING i was jumping over places and it was kind coool

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