Dream Dictionary Sharks

Dream Dictionary Sharks

The movie Jaws was extremely culturally influential and created an entire generation of people afraid of sharks.

Dream Sharks
Dream Dictionary Shark, Sharks are Vicious, in Life or in Dreams

Though it cannot be singlehandedly blamed for our negative perception of sharks, it was a big cause of panic at beaches and has resulted in this creature being culturally misunderstood. Unfortunately dream meanings usually don’t have anything to do with scientific understanding, but a more personal one, so unless you are a shark sympathizer, the meaning of dream regarding sharks is probably going to be a negative one. Certainly, a normal dream dictionary will usually site sharks as the bringers of bad news, but you are probably wondering what the shark that you saw in your dreams meant, so it is time to get a bit more specific.

If you have seen the dream symbol of a shark recently, then it is probably because you are angry, or feel hostile. This is one dream meaning that is very straight forward, but for an example, it could be that you have had an argument recently. Perhaps you feel intensely right about your position in an argument and are angry with the person that you are arguing with for not accepting your decision. Whatever emotion you are feeling, it is probably a strong one. Dream interpretations suggest that you could be a danger to yourself or others in an emotional sense, or that if you do not gain control of your temper, you could be dangerous to others.

One more dream interpretation of a shark is that of a greedy or bad person. Perhaps you are not the shark in this situation, but fear the sharks in the dream. Do you know anyone that is an angry or unscrupulous person, or someone that might hurt you, or someone you love? Perhaps it is a financial grievance that you have with a person and you expect them to try to cheat you in some way, or take your money. Either way, if you know someone like this in life, then the shark might just symbolize that person’s presence and your fear and apprehension against them.

One final alternate interpretation of the shark in your dreams could be that you are feeling angry or independent in regards to a romantic relationship. Perhaps you feel that you are not your own person within the relationship or that your partner is in some way inhibiting you. This can be a common feeling after the first few months of a relationship when you begin to get settled into a routine and start to feel that your partner is hindering you or keeping you down. These feelings are what make or break a relationship, and are usually over after a few months, or result in your breakup depending on how you handle this period, so if you are having dreams about sharks, this could be an extremely important period for you.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Sharks

Hilda 2016-03-18 06:07:37
I had a dream i was walking by the beach and all of the sudden there was a wooden wall and behind it were many sharks, in order for me to keep walking I had to climb a mountain of rocks to get away from them, then i had to climb back down past the wooden wall... I did not panic until I had to climb back down! what does it mean?

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vanessa 2015-10-31 09:42:01
My dream felt so real. I was at a beach with my oldest daughter who I haven't seen in almost two years. The sharks were attacking her and I tried fighting them off but was so helpless. This dream won't leave my memory. Please what does it mean!!??

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Pamela 2015-09-19 00:48:37
I had a dream that me an an ex were watching divers dive from a very big rock and then there was a pretty girl diving however when you saw her face she looked very much like a man. Soon after my ex said he needed to leave however I saw a shark fin in the water the shark was steady and I didn't fear it however when my ex moved closer the shark had moved forward towards us. My ex told me to jump out of the water and I did however I could see him later on and the water went quiet and all the creatures stayed quite including my ex - I was also telling him not to move so the shark wouldn't detect him but he thought it was safe and started swimming and the shark plunged out of the water it was a really ugly shark - and during all that time in the water I couldn't see my ex however in the end I saw blood in the water yet he kept on speaking to me out of the water while he was getting attacked and he sounded ok but I was so confused because he was in the water there was blood - I could not see him yet I could hear his narration in my mind during the dream.. And then I woke up. Could you please help me to decipher what this means? Such a weird dream.

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Trish 2015-08-20 15:41:04
i had a dream that a shark was giving birth in my kitchen all over the floor. Please tell me what this means.

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Julia 2015-05-20 20:44:41
I had a dream that the guy I was dating was dressed in a shark costume. I didn't feel fear and I told him he didn't have to wear it inside the room we were in. It was like I was telling him he didn't have to wear his coat.

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Keeyana 2014-10-22 15:20:23
I had a dream that I had a premonition of a shark attack so I told my boyfriend to come out of the water and that I needed him right away, then I yelled at his friends to get out of the water as well .. First I saw a fin and a dolphin appeared then the water was coming further and further up the sand. The water was so high and I saw a fin surround me and when the water went down the shark went from a full grown to a baby shark , some one came up and started throwing it over his shoulder like it was a rag doll. Any idea of what my dream means ?

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candris toomer 2014-07-25 16:39:45
I think it all three for me.

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Darlene 2013-04-18 03:20:48
thank you....

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