Dream interpretation Spider

No matter whether you don't like spiders because of their predatory habits, or the way they look, it can be easy to understand why most would be upset to see them in a dream. That said, few other noxious dream symbols have a positive meaning in the precognitive sense, let alone help you live a richer, fuller life. At the very least, if you are having financial issue, relationship issues, or can't seem to reach any concrete understandings in your life, this dream symbol may just help you find the answers you are looking for.

General Dream Meaning: Spider

Overall, spiders in a dream represent financial improvement, good news, or other forms of good luck. They can also represent powerful female energies and protection. Unfortunately, if you kill a spider in your dream, it may mean bad luck is on the way. On the other hand, if you see one climbing up a wall, it means that success will soon be yours. If you see a spider spinning a web, it can mean you will work hard, but also receive a significant reward.

When it comes to your inner landscape, spiders can represent people or situations that you feel isolated from. In many cases, a spider may refer to a dictatorial mother, or some other powerful figure that has you "trapped" in some sort of difficult situation. Needless to say, if you are bitten by a spider, it can signify that at some level, you feel an enormous amount of conflict with this person, or some aspect of your inner psyche.

How Dream Symbol Spider may Fit in your Life

A dream of a spider can easily indicate that you look forward to better things in your future. That said, there is no such thing as a dream symbol that indicates a need to stop working, or taking tangible action to achieve your goals. In fact, dreaming of a spider may well indicate that you will need to continue working to gain your objectives.

Interestingly enough, if you have many areas of disorder in your life, the orderly and intricate nature of a spider's web can help you think of ways to sort through your confusions. At the very least, if you are feeling isolated, or like someone else has you entangled, this dream may just help you pinpoint where the problems are.

A Sample Dream meaning and Spider Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you see several dozen spiders on the floor of your bedroom. Somehow or other, they all begin to merge, leaving just one in the center of the room. Although you are not afraid of spiders, you feel a bit apprehensive about this one. Slowly, it stands up and takes human form. At first, you think the spider is an aunt that took care of you for long periods of time. Then, you realize that it is your supervisor at work. You wake up at that point wondering if you completed a specific task at work the evening before.

In this particular dream, the dozens of spiders merging into one may represent a number of area in your life that are affected by one single person Since the spider morphs from a childhood caregiver to your current supervisors, you can conclude that the dream has roots in your childhood, as well as some current situation. Even though this dream takes place in your bedroom, you can still conclude that the dream is mainly about work. That said, you may be feeling that you cannot achieve your goals at work, or that work relationships have an impact on your home life. In this case, the initial number of spiders can easily lend themselves to this interpretation.

Since the dream ended with you wondering about a work task, this dream may be nothing more than your mind working off the stress of the day. That said, if you continue to have this type of dream, then you may need to take a look at your work capacity and personal satisfaction during the day. If you happen to find that you are "entangled", or see other spider type symbols, then you may want to see if you can do things differently. On the other hand, if you previously failed to notice job advancement opportunities, then a spider dream may just help you massage that into some good luck in the near future.
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Ricki 2017-09-01 10:17:34
I have my dream a colony of spiders inside of my attache case, when I staring that they are started becoming bigger that why I close the case to stop let them go out. What is that mean

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Elizabeth 2017-07-26 12:49:47

I jolt awake from a dream this morning and it's normal for me to have weird spiritual dreams and this is my third spider dream in the last three months. Black spider with some yellow signature color on its bigger back side. Its front legs we're up for defense while sitting on a brown dog's head. The brown dog was Happy and wagging it's tail all happy and jumped on someone else. It barked playfully with it's tongue hanging out but not long to really notice. As I notice the spider I moved backwards and when I did that the spider jumped off the dog and hopped on my hair. I admit I did panicked because I don't like spiders in Waking Life but from experience of spiritual dreams I made sure I didn't kill the spider. But after it jumped on me it made me thought to myself cautiously that I think "Oh okay... I guess I'll be okay". Than I woke up.


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Marita 2017-07-17 01:35:47
I had a dream about a huge brown spider being in the house. My adult daughter (21 years old)was screaming because she was scared. My 4 year old son wasn't scared and wanted to be brave and kill it for his big sister. I was worried my young son would be bitten so I raced after the spider to kill it before my son did. I missed the first attempt cos the spider ran, and both my son and I chased it. the spider turned and leapt at my son. I woke up before it had a chance to land on my little boy. Does this dream mean anything?

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Lakeyshia 2017-02-05 04:14:04
I just woke up . From having a dream that baby spiders was crawling on my neck ... a lot of them. I kept trying to brush them off in my dream but they wouldn't come off . More just kept coming

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E 2017-02-25 02:58:34
What does it mean?

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Lyn 2017-02-24 09:20:39
I had the same dream lots of baby spiders. What is it mean ?

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hopi 2016-12-27 06:53:36
I had two dreams back to back. a black large spider was on top of my boys head they got up we were looking for it then I killed it in this dream looks like I was in the process of moving. the 2nd dream I was in a house I used to live in 20 yrs ago a large black Sider was climbing the door and my brother who was murdered a yr ago was visiting me and I told him about the spider and he killed it. I was also moving from this house. what does it mean????

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Rogue 2016-11-29 01:55:52
In my dream there were three blue-green swirled spiders dangling from the bathroom ceiling, I was feeling scared more about feeling them crawling on my skin than anything else and eventually when they got close enough I sprayed them with the shower head to get them away from me...

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Dee 2016-11-10 14:52:57
I had a dream that a spider was climbing my bedroom wall up onto the ceiling and then fell onto my head.. what does this indicate ?

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Jess 2016-10-05 04:20:20
I had a dream that I was spending the night at my moms and multiple little brown spider looking things were on her bed. I tried to take them off the bed but I found myself with more and more. When I went to grab one it turned whiteish. I went to the window and looked up to my grandmothers house who has passed away and saw my mom at the window. I called her and she came down stairs and told her she had spiders in her bad she said yes I was hoping someone else saw them there too. They've been pestering me.

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darkwitch 2016-09-30 15:04:26
I dream about spider last night but when i tried to killed the spider by stamping it gets multiplied. .So what does it mean

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Tracey 2016-09-26 17:42:26
I had this dream about a year ago and it has puzzled me ever since: I'm sitting at a table outside, in an enclosed garden. It's part of the house, surrounded by stone walls as high as the walls of the house. The house/garden structure is shaped like an 8, with a tunnel at the center. Sunny, beautiful day. A man (Richard) sits at the table, reading. All is peaceful. I look up to see a spider on the wall in front of me. Then something large moves in the rose bush that grows over where the entry door to the house used to be. It's a HUGE fat spider, must weigh at least 20 pounds. It's watching me. I'm horrified. A second giant spider (10 pounds) is sitting on the old doorway, and a third identical but smaller spider (5 pounds) is sleeping on top of the doorway.
I'm terrified, but Richard acts like its normal and keeps reading, saying only that I should uncover that doorway. I see dozens of more normal sized spiders everywhere I look.
NO WEBS anywhere until I see one golden spider (2 inches in diameter) on my right shoulder and others lowering themselves toward me. There is one on my left shoulder now and I scream, knocking them away.
One gold spider turns and looks up at me, I feel like I hurt the spiders feelings! I run for the tunnel, calling for Richard to follow me. He doesn't. I turn to look for him and now the giant spider is in his lap, he's holding the spider with its underside facing him as though the spider is a book he is reading.
The spider turns over and looks at me, I feel like it's trying to talk to me. Richard nods as though listening respectfully. The spider is now so swollen that it sloshes as it moves. I expect it to burst and i imagine the ocean pouring out of it... Water, sand, crabs,sea shells... Flooding the patio and I feel sick at the thought, even though I love the ocean.
I know I can't stay in the tunnel forever, so I go back out into the sun. The spiders are all looking at me with expectation... Like they are hoping for something from me.
Then I woke up. All the giant spiders were green with thin stripes on their backs, I was wearing a navy blue winter vest with thin stripes on the zipper pulls. The stripes match those on the spiders (red,green,black,orange,yellow)
All the spiders had 8 eyes. I never remember dreams... But this one I can't forget.

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Amber 2016-09-17 03:11:17
I had a dream that I was walking thru a Goodwill and saw a huge spider web in one of the aisles. I had to get thru cause it was the only way to the register. So I started to maneuver thru the web until I got to the end. I ended up getting part of the web on my ankle and actually took a spider egg with it. Hundreds of baby spiders comes out and starts crawling on my ankle. I scream and start to swipe them away. Then the cashier starts laughing and then my dream changes.

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Tera 2016-09-15 07:02:21
I had a dream of two big spider. They both had big black legs but one gad a red butt an the other had a blue butt. I was too scared to kill them so someone else did. What does it mean?

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Julian 2016-09-12 04:14:03
9-12-2016 time 6:30 am

I often have dreams of where a single (2 ft size) spider is constantly trying to attach it self to me and often I always feel fearful. Each dream is different whereas I am always running away from the spider because often my dreams begin with the spider always aggressively trying to attach it's self to my back or rib. Coincidentally, I've had few dreams where the spider successful catches up to me and attaches itself to my body as if it's about to bite, but during those times, someone ( unfamiliar face ) is near by to help me remove the spider from my back. I can see where those could believe my dream may mean that the spider is trying to trap me to do harm but it's unclear who or what. Before reading some of the post online, I always that thought my dreams meant the spider means cunning and aggressive predatorial killers hence my fearful experiences. I often have these dreams throughout my entire life and I've tried to reason with the different meanings of the dream. I've even tried comparing myself to the spider with the above description. Maybe in some way I'm being to aggressive with others but that's not the case as I run through all the different logical scenarios. I'm still not certain what those dreams mean and why does the spider always make me feel fearful and most importantly why the spider constantly wants to attach itself to me.

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Danica Rigdao 2016-08-28 11:20:43
I dreamed of me picking spider but when I pick it up ..it started to crawl in my hands! So I try to make the spider out ofmy hand but didnt work ..so the spider crawl and crawl in my hand. I tried my very best to remove it but I cant.. It produce more baby spiders in my hand instead.. in the end I got tired and just let the spider crawl.

RIP english grammar forgive me :P

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Heather 2016-12-13 11:50:09
The same dream as Danica! I tried andtried to swat it off flick it, squish it but nothing!Then it bit me..

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Claire 2016-08-24 14:16:55
In my dream I was searching for something in the bedroom, and a spider appeared on the wardrobe and I watched it crawl sideways towards me, but I was safely on the bed... It's the second dream I've had about spiders but never has one crawled on or tried to attack/bite me.....

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