Dream Interpretation Ants

A solitary ant suggests that there is some goal, a long held dream or ambition that remains unfulfilled. You may consider it to be beyond the scope of your abilities and are crippled by self-doubt or you have merely consistently put it off to another time, allowing the mundane demands of everyday life to take precedence. You must cast aside your self-doubt and steel yourself against the distractions and temptations that will test your resolve. Only by embracing the struggle ahead of you will your dreams be realized. A lone ant carrying something implies that there is something in your life which holding you back from attaining your goal; determine what it is, rid yourself of it and you will find yourself free to act.

A line of ants marching through your dream signifies a very different situation, that you lack a driving ambition. You meander through life listlessly without a purpose. The result is numbing repetition, each day a mirror of the preceding. Your mind rebels at this stagnation, urging you to find a purpose, something to strive for that will infuse your actions with meaning. The longer the line of ants the more stultifying you find your life.

A swarm of ants, internally chaotic but moving forward quickly, purposefully, unstoppably, suggests that you have begun you realize your ambition. You stride through the world with a goal in mind, success and satisfaction to follow. You know that there are challenges ahead but you have confidence in your ability to overcome them.

If you dream that you yourself are covered in ants it means that the barriers to success are being created by yourself. That you are inadvertently holding yourself back; it could be through lack of self-confidence or self-respect, self-destructive behavior or simply a lack of drive. Whatever it is it is in your power to stop.

The image of an object, or person, covered in ants is a hint. It could be a way of figuring out the next step, how to continue pursuing your goals. Alternatively it could be the clue you need to rid yourself of whatever influence is holding you back, the first step on the long journey of self-actualization. Or it could be the way to figure out your life, of determining what exactly you should be doing, how you should orient your life. The ants are there to make you sit up and pay attention, to direct your mind to a particular idea. Everything else is up to you.
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Hordun 2015-11-20 09:07:43
Hello, I had a dream that I was cooking, and as at when the food was done, I went back to the kitchen to serve and I saw soldier ants everywhere is the kitchen.. I moved to a corner to serve but was so conscious of the ants....what does this mean?

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Helping Ants 2015-09-11 10:19:31
In my dream i saw black ants are helping me to kill the bee's which sting me.

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jessie 2015-09-03 12:01:02
I had a dream of big black ants, at first there were two of them walking towards me, they weren't being aggressive but scared me a little,so i picked up a stick and started to kill these ants, once i started killing these ants and showed that i was not scared, these ants would start to run away from me and i also started to chase these ants but not to kill them this time but to hold them down out of curiosity, not sure what this means mybe someone can help,please help if anybody can at what this could possibly mean...

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IbelieveinOmens 2015-08-17 19:33:00
I dreamnt last night that in my dream I woke up from bed. I looked down at the vent in the floor and there was 1 big red ant. then another and another until they were streaming out like a column of army ants flowing through the jungle. They were crawling toward a child (the child was not mine) but made every attempt to avoid the infant. then they just vanished like they were walking into another dimension.

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Madeline 2015-07-17 23:19:00
I had a dream that a child was full of ants all over their body ,and we were at a childcare centre

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Kiran 2015-06-04 01:35:20
Hi guys can someone help me I dreamt I was in my room of my old house and a swarm of ants were found as I kept moving the furniture more and more were coming into my room what does this mean??

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Andrea 2015-01-06 07:41:32
I dreamt I was in a hotel room with loads of people, one being my ex partner and the beds were covered with giant ants and loads of eggs. I suggested we got dust pan and brushes and brush them up and throw then over the balcony. I tried stamping on them to kill them but they got on my clothes and seem to burrow in. Then I woke up.

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adil 2014-12-12 16:03:53
i dreamt black ants bursting (tearing skin and coming out from my palms) my younger brother killed them with spary. what does that mean

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Melissa 2014-12-06 16:09:37
In my dream I saw a few brown ants carrying some stuff on their back it didn't mean no harm in my dream I thought it was cool as their were carrying different stuff like sticks leafs in there hole.

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Bella 2014-11-22 04:05:29
Today as I was cleaning my car, I was getting my things to put back inside the car so I could leave. Well a friend of mine gave me this ghoul hanging decoration right after halloween, I thought it would be funny to attach it to my passenger seat, I had it there for a couple days and i didn't notice any ants on it during that time. That was over 2 weeks ago...... Well today I grabbed it and stuck it in one of my bags and when I closed the trunk I look down and notice there's a ton of large ants coming out of the arm and are covering the ghoul. I immediately drop it and throw it away and look in my trunk to see where they might have came from I'd there's more ect.....
I couldn't find any a few here and there but that's it. They were only on that thing. I just find it odd and kinda creepy that that many ants just appeared almost after 3 weeks later and not before.
What could or does this mean?

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RUYB 2014-10-27 01:31:09

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hegxy 2014-11-24 08:36:02
Message from RUYB

Your dream meaning all hardship n struggles will be a thing of the pass just learn to take things a step at a time

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i usually hate ants 2014-10-05 09:45:27
As I dream I saw a huge black ant coming my direction. I stamped it with my leg... The intention of killing it . I thought its dead... I was still doing something which was unclear now... Thn suddenly I turn around this big black ant was madly moving about....As if it was looking for me. This is all I could remember any interpretation on that?

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keke 2014-08-10 17:32:50
My dream were of ants intermittently coming out of my left eye...what could that mean????

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Kristene Melanee Jandoc 2014-07-11 08:49:18
I dreamt last night a dead snake on my pants with lots of ants coming out I was not afraid when I pulled it out

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Josephine 2014-05-14 10:36:34
I dreamt that i was presenting something to my sister and she was laying down on the grass, once i was done, she woke up and ants were all over her.....i try to get them off and a few got on me....What would this mean?

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hegxy 2014-11-24 08:44:42
In life you have always ve knowledge of things your sister is flourishing in her business or academics you tried to advice or helping hand her but she is head strong " in a world of her own" don't give up on her you are part of her life for her to achieve successes in life my email henryhegxy@yahoo.com

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