Dream Interpretation Ants

A solitary ant suggests that there is some goal, a long held dream or ambition that remains unfulfilled. You may consider it to be beyond the scope of your abilities and are crippled by self-doubt or you have merely consistently put it off to another time, allowing the mundane demands of everyday life to take precedence. You must cast aside your self-doubt and steel yourself against the distractions and temptations that will test your resolve. Only by embracing the struggle ahead of you will your dreams be realized. A lone ant carrying something implies that there is something in your life which holding you back from attaining your goal; determine what it is, rid yourself of it and you will find yourself free to act.

A line of ants marching through your dream signifies a very different situation, that you lack a driving ambition. You meander through life listlessly without a purpose. The result is numbing repetition, each day a mirror of the preceding. Your mind rebels at this stagnation, urging you to find a purpose, something to strive for that will infuse your actions with meaning. The longer the line of ants the more stultifying you find your life.

A swarm of ants, internally chaotic but moving forward quickly, purposefully, unstoppably, suggests that you have begun you realize your ambition. You stride through the world with a goal in mind, success and satisfaction to follow. You know that there are challenges ahead but you have confidence in your ability to overcome them.

If you dream that you yourself are covered in ants it means that the barriers to success are being created by yourself. That you are inadvertently holding yourself back; it could be through lack of self-confidence or self-respect, self-destructive behavior or simply a lack of drive. Whatever it is it is in your power to stop.

The image of an object, or person, covered in ants is a hint. It could be a way of figuring out the next step, how to continue pursuing your goals. Alternatively it could be the clue you need to rid yourself of whatever influence is holding you back, the first step on the long journey of self-actualization. Or it could be the way to figure out your life, of determining what exactly you should be doing, how you should orient your life. The ants are there to make you sit up and pay attention, to direct your mind to a particular idea. Everything else is up to you.
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ant 2014-01-14 01:03:42
I dreamt i was an ant, what could this mean

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Annie 2013-12-04 13:03:32
Extremely cool. I had a dream of an ant swarm coming up out of the ground but it was like something was driving the swarm from the ground. There were too many to kill and I shimmied up a drain pipe where there was a book on the roof. I stood on it and the ant swarm was all around it unable to get on the book. I've been thinking a lot about writing lately, possibly my biography... It's good to know that from this interpretation, it is something I should be doing!

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Ricardo 2013-11-16 20:54:00
Well i had a dream where the floors started becoming ant and i got bit by one. then i started getting covered by them, but i ran away. then a girl was starting to get covered by them, but i saved her. I don't know what this means

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Mexs 2013-09-25 09:07:14
my brother had a dream of me covered in ants and he helped in getting rid of them. and I took him to the place the ants gathered me, but there were no ant there.

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Mary 2013-09-24 06:19:11
Ants were in my car, and I got out the car , I was sitting on them too. I tried to brush them out but too many of them.

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Iscaria 2013-02-18 22:27:32
I'm not sure why but I actually dreamt of swarm of ants attacking me and I fight them back. Am I holding back my own dream/ambition?

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Hunter 2013-01-03 09:52:38
Ok this is confirmation, thank you!

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mary 2012-10-20 11:34:35
i had a dream about a swarm of ants and the interpretation is spot on..well done

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ikechukwu obi 2012-07-16 15:19:59
i must say that i'm impress based on this dream interpretation.

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evonne 2012-07-06 23:57:44
Ants coming out of a chip packet???

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