Dream Dictionary Ocean

Dream Dictionary Ocean

When you are looking for the meaning of dream about the ocean, you might want to look through a dream dictionary, but some will have different dream meanings described based on the author of the book.

Dream Ocean
Dream Dictionary Ocean, Dreaming of the Ocean: Empowerment and Limitlessness as Themes for Life

Dream interpretation is not an exact science and some people interpret dreams differently than others. However, one thing that must be depended upon in order to determine a dream meaning is the significance we afford to a dream symbol in real life. For example, the way that we feel about a promotion in real life may tell us what it means about our lives when you have a dream that you are getting a promotion. The same goes for the ocean.

The ocean has always had immense significance for humanity and was once our only vehicle for worldwide travel before the invention of flight. It is enormous and mysterious, seemingly infinitely long and infinitely deep. There are still many things that we do not know about the ocean such as what goes on at the very bottom of it, as well as the creatures that live there. These are still seen as some of life’s greatest mysteries. When you see something as significant as the ocean in your dream, it can have multiple dream interpretations. The ocean is usually associated with feelings of tranquility, cleansing, or renewal. Have you perhaps turned over a new leaf in life, started exercising, or feel more purified than usual? Perhaps you have recently overcome something very serious and difficult and have reached a new state of peace now that you don’t have to worry about it. If this is so, you might see the ocean in your dreams.

An alternative interpretation of the ocean symbol may mean that you have reached a state of power, you feel as if you have been unleashed and if you are totally unhindered by anything. Perhaps you have just accomplished a very arduous goal, or completed a project that you never thought you would be able to complete. In this case, you might see the ocean in your dream as a symbol of your power. Another interpretation might be if you are sailing across the ocean which would symbolize a newfound freedom. You have done something very important in your life. It takes a very courageous person to set sail across the ocean, and when you see yourself doing this in your dreams, it symbolizes your state of feeling courageous in life. You are a courageous person and your dream is trying to remind you of that.

It can symbolize an additional level of courageousness if the sea that you are sailing on is turbulent. Turbulence in the sea in your dreams usually symbolizes emotional turmoil. If you are sailing over testy waters then you are doing your best to navigate through the excruciatingly tough parts of your life that are usually very difficult to deal with. As long as your boat isn’t tipped over, then you are managing yourself and controlling your emotions well.

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nik 2015-03-23 06:00:15
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6665I dreame that i and my sisters could walk on the ocean. It was a tripped over boat in the middle of us and we were standing around it. The boat didnt sink. It was holding itself togeter. We started figtin. Not real fighting. Just play-fighting.And then everyone slipped and falled intro soap that lay on the ocean. We started laughting.
Sorry if i wrightet something wrong, my english isnt that good...
Crystal 2012-11-17 17:47:00
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