Dream meaning Skunk

Dream meaning Skunk


Now if you want to know about the symbol skunk, then skunk has different meanings too. Skunk refers to some kind of animal and all animal have different interpretation. If we study generally then by seeing animal in dream means danger, emotions. The character of animal is symbolized by us; it may be good or bad. Animals symbolize unconscious relations of us. It may tell us about the clue for future or it may forbid us to do any work.


Basically skunk symbolizes the anger that is exploiting you. It may want to tell you that your anger is suppressing you.

Skunk also identifies that you want to move people away from you. You want that they turned back from you. You don't want to live with the people and you are trying to push out from your life. It may be for all the people or it may be for specific person that also depend on dreamer's personality.

Skunk also means that you are not revealing your true feelings in front of others. You are trying to hide your feelings even you know that you are right. It is also the case that you are not agreeing with others opinion but still you don't want to share your feelings.

So skunk basically symbolizes the anger toward life or people. Skunk identifies the hidden feelings of man, it means that man don't want to reflect his inner self toward people. He wants to live within his own shedder.

The people saw bear, snake, rat, pig and any other animal in their dreams. All are different for different people. The interpretation of skunk is difficult due to the reason that each animal has its own characteristic and interpretation is made as like.

Dreaming never ends but it is necessary that one should don't wear the danger of these dreams, just they give you guide to make your life better and to tell you that what is happening next. It tells about your inner self, it tells you that what are you doing is wrong or right, this is all about dreaming but one thing should kept in mind that some dreams have no meaning as they are only the psychological effect of your un rest mind.

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YVETTE 2018-10-08 16:28:41
My “dream” was more like a nightmare it was so scary but the significance is so crazily accurate to the challenges I am facing in my life right now. In my dream, I was at home, and what started out as one skunk, escalated to two, then three, then 4, I literally thought they were sprouting from or “growing” from my body, I could not escape them they were in my coat pockets, the toilet of my bathroom, all over the floors. Above cabinets. I remember looking “up” and seeing them. My oldest sister was there, I yelled for her help cuz I didn’t know how to get rid of them. One of them BIT ME on my index finger, I think my left. I remember reaching for some type of cleaning agent, sprayed it over a few and watched them die slowly. I can’t remember the rest but I woke up sweating and grossed tf out.
HeliosEos 2023-12-25 06:54:29
Let's explore some possible interpretations:

Skunks: Skunks in dreams could represent multiple things. They are typically known for their defensive spray, which they release when threatened. In a dream, skunks could symbolize situations or people in your life that you perceive as invasive or threatening. They may also represent feelings or issues that are unpleasant, that you find repulsive, or that you're trying to avoid.

Multiplication of Skunks: The initial single skunk multiplying into more and more skunks could indicate that a problem you are facing is growing or that issues are piling up. It could also suggest an escalating situation that seems to be getting out of control or spreading into different areas of your life.

Skunks "Growing" from Your Body: This imagery can be quite disturbing and may reflect a sense of personal problems or anxieties that feel as though they are inherently a part of you. It's possible you feel responsible for the issues represented by the skunks, or they may symbolize negative aspects or fears that are deeply rooted within you.

Being Bitten: Being bitten by a skunk on your finger could signify a direct impact or pain because of these issues. The index finger is often associated with direction or authority, and being bitten on it might imply a loss of control or an affront to your ability to manage or command a situation.

Request for Help: Calling for your sister's assistance could suggest you're looking for support in your waking life. Siblings in dreams can represent familial bonds, support systems, comfort, and the dynamic you share with them in reality.

Using a Cleaning Agent: Trying to get rid of the skunks with a cleaning agent and watching them die could indicate a desire to cleanse your life of these negative aspects or to forcefully tackle the problems you're encountering.

Sweating and Discomfort Upon Waking: The physical reaction you had upon waking up shows that the dream had a powerful emotional impact on you. It's a sign that your mind was deeply engaged in processing intense feelings or a stressful situation.

Given the details of your dream, it seems that there may be situations in your life that are causing you distress or discomfort, problems that seem to be growing beyond your ability to manage them easily. The dream might be calling attention to a need for taking action against these negative elements or perhaps asking you to reach out for help in dealing with them.
Jayla 2017-07-21 14:56:21
So im not much of a dreamer when it comes to animals in my dreams but last night i had a dream i was laying in ny bed half sleep and nd i had a friend over nd she was on tge floor on her phone and i look over on the other side of my bed nd its just a skunk walking around so i kinda freak out and tell my firend but the skunk doesn't move from where i was sitting i would've thought it would go towards my friend and spray bcuz its scared but it doesn't move just stays next to me..... and then i woke up
Tamara 2017-05-25 00:49:50
I had a dream there were so many skunks under my bed and mom paid for a person to come and remove skunks so I was running around trying to get clothes for me and my kids to stay in a hotel and when I came back to my room a skunk was in my younger so I smack really fast we ran out the room then I woke up
Christian 2017-02-10 08:25:14
It seems to be something u might have done and saw as a memory really, from a past life, maybe as a child u lived in that village and knew u wouldn't get beat, so u helped the poor thing escape, u seem very empathetic and I'm sure even as a child u could remember talking to wild animals, stray cats, birds, whatnot ..
Nete 2016-12-26 06:14:38
I dream I was being chase and attack by shunks
Mary 2016-08-09 10:00:32
This is so true. Im going through a bad break up. But in the dream i was petting the skunks and they were really cute and nice
BJ 2016-06-27 08:58:46
I dreamt I was watching 2 men from afar dressed in thick coats. They were capturing a wild skunk. One of the men was native American and he held it to his face and it sprayed him. The skunk then got loose. Everyone started running from it, so I started calling for it (like you'd call for a dog) and it followed me. I lured it to a gate to escape back to the wilderness. It passed through the gate and snapped at me once it got through. This dream has me so puzzled.
Jennifer C 2016-05-25 12:04:11
Wow! Really accurate. Yesterday I had that dream and today in the morning I walked into work and quit. I was tired of the negativity and wanted to get away from all of it
Veronica Valentine 2016-05-15 10:57:06
I dreamt about 3 skunk stuffed animals. One was one of those flat tug a war toys, one was skinny and messy and looked like it was sad, one was beautiful (and it was one of my stuffed animals) and I was in a horrible place I used to live in only it was worse. It was darker, messier, I was chained down, abused, not aloud to talk to anyone, etc. I grabbed my skunk stuffed animal and escaped. I think it meant I got out of hell and my life's getting better. My friend also dreamt of a skunk too which is weird. And a frog. The same night too which is even weirder.
dustin 2016-03-18 07:43:28
totally agree with this, had a dream that a white skunk sprayed me, i could feel the mist all over my skin and it kind of stung. i am tried of the people i surround myself with and desperately want a change, but feel that i can't express it in any way. at the same time i'm absolutely disturbed by the political state of our country and the irresponsible actions of our voters, the GOP and the media, and there's nothing that one man can do about it.
Tania 2017-03-24 10:55:06
Hi! I had the same dream last night. It was such a disturbing dream that I decided to look for some meanings. I'm at that age where all my friends are having babies and they criticize each other about their parenting styles. I don't want to be in the middle of this...
nicky 2016-01-27 20:17:07
Woooow!!! That is exactly what is going on.
Lydia88 2015-12-12 06:21:42
Yes! I have been living with a man for a few years and can't wait to get out of this relationship! I have deep seated anger towards him and always feel that I have to contain it till he is out of my life especially since we are spending Christmas together for the sake of practicality. I had a dream about skunks last night, looked up the meaning this morning and found this article. Very accurate!
Maria 2016-04-09 05:22:39
I am in the same situation as you Lydia88. And I did dream about skunks last night too. I am trying to move away from this person too, but I have a son and that makes it more difficult. This was very accurate, I agree. 🙂
Harvy 2016-03-07 06:37:08
Sounds like your going through it and I'm sorry to hear, but when a women's fed up that's it! Lol anyway email someone if you'd like, harvymcluvn@yahoo.com, good luck to ya.
Brian 2016-01-29 10:37:38
Exact situation here...very accurate I agree...

jen 2015-11-11 21:11:42
Dreampt of a possum an skunk fighting the skunk was loosing.. an it sprayed.. I remember having to clean it up but the most significant part of thr dream was them fighting
ocamoody 2015-10-11 05:19:39
Dreamed of a skunk that heard me through my front door and I was yelling at it too ho away and looked at me angry. Both angry.
pepeMASTER 2015-10-06 18:35:30
thanks for this. very competent
Irma 2015-08-26 18:27:09
It's on point. I am very angry, due to a break up. This was going on and off for 15 yrs. And I want to put a end to it, once and for all!! Thanks
Mark 2015-08-24 21:44:22
Un-real! Scary accurate. Do have anger in my life at this point. Didnt know about it.
tom 2015-05-24 01:05:33
Have a dream that I have a few time since I was seven a year alway about a man in a mirror with a cat face or a skunks face he always breaks through the mirror but I don't know what happenes after this as I wake up because of this I can't sleep in a room with a mirror. And none of the above really describe me. Can anyone help
kris 2015-05-10 23:44:49
Wow! This is ao my life right now. I guess subconsciously I have been trying to get rid of a few frenemies And a man. Anger but handling things from an emotional standpoint.
Val 2015-04-05 18:33:51
This his was right on the money!!
lois 2015-03-31 05:42:54
got a call from an ex cant go down that road again now I understand. Never had a dream like that and with 3 of them. Thanks a lot
Mary 2015-02-16 14:49:42
Wow I must agree with what was said im inpressed thank u
Christina 2014-12-31 16:04:02
Nothing to do with anything that is going on in my life , ill keep looking
Marie 2014-12-10 18:37:40
Pure description of my situation, it is crazy how I had my first dream with a skunk and everything on description/meaning is on Point!

MiMi 2014-08-06 03:45:48
This is completely my true life story, I need to confront my feelings first.
Christina 2014-03-15 02:31:32
This answer is head on absolutely how I feel right down to the people I can no longer live with. I find myself doing everything possible to get them away from me.
Thank you so much you're awesome 🙂
Maria 2013-11-21 22:03:02
Thank you! for the answer this is how, I really feel inside.

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