Dream meaning Deer

Deer are known to be very edgy animals and will generally run away at the chance or small signal of danger. These attributes have some significance on dreams and thereby real life. These can be linked to the behavioral trait of having a nervous tension and personality. These people are coy while expressing their emotions and generally considered as introvert. They also symbolize tremendous grace in the dreamer and kindness at heart. It I generally a good symbol unless some negative factors are viewed.

Deer dreams are considered favorable and lucky to have. These can denote the pure character and several future elements. In ancient times, people used to believe them as messengers of fairies which are always connected with something positive or divine. You can get the meaning by the fact that mostly the vehicles of god or celestial characters are drove by deer (Santa Claus). It was also considered that dreams about deer denote the deep and true friendship with your best pal. Still it is deviant depending on the actual dream situation which is described briefly in following pages.

Deep meaning of all deer related dreams

To dream about deer is always a signal for some positive change or your positive attitude. It is a good omen to appear in your dreams and claims to give your life 180 degrees turn in desired line. To dream of deer when you are getting married in short time signifies that you will have a quiet and happy married life. If young person dreams of deer suggests that he will be able to achieve true friendship and will experience all its colors with the friend. If you are emotionally attached with someone and get a dream about deer including him signifies that you will be cheated by him and even he will take advantage of your affection. To see a black deer running in your dream signifies that you are accepting the feminine qualities and feeling a burden if these attributes. To dream that you are killing a deer connotes that you will be surrounded by enemies who are trying to cause any harm to you. Dream of hunting a deer represents that you will obtain failure in your financial pursuit such as loss in business or meager profit.

Connection of life with these special deer dreams

Dreams of deer in any form are generally positive but if the dream is about killing or hunting then they want to signify something special that you are not aware of. They are suggesting you to be aware of people surrounding your life. They may have different face in front of you but have negative intentions in mind. Beware of their actions and do not follow their suggestions and sayings as it can lead you a pitfall. Deer also represents your vulnerability towards a relationship that can be harmful for your life. Its best to be cautious while dealing with the suspicious people and once you are assured of their intentions you can enjoy the free and pure relationship.

A special deer dream to a boy and its interpretation

Consider a dream where you are living in countryside where many people reach you to get the addresses and you frequently have flock of visitors. You observe a scene of night where you are watching movements of these strange people around you on the path or road. You can see many things such as vehicles, people and lights on the road in front of your house. Then you notice a group of deer emerging from shrubs bordering the path and they are struggling to pass the road. You notice a female driving a car and while the animals are crossing she came close to them and you get alarmed to stop her in order to prevent the deer but at this point your dream breaks in. this dream signifies 2 prominent dream symbols that are female and deer. The meaning of this dream is that you are feeling helpless about someone or something as you cannot help the other person while sensing the danger for him. As the dream do not conclude anything it can mean that the deer is killed or saved in either cases this dream purely signifies your helplessness to do something for your near person.
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Evelina 2015-09-30 01:45:44
I had a dream that their was a storm and I got in a car to drive down the neighborhood and while I was driving there was dead deer all over the floor.
Any ideas on what that means??

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Andrea 2015-08-30 14:52:12
In my dream I was staying in a hotel and when I came back to the room there were tons of deer in it. I was trying to get them out for a long time. Then by the time I did it was like 8am and the hotel was trying to make me check out and I wasn't ready.

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Athony 2015-08-26 05:07:26
I don't entirely remember, however I had the oddest dream that I cannot find any reference to. It's so odd because it feels so familiar, but it's also disgusting and horrifying. A deers, or some kind of skull was vomitted from a abnormally shaped bear (head is larger than normal, but it still seems oddly proportionate), and then presented to a ressurrected form of a man with long dark hair, and a long beard/facial hair. The reason I say resurrected is because he was bones prior to stepping out of a shallow grave.
The bear then quite literally collapsed into a type of mucous cloud and then coalesced into a dust bed on the ground.. Despite it being a dream, it was hard not to find it completely eerie. I only had that dream once, but I still remember that much.

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Kamille 2015-08-10 00:10:00
Last Night I dreamt of the beautiful deer in my backyard. When I loved it jumped into my car with me as my sister drove us away to our childhood home. It left into my alarms and wanted me to embrace it. And has a plate in the front yard of my childhood home, I kept coming back to me and wanting me to embrace it. Within the dream I remember feeling only sweet compassion and love for this to gentle dear. It was a lovely dream.

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Garrett Adams 2015-08-07 23:24:33
This is for my Wife, she is a vivid dreamer, meaning that she remembers her dreams and some times she can tell me about them hours after she has woken up. this dream is one of those.
What she said was that Two White Baby (fawn) deer came up to her and some one else, (she thinks is me or her best friend, Canít remember) they were nice and allowing them to touch and play with them, here first thought was where is the mom cause Mother animal(deer in this case) donít like anyone touching there offspring, the beginning of the dream the mom was no where in site but late the Mother deer came and started charging at the other person not her! She then stepped in front of the Mother and told her to stop that we were friendly.
Iím looking around the internet to find out what deer means but also I want to know what Baby (fawns) deer mean they are WHITE and I donít know what the Mother deer color was,
If any could comment please Iím curious about this dream. Thank you

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Kara 2015-06-28 18:33:27
I often dream of deers breaking through my sliding glass doors & into family room. Sometimes there's a deer who is dying(shot) and I don't know what to do

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Daisy 2015-06-28 11:53:02
I saw in my dreams, i was in the woods and saw a deer. It was dark brown. I knew it was a male one. It came towards me running but it didnt hurt me. Started rubbing its head against me instead. Then i saw that he had a vest on cuz itz back was a bit broken.
then we started to talk to me. After that he coul also take form of other animals in front of me(the animals i asked him to turn into). He could not turn into birds . If i asked him if he can turn into human, he told me to wait n ran out of sight(i knew he didnt run away, but went to take human form). I then imagined what he could look like and it was a specific person. But he didnt come back cuz i woke up.
i wonder what all of that means.
and as details, it was summer, day time, no other animals around.

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Jayashree 2015-06-11 20:57:03
Now a days I usually remain depressed due to some personal reasons. Last night I dreamt that I am inside a temple which is at the edge of a river. A huge reindeer came flying into the temple and somehow I came to know he is sent by Santa to find out all the bad people who is doing something wrong to the society. So I was initially scared looking such huge animal.But after knowing the fact I went close to him and was feeling good that he will not hurt me . What does that means?

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taryn 2015-05-23 01:08:52
When i was a child i had tons of nightmares about deer. The first one i can remember was when i was a little girl maybe 4 or 5 and in the dream i was laying in my bed and it was a storm outside so i looked out the window and it was pitch black then there was a strike of lightning and a deers face was pressed against my window then it was dark again and i woke up....... another one was when i was in maybe 5th grade i had a dream that i was in my room and many deer came in through the window and were on hind legs making horrible noises bucking and standing on hind legs... another one when i was in like 2nd grade was in my dream i had i was riding horses with my brother and he fell off the horse and his head got stuck in thw ground, when he pulled it out he had a deer head .

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smita 2015-05-04 16:09:01
what is the meaning of six lags dear standing in dream

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Bell 2015-04-30 05:00:48
(All the deer in my dreams are always does)
I had a dream where it was the apocalypse. The sky was blood red and everyone was rushed into a small compact building with a pool of chemicals we all had to bathe in while being lied to that everything was going to be alright. (Also we were all wearing life vests)
I suppose it was a zombie apocalypse but with animals.
The pool area was a room with glass walls that you could see out with but I didn't see anything abnormal except it looked like there was a paintball game going on. I saw a bunch of people I knew in the pool but I grew bored and left the building and was suddenly dressed in a kickass bullet proof vest and skin tight leather.
My team handed me a wooden gun and told me to kill stuff before running off.
Then I went to a clearing in the woods and I saw it. The carnage. People's guts were ripped open all along the field and there were corpses hidden in the grass with dead deer snacking on it. I saw one guy getting chased by a dear and get eaten alive.
Then one saw me.
A skinless doe started running towards me and I started wrestling with it since my wooden gun obviously wasn't good for anything.
I can pretty much always feel in my dreams and I grew physically tired. The deer was really slimy and it smelled bad and I was sweating hard.
I woke up when I was in the middle of trying to snap the deer's neck and it was eating my face. I could feel it eating my face and it was itchy, felt like I was being pinch and it kind of tickled.
This is not a joke and is actually one of my more normal dreams I'd like someone to interpret for me because I'm terrified of does after all the dreams of them doing creepy stuff.

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Brittany king 2015-04-07 05:01:16
I fell asleep with my boyfriend, at the time any who, and I had a dream that a buck was standing on the side of my boyfriend's bed, but the buck was staring at me, but for some reason I was afraid of the buck so I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep. But all of a sudden I felt something touching my arm so I opened my eyes and my boyfriend wasn't laying there anymore the buck was it was crouching and kinda tapping me lightly with his antlers. That was the end of the dream. But a few days later I found my boyfriend in a house we were building sleeping with another Woman.

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Tracie Hartley 2015-03-31 12:58:31
I dreamt it was night and a herd of deer were running through town and I was stopping traffic so they could cross the road and I found a fawn that was hit and I realized it was still alive so I helped it up but it followed me wanting to help me. I told it I was fine and go with it's own kind and it did reluctantly.

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Secrete dreamer 2015-03-13 22:22:38
i had a dream of a black deer chasing my dog.My dog was covered in meat and was running to me and the deer stamped on her and she disappeared after a woke up. I have no clue what this means

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WHAAAA 2015-04-20 16:39:32
That's not right.

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Evelina 2015-02-06 16:03:14
I had a dream where I stood on my balcony. Everything was dark. Then I heard small footstept of a small deer coming towards me. I paniced, but couldn't move (I'm a little scared of the dark). Suddenly a small, brown, kind'a curvy deer showed up. It wasn's higher than a little above my knees and stood just a metre away from me. It just stood there, staring at me.
It was very scary, because the deer had some kind of frightening look and energi around itself. Then I woke up.

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