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If you have ever heard the phrase, “runaway freight train”, then you can well understand why dreams of trains represent motion as well as stagnation. In fact, even if you dream of toy trains, their motion can give you some good indicators about various aspects of your life. That said, you should also make sure that you include an examination of the condition of the trains, as well as other aspects of the dream in order to determine how this dream relates to your life.

Train Dream General Meaning

Aside from indicating changes or motion in your life depending on speed, specific train types can also have specific meanings. For example, a toy train indicates that you may not be fully in control of various aspects of your life. Freight trains can indicate burdens, while passenger trains may provide information about your personal and social life. If you are a passenger on a train, it can indicate that you are conforming to the will of others around you. On the other hand, if you dream of driving a train or being a conductor, it may indicate a better level of control of your own autonomy, or even a leadership position. If you miss a train, it can indicate that you will miss some type of important opportunity.

How Train Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

When you dream of a train, it is important to realize that your dream indicates motion from one place or condition to another. Depending on the type of train, you may have a great deal of control over that transition or very little. If you are trying to change some aspect of your life, then trains can be a welcome symbol. At the very least, they indicate that you will soon be having new experiences and events to navigate through As may be expected, if the trains in your dream indicate a lack of control or some other problem, then you may want to do some extra research in order to mitigate any negative effects. For example, if you don't like your job, but haven't done anything to find another one, a dream of trains may indicate you will soon be unemployed. Needless to say, if you start looking for a job now, at least you will be back in the market before a serious problem develops.

A Sample Train Dream Interpretation

Consider a situation where you dreamt of a passenger train arriving at a boarding point. As you watch, the train stops, and people begin to exit. You look down at your ticket, and realize that it is for the wrong destination. At that point, you proceed to look for someone that can make the necessary changes for you. Unfortunately, you find yourself waiting in a long line. Desperately, you watch as passengers begin to get on the train, and realize that time is short.

Finally, you approach the ticket window, and realize that the agent is your current boss. While you feel hesitant about revealing your destination, you step up to the window and explain your situation. Even though your boss doesn't' seem to recognize you, the situation makes you feel very apprehensive. Fortunately, you are able to get your ticket changed, and leave before anything further can be said.

Upon boarding the train, you notice that the passengers are all zombies. Disturbed, you begin to back out of the train, only to realize that you still need to get to your destination. After a few seconds more, you finally take an empty seat, and watch as other people board the train. As with other passengers, they get on the train looking perfectly normal, and then turn to zombies as they take their seat. While you now realize that you must also be a zombie, you figure that the situation will change once you arrive at your destination.

This particular dream indicates that you are looking to change a number of things in your lief. Even though the ticket agent is your current boss, the fact that you are not going to a new job indicates this dream is not about work or finances. Since you, and everyone else turns into a zombie upon boarding the train, you can consider that the dream is about your place in society instead. The fact that you decide to board the train in order to arrive at a new destination indicates that you are not happy with where you are, but feel that going along with the crowd for a bit longer will be of benefit. Since the dream does not actually indicate what will happen when you reach your destination, it may be best to think about making small changes in order to see what happens instead of hoping that drastic ones will solve your problems.
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