Dream Dictionary Train

Dream Dictionary Train


If you have ever heard the phrase, runaway freight train, then you can well understand why dreams of trains represent motion as well as stagnation. In fact, even if you dream of toy trains, their motion can give you some good indicators about various aspects of your life. That said, you should also make sure that you include an examination of the condition of the trains, as well as other aspects of the dream in order to determine how this dream relates to your life.

Train Dream General Meaning

Aside from indicating changes or motion in your life depending on speed, specific train types can also have specific meanings. For example, a toy train indicates that you may not be fully in control of various aspects of your life. Freight trains can indicate burdens, while passenger trains may provide information about your personal and social life. If you are a passenger on a train, it can indicate that you are conforming to the will of others around you. On the other hand, if you dream of driving a train or being a conductor, it may indicate a better level of control of your own autonomy, or even a leadership position. If you miss a train, it can indicate that you will miss some type of important opportunity.

How Train Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

When you dream of a train, it is important to realize that your dream indicates motion from one place or condition to another. Depending on the type of train, you may have a great deal of control over that transition or very little. If you are trying to change some aspect of your life, then trains can be a welcome symbol. At the very least, they indicate that you will soon be having new experiences and events to navigate through As may be expected, if the trains in your dream indicate a lack of control or some other problem, then you may want to do some extra research in order to mitigate any negative effects. For example, if you don't like your job, but haven't done anything to find another one, a dream of trains may indicate you will soon be unemployed. Needless to say, if you start looking for a job now, at least you will be back in the market before a serious problem develops.

A Sample Train Dream Interpretation

Consider a situation where you dreamt of a passenger train arriving at a boarding point. As you watch, the train stops, and people begin to exit. You look down at your ticket, and realize that it is for the wrong destination. At that point, you proceed to look for someone that can make the necessary changes for you. Unfortunately, you find yourself waiting in a long line. Desperately, you watch as passengers begin to get on the train, and realize that time is short.

Finally, you approach the ticket window, and realize that the agent is your current boss. While you feel hesitant about revealing your destination, you step up to the window and explain your situation. Even though your boss doesn't' seem to recognize you, the situation makes you feel very apprehensive. Fortunately, you are able to get your ticket changed, and leave before anything further can be said.

Upon boarding the train, you notice that the passengers are all zombies. Disturbed, you begin to back out of the train, only to realize that you still need to get to your destination. After a few seconds more, you finally take an empty seat, and watch as other people board the train. As with other passengers, they get on the train looking perfectly normal, and then turn to zombies as they take their seat. While you now realize that you must also be a zombie, you figure that the situation will change once you arrive at your destination.

This particular dream indicates that you are looking to change a number of things in your lief. Even though the ticket agent is your current boss, the fact that you are not going to a new job indicates this dream is not about work or finances. Since you, and everyone else turns into a zombie upon boarding the train, you can consider that the dream is about your place in society instead. The fact that you decide to board the train in order to arrive at a new destination indicates that you are not happy with where you are, but feel that going along with the crowd for a bit longer will be of benefit. Since the dream does not actually indicate what will happen when you reach your destination, it may be best to think about making small changes in order to see what happens instead of hoping that drastic ones will solve your problems.

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Laura G 2018-07-13 14:14:59
This is kind of long and messy but woke up and cried for a little while.

Being shot in dream because I'm Native american. black guy Jheri curls and a red jacket pulls out gun. I try to get off the train but for some reason I get back on and I think maybe try to negotiate? (I think I'm forced off train?🤔(I think I had seen him in other perspectives of the dream and saw him do to others what he did to me so I knew what was coming)(Now that I think about it I don't think I was able to get off the train) It doesn't work I get shot in the area between my shoulder and chest by my armpit but closer to chest.
Mom is sad crying at station by the bank and across the street from old cindy lees caffee has flowers and soda(?rootbeer dollarstore🤔 my ghost hugs her telling her "im sorry you mean the most(🤔 or everything to me in the entire world. I love you." I say while my ghost is crying. She knows who it is even if I am a ghost. She gasps. The dream ends. (I think in the beginning something about this other guy being native american an older guy 50-60 got killed and that is my perspective for a little while. Then the guy who killed me said sorry i had to.... But blahblahblah there was some other option." (I don't remember other option too hazy pretty sure it cuts to my mom in Temple Square Train Station)
Benjamin Perez 2016-11-02 15:33:26
I was standing on a hill looking down at this train that was coming past me on its tracks, with lots of different cars that it was pulling and moving fast . I had a big spot light in my hand and looking to see if any one was on the train, while it was moving
Angel 2016-08-12 07:57:58
In my dream I was in a car and got out for some reason and a cargo train with cars like what carry actual cars or vehicles or such, was passing and quickly reversed and kept doing this s couple times and derailed, yet stayed on track at the same time as if a controlled derail. Swinging around coming close to hitting me, but I was not scared and the train never touched me. Prior to this I also was dreaming of a flash flood coming down a hill and I was driving a car up a hill and all of a sudden the flooded waters made a huge splash up over the front of my car and settled, but again did not scare me I just looked and asked the other person with me if they seen that.
Uh. Pretty weird sorry 2016-08-04 13:15:54
Before I start telling my dream, I would rather tell my full dream inside of part of it. So sorry if some parts aren't related to this website.

I dream of some place, maybe down town. I saw a building, a fancy building undergoing construction. Then I followed my best uncle ever. Soon then we were running on top of a train, not riding, running. I fell off the train multiple times, but I somehow ended up back at the beginning of me jumping and running on the top of the train, and as I looked ahead, my uncle was so far ahead, soon then he jumped off. I continued trying but I keep falling off and restarting. soon then I jumped off purposely. I saw the place like a soccer game, girl soccer, and I saw this lady up ahead, and she came toward me and grabbed my hand and dragged me to her house. Soon I found my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins and my parents). And they said to me that I had a beautiful wonderful girlfriend, but I looked at her (the lady that grabbed my hand), and I notice she was tall and umm well sexy (yes I know, sorry) but she was like in her 20s or mid 20s or even late 20s. Or maybe 30s. The lady notice I was injured and she took care of me, putting medicine, and bandages on me. Even kissed my forehead.
Breanna 2016-06-26 14:22:25
I had a dream that I was walking through the woods and a train came rushing through the woods out of nowhere, and I had to save a little girl from being hit by the train.
K 2016-04-04 23:40:00
In my dream, I was walking along green rolling hills adorned with foliage on a warm sunny day, when I spotted a nearing train. I ran towards an open train car and jumped inside. I had an enjoyable ride watching the passing green landscapes, my leg hanging outside the car. As the journey continued, the train approached the edge of a forest, where I jumped out of the car and made my way inside the greenery. Within the forest, I found a small winding river and an abandoned canoe. Knowing that I needed to get to the end of the river, I canoed through both tranquil and treacherous waters, eventually reaching the end.
Different 2016-03-14 21:27:34
I had a dream that I was hiding or running away from someone, i was with a friend but i didnt know them, but in my dream i had a feeling that they were my friend. We were running through some train tracks at night running to hide, but i dont know what we were hiding from, my conscienceness tells me its dangerous. As the train is heading our way we are running to the other side, as the train is passing through. There is either a cliff or a hill on the other side of us, i was either holding on the train tracks where the train wheels dont run through my hands, or i was either keeping my balance with my hands waving on the air, to prevent myself from falling as the train is passing through. Weird dream but i remember it and the feeling it gave me.
Cubb 2016-02-18 06:11:21
I was driving the trolley, I receivd praise from the boss that I had done so well. The the trolley stopped and my Boss told me to let the kitten go because it was to small to power the trolley. The there was a big party for me. After that another trolley arrived and I was taught how to use the electronic device to get the trolley started. Although I did it I was fearing electricity. By the way. my X as well as people who I could possibly work with in real life were part of the dream.
Wow! any Ideas
Nadia 2016-02-13 08:23:51
I dreamt that I woke up on a train and was travelling across the country. I looked out the window and morning light illuminated the most beautiful scenery outside. It was winter and ice was covering everything and it all was glowing in sunlight. I think I was travelling somewhere in the mountains, not sure now. But overall the feeling of a dream was good.
Wonder what this means, cant find an answer on the net really..
Elizabeth 2016-01-02 05:42:55
I bought someone a train in my dreams and I still have no idea what it means haha.
tin2 2015-09-02 14:17:02
so far this is the most credible precise answer i found on the net
tracy 2015-07-23 10:06:38
i was dreaming sitting on a train

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