Dream meaning Dead body

Appearance of dead bodies in dreams seems horrific and nightmarish but they have implications related to your thoughts and changes in circumstances. Dead bodies signify rough patch in future that will require lots of struggle and hard work.
Dreaming of dead people and dead bodies is two different things and without confusing them, each should be taken seriously. In ancient times, dreams of dead bodies were linked to stumpy financial status. In order to extract the sense from your dreams you have to consider the state of dead body, cloths, age and other physical properties. The gender of the dreamer also holds importance in its interpretation owing to the deflections in thought process. Also consider amount of dead bodies viewed in your dreams because they change your interpretation to great extent. In this dictionary of dream symbols you will find in general meaning of usual dead body dream sequences which you can use for your personal interpretation.

Usual dreams about dead bodies allied with their meanings

The horror of thoughts about death is clearly linked with the dreams about dead bodies. It indicates fear and transformations in the dreamer that can provoked by stealthy circumstances. To see more than one dead body suggests treachery by trusted friends or some kind of betrayal by known person. This type of dream is a warning sign to show you the hidden intentions of your trusted partners. This dream also points to depressing business scenario. To see a dead body of fetus in dreams signify end of some crucial routine happening in your life. It can be a break up from long term relationship or other important happenings. To see a dead body covered with black cloth implies to some sharp failure that will influence your total life and its direction. To see dead body of your family members or spouse represent the fact that they are not keen on keeping their duties regarding you. If the dreamer is female and gets a vision of dead bodies then it suggests beating self-confidence due to pressure and leg pulling by others. To see path filled with dead bodies signify a threat to national security.

Suggestions for dreamer of dead bodies

Dreams of dead bodies generally presage the dreamer of lots of negative energies around. Their impact can be seen at work place of marital stage. It suggests the dreamer to be more cautious in making friends otherwise he will be forced to face serious disappointments. They generally indicate towards leg pullers in your field or education. Dead bodies suggest negligence from family members which can be cured by spending more time with them. If you are involved in love affair then scrutinize your partner properly to check if he is the right one for you.

Representation of a dream pertaining to dead body

Consider a dream where you are sailing on a strong ship with your family on holiday and the ship is vast equivalent to Small Island. At the time of dinner you hear noise from the sea and peek from the window to find nothing unusual. Then you decide to have a look from deck and suddenly you are inside the water. In the water you see bed of dead bodies and realize you are also going to be one when someone pull you up on the water and you are back on the ship. This dream represents emotional turmoil regarding a shocking revelation. It is significant of change in personality owing to the experience of death in the dream. The dead bodies signify loss of confidence and your mental condition is unstable due to some incidence.
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crystal 2014-11-20 16:14:36
I had a dream that i was in someones apartment with my daughter. My little brother was there but younger.he was playing in the room with a bunch of other little boys and someone came knocking on the door asking for their son. We wenta round looking for him then told her he must have left.my daughter went into the room and came back out and told me she found him.that he was hiding.so i went into the room in The closet was a bucket flip upside down.she said hes hiding under their mommy.so i lifted it and found a bloody body of a litte boy. I grabed my daughter and shielded hwr eyes and ran out.told everyone my daughter found a dead body. Net thing the cops where there asking everyone questions.my boyfriend who dont speak any english came to get me.and was treating me so horrible and speaking straight english.i kept telling him he was being evil. What does this all mean..  :(

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Kumar 2014-11-12 02:14:29
I dreamt of a bleeding dead body on the road immediately after an accident. What does this mean?
My car was parked very close to the place and I left the car where it was and went away.

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Ev 2014-11-10 13:19:27
I dreamt that I was with my whole family in a large holiday house, and we were all busy with different chores. I was tasked with sorting the kitchen. Whilst I was cleaning the sides I found myself tugging a heavy, damp body off of the side and found I could not let go of it, like I felt it was my responsibility to take care of it (even though it looked like a decomposing corpse). Eventually (or a few seconds later) I asked my brother to help and we went to put it outside. It felt very real, like a large weight to heave around, and when I finally let go of it I could feel the dampness on my clothes. A little creeped out at the moment, would appreciate some clarity.

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Vijay Varm g 2014-11-10 04:16:17
Today morning i had a dream of burying dead & i was unable to do it in the said place so i had to depend on my friends & Relatives.
none of them were helping & at last i had to throw it in water.
the dead body (well known female actor) which i was supposed to bury changed to a headless goat.
my friend / brother took it & trew in water. ( even water is also seems like a big Tsunami or so. What does it mean ? ?)
Kindly mail me. : gvvarma@gmail.com

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Jenny 2014-10-28 22:09:06
I was napping recently on 4:45 pm afternoon, i got the piece of dream of humans and skeletons agony in fire buring then one of them begging me to help. i couldn't help to them stop burning and wish them to not suffer and rest in peace. whats does its means

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shubham 2014-10-22 03:05:34
As i saw the living people were taken the three dead bodoes... they were covered with white clothes what it does mean the timing was 4 am i think..

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froglady32 2014-10-08 10:09:13
I had a dream that I died and I open the fridge where my body was and I was standing over myself and to make it worse I watched the morgue get my body ready for my furnal but I wasnt dead I sat up and pulled the sheet off me and was sweating in my sleep where I was dreaming boyfriend looked at me all crazy but the dream felt so real woke me up please help me and tell me why I dream of death when knowbody close to me has died I dont understand I cant sleep right now

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Teffy 2014-10-08 03:29:49
I ve been having weird and terrifying dreams lately, i dont know what is causing them but im so scared, last night was the worst one of all, i dreamt that something was chasing me and i dont recall if some other people(dont recall if family or friends) we got to a river and got in we swam for a few mins then started seeing dead bodies every where and all the people i was with started dying and i saw their bodies without heads other without spines or legs, it was horrible i kept screaming yelling for help, and then i saw it, something was killing a person and once dead started sucking its organs omg it was discusting. I dont remember anything after that but i swear i cant have another one of those dreams, ive had enough GOD PLEASE

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Josephine 2014-10-06 20:40:35
I dreamed that my (very recent) ex boyfriend asked me to sleep at his house. But there were strange corpses, dark in color, with no legs. The bottom half of their bodies came to a semi-curled point like the top of an ice cream cone. They were all over his house. So I kept saying that he should stay at my house instead, because no matter how much I loved him, I could not sleep in a house filled with so many strange dead bodies. What does this mean?

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eric 2014-10-03 10:14:37
I dream of my sister finding old dead body in a bed body olld old family member that I don't now the body war so old that that war like sand in a bed mattress 5 body and i got read of then in garbage bags

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Corinne 2014-10-01 10:18:11
I had 2 horrific dreams last night! I walked into my brothers room and he opened the wardrobe and a dead body covered in cling wrap fell out I can still picture the thump of her hitting the ground, I can still picture exactly what she looked like,my niece was trying to crawl on her so I grabbed her and yelled at my brother, he argued back and said help me get rid of the bitch, and I woke up!

My second dream I was in the shower, with no light on looked out the window and seen a man on the neighbours roof, I quckly chucked my clothes on and ran upstairs to protect my son, when I walked in the room the man had already climbed through my window and was holding my 4 month old son, I lost it and said don't you hurt him, he threw my baby across the room I can still hear the thump of my bub hitting the ground he grabbed me hair and slit my throat and I woke up! Covered in a pool of sweat.

I am so scared to go to sleep tonight, I havnt been myself all day!

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mary ann 2014-09-20 00:14:19
I have a dream last night I see many people die and I've been carrying the new born baby girl of one of the dead person I see

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Nikki 2014-09-15 08:21:33
I had a dream
I was travelling on a train and i simply walk. Down compartment after compartment .suddenly i noticed my old friends in one compartment .it surprised me and i start talking to them .
suddenly i noticed a old women at the door thats was ma mom .i moved towards her to hold her but she murmured something and jump out from train .i try to grab her but ma friends hold me and i was crying.suddenly train stopped .
And i start waling backward in search of ma mom .then i went to a open area.there is nothing except a train track suddenly few dogs come after me ferociously . I killed one with ma fist suddenly rest of dogs move away and i run back in search of ma mom .
i saw a under passage train track went inside i saw a dead young guy without face in the side of the track .
I walked inside i saw his face laying on track .them move inside it was a train track sides were full of dead body parts blood was spread and rotting .
suddenly i remembered where my mom jumped is not a tunnel it was a open area so i turn back and took alternate route above the tunnel .
I walk a bit i saw a women hit by train crying out for help and two guys cover her body with a cloth .
I lift that cloth i saw a women and a child crying out for help
I walked back in search of ma mom
Suddenly i get into a narrow iron bridge i walking over the track i saw train is coming suddenly i manage to move and hold to the iron pillar and train moving so fast so close to me
Whats this mean

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browneyedbeauty 2014-09-13 22:29:36
I had a dream last night about someone dying, a man. I don't know where I was but people were taking turns carrying the body. My mother and brother were there, also a girl I know. The thing is at the end my brother and I were the last ones to carry the dead body. The person before us had just left the man on the floor and it was really gross, and I felt like I couldn't do it. My brother and I took the dead body into a little room and there was a woman who apperantley worked there. When we picked up the dead body from the floor, my brother held his hands and I his feet, he was really heavy, but when we took him into the room he was in some white tub and he had been skinned or something. It was completely weird, any ideas on what it might mean? Thanks.

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drema 2014-09-12 04:14:08
In my dream I was walking through an alley and all over the ground was dead fetuses some infants some still connected to umbilical cords some swaddled in blankets.The only thing I could do was walk over them , so I awoke with a great since of guilt as I still have throughout the day.

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