Dream meaning Dead body

Dream meaning Dead body


Appearance of dead bodies in dreams seems horrific and nightmarish but they have implications related to your thoughts and changes in circumstances. Dead bodies signify rough patch in future that will require lots of struggle and hard work.
Dreaming of dead people and dead bodies is two different things and without confusing them, each should be taken seriously. In ancient times, dreams of dead bodies were linked to stumpy financial status. In order to extract the sense from your dreams you have to consider the state of dead body, cloths, age and other physical properties. The gender of the dreamer also holds importance in its interpretation owing to the deflections in thought process. Also consider amount of dead bodies viewed in your dreams because they change your interpretation to great extent. In this dictionary of dream symbols you will find in general meaning of usual dead body dream sequences which you can use for your personal interpretation.

Usual dreams about dead bodies allied with their meanings

The horror of thoughts about death is clearly linked with the dreams about dead bodies. It indicates fear and transformations in the dreamer that can provoked by stealthy circumstances. To see more than one dead body suggests treachery by trusted friends or some kind of betrayal by known person. This type of dream is a warning sign to show you the hidden intentions of your trusted partners. This dream also points to depressing business scenario. To see a dead body of fetus in dreams signify end of some crucial routine happening in your life. It can be a break up from long term relationship or other important happenings. To see a dead body covered with black cloth implies to some sharp failure that will influence your total life and its direction. To see dead body of your family members or spouse represent the fact that they are not keen on keeping their duties regarding you. If the dreamer is female and gets a vision of dead bodies then it suggests beating self-confidence due to pressure and leg pulling by others. To see path filled with dead bodies signify a threat to national security.

Suggestions for dreamer of dead bodies

Dreams of dead bodies generally presage the dreamer of lots of negative energies around. Their impact can be seen at work place of marital stage. It suggests the dreamer to be more cautious in making friends otherwise he will be forced to face serious disappointments. They generally indicate towards leg pullers in your field or education. Dead bodies suggest negligence from family members which can be cured by spending more time with them. If you are involved in love affair then scrutinize your partner properly to check if he is the right one for you.

Representation of a dream pertaining to dead body

Consider a dream where you are sailing on a strong ship with your family on holiday and the ship is vast equivalent to Small Island. At the time of dinner you hear noise from the sea and peek from the window to find nothing unusual. Then you decide to have a look from deck and suddenly you are inside the water. In the water you see bed of dead bodies and realize you are also going to be one when someone pull you up on the water and you are back on the ship. This dream represents emotional turmoil regarding a shocking revelation. It is significant of change in personality owing to the experience of death in the dream. The dead bodies signify loss of confidence and your mental condition is unstable due to some incidence.

Comments: Dream meaning Dead body

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Ian 2023-01-16 11:46:07
I had a dream where i was flying through a forest with really tall trees, and there were a bunch of fake dead bodies hanging from the branches (they were like bunched up white sheets made to look like body bags or something, dream-me knew that they were Halloween decorations). I was in a rush for some reason, and I came across a hanging body that was real and had legs hanging out the bottom, and I knew if I stopped to check it out it would be a trap, but dream-me wasn't able to fly past it and it kept reappearing. I ended up forcing myself to wake up because I didn't want to set off whatever trap it was
HeliosEos 2023-12-25 06:44:51
Flying through a forest: Flying often symbolizes freedom, escape, or the need to rise above something in your life. A forest can symbolize a journey into the unknown or a retreat into your unconscious mind. Navigating tall trees may signify you are facing obstacles or trying to find your way through a complex situation.

Fake dead bodies: These could represent your perceptions of threats or dangers in your life that you know are not real—similar to knowing they are Halloween decorations. They might also symbolize things that you find unpleasant or unresolved issues that "haunt" you, yet you understand they're not critical threats.

Rush and reappearing real body: Being in a rush may indicate a sense of urgency or anxiety in your waking life. The discovery of a real body among the fake ones might represent a sudden recognition of a real problem amidst less significant issues. The fact that it is a trap could reflect your fear of being caught in a difficult situation, making a mistake, or facing a consequence if you delve too deep into a particular issue.

Inability to fly past it: This could highlight feelings of being stuck or powerless in a situation. Perhaps you are trying to avoid an issue, but it keeps presenting itself, demanding your attention.

Forcing yourself to wake up: This suggests a desire to escape from an anxiety-inducing situation in your waking life. It might also point to your ability to exert control over certain aspects of your life and recognize when to step back from a problem.

Overall, your dream seems to reflect a combination of fear, avoidance, and an underlying awareness of an issue (or issues) that you may not want to confront directly.
charles 2022-11-23 05:12:56
i had a dream about dead bodies in a vent at my school like they dead bodies are at my school in a pool of water in the vents
Amy 2022-03-17 07:12:48
I woke up screaming and crying this morning after dream of my daughter laying dead in the grass. It happened twice in a row. And I normally rarely ever remember my dreams. What does this mean?
Avel 2021-06-21 00:51:17
Last night,I had dreamed of dead bodies all around the floor..they all covered in blood that I can't even saw their faces..and I kinda thought that they are my workers..
Max 2021-05-31 12:06:28
last night in a forset I walked in on one corpse burned to a crisp with a body next to it in very advance decomposition as well as a corpse compressed into a ball like a suitcase yet it felt natural that it was there i wasnt scared or troubled by it so weird.......
Kath 2021-05-12 13:32:04
In the middle of the night. I was floating in my dream and went through a hospital morgue i was passing by and saw 2 dead bodies. I was floating over it...and went through to another wall and landed in the wall cause I dont want to get to close to a male patient who was laying in the hospital bed. I stop fron there and peeked at him. It was dark and I couldn't see his face.. the next thing I knew I was back into my body and someone was trying to take my pillow from me.. i couldn't move so i tried to move my foot fingers and i finally woke up. It was 2:59am that time and i turned my lights on so that i won't get any of those dreams anymore. What does it mean it was more like an astral projection cause I am living near tne hospital wing. Our building is right next to it.
Solange 2021-03-01 10:39:17
Last night I had a nightmare of me being in an ambulance getting a checkup. I was fine in the dream and nothing was wrong with me. The woman in the ambulance then opened the cupboard and started throwing dead bodies at me. There were so many I got out of the ambulance and started running. I then woke up at 2.22am
Rinky 2021-02-11 14:55:41
Last night I had a dream about dead bodies piled up together one on one on the street and burned up together. The dead bodies of all age like elder to baby in total 5 dead bodies.
Karine Vienneau 2020-12-07 18:59:58
I was having a conversation with a friend. She told me she had a weird dream this morning. She dreamt that her ceiling was dripping and when se woke up her bed was soaked. (She figured of her swet) Now her story triggered the memory of MY weird as f*ck dream I also had this morning. I dreamt that I was laying in bed watching the ceiling dripping and suddenly, the body of a man (no face, just the body figure of what appeared to be a man) fell through it on my legs and thats where I woke up. Any insight would be appreciated.
Star 2020-05-26 16:49:32
Last night I had a dream about me being hunted down by someone. I was carrying a book bag of belongings I needed. I was in a random person’s house restocking on things when the person hunting me down was searching for me. I go to the backyard and walk to the side to try and escape, and there I saw two dead bodies of men I didn’t know. They looked around 40 and had greying mustaches. In a bush I saw the person coming out of a van with others to see if I was in the house. I woke up being frozen in place, I couldn’t move at all but it wasn’t a sleep paralysis, it was how scared I was seeing those dead bodies and me being hunted down by some random person. This dream is so weird to me and I really want to know what all of this could mean. And I just broke off a friendship with someone yesterday too.
Ella 2020-03-19 00:36:03
My dream was a lot of dead bodies hunged on a tree..and it was dark and cloudy...very scary
Maria 2019-11-10 10:54:43
Last night I just had a strange dream .I was traveling with my mom in a van. And I pulled over in a place. As I was looking out of the window I noticed a head of a dead man under the sewage pit. His face was burnt . Then i saw some people and i shouted "there's a man under this sewage".Then many people gathered. And they were talking something. Later I woke up. I still remember his face. And I really don't even know that person. Does this mean anything.

mj 2019-04-25 01:29:03
my kind of dream get myself overthink . i was riding a metal rolling in the water with my fam and with ms. gabby garcia ni my dream. we're floating in the ocean. and when we look down we saw dead bodies under the ocean, and on the other hand i was there on our house with my grand mother which is already dead and also my big brother was there with us but he's not dead he's alive like me in reality. and i've just said to my lola "lola ikaw di ka ba sasama?" and she just reply "hindi" and when i ask my brother too he just shrugged and smile. and i don't know whats the meaning of those creepy dreams.
supriya 2019-04-24 05:34:33
Last night i saw a wired dream which just freaked me out. I saw my granny's dead body (which is alive in real world). I saw the dead body as if it was kept for so many days. I carried her on my backpack and move towards my home town street. Few dogs were baking at us but when had a glance on my grandmother's body, they all vanished. I traveled to my aunt house and kept the bag near the main gate and rushed inside. There i could see my sister and sister-in-law where very normal. When i said them what i have brought in my bag, they too freaked out. And we all was surrounded by horror.

Kindly help me in understanding this.
Lila G. 2019-03-07 01:11:57
i had a dream last night and i remember just seeing a dead body with a red sheet above it. I feel weird like if im connected to that person somehow. Im so confused and i need answers to why i had this dream. I havent stopped thinking about this dream all day!!!
Ola 2019-02-01 21:01:23
My dream kind of freaked me out so at first I had a preview of what the future of my dream was going to be (going up a mountain with my best friend and a bit of the journey) mind u I have had this dream twice now and the first time I did the journey with a tour guide and on horses. So I started packing a little black bag full of food and clothes and started off. We headed to the back of my yard and magically the scenery changes to snow at what looks like an old saw mill and to the left a neat snowed up path zigzaging up and down the mountain and suddenly my little brother is there with a friend and my best friend has disappeared and the tour guide is back. Anyway after going through the path slowly and warning my brother not to slip or play around so he doesn't fall off the cliff. I slip gently and slid down the side of the mountain until I stop at this hand poking out of the ground then when I get a better idea of what it is I scream and slide down the rest of the mountain to where I find another frozen body and a chicken coop ? House filled with spider webs. Any way I got back up to where the other people are and they call police and they dig the bodies out. I suddenly found my self seeing how they died. They were fighting and they buried each other . Weird I know. Any we magically appeared back to my house to start the journey again but this time my brother points out away to go. Since I live out of town I'm near a highway anyway. We go over the road into the tree line and it turns into a black mud covered swamp and my mum says watch out for red frogs they bite and as soon as she said that I spotted one on the ground continue. We get up a little cliff with vines then we turn around and the road has become a river and it starts pouring rain. (I live in Australia and its a drought here and the middle of summer sooo) yeah then we look back round and its no longer a swamp but a house it continues more but its not really that great. While I was having this dreaming I had this feeling of emptiness or worry and adrenaline.
Unknown 2018-08-01 09:52:54
Last night i had a dream of a bunch of kids dead bodies piled up on each other some of them had their pants off or the clothes looked like somebody was trying to remove it in my dream i knew who had done it killed all thoes kids but when he was confronted he said he didnt feel a thing and didnt care for what he had done instantly in my dream i start crying breathing heavy and evedything when i woke up my heart was beating 100 mph and i felt like crying so bad
anjli chauhan 2018-04-09 02:02:05
Hi..last night i see that ,first i was going to such beautiful place with family where other family also prwsent...after few minits there is big croud come to near us...i realize that thay all are over family membars who coming from somewhere to angnishnskar for dead body ....they all are take us with them n walk just few steps...there is scary place which place no one is there ...that other family also not here...n our family all members are going together n make dinner for us...whn i was see wht is that...i was shoked...its deadbody...cut the deadbody n make food...n then was weakup...its too scary...wht is the meaning for all can u help me...plz
Mahedi hassan 2018-09-30 04:15:29
I saw very similar dreams like you. Tell me if you found any meaning of it. I am looking for meaning too. Hope you are still alive.
UmAnonymous?? 2018-03-25 12:08:35
Some of you people sound really retarded. You can't even construct a decent sentence. You type like two-year-olds just beginning to talk.
Kim 2019-12-15 18:51:35
It’s called speaking more than 1 language, just not 100% fluently. Grow up.
SomeBlonde18 2019-01-01 01:07:33
Well you Sir, sound like a narcissistic lonely man who likes to put others down for his own pleasure. Perhaps English is their second language? Don’t just assume people are disabled because they struggle to spell fluently like a born and raised Englishman.
Jack 2018-02-26 16:22:15
In my dream the path and stair case to my house looked like it had been shaken by an earthquake, in pieces and out of the concrete there were dead bodies. They look more like skeletons totally unrecognizable. I was inside the house and I could see all of these but inside the house everything was “normal”. I went to the second level of the house and looked out the window and there were man dress in black standing on the rubble outside surrounded by dead bodies that were only visible / exposed due to the destruction of the path and stair case. Although I was upset I had no emotional reaction to what I was seeing. I woke up with a strange feeling…. What does all this means?
ronald 2018-02-15 05:15:32
my friend if woken from a deep sleep has a terrible temper and i have a job to calm her down she says the reason is because she see dead bodies if woken up instead of waking naturelly
Naomi 2018-01-07 09:30:42
Just had the strangest dream. I was in the ocean and I was searching for bodies. I found 2 and rescued them and the protocol was to bring them out of the water and ask them their eye/hair color, date of birth and today’s date. One person thought it was 2008 and the other thought it was like 2016. I had to tell the person who thought it was 2008 that he technically must’ve passed back then and we couldn’t do anything to save him at present day. It was so devastating for me and him and we both started crying & I held him. I was able to still save the other guy because he hadn’t been passed for that many years.
simar 2017-11-30 08:32:52
last night i saw a dream in which i was walking on dead bodies, i saw an accident and dead bodies, than i saw my mother in dream (3 years back she left us) mother was smiling and calling me, what does that means.
something 2017-10-12 14:45:29
Once I had a dream in 2D where a little girl was walking along a field with trees and mountains in the background(the style of the dream looked like Gravity Ghost). A song started echoing in the background, "I'd like to teach the world to sing", and then the scene changed: the trees were burned to charred crisps, the mountains disappeared, along with ashes of the once abre field covered in bodies charred beyond all recognition, a mess of organs and burned remains. This entire time the girl was smiling.

Sophia 2017-10-04 11:49:32
So last night I had a very horrific dream. My mother and I were driving through the town we are about to move into and as we were driving the roads were covered with dead, charred, and severed bodies of young girls. We’d try to avoid them, but every so often we’d drive over a head. At points they looked like very large dolls, but you could see the blood and guts accompanying them. Then the bodies started to trail off and there became less and less, but there must’ve been at least a dozen more. Just as there weren’t anymore bodies on our side of the road, I woke up.
Aarti 2017-10-03 12:58:02
I dreamt I was holding a dead baby in my hands wrapped in white clothing it was a baby boy and I was walking towards a lake to out the baby into the water and I saw many other dead babies in the water and o put the baby down and walked away.
no one 2017-10-01 08:21:00
I dreamed that I was in a house when the heavy rain started. I was about to go outside. But, it immediately flooded the road. Then the roof was full of leaks so I was basically got wet by the raindrops from the roof. Then I saw dead bodies washed away in a uniform manner by the flood. I don't know about them. Then, the sky cleared. Suddenly, I realized I was at the center of the storm that's why I could see the blue sky. The dead bodies were gone. Afterwards, I saw familiar faces but the rain is now lighter. Like just raindrops.
Unknown 2017-09-08 03:08:06
So this is a second part to my dream. I am driving home with a guy and we pull up to this two story, white house that I supposedly live in. I walk up to the door to find it slightly open. I push the door open slowly and find shattered glass on the floor along with splintered flooring and dark red blood splatters. I look around the dim lit room and everything is ruined, it looked like someone was looking for something. I head upstairs following the glass pieces and blood splatters. When I get upstairs the house is lit more brightly, and I head to my parents room. When I walk in there is a young man lying on the floor, body sort of twisted, with blood all over him. He was dressed in a suit, had brown black hair and his eyes were open. I slowly back away, grabbing my phone to call 911 but I'm put in hold. Then either this woman is my mom or someone I've seen in my life before, comes out and looks at me then the body. I tell her that we have to get help, and to identify the man. She tells me no, don't do it! We have to get rid of the body before anyone notices. I told we have to get help! Somebody was just murdered in our house. But she tells me not to. I walk out of the room crying, still trying to get on the line with 911. I walk out of the house and start walking down this road with one side that is full of thick black trees and the ther side having a dead forest. The 911 people finally answer and I tell them to go to my house because someone was murdered. I somehow end up at this basement thing for school, that was selling supplies for football, cheer, and PE uniforms. I see people I know, but don't say anything. I'm looking for supppies to help clean the house, I think. When I'm done I walk out of this basement kind of place and I'm at my house all of the sudden. Then I walk inside my house and it looks like nothing ever happened.
I'm just confused about the murder in my dream...
deepak 2017-09-02 08:06:38
from last three days am dreaming of carrying a dead body which i murdered, feeling guilty and trying to hide the corpse... can some one explain the meaning for this kind of dream..
Stanley 2017-08-16 08:39:25
I had a very disturbing dream and would love some advise.i was with a friend in another guys house and they went out leaving only me in the house.his neighbours wife died in the hospital and they brought her back to their own flat and I saw it.i shouted at my friends why did they allow me to see unclean things that I don't use to see corpse.i am really disturbed.

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