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Overall, dreams featuring rings can be related to either your personal life or financial situation. As with other types of objects, you should consider the condition of the ring, its known history in the dream, and other features. This includes symbols that may be inscribed on the surface of the ring, stone types, and metal type. If you actually own the ring in question, then any differences in history or other aspects should be examined as carefully as possible.

Ring Dream General Meaning

Emotionally speaking, rings usually refer to commitment and loyalty. If someone gave you a ring, then you may be able to count on that person to be committed to you in time of need. By the same token, if you give someone else a ring, then you may be willing to help them manage some future crisis. You should also pay attention to the ring type, stone featured on the ring, as well as the setting type.

Sapphire: Can indicate protection, or that you will discover a hidden truth that will change how you act in various situations.

Diamond: These stones usually represent wholeness, commitment, and clarity. If they are featured on an engagement ring, they can also herald a new love, or a deeper level of commitment in an existing relationship.

Ruby: Rubies featured on a ring usually indicate passion, sexuality, and power.

Emerald: These dreams usually indicate some type of healing, faithfulness, or longevity. If you have been dealing with some type of problem or distress, you can look forward to a happy conclusion sooner rather than later.

Gold: Usually represents bliss, wealth, good health, and all the best things in life. When featured in a ring, you can also add personal wholeness and an enhanced level of spiritual growth.

Silver: This metal featured on a ring can represent your female aspect, as well as the mystery of your emotions and inner landscape.

Platinum: When you see a ring featuring this metal, you can rest assured that it pertains to your finances, overall wealth, and capacity to be successful at work, or in some type of business venture.

How Ring Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

When you dream of a ring, you can rest assured that matters associated with commitment and trust are taking up some additional resources in your internal landscape. No matter whether you need to be more aware of interdependence, or your role in various team efforts, this dream can act as an indicator for how you feel about these situations. In fact, once you correlate stone and metal type, you should have some good indicators about what you need to do in order to resolve various situations, or prevent them from happening altogether.

If you happen to believe that the dream is a form of precognition, then you need to give some serious thoughts to new commitments. For example, if you believe that you are going to get engaged, or start a new business, then you should make sure that you can truly give your best to the new relationship, as well as meet any requirements that will form a basis for the commitment.

A Sample Ring Dream Interpretation

Consider a situation where you dream that you are wearing an emerald ring. In real life, you are going for chemotherapy, and wonder if you will go into remission. As you look at the ring, you notice that the emerald is on a beautiful gold band.

One day, you are doing dishes, and the ring slips off your finger. Distressed, you begin feeling around in the soapy water for the ring. You are unable to find it, and feel very upset about it. Finally, you give up looking for the ring, and go on doing your dishes. Finally, all of the dishes are done, and you have only a sink full of soapy water. Once again, you begin looking for the ring, but cannot find it. You decide to leave the water standing in the sink so that you can wait for the bubbles to clear. At that point, you wake up and realize that you do not own an emerald ring, but wish that you did.

Since emeralds represent regaining health, this dream is clearly about your cancer and treatment. Even though you initially lost the ring, you should not interpret this dream to meant that you treatment will fail. At the very least, you know where the ring is, and that it can be recovered. While you may need to go for treatment for a bit longer, eventually you will, or should be able to enjoy good health again.
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jenika 2014-09-27 18:14:01
Last nite in dreams i was getting 5 6 ring from my grandmother ... she is dead

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Mari 2014-09-12 01:19:28
In my dream I was holding my bf hand...then I asked him to marry me. The ring was gold silver and black. Not sure what it means

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Thando 2014-08-18 06:03:52
I dreamt of my boyfriend giving me a 2 band ring which was silver.The one had my name on,with a big diamond stone.The other one was just a simple band with studed stones.In the dream I asked him if the ring was really minehhe replied "yes,it is my commitment to yoyou".The dream felt so real,I'm not sure if I should tell him about it or not


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sal 2014-08-15 15:14:30
I had a dream that my boyfriend gave me a diamond ring it had for rings in one. I was trying to pull my niece out of a swimming pool n my ring feel. I saw it falling in a 10 ft area. I had someone dive to find it n he did. Then i woke up, lol

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Isabel 2014-08-02 14:21:21
My husband passed away a couple of months ago, and today,on August 2, 2014, I had my first since he passed away. I dreamed of a daughter we never had. She was about 1 year or so and when we went out altogether, my husband asked me to go by myself that he would take care of our daughter. When I returned,I couldn't see my daughter but my husband with her ruby gold ring in his hands, so he said that he was going to take the ring to a jewlery store so they could fix it. Later on, he said that something really bad happened to our daughter. He said that someone had shot our daughter and she was dead. When he was at the jewlery store, my husband collapsed and died; I told the sales woman,that he had died for the second time,then I woke up, and I wrote my dream in a piece of paper.

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Marcie 2014-10-07 14:06:22
So sorry for your loss.

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wendy 2014-06-23 08:55:58
I dreamt of two men i do not know, one gave me a gold heart engagment ring with my initials on it plus saying my love. The other man gave me the same o ly this time it was a silver ring.

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Ida 2014-06-15 18:37:50
I saw a dream last night and there was a boy, he had 3 rings in his fingers. The three of them were big and beautiful. He let me touch them....what does this mean please?

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sara 2014-05-11 10:23:19
i was given a silver ring by my friend(female to female).the ring didnt belong to neither to me.it belonged to someone els.

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diana 2014-04-18 19:30:20
I had a dream that I was given a very large and heavy engagement ring by my boyfriend but it was very small and had a ring sizer on it. I had to remove the ring sizer for it to fit but it still was so heavy it weighed me down! What does this mean!

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Jassell 2014-04-14 18:28:12
I dream that I was finding many ring in the bottom of a lake or pond that was drying. There were several ponds, and the water was very low and clear, so I could see what was on the floor. I pick up some of the rings and put them in my pant pockets. Almost all the rings were wedding bands, others had stones. Some were silver, gold, all kinds. The last one I saw was a beautiful, apparently new ring with many small black stones and many small diamonds. This one was not in the water, but inside a bit up, abandoned car. The door was open, so I saw it next to the seat, and I grabbed it. What would this mean?

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lola 2014-03-06 03:46:13
In my dream I looked down at my engagement ring and was startled to see a worn looking old gold ring that i intrinsically knew had much value. It was a 3 stone ring with long rectangles for the stones. The first was a ruby. The second two were diamonds. I was so nervous that I had on the wrong ring! In waking life, mine is smaller and has 3 very small diamonds (3 stones) but they were squareish not rectangular. I knew this in my dream and felt very surprised. Then it occured to me that it was my father's ring (just in the dream - i don't think my father has ever had a ring like that). In my dream I knew it was his. I felt upset when I saw the ruby- like it was a dud or something. I also saw my father and talked to him in my dream. He passed away about 5 years ago. Strange...
any thought?? thank you!!!

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Jess 2014-02-19 22:30:26
In my dream i had a white engament ring with a 2 bands one in white diamonds sorround it and the other band white and pink diamond sorround it ..what does that mean ?? Confused

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dee 2014-02-17 17:26:13
i dream that a guy married me n didnt give me any ring then i started to cry then be gave me 2 gold rings n they couldnt fit

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gracie 2014-01-20 08:41:40
i dream that i have a silver diamond ring in my hand and it looks like a good cut a big diamond on my ring...

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Dee 2014-01-18 04:23:24
In my dream my ex gave me a ring. I can't recall if it was his that he always wore which was gold with diamonds. (He's in a rehab) Or if it was a silver band one.But, as soon as I put his rings on I lost two rings that I wear every day. One was given to by my Dad (who has passed). The other was given to me by my Mom. I had dropped the rings I presume? Somehow they fell how is unclear. But we looked and never could find them. I became upset and had started to cry. I looked up at him and he looked at me with sadness too, but I woke up before he said anything. What could this mean? The fact that I'm getting one and losing two?

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