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Dream Dictionary Door


Of course the most well known symbol for a door in life is also the most well known dream symbol. A dream dictionary will usually suggest that if you have had a vague dream about walking through a door, then the meaning of dream probably has something to do with making progress, or taking opportunities that are being given to you. In metaphorical language which is commonly used, opportunities are often listed as different doors that you can take. If an opportunity becomes off limits to you, a door is said to have been closed. This is why walking through a door in your dream usually symbolizes that you have successfully taken an opportunity given to you. Either that, or the dream is trying to remind you that there is an opportunity that you should take in the future.

The dream meaning of a door can also be a bit more abstract, as if walking through a door in your dream implied that you were reaching a new level of consciousness, of understanding, or merely a completely new area in your life that you were not familiar with before. To merely see an open door in your dream, dream meanings would agree that this usually symbolizes options. You are looking at a list of options presented before you and deciding which one to take. You could also be deciding between two very important things. Each choice you have to make in life could also have a door to itself.

If a door is closed or locked in your dream, this symbolizes that you have not taken an opportunity, or that something that was offered to you was turned down. If you spend too much time trying to open the locked door in the dream, this can be a sign of the anxiety that you feel for not having taken the opportunity in the first place. Most dream interpretations would guess this to be the case.

Another dream interpretation of the door is when you are locking a door. Contrary to popular thought, this does not necessarily imply that you are cutting yourself off from opportunities; this merely means that you are cutting yourself off from others. The door is a sign for being concealed and for concealing oneself from the world. To dream about locking doors indicates that you may want to have some alone time in the near future or that you are growing tired of contact with other human beings for the moment. Do not let a dream like this, or a dream with this message alarm you too much. Take the advice that your mind is giving you, and take some time to yourself. Spending a few hours alone in your room doesn't always make you a hermit, and it can often be very beneficial to you if you have been overloaded in dealing with the problems of others recently.

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Door Dream 2024-01-26 04:55:23
Dreaming of entering a door signifies slander and inescapable enemies, except when it’s your childhood home’s door, which promises abundance and harmony. Entering through rainfall at night suggests disreputable behavior.

Doors in dreams are symbolic gateways, not just to physical destinations, but to the different paths, decisions, and experiences we encounter in life. They represent opportunities, transitions, and the movement from one stage of life to another. As such, the context in which a door appears in your dream is key to understanding its nuanced meaning.

When you dream of entering a door, it often points to new beginnings or opportunities. However, this dream warns of gossip and adversaries lying in wait; it's an omen that suggests your efforts to avoid negative influences might be in vain. The door in this sense is less an opportunity and more a passage into an area where challenges and difficulties lie ahead.

If the door is from your childhood home, the symbolism becomes profoundly different. This door represents nostalgia, safety, and the return to a state of being where you felt cared for and at ease. Entering this door signals a reconnection with your roots and the promise of a life replete with fulfillment, friendship, and contentment.

Dreaming of entering a door amidst the dark, stormy rain, especially at night, carries a more ominous connotation. For women, it implies societal condemnation for socially unacceptable acts. For men, it hints at the depletion of their moral or financial resources due to vice. It serves as a preemptive admonition against succumbing to temptations that can tarnish one's reputation and well-being.

Seeing others navigate doorways can point to feelings of frustration regarding your own or someone else's ability to improve your circumstances—financially, professionally, or personally. For those in the agricultural or political spheres, it can indicate significant changes looming on the horizon. Authors or creators might interpret such a dream as a sign that their current or future work may not resonate with their audience, leading to criticism or rejection.

Attempting to close a door and causing injury when it falls signifies the unintended negative impact your advice might have on someone else. There's a burden of guilt associated with the idea that your well-meaning counsel could lead to another's harm. Witnessing someone else struggle with a door that detaches reflects a sense of helplessness in the face of another's troubles, a reminder of the limitations of your ability to prevent the misfortunes of those around you.

Example of a Door Dream and Interpretation:
Suppose you dream you're walking down a corridor lined with doors. You hear your name whispered behind one door and impulsively open it to find a room of faceless figures pointing and murmuring amongst themselves, a clear atmosphere of judgment and disapproval.

Upon waking, you might interpret this dream as a manifestation of your subconscious mind echoing fears of being the subject of gossip or negative scrutiny in your social or professional life. The door serves as both the barrier and the conduit to these fears. The act of opening it may reflect your own choices or actions that are exposing you to criticism. It encourages introspection: to check if you're inadvertently giving others a reason to speak ill or if you're overvaluing the opinions of those who do not have your best interests at heart. It's also possible that you're internalizing concerns about your reputation and how you're perceived by others, urging you to deal with perceived slanders head-on or fortify yourself against them.
Shumelva Evans 2021-12-16 08:14:42
I dreamed that I was in the kitchen doing the dishes when my mom just walked through the front door of my house and then I woke up…
leah 2021-05-05 20:09:32
Please, Can you help me with my dream? I was in a majestic building with high ceilings and marble walls and resounding halls. I walked out of it into its magnificent courtyard. Here, as I keep walking about amongst people, I see this beautiful stag's head made of white marble mounted over an open door (I can see its magnificently sculpted antlers and face). The open door leads out of the courtyard towards a long crowded corridor which is neither indoors nor outdoors. As I walk through the door I try to see what lies ahead, but the corridor is all shady except for a white strip of illuminated pillars only visible by looking upwards towards the sky. In the dream I seem to have no particular feelings except for a sense of awe and maybe matter-of-fact peacefulness. I was particularly fascinated by the white stag's head because it was so perfect and clear and detailed and beautiful. I cant explain how soothing it felt to watch it!!! What does my dream mean??? Please help.
Me 2018-12-11 18:45:52
So last night, to keep it short, I dreamt of an old, yet familiar, two story house. It was me, some kid, and an old lady. I was talking to the kid when all of a sudden my attention gears towards four bedroom doors all placed alongside each other upstairs. I hear the old woman mumbling something and then she starts speaking clearly when I look towards her and she says “ I can’t believe you all aren’t scared of it, you guys should be afraid. I told you, don’t go into the third door”(or something along those lines). As soon as she said that her face turned demonic/ghostly or whatever and then from there I was woken up by a weird noise from outside my place that resembled doors being shaken up. I woke up at 6:10a.m if that means anything. I don’t know if this is a warning or if it means that there are others around me trying to intimidate me from reaching a goal. I’m really interested in this because it felt very real and scary lol. I’m also at a point in life where I was presented with an opportunity and I’m currently thinking about accepting it or declining.. so there’s also that. If anyone knows what this could mean I’d be so grateful !
Kimberly 2018-07-04 00:36:58
A dream of 6 doors that lead to 6 bedrooms which are located in an attic. I'm al ways terrified to go into these bedrooms but still do..in each bedroom there is a very old bed, dusty, and very old furniture. There is a presence in the air of each room it gets more evil with each door I open..I finally mastered my fear of these rooms and the evil in them.
Matt 2017-07-06 14:50:42
Last night I dreamed that someone told me that "when the door opens for you, you HAVE TO walk thru it" and not to be scared. Then a door mystically appeared before me where there was only a wall.The stairs behind the door we're twisted and old and lead to another door adorned with a christian cross.
I open that door to what looked like old hallway as twisted as the staircase. I took a few steps down the hall and got scared and bailed on the dream. This morning I deeply regret not completing the dream as I am at a spiritual crossroads in my life and feel like a higher power was really trying to tell me something.
Susan 2018-02-18 15:57:23
This could mean that you are a little unsure of which religion to follow considering that the stairs and hall were twisted. Also you mentioned a cross, I’m guessing you are Christian or were raised Christian, and as you went through the door with a cross it lead to another door meaning that there is another true religion waiting for you to pursue. Now it’s your mission to go and explore other religions and just see if any of them gives you a connection with God. I hope this helped. (P.S. I personally think it would be best to try Islam. By the way this is just my opinion, it’s not forced on you in any way.)
shyann 2016-10-06 05:51:10
I dreamt that I was walking towards a big white door and I open by it self and I came upon 6 more and they kept open and a voice ask if am ready to go to the light which is heaven and u said "yes lord I am ready" and something held my hand tight and I step into the light and I woke up feeling different
Beth 2016-08-15 05:36:38
I dreamed that I was walking through so many doors. It was a positive dream.
Stefinite 2015-06-07 11:58:05
I dreamt that I was trying to teach my roommate how to lock the door. He locked it and then we sat down and was watching television.:/
Rola 2015-05-18 15:07:23
I dreamt that I was going towards a door and there were two other before me. When the first opened the door there was nothing but a recangular black step, she stood on it but the step folded and the women fell down standing. I recall that we were at the third floor and we looked down it was somewhat green grass. What does that mean I wonder?
misjka 2015-05-02 15:52:39
there is a white door with my name on it and number 12. No significance with number 12 in my life.
r medley 2014-12-13 10:03:33
saw the door that was physically shut in my room,

open in my dream...

Albert 2014-09-09 13:49:37
My daughter was crying in her sleep and for the second time she told me she saw her mami aka grandma aka my mother walking to a door....what can this mean?
Ms.Carter 2014-04-05 02:23:44
We seen one other. Then we held hands and walk through the Door.
Pat 2014-01-04 16:46:52
I dreamed that I am at the bottom of a flight of stairs with a key in my hand. At the top of the stairs is a hallway with closed doors on either side. I climb the stairs and try my key in one of the locks and all of the doors open.
Elba 2013-09-14 05:36:31
I Dream i was walking up stairs and at the end of the ha door opened and i walked through it and there was a very high beautiful view whats the meaning?
ellenmactrayo 2011-09-30 01:02:23
i dream always my mom that she past away 3 years i got confuse why she always comeng in my dreams.......

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