Dream interpretation Plane crash

No matter whether you watch a plane crash, or are actually in the plane, these dreams can be very disturbing. Unfortunately, there may well be times when your precognitive senses are accurate, although you may not witness or be on the plane in question. That said, if you do not notice any kind of pattern of dreams and crashes, then you can, and should look to your own inner landscape in order to find out what is going on.

General Dream Meaning: Plane crash

The visual aspects of a plane crash may symbolize the fact that you cannot achieve goals as you have them arranged, while the crash itself may represent your feelings. If you feel helpless while you watch the plane crash, it can indicate that you are setting yourself up for failure because of your beliefs about any challenging goal or situation in your life. Oddly enough, if you are aware of the sound of a plane crashing, it may mean that you will succeed in achieving your goals.

How Dream Symbol Plane crash May Fit in Your Life

In general, a plane usually relates to your lifetime goals and ambitions. If you do not know how to set appropriate goals, or manage tasks efficiently, this type of dream can easily be a warning that you need to rethink your strategies. This includes looking at all of your internal chatter in order to try and discern where you may be creating unnecessary obstacles.

As may be expected, if you notice significant resistance to a specific goal, perhaps you also need to go deeper and find out why you do not want to succeed in this particular endeavor. Are you trying to achieve this goal to please someone else instead of yourself? Do you feel like you are competing with someone else, but truly don't care about the goal itself? Any of these feelings and others can set you up for failure simply because you are not working towards goals that truly reflect who you are and what you came into this world to do.

A Sample Dream, Plane crash Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are standing on your porch. You see a small plane crossing the horizon. As it gets closer, you notice that the wings are not stable, and feel that the plane is going to crash. While you are watching, you begin thinking about the fact that your spouse seems to be keeping odd hours. Suddenly, you hear a high pitched whine, and the plane crashes in front of you. You do not hear any noise, but see smoke coming from the plane. Even though you know you should feel upset for the pilot and passengers, you cannot bring yourself to move, let alone really care about the individuals involved. Finally, you go into the house with the intention of calling for assistance.

This dream is a clear indicator that your marriage is very important to you, as well as the fact that it might be failing. No matter whether you suspect an affair, or some other secret that might be disturbing, you feel incapable of doing anything about it. Once the plane crashes, the relief in the dream comes from knowing that you were not truly lulled into a false sense of security. While the paralysis after the crash may indicate some shock at the situation, the fact that you are able to go for help indicates that you are still committed to your long term goal, and may also have a viable means to achieve it.
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Michael 2014-09-29 12:54:50
So I have this dream in my first week of University, I don't know if it has anything to do with the stress or unpreparedness I am feeling but here is an account of my dream. I dreamt about being in a garden with everyone I knew from school. Suddenly this plane (possibly an A320) flew past as if it were on a fly past, I felt excited because it was in fact my favourite airline. I noticed the rudder was jammed full to the left thus rendering the aircraft uncontrollable. I then saw the plane perform movements acrobatically in the sky e.g 360 degree turns and complete nose up positions, obviously the pilot was trying to control but could not. I remember feeling terrified as to what the people on board must be feeling and was crying and shouting. Without warning then the plane fell in a cork screw dive and I remember hearing the deafening roar of the engines as it disappeared under the trees thus blocking my view. There was a moment of silence whilst we looked for the smoke cloud to appear. This is where I woke up spooked but relieved I was dreaming.

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Kiera 2014-09-22 04:22:16
I was sitting in the middle seat staring out of the window at the left wing of the plane. My best friend is next to me making me laugh, and our parents are behind us talking about the future. Then, the view in the window starts to speed by so fast my eyesight goes blurry. I know whats going to happen, my only consern is survival, and I believe its possible. It will be the fire that kills us all, not the impact. I drap a fire proof blanket over my friend and I as I push her down to hung her knees. The crash happens in a matter of 4 seconds, but somehow I react. We survive. The cops find us and the multiple survivors they were not expecting. They say the entire plane was destroyed except for a sphere of saftey in which all the living were in. I was the center. Then everything blacks out and Im on a plane in the middle seat, staring out the window at the left wing. My best friend is making me laugh, and our parents are behind us talking about the future. Only now, my friend Zach is next to me. He tears my eyes away fron the window with his conversation and I steal a glimpse of the pilots chambers infront of me. I see the sky through the piolets windows, and we're falling. Again. But somehow we survive.

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Steve 2014-09-21 08:16:55
I just had a dream of being in my older brothers alley with a friend drinking some beers and out of nowhere a helicopter which was hovering above us the entire time unnoticed starts spinning out of control in a ball of fire and I can see that the pilot is inside struggling probably being burned to death. However, I really don't feel anything for the guy and I'm more concerned about watching it fall into my brother's backyard. Finally the chopper crashes but the propellers on top keep spinning and somehow my brother's small bulldog's chain gets caught around them and it begins to pull him off the ground as if he were being choked and pulled into his death the entire time! That's when I run towards the helicopter to save him but I'm too late and the dog gets chopped into the propellers and I wake up still screaming NO!!!!

Hate these types of dreams and the interpretations listed actually make sense to me and I can relate to what they say. It's not the first time at all that i dream of planes or helicopters crashing in either my or a relatives backyard. There's never a loud boom or much sound effects at all. Sometimes they kill me and my loved ones and sometimes they don't but the setting that I seem to notice throughout these dreams is that it may be during a World War.

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rachel 2014-09-11 07:35:29
I have a lot of dreams about planes and helicopters crashing. Last night I was walking down the rd on way home n saw a plane coming down. I ran in home and it crashed into the side of the house opposite. My neighbours lived there from my old house and the house collapsed.i was screaming to 999 on the phone when suddenly the front nose part of the plane swung round and skidded to the side of our house. It woke me up and it was so realistic that I could barely breathe from the shock.
Hate these dreams  :(

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brandon 2014-09-06 23:33:37
for some reason me and my family and some people that i did not know were living in a house on a plant of some sort, i heard a bunch of planes flying so i told my little sister aged two to come and look at them. there were about 4 planes and i saw that it kind of looked like they were fighting. i heard a plane begin to slow approach our house. i walked out side to only see that there was a plane spinning out of control and in a matter of mili seconds, the plane had hit my house killing everyone on it the house. i was the only survivor and at that moment a woke up. all that was quite scary for me because im only 14, and as im writing these i still feel sad.

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Bee 2014-08-21 04:10:53
Last night was the worst dream I ever had. Was watching my 12 year old daughter's plane take off and lift high up into the sky. The sky was reddish, it was late dusk. Without warning it exploded in midair and I watched as the pieces fell down, trailing smoke behind every falling piece. The dream interpretation makes sense for me, but this is one dream I never want to have again, it was very disturbing & troubling.

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Sun 2014-08-16 13:47:08
So today I'm flying to FL and in my dream I was watching the sky and i told my friend "i've never seen an airplane explode" and then i heard a loud "boom" and then an airplane appeared (couldnt see it from the clouds) and it just slowly fell on the ground. Then same thing happened to the 2nd plane and then there were bombs and stuff and China was attacking US. There were lots of bombs exploding and a missile was released and fell in front of me but it didnt explode.

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Rhiangel 2014-08-10 07:07:39
I was on board with my sister, as we are about to takeoff I saw numerous of missiles in the sky, and one of it hit our plane. The plane crashed down to a large body of water. -end-

.what does it mean?

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Lilly 2014-08-10 06:19:56
Why was I the only one in the actual plain crash but it was like I was on looking everyone else!? I didn't know these people but I knew there stories and I seen the front of the plain shatter and people fly around and then the man was on the floor and he needed blood or something but a lot of blood to save his life and his father was there who was a rich man and he was ordering his sons best friend to help and telling him he's an ex drug user so he didn't deserve his life as much as his son did because his son was a lawyer it was horrible an I woke up scared but it was also a split dream about my auntie who had died ( that was the first bit of the dream ) she was in the hospital stood next to me and my auntie who is still alive was in the hospital bed and she was complaining and then she was saying she usually Hates hospital food but she liked it today and that she likes her veiw outside and my auntie ( who is my other aunties wife) she died of cancer a while back she was just stood next to me listening to my aunt with me xx

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Kia 2014-09-02 17:32:40
I was in an actual plane crash too in my dream!

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De 2014-08-09 22:10:33
I have had this dream about 4 or 5 times now so I am seriously wondering what this can relate too?

I'm on a plane with my family and just as we take off the plane cannot stay in the air and just dives back down and crashes. Whether that's in the sea or on the ground. Always quite slowly and no one ever actually gets hurt but just cannot seem to get to the destination!

I enjoy my job so I don't think it's related to this. I do have a boyfriend, things are good but maybe it can be related to us as a couple? I don't know.

Anyone else had a similar dream or can give me a bit of an insight into what this might mean?


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Janette 2014-08-09 15:06:02
Last night I had a dream that I was over a friends house, which is my neighbor and as we hanging out we started to hear this strange noise. We both go outside and we see three planes falling out of the sky. One by one the crash all around us in walking distance. We get closer and notice that there was people aboard. I immediately start to break down and cry and the town that I live in made a memorial for them in my backyard. And I woke up

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Brandon 2014-07-26 22:52:36
Last night I had a dream where I was looking out of my bedroom window and it was storming. I wouldn't stop looking out the window for some reason, and then I saw a giant plane fly dangerously low over the rooftops of the houses in my neighborhood, with its wings on fire. There was no sound. I ran outside, to where I found my entire neighborhood standing outside of their homes. I told them what I saw, but no one else saw or heard anything except for my parents, who were very emotionally effected. I remember not knowing what to do, and I remember looking up into the sky and then seeing a trail of smoke, and someone saying that the plane had made a crash-landing onto a bridge nearby (which does not exist in my neighborhood). I don't know what the meaning to this dream is or could be.

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Jessi 2014-07-15 14:37:14
I had a dream just last night.There was a voilent storm.During the storm exactly 13 planes crashed.This isn't the first time i had this dream.

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Andrew 2014-07-08 15:40:17
I about half an hour ago i woke up from a similar, although verry vivid and unsetling dream. I was on a commercial flight with some friends, sitting in an isle just in front of the wing on the right side. The plane began to waver a bit, I remember jokingly telling the person next to me (looking back it was someone in that i didnt really consider being a friend until lately), "why does this always happen on school trips?" the slight rocking seemed like regular turbulence untill i looked towards the back of the wing in which i saw that the flap was broken and jerkng free from the wing.

The decent seemed to take forever, mindless chatter happened over the intercom from the pilots. as i looked out the windows i can see the mountains and pines slowly making there way towards us, or we towards them. All the while i was perfectly calm, my last thought i remember while in this state was, "ok." then i felt a sudden jerk and instant blackness. This is the part that is unsettling for me, when I awoke I did not jerk or jump up in a frenzy, I simply woke up... calm as can be able to remember every detail of the dream. Take note that I am not flying any time soon nor have I ever been scared of flying. I normally fear death and even loath the thought of it and that is why the dream disturbs me, my sheer acceptance of the incoming ground.

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LEPAWAH YVONNE 2014-07-02 09:40:06

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