Dream interpretation Plane crash

No matter whether you watch a plane crash, or are actually in the plane, these dreams can be very disturbing. Unfortunately, there may well be times when your precognitive senses are accurate, although you may not witness or be on the plane in question. That said, if you do not notice any kind of pattern of dreams and crashes, then you can, and should look to your own inner landscape in order to find out what is going on.

General Dream Meaning: Plane crash

The visual aspects of a plane crash may symbolize the fact that you cannot achieve goals as you have them arranged, while the crash itself may represent your feelings. If you feel helpless while you watch the plane crash, it can indicate that you are setting yourself up for failure because of your beliefs about any challenging goal or situation in your life. Oddly enough, if you are aware of the sound of a plane crashing, it may mean that you will succeed in achieving your goals.

How Dream Symbol Plane crash May Fit in Your Life

In general, a plane usually relates to your lifetime goals and ambitions. If you do not know how to set appropriate goals, or manage tasks efficiently, this type of dream can easily be a warning that you need to rethink your strategies. This includes looking at all of your internal chatter in order to try and discern where you may be creating unnecessary obstacles.

As may be expected, if you notice significant resistance to a specific goal, perhaps you also need to go deeper and find out why you do not want to succeed in this particular endeavor. Are you trying to achieve this goal to please someone else instead of yourself? Do you feel like you are competing with someone else, but truly don't care about the goal itself? Any of these feelings and others can set you up for failure simply because you are not working towards goals that truly reflect who you are and what you came into this world to do.

A Sample Dream, Plane crash Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are standing on your porch. You see a small plane crossing the horizon. As it gets closer, you notice that the wings are not stable, and feel that the plane is going to crash. While you are watching, you begin thinking about the fact that your spouse seems to be keeping odd hours. Suddenly, you hear a high pitched whine, and the plane crashes in front of you. You do not hear any noise, but see smoke coming from the plane. Even though you know you should feel upset for the pilot and passengers, you cannot bring yourself to move, let alone really care about the individuals involved. Finally, you go into the house with the intention of calling for assistance.

This dream is a clear indicator that your marriage is very important to you, as well as the fact that it might be failing. No matter whether you suspect an affair, or some other secret that might be disturbing, you feel incapable of doing anything about it. Once the plane crashes, the relief in the dream comes from knowing that you were not truly lulled into a false sense of security. While the paralysis after the crash may indicate some shock at the situation, the fact that you are able to go for help indicates that you are still committed to your long term goal, and may also have a viable means to achieve it.
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Louise 2017-10-08 14:47:03
Last night I had a very disturbing dream. I was outside talking with a friend and notice this Air Canada plane that just took off was having a hard time flying. I told my friend looks like this plane is about to crash. It then made a turn to go back then it was loosing control and not far enough from where we were. I was screaming hoping it doesn't hit us. It crashed and exploded very close to us. I went in the house and was crying and crying. The firemen eventually came to evacuate our place because of many aftermath explosions with sparks of fire hitting on houses. Emergency vehicles were all over the place. The area the size of a village was mostly burned down and I couldn't stop crying

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Sachin kalia 2017-08-05 03:12:27
Last night I seen there is emergency in plan and first one person dying and second me after that dream blank

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Henley 2017-07-26 02:33:41
About a year ago, I had a dream where I was just sitting around under a little shelter with some friends and we were playing games on our phones, and I hear a plane coming. I look up, and surely enough, there is a small propeller-driven airliner flying in our direction. Suddenly, it starts spinning out of control, and two black helicopters arrive and one hits it in the cockpit. Smoke instantly starts pouring out of the front of the plane, and it starts to descend towards us. we all put our phones in our pockets and ran like criminals who just escaped prison. I didn't look back while the plane hit the shelter, but I heard a loud explosion when it did. What could the dream mean? It horrified me for a long time and I don't know what to make of it.

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natasah 2017-07-14 05:52:44
today in my dream i witnessed a plane crash...a plane flying to denmark was crashed right infront of my eye...
slowly its parts were broken and was about to crash everything in me,a lady in my dream asked me to run towards safe place i was just running so bad i finally was able not to get injured from those broken pieces of plane...
i have lot of mess in my head relationships,carrier, wants there are so many things to be done...
can u please tell me if these dream symbolise anythg related to it...please

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Egypt 2017-07-01 22:31:16
Last night I had a dream about being on a klm plane. Sat opposite the toilet and near a window. My boyfriend on my right and my 6 month old on my left. We had just took off. The flight attendant said 'were getting into it now' meaning turbulence, and then the engine stopped and everything went quiet. My only thought was the plane is going to crash and we plummeted down, falling with no plane debris just people hysterically screaming and I remember being so scared because beneath us was nothing but the ocean and I couldn't turn around to see my son falling and try to grab him. I remember thinking of ways to save him once we land in the water... that's if I survived. I woke up crying and shouting ?the planes going to crash'. We are going away just me and my partner in August and I'm worried about the meaning of this dream. Please can you explain it to me I'm having such anxiety about it!

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Rayne 2017-06-29 14:07:33
Last night I dreamt that I was driving on a freeway and saw two planes - each with one wing- flying ahead of me. One of the planes purposely hit the other in the tail section and the plane that was hit spun into the ground. I stopped my car and saw the explosion but when I went to where the wreak age should be, there was only this weird foam like from an extinguisher. It was really weird. In my dream I wasn't sure if anyone would believe me.

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Rubi 2017-06-23 21:53:38
Last night i had a dream about alot of planes falling from the sky. There was people looking at the first plane fall right in front of them then everyone started to notice other planes were falling. It seemed as the engine shut down because the planes still looked in good conditions. Everyone started freaking out and looking for shelter. I remember get inside a car to try to drive away from it but everywhere i went there was planes falling.

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Osheen 2017-06-17 05:20:37
This morning I saw a dream that a plane with one wing crash in front of us (me and my friends were standing in a field)as soon as it crashed the plane came towards us and me n 2 of my friends ran and escaped and when we look at the passengers luckily all of them started waking up one by one and all of them survived the plane crash ,WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN?

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Joe 2017-06-08 01:20:51
Last night i had a dream about me being in a plane which was very nice and modern inside i cannot remember who i was sitting with but whilst inside the plane i had a huge sense of fear of it crashing and was panicking right up until it took off then everything went black and i woke up. I also had a similar dream experience about being on a plane weeks ago but this time the plane did take off and i was with my dad and i almost certain it was going to crash and during both dreams i was so scared and was full of anxiety someone please tell me what they may mean. Thank you

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Christine K 2017-04-29 04:22:36
What does it mean...I have had two dreams in a row about different planes crashing. The first night it was like a torpedo plane, no wings. It crashed into the water and just floated there. Then the next night i had another airplane dream and i could see the pilot, his face has no meaning to me, and then the plane flipped upside down and then came crashing down. There were no flames, not noise, and i had no feelings toward the crash, i just kept on going past it in my dream. What does this all signify?

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Unknown 2017-04-24 02:01:36
me and my son are actually going to France next month and I had a weird dream about the plan crashing last night it came out of know where really we where just sat there then the next min there where trees sticking through the plan it was only me and my 17month old on the plan. Then in a flash we was at the airport again trying to make it on time for the plan but the line went on for ever was a really odd dream had to exsplan it all really so

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Gary 2017-03-31 05:02:42
I dreamed my female friend was flying a small plane and upon take-off, she flew the plane into high-power wires and the plane crashed into the water below. When I realized it was her plane, I rushed over and as she was pulled from the water, I grabbed her and she was crying, hugging me hard, and just wouldn't let go. Then I woke up...

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Dinkineh 2017-02-24 02:46:11
Last night I had a dream that a plane crushed and it caught fire after it crashed. I saw people trying to extinguish the fire and I saw also some people around the plane. Some of the people were the passengers but I saw them getting back on board. I saw also no serious damage occurred to the plane. Some one nearby me was using a remote control which I thought was to control the fire.
Finally I saw the plane being tied on a certain metal crane but it doesn't look like it was a crushed plane. I saw also a man being taken by a stretcher for treatment.

Currently I am in a terrible situation regarding my relationship and I am striving to achieve my long term goal which has been delayed almost for more than a decade. I am now determined to finalize it.

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boo 2017-02-26 16:15:28
Same dream i am seeing for last couple of months and i am also going through same situation regarding the relationship

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Nicola 2017-02-15 13:00:05
I had a dream that a plane crashed in the middle of a housing estate and then burst into flames. Didn't seem that anyone was hurt by it but I could feel the heat off of the flames from the plane. The weirdest bit was once the flames died away the plane was still intact but I had seen it crash into buildings. Totally confused by it.

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Hannah 2017-02-15 05:50:33
I saw myself in a tram near a well known bridge surrounded by skyscrapers in my hometown (there's no tram service in that area)I saw I am talking to my family and my crush. I saw a white and red plane flying very low, about to land, airport is infact near 10 minutes from that point. I heard earshattering noise of crash and turned around to see dense clouds of smoke from airport direction. My dream ends here. I could not see plane as there were tall buildings and bridge in between. I am wondering what it might mean. If you could help interperet it for me.

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