Dream interpretation Car crash

Dream interpretation Car crash


Even though car crashes may have a purely symbolic root, you should not ignore them if you drive a lot, or tend to feel tired when you drive. For example, a dream of brakes failing may truly be you unconscious mind telling you to check on brake noises that you haven't been aware of because you are listening to the radio, or paying attention to something else.

By the same token, if you dream of crashing into another car, or getting hit, then you might want to pay more attention to these situations in order to see if something is going on with your driving habits. Without a question, once you are involved in a crash, you will wish that you had heeded any warnings that might have occurred in the dream space.

General Dream Meaning: Car crash

When it comes to non-precognitive symbolism, a car crash can represent areas of your life where your beliefs are in conflict with those of other people. If the crash is unexpected, you may want to consider the fact that you are not aware of the opposition at this time. If the other driver happens to be a stranger, you may also want to consider that the dream may represent conflicts between internal aspects of your own psyche.

How Dream Symbol Car crash May Fit in Your Life

If you have ever been surprised by the aggressive actions of a friend or close associate, then you can gain some understanding of how dreaming of a car crash may come about. Among other things, even though someone may treat you like they always do, at some level, you will sense a change. In a similar way, you may find that a change in your own ideas or attitudes may create conflicts in your inner landscape that were not present before. Once you find out where the conflict is, you can look forward to making the necessary changes to bring everything back into alignment.

A Sample Dream, Car crash Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are in three lanes of rush hour traffic. You feel very happy as your sporty red car zips in and out between other cars. Suddenly, the day seems a bit dimmer, and your foot slowly moves from the gas to the brake. Even though you do not understand why you are trying to decelerate, you find that the brakes are not working. All of a sudden, the car in front of you slows down. You crash into it head on, and remember nothing further. When you come to, a policeman is standing by the side of your vehicle. You recognize this person as a co-worker that is competing with you for a promotion at work.

In this dream, the color red is a clear indicator that some type of aggression is present. Since you are driving dangerously, there is a good chance that your anger or that of someone else is on the verge of going out of control. Brake failure also serves to increase the likelihood of this interpretation. As may be expected, the police officer represents assistance as well as an authority figure. Under these circumstances, you may tentatively conclude that your co-worker has a better chance of getting a promotion; however this person may also get you out of a difficult situation when you most need help. If you drive often, you should also take the time to check your tires and brakes, just to make certain that you have not overlooked some kind of tangible mechanical problem that may lead to a crash.

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Kinzee 2018-10-01 20:08:51
Today I had a dream i was in a car wreck. Two girls from work (that I am friends with) picked me up and we were rushing to go pick up my clothes that a girl had. We were on a highway in a four door black car, and we hit ice and started to spin out of control and then went off an embankment and starting flipping multiple times. I remember the feeling of flipping over and over,it felt so real!!Then I remember being trapped & smashed in the backseat and I was facing the rearview window and could only see a small portion of it and I was trying to get out and started banging on it and tried to move,then I woke up ,like what in the world does that mean, but so thankful it was a dream!!
Abi 2018-02-16 16:28:22
I had a dream where my dad,brother, and i where in out house and we were watching this police car crash into houses and the police car was drove by my mom. and then the car came for our house and she ran over my dad and brother.when she came for me she got out of the car and then i got a knife out of drawer, i kept stabbing her but she wasnt even hurt. anyone know what my dream means? (A little back story) my mom doesnt get along with anyone and she always starts fights with people.
Nancy 2018-01-31 16:00:04
My friend's car had no headlights instead he used lawn steak lights as headlights also he was now working in a deli.
Nina 2016-09-27 11:15:28
Dreamt of my car controlling itself and driving against walls, trees and then rolling over being completely destroyed.
Tracy 2016-09-11 03:10:38
I have dreamt 2nights on the run that my car just goes down the road and then i wake up
Tommy 2016-08-20 04:37:14
I had a dream that my brother was driving and asked me to find directions home on the gps and I was interrupted by a woman or man in white banging on the window then they opened it and pulled me out of the car I couldn't move or scream.
zibro 2016-07-15 00:15:26
In my dream, a taxi man drove me home, while he was going home, he had accident and died
Nixonmakiya 2016-05-17 09:07:37
I had a dream that a guy in a car red race car with blue strips on hood just ran into me pinning my body against the back of another car I keep screaming stop he just kept pushing the gas harder then I woke up
Drew 2016-04-20 10:33:14
I had a dream last night that I was sitting in a parking lot and a little girl was in my back seat. I became afraid and jumped back there to let the window up. She hopes in the front seat and looks at me then jumps out. I left the place and went home. Something told me to leave so I tried. When I got in the car and tried to leave the car was going realm fast and I couldn't stop it so I circled around my apartment complex and wrecked into a car. The wreck caused me to fly out of the car. I came out with no scratches or anything. When I went to check on the car I noticed that the whole front car was smashed and that their was no way I could of survived. I started worrying about what my mom would say. After that I shook it off and said it will be okay. Then I woke up. What does this dream mean?
Cayla 2015-12-15 10:34:12
I just woe up from a dream i dreamed i was in the passenger side and the car veered off the road and hit stomething and started flying i know if i didnt force myself awake the car was gonna roll we were on a highway when we crashed in the dream i have never been in a serious car crash like that but it felt so real
JoAnn 2015-11-29 16:50:48
I dreamed that my new car was hit while I was in the driver's seat and it was parked behind a chain link fence. In the dream, I was hit by a familiar man in a military uniform and he couldn't stop his car but the crash wasn't bad, no one was hurt but it left a noticeable dent in my new white car.
Lisa 2018-07-24 22:23:59
I dreamt that I was parked, and there was a white car parked in front of me. I started my car & it jumped forward. I tried to use the hand-brake but it hit the white car ahead. I wasn't hurt and there was minor damage to the car ahead. Someone cars around my own, and the white car, were somehow damaged too
Wanda 2015-11-24 06:58:50
I dreamed me and my two year old was in car and suddenly crashed into a large body of water across the high way I couldn't get her out her car seat water was submerging in water I could hear and it hurt my soul I couldn't get to her and hold her in my arms as we went under ... I woke up in a panic
Angie 2015-11-28 04:23:52
How scary...I had almost the same exact dream as you last night. I still feel on edge in a panic about it.

shazz 2015-11-10 01:58:36
i had a dream last night i woke up see 2 cars park in my back garden and i called the number plate and it was my local council they said the men was there to check my home and i could lose it and i ask why and then i woke up,what does this mean please?
bella 2015-09-22 06:10:30
I've had a recurring dream for years about my brother arriving at the house and he parks on the side and when he gets out of the car I run outside to greet him but then right before I reach him another car hits him. I'm scared for his life 24/7
denise 2015-09-21 03:27:35
My 5yr old stayed the night with his dad...when he came home the next day which was on a Sunday night..he came in and told me about his dream..he was like Ma I dreamed you was driving down the street and your car crashed and it rolled over and I got out and started walking then I called his dad to tell him about it...he said I called him so he could take me to the Er.. It really had me scared...I asked questions and he told me the story over.. like I was stunned... This came from a 5yr.. I took this as a warning...whatever I'm doing I need to slow down..BC its a meaning to this..But I'm asking God to be with me and my family and whomever experience this dream..
Diane 2015-09-18 10:58:10
my dream i wsa n passengers steering car and we went off the road crashed into a tree an i flew out the windscreen my body was vibrating and i kept lookn up at my mum i refused to let my body fall to the ground and get knocked out and i woke up and my body was still vibrating
Aleen 2015-08-20 21:59:45
I had a dream this morning that my I went to do some shopping with one of my other brothers and on our way their we found my other brother car flipped sideways off the road, we went to see what's going on he was hurt can't get out of the car so we helped him and cops came to help flip his car back over he went in drive again that right in my eyes his car flipped over again! So I woke up and take it as a warning for me to tell him be careful while he is driving because when ever I have dream about somebody else get in one I have to let them know so it won't happen because if I don't and think nah it's just a dream it happens to them it has before!most of time I don't have dreams until it's a warning about something that will take place or something good that I should go after...
Toi 2015-08-18 18:19:49
Had a dream I was a passenger in a car where the person was driving extremely fast in a rain storm on a winding road. As soon as I asked him to slow down we ran into the back of a semi truck. The car I was in flip, rolled off the road and down the cliff. While the car was falling I screamed out "Jesus help me" and a angel flew down and pulled me out of the car. Then I woke up.
Aiden 2015-08-16 07:39:03
what if I dream about a car is crush me and I can't escape, after the car crush me I'm not dead but I fell tired, what is that mean?and today i ma going to take a bike to ma cousin's house.
Queen 2015-08-09 23:03:53
I dreamed that my dad crashed, I was in another car with friends and we past a area where cops where standing and a big black matt with something under it but I didn't get that far into the dream. But I did see his shoes he wears and blood everywhere?
Ashley 2015-08-08 05:46:31
I had a dream last night I crashed my mustang into a stopped dump truck.wth does this mean no I'm paronoid to drive
Maggie 2015-07-17 13:40:46
I had a drea. I was riding with a group of friends behind one of my friends some on hit his car it flipped over a quadrail the car went over into a lake. All of us jumped out andnothing could be seen in the water but car parts. I woke up crying shaken to my core so vivide real...
Kiona 2015-05-08 11:12:14
I dreamt that a kid in my class in a lower grade called me at my house and told me that someone in the reserve (I actually live on a reserve) got into a car crash, but hem didn't know who it was and I'm still wondering what it means..?
keekee 2015-04-22 09:30:31
i was dosing off into a sleep and i had a dream of a black jeep and a white car crashing ans swerving off the road. and then i woke in a panic

Holly 2015-04-18 10:56:17
My dream was extremely surprising. I dreamt that my dad had gotten me a car for when i turn 17, but im only 13, i get in the car and lean to the side and the car starts spinning and hits my house as if it has a mind of its own, my mother is in the car with me and shes shouting at me calling me a failure, i have no idea how to drive a car so a press a button with a square on it similar to the stop signs when youre watching a movie, and the button seems to make the car go even more out of control. The car sets off on the road, still spinning around, my dad and sister are now shouting at me from outside my house blaming me, i crash into someone elses house that looks alot like my nans house and now my nans outside shouting about the colour of my car (she has manic depression and colours seem to mean stuff to her). The car then flips in the air and my mother gets crushed, but i jumped out in time. I fall to the ground crying and wake up.
amy 2015-03-30 22:26:03
my dream has truly puzzled me and i cant seem to find anyone who has had a dream simular. it started of at a family event held at a large mall. when i got there i knew that there was family members i had never met.but everyone seemed odd and strange i talked to a few people and found out that it was a treasure hunt and was handed a device to help solve the game. i don't remember much after that but everyone seemed odd and robotic, i remember leaving there was me and two others and had got a taxi home, on the motorway there was a girl running from the mall after us or the side of us i couldn't tell she looked crazy but not scared i kind of laughed and was like shes mad but she just stopped and stared at us and a car hit her and split her in two, i remember panicking and screaming and crying then i woke and my heart hurt and i was crying in life.help me solve this
Esther 2015-03-29 10:10:30
my boyfriend had a dream I was in their mother's house but she wasn't around. he wanted picking me to our home and his brother decided to come know the place.on our way two trailer were like overtaking each other but none passed the other.he wanted reversing but two more was behind us.it was as if the road ended and he dive in a mud.I was still sleeping. his brother had a wound my boyfriend didn't but my wound was worst and I was laying on the slap of a sucker well. they screamed and took me back to their mother where she clean the cut and everybody waited for morning so I could be taken to the hospital to be stitched.what does this mean?
staci 2015-03-26 12:11:45
I had a dream. Me and my husband in a minivan and i told him i need his help and me not paying g attention i drove off road that was long there. My car fell to the ground and i rushed out a quickly. Trying to dial o 11 and I woke
eugenia 2015-03-04 07:56:35
I had a dream that me and my fiance we at a get together and drinking..... For w.e the reason is we fought as he was telling me he was going on a joy ride with his friend ( no one we kno in real life ) I guess several hours after he left... My friend ( no clue who she was) found out that her brother (my fiance s friend) was found dead she came up to me and said that he was gone too..... I then in disbelief looked on my phone and found 2 txt messages from his mother and is actual best friend (in real life) and I could clearly read everything (never can see words in my dreama ) it felt so real I wanna know meaning behind this I scared me and made me very upset for a while my heart was broken in the dream as well as in real life.... If anyone knows the meaning behind this please let me hear it
coco 2015-03-02 02:47:12
I had a horrible dream that me and my four kids died in a car crash! I have never had a dream like this so I spent the morning really anxious. ...later while out on my way to drop my son off, I was driving when I came across a car radio in the middle of the street. I tried to avoid it by swerving but clipped it and my tire blew out! Thank god I had slowed down or else I don't know what could of happened. It just seems like a horrible coincidence.

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