Dream interpretation Car crash

Even though car crashes may have a purely symbolic root, you should not ignore them if you drive a lot, or tend to feel tired when you drive. For example, a dream of brakes failing may truly be you unconscious mind telling you to check on brake noises that you haven't been aware of because you are listening to the radio, or paying attention to something else.

By the same token, if you dream of crashing into another car, or getting hit, then you might want to pay more attention to these situations in order to see if something is going on with your driving habits. Without a question, once you are involved in a crash, you will wish that you had heeded any warnings that might have occurred in the dream space.

General Dream Meaning: Car crash

When it comes to non-precognitive symbolism, a car crash can represent areas of your life where your beliefs are in conflict with those of other people. If the crash is unexpected, you may want to consider the fact that you are not aware of the opposition at this time. If the other driver happens to be a stranger, you may also want to consider that the dream may represent conflicts between internal aspects of your own psyche.

How Dream Symbol Car crash May Fit in Your Life

If you have ever been surprised by the aggressive actions of a friend or close associate, then you can gain some understanding of how dreaming of a car crash may come about. Among other things, even though someone may treat you like they always do, at some level, you will sense a change. In a similar way, you may find that a change in your own ideas or attitudes may create conflicts in your inner landscape that were not present before. Once you find out where the conflict is, you can look forward to making the necessary changes to bring everything back into alignment.

A Sample Dream, Car crash Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are in three lanes of rush hour traffic. You feel very happy as your sporty red car zips in and out between other cars. Suddenly, the day seems a bit dimmer, and your foot slowly moves from the gas to the brake. Even though you do not understand why you are trying to decelerate, you find that the brakes are not working. All of a sudden, the car in front of you slows down. You crash into it head on, and remember nothing further. When you come to, a policeman is standing by the side of your vehicle. You recognize this person as a co-worker that is competing with you for a promotion at work.

In this dream, the color red is a clear indicator that some type of aggression is present. Since you are driving dangerously, there is a good chance that your anger or that of someone else is on the verge of going out of control. Brake failure also serves to increase the likelihood of this interpretation. As may be expected, the police officer represents assistance as well as an authority figure. Under these circumstances, you may tentatively conclude that your co-worker has a better chance of getting a promotion; however this person may also get you out of a difficult situation when you most need help. If you drive often, you should also take the time to check your tires and brakes, just to make certain that you have not overlooked some kind of tangible mechanical problem that may lead to a crash.
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amy 2015-03-30 22:26:03
my dream has truly puzzled me and i cant seem to find anyone who has had a dream simular. it started of at a family event held at a large mall. when i got there i knew that there was family members i had never met.but everyone seemed odd and strange i talked to a few people and found out that it was a treasure hunt and was handed a device to help solve the game. i don't remember much after that but everyone seemed odd and robotic, i remember leaving there was me and two others and had got a taxi home, on the motorway there was a girl running from the mall after us or the side of us i couldn't tell she looked crazy but not scared i kind of laughed and was like shes mad but she just stopped and stared at us and a car hit her and split her in two, i remember panicking and screaming and crying then i woke and my heart hurt and i was crying in life.help me solve this

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Esther 2015-03-29 10:10:30
my boyfriend had a dream I was in their mother's house but she wasn't around. he wanted picking me to our home and his brother decided to come know the place.on our way two trailer were like overtaking each other but none passed the other.he wanted reversing but two more was behind us.it was as if the road ended and he dive in a mud.I was still sleeping. his brother had a wound my boyfriend didn't but my wound was worst and I was laying on the slap of a sucker well. they screamed and took me back to their mother where she clean the cut and everybody waited for morning so I could be taken to the hospital to be stitched.what does this mean?

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staci 2015-03-26 12:11:45
I had a dream. Me and my husband in a minivan and i told him i need his help and me not paying g attention i drove off road that was long there. My car fell to the ground and i rushed out a quickly. Trying to dial o 11 and I woke

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eugenia 2015-03-04 07:56:35
I had a dream that me and my fiance we at a get together and drinking..... For w.e the reason is we fought as he was telling me he was going on a joy ride with his friend ( no one we kno in real life ) I guess several hours after he left... My friend ( no clue who she was) found out that her brother (my fiance s friend) was found dead she came up to me and said that he was gone too..... I then in disbelief looked on my phone and found 2 txt messages from his mother and is actual best friend (in real life) and I could clearly read everything (never can see words in my dreama ) it felt so real I wanna know meaning behind this I scared me and made me very upset for a while my heart was broken in the dream as well as in real life.... If anyone knows the meaning behind this please let me hear it

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Dana 2015-03-01 10:27:51
Today,I had a dream about being in the passenger seat while my brother was driving ,suddendly he became uncouius and I took the wheel while his leg was on the gas , The car drove really fast then we hit an another car infront of us. Then i the dream I woke up in a hospital my brother didnt ever show up in the dream again,and there was some letters from a person whom I didnt know but the letters were some kind of violent. Can anyone please tell me what it means??

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Rekko 2015-02-22 10:39:13
I dreamed, 2 times now this dream it was about car accident when my parents were driving really fast on a road at night and there was cars driving next side of the road too and then we some how crashed in to ditche a big one and quite a lot of water with ice (it was winter, even if i dreamed like couple days ago) my parents fell in to water,tried to save them but they were very deep.... Some one called the police and ambulance police got me to they'r office and after couple of hours i don't know how my mother survived in water for so long but my father never been found there my dream ended.So what does it mean i dreamed it 2 times in a row,what coud it possibly mean ? please help.

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pixiedust 2015-01-10 23:55:37
I had a dream;

I wasn't the one driving, my crush was. And in the back there was two kids, I'm to young to have kids but in the dream I felt like they were mine. We were in some kind of a deser and the route was straight.
After a couple of seconds that felt like hours, I could see a precipice in front of us. I looked at my crush and he didn't seem to notice, I somehow didn't try to talk. My crush started reacting only a couple meters before the crash, he tried his hardest to turn but could not.

We fell, and when we hit the ground I was alone with the two kids and my crush was gone. But I was still in the passenger seat.

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Tay 2014-12-13 19:43:58
I had a couple car crash dreams lately, however last night stood out. A friend and I were driving a truck along a country road pretty fast somehow she lost control and the car rolled a couple times, before actually feeling the impact all I seen was a bright light and felt like I was in a trance. Honestly I thought it was my time, and I was completely okay wiith it. It was strange

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elvira 2014-12-06 12:41:40
I I dreamt that me and ny friends where waiting r the van...when the van arrived for some reason I was the only one from girls that got in the van whe other girls decided to get taxi...I was with my boy friends in the van..passing through a road where I used to live. When all of the sudden the car In Front of us caused an accident and made each car crash into each other...and cause explosion..our driver reversed back to get away...there was 4 times attempts that almost hit our van..

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karen 2014-11-29 17:03:08
interpret this...I dreampt I was driving down the road and this huge truck makes a sharp left turn coming off a ramp and I feel he is going to smash me between him (truck) and the gaurdrail. I start screaming and crying saying I don't want to die, I don't want to die. It was so incredibly vivid and real. I could see my car being smashed and felt like I was dying. Before I knew it, I was in the street sobbing, walking towards the crash. I realized it wasn't me. I was sobbing uncontrollably. There were police cars and a fire truck, I couldn't see who was in the accident, I just knew they died and I knew who it was. I just sobbed and screamed No. I woke up! I swear it was so real and upsetting that I told my kids and husband of the dream and to please be careful driving.

Three weeks later, I get a call saying my dad was in a horrific car accident. They didn't think he was going to make it. He didn't. A car came off a ramp speeding, went thru the stop sign and t-boned his car which caught on fire, exactly like the dream.

The only difference in my dream it was a truck hitting me, in reality it was a car that smashed into him. He died on way to hospital.

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Dominic 2014-10-11 13:29:45
I had a dream that my grandma was driving and i was in the passenger seat.It was pitch black. We were going really fast and the headlights wouldnt turn on. We crashed into a wall and it was black for a second. Then i woke up

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Nicky. 2014-10-05 19:49:08

I had a dream that i was driving and a car started driving towards me. I started backing up and she kept driving toward me. We both stopped then the car proceeded to ram into me, denting my front bumper. All I remember after that is driving away and then I woke up.

What does this mean??

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Beccy 2014-09-29 15:07:32
i had a dream me and my best friend were driving and she didn't brake in time and we crashed then I came to and look over at her and she was unresponsive and I started screaming I seen someone coming over to the car and I woke up...what does that mean?

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RCA 2014-09-27 16:51:30
I had a dream that me and my dad were crossing a street, I was crossed already and was waiting for him. I saw a car coming and was yelling at him to warn him but he didn't hear me. He just got onto the sidewalk when the car passed. I was talking to him then all of a sudden I look behind him and there's a crowd of people over his body.. what could this mean?

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S 2014-08-25 00:22:55
I had a nightmare last night that I was in the old car with my family (we recently got a new car.) And we were about to drive into a big grey wall and I was screaming and I could see the panic in my eyes. We crashed and I could hear the terrifying sound of the glass breaking and it all went black. I then woke up crying.

If anyone knows what the dream might mean then please let me know.



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