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When you dream of bears, you can look forward to success and good luck in the near future. It is still important to consider how the bear behaved, as well as whether it was in a natural environment, or in a man-made setting. As may be expected, if you were afraid of the bear, or it caused you some type of harm, then this type of dream may not be as auspicious as you originally thought it was.

Bear Dream General Meaning

Historically speaking, bears have many meanings in various spiritual traditions. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that they can also indicate some type of hibernation or awakening when they appear in your dream life. Since bears are often intimately tied to the cycles of nature, you can also interpret these animals to indicate various cycles of life. Regardless of whether this dream is about cycles, or inner landscape matters, you can look forward to a period of inner reflection and growth, as well as success in things that matter to you.

Unfortunately, if you were afraid of the bear, chased by it, or attacked, then the dream may indicate you will feel troubled by various elements of you waking and emotional life. In addition, since bears naturally belong in the wild, seeing dream bears in a zoo, or some other form of captivity indicates that you may need to cope with emotional and spiritual problems. Bears that are wounded or unhealthy may also carry less than positive meanings in your dream. That said, if you were able to offer assistance to the bear, the negative meaning may be mitigated to some extent.

How Bear Dreams Symbol May Fit in Your Life

When you dream of bears, it can easily mean you are about to awaken to some new meanings in life, or that you are about to enter a period of deep introspection. Therefore, this may be an ideal time to look into spiritual questions that appeal to you, as well as spend time with people that have some experience with these matters. This may also be a good time to think about old issues and try to look at them from a different perspective. At the very least, when bear energy is present in your dreams, you can have some confidence in knowing that their power and wisdom are also there for you to draw on. As may be expected, if you aren't especially interested in introspection or spiritual matters, you can also use this time to look for opportunities that will bring you good fortune, or enable you to reach some cherished goal.

A Sample Bear Dream Interpretation

Consider a situation where you dream of seven wild bears dancing in the forest. As you approach, they seem to pay no attention to you. Even though you recall that you are supposed to be afraid of bears, you don't feel any distress. In fact, when you look down at your hands, you are surprised to find that you now have furry paws instead.

While you are watching the bears, one separates from the rest and approaches you. Instantly, you realize that the bear is your fianc?e. This bear, in turn, invites you to dance with the others. Once you are in the circle, you soon recognize that some bears are co-workers, while others are family members. Even though you all seem to be dancing happily, some naggy questions arise at the back of your mind. Among other things, you begin to wonder why you have not decided to marry your fianc?, as well as what the future will hold.

Finally, the dance ends, and all involved sit in a circle. Soon you awaken from the dream with a strong feeling that you have good friends and associates in your life. Even though you feel a sense of boredom for a fleeting instant, you appear undisturbed by the dream in question.

Since the bears in your dream were wild and friendly, you can look forward to positive events in the near future. The fact that you also turned into a bear and joined them also indicates that you are using some of the best elements of your personality to fit successfully into your current life situation. Unfortunately, the feeling of boredom that you feel upon waking indicates that you may not be as happy as you believe you are. Rather than let this continue, you can use the good luck and power symbolized by the bear to make some changes. Even if you do not change your circle of friends, you can still deepen relationships that matter, as well as explore some new directions.
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Wanda 2016-11-17 04:18:44
I had a dream about a large brown bear climbing a hill that got steeper as he climbed and he had to build momentum as he climbed so that he could make it to the top of the hill. At the beginning of the climb he turned around and looked at me and I was compelled to follow him up the hill. Any ideas what that means?

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Miriah 2016-10-22 12:38:54
My first dream was my family and I were out camping. We were eating and a Grizzly bear burst through the camp the starts slashing and attacking my brother. The same thing happened a little later with my sister. The bear wasnít as aggressive that time, he just hit her a couple times. After this I woke up, about 10 minutes later I fell back asleep. I was dreaming for a while than it was my whole family again. We were all walking back to a restaurant/cabin and we see the bear in the distance. Most of my family gets away, but my mom and I run for the door of the cabin. My mom shoves me inside, but she stays out. I hear the bear attacking her, ripping her apart. She is screaming and yelping and gurgling; itís horrible. Iím trying to get back out to her by slamming into the door and pulling as hard as I can on the handle. It only opens a crack and I see the bear about to hit her, than slams shut again, thats when I wake up.
This is the first time I have ever had this kind of dream before; it was horrifying

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confused 2016-10-21 14:54:53
A bear had gotten into our trash so i went outside so it would go away and be safe. I went to bed and a few hours later my dog woke me up and i took him outside. I saw that the bear had gotten into the trash again and i could hear it in the trees. i went inside and went to bed. I had a dream that i was sitting at my door step and a bear slowly started walking towards me. As it got closer i saw it had an injury on its paw. I put my hand out and it pushed my hand up with its snout the way a dog would. It moved closer and let me pet it then tried to lay in my lap but ended up at my feet with me petting it. the bear sort of rolled over so i would pet its stomach. It looked at me and i knew it needed my help. The bear trusted me and wanted me to care for it. I didnt know who to call so i called 911. I told them there was an injured bear in need of help. I explained that the bear was kind and in no way a threat. I asked them to send someone who could help but whatever they do dont send a sheriff. ( A year ago a sheriff shot the largest bear here excessively, killing it for being in a place it was fine being in and not leaving due to being surrounded by humans with guns) The bear looked at me and i knew it was saying we needed to move we couldnt stay where we were. I stood up and the bear followed me inside. My dog got excited and wanted to play but the bear got scared and hid behind me. I looked at it reassuringly and put my dog away so he couldnt scare the bear. I went to my room and the bear laid on my bed with me resting its head on my leg as i stroked its fur. I was able to see its paw and the injury but when i tried to touch it the bear whined as if to say wait that will hurt. I looked at the bear and said its okay then cleaned and dressed the wound. The bear looked at me saying thank you. My dog started barking and the bear got scared and tried to hide by nuzzling into me. I looked into its eyes and said its okay i wont let anything hurt you. My dog kept barking and i woke up. I looked outside and saw a bear standing on my lawn looking at my room. We looked at each other and the bear nodded with a huff kind of sound (like it was saying thank you) then walked away. When i cleaned up the trash later i found broken glass that could have hurt the bear. I once had a dream in which my cat that had gone missing a couple days early came (we think he was eaten by coyotes) to me on the same door step and let me pet him and he purred then looked at me like he was saying thank you, its okay now. then he walked away into the meadow. My dad had a similar dream where our dog came to him looked at him saying thank and that hes happy now then ran off playing in a field. my dad woke up and our dog had died.

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DeCable 2016-10-02 06:26:19
I was telling my son to not go any further into the woods cause there's bears and he doesn't listen. Then one comes out, son starts running towards me and I grab his hand on time and hold him and the dream ended.

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Brianne 2016-09-30 21:52:06
I had an interesting dream about a group of bears, they seemed to be in a group or even a "gang". The reason I say a gang is because I could feel the presences of the bears sense of security and unemotional attacks towards me. Just imagine the movie Casino or The good fellas but replace the family\Ganges with bears.

I was in an isolated area with other people who are trying to make a new start, i sensed that we are the other humans left on earth from a war or maybe an apocalypse. The place looked like a junk yard beside a huge Forrest. I wanted to make a difference and become a leader to the people, so when I heard of bear attacks in the area I was on the case. With a few of other volunteers I had found the bear hole. Before I could investigate I saw a huge black bear with claws as big as a tire and red eyes. As the male bear walk out of the hole he immediately saw my group of volunteers and brutality killed them. Then the bear dragged them down his home. I ran as fast as I could all though you can't run very fast when your dreaming. The bear grabbed but didn't kill me. I could see his bright, dark red eyes stare at mine as he pins me down. The Bear eventually let me go but it wasn't over yet.

When I managed to get up I saw approximately 5 baby bears with dark red eyes, exiting the hole and staring at me. They growled at me and lend me down stairs. Honestly they were more scary then the bigger bear. The hole itself was just dirt but as you go down deeper there were stairs. The stairs were marble, very elegant and I was surprised by the way the bears were living. Half way through the house and let me tell you this house was beautiful, very Clean, lots of space, just picture a mansion. The bears lend me to a 2 sided door, I watched the Cubs enter in the door but I stopped. When the door opened there was a bright light, shinning the whole room. I got scared. The door didn't scare me. What scared me was beside the door there was a bear hiding in another room. My first thought was that he would jump out and take me before I could reach the door. I ran the opposite direction and made it up the stairs but as I was close to the hole I heard a loud roar coming from the downstairs. Once I heard that, I quickly opened the door and held my weight as it was shaking from the bears trying to grab me. I manged to climb my way out of the hole but the hole was blocked as well. I Hellen at the others to bring me cement so I could Detroit the hole once and for all. After doing this I felt relief. I was walking through the junk yard feeling great but then I saw another hole , with another bear coming out of it. The last thing I remember were those eyes.

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Justme 2016-09-30 12:30:53
I dreamed I was with a large group of people running away from a multitude of aggressive grizzly bears; they kept breaking down doors to get to us and everyone was screaming. Suddenly I found myself on top of a small mountain full of holes which I sensed were bear caves; as I tried to escape I heard growling from the caves and felt the bears were coming out to get me. I ran to the edge of a cliff where I found a dangling rope; I grabbed it to shimmy down the cliff and escape the bears who were now right behind me. Then I woke up.

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tony 2016-09-13 08:45:54
i had a dream where a grizzle bear was trying to break into my house to attck me but only me people wpuld walk by outside and the bear wouldnt do anything to them it only wanted me. i felt so much fear trying to keep this bear from breaking into my home. eventually he did but i woke up

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melissa kelley 2016-09-07 11:35:07
I can't find no information on dream I had about a man that was half brown bear and half lion, help as this is very interesting to me, thank you

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Chastity 2016-08-28 03:01:55
I had a dream I went to go get something out of my dad's car and when I look up three was a huge brown bear sitting on my porch eating and it scared me so I tried to get back in the car but the doors were locked then I saw the front window was down so I got in the van & ruled the window up but the best never moved off the porch.

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Jake Mathias 2016-08-27 07:08:08
I had a dream where i was at my house, my friend came over, and these people i dont know came over, but it felt like i had known them for a while. we have a pond outside out house. there was a man, the guy who filled our pool up about a 3 weeks ago taking water from there, then a bear came out of the water, all you could see was its head. i got dressed in my swimming trunks, and told my friend to come see when i got over there all of my friends were there, and my mom and brother, plus the people i dont know we got to the water and there were three people swimming under the water, who jumped out on this rock that had appeared in the middle of the pond. then all of a sudden everyone was scared, it got silent, but i didnt notice anything wrong. then there bear came out and ran at me i tried to get behind a tree but i tripped, then i curled up and it all went dark, then i woke up at school, but i knew it was a dream, i had a physical conscious i could feel myself lying in bed, so i tried to summon something but couldnt. then i was at some college i didnt recognize,but my other freind was there, i tried to tell him it was just a dream but he wouldent believe me so i just played along, it was really stange i ept having to take off my soes, and the teacher kept saying your late to class. then i putt my shoes back on. then i got bored, but i kept almost waking up but trying to stay in the dream world. then i woke up.

Is that normal, to know that your in a dream to have physical and mental consiocness? and what does it all mean?


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Mira 2016-08-13 12:18:01
I had a dream I was in the woods at night with my sister, and 2 kids we were with. I don't know who these kids are either. We were on a sled, and my sis gets spooked by something just behind the nearest tree, I look over, and I was surprised to see a bear! It had nasty teeth, and a "Woodcarving" look to it. It was biting my arm, and my sister and the kids were screaming. I started snarling and growling at the bear, I was barking too. I eventually started fighting and biting the bear, and then my sister killed it. Being honest, I enjoyed fighting that bear.

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Corey 2016-07-29 13:10:54
So I'll keep this message short I had a weird dream at the end of the dream is what bothered me I was in a old Subaru station wagon I think in a parking lot I think there could of been one more person in the car but a grizzly bear brown was furious it came at me or us in the car and filled the car over on its back and was attacking the vehicle then I woke up it was weird I can deffinatly say it bothered me wonder what it means ya know.

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Jonah 2016-07-25 19:32:50
I had a dream in a man made setting .. I saw the bear walking around this place (not sure if house or restaurant or whatever but in a city) and I was going towards the same place.. he wasn't chasing me but i was scared he was so I hurried up and went inside a room it seemed. Then the bear came in and he didn't attack me but seemed to get a hold if me. I remember him in front of me he was tall and brown and staring at me right in the eyes. Someone I knew was there and i kept asking them to help me kill the bear but they didn't react so I saw the knife next to me and hit him in the neck and killed him myself. There was no blood but apparently I had killed him because I cut one of his major arteries. Can someone help me interpret this dream please

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Anne 2016-07-20 14:14:05
In my dream I befriend a mother bear in the woods. She is upset because her cub have been stolen. We try to go after the men who took the cub, but we slide down this steep muddy hillside, and I have to teach her how to climb it. When we finally reaches the top we see the men throwing the cub in to the back of a white van.
I attack the van together with the mother bear, and I turn in to a bear myself. But I am so scared, and then the driver steps out of the van and roars at us, turning in to an even bigger bear himself, we get scared an have to run away, while the man drives away with her cub.
(then I woke up)

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Rachel 2016-07-20 13:42:07
I had a dream where we where at walmart, shopping. all of the sudden 3 bears where outside the entrance. we ran the other way out the exit and into this like desert place. we climbed up the hill and waited. they started coming at us. but this time there where wolves too. i kicked on of the wolves face and ran off. then i woke up.

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