Dream interpretation Murder and Killing

When you read about something distressing in the news, or someone makes you angry, it may well go through your mind that you would like to commit murder. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that dream murders and killing reflect deep and powerful emotions and issues. While these dreams may be disturbing, you may also find that they can be some of the most valuable keys for tapping into areas of your internal landscape that you may not have had much success accessing before.

General Dream Meaning: Murder and Killing

No matter whether you dream of murdering someone or being killed, the person dying may represent some aspect of yourself. If you know the person in question, you may also be symbolically killing a trait that you have in common. In some cases, a dream of killing or being murdered can also indicate some kind of closure or ending. Unfortunately, in most cases, you may be conflicted about that ending, or feel angry towards those who are causing it to happen.

How Dream Symbol Murder and Killing May Fit in Your Life

It can be said that the most graphic dreams are your mind's way of doing everything possible to get your attention. While you may believe that you are always open to your own thoughts and feelings, this dream is a clear indicator that you need to start listening to your internal signals. At the very least, if someone that you know is involved in the dream, paying attention to your stress elves, tone of voice, and other factors during interactions can help you decipher what is going on. From there, you may find it much easier to make changes in the relationship, as well as how you view it.

A Sample Dream, Murder Dream Interpretation

Consider a situation where you dream of a friend that is also associated with your romantic partner. In the dream, it may be a cloudy day, and you are not feeling very happy to begin with. As the dream progresses, you get into your car and begin driving across a parking lot. You see your friend, and suddenly become overwhelmed by rage. Even though you don't know why, the name of your romantic partner flashes across your mind. Once you are close enough to your friend, you suddenly slam on the gas and run them over. Once you get out of the car and find out they are dead, you seem to feel much better.

In this dream, the cloudy day is indicative that problems will occur in a relationship. Since the person being killed is someone that your significant other associates with, you may want to interpret this dream as one about your love life. Even though a parking lot is a place of rest, in this dream it suddenly becomes the location where a violent crime is committed. In that respect, you may want to interpret it as symbolizing your romantic relationship.

From here, you can interpret the dream in one of two ways. First, you can acknowledge that there may be feelings between your significant other and your friend. Killing that person in the dream may be your mind's way of establishing your territory, as well as cementing the idea that your relationship is sound. On the other hand, killing the other person may mean that you secretly suspect there is an illicit relationship going on, and you are feeling jealous and afraid. Either way, the calmness that you feel at the end of the dream indicates that you have combated the distress within yourself.
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RAM 2014-04-17 03:31:25
My boyfriend told me that He had a dream where we were living together and I went crazy and killed him and when I realized what I had done and I started crying and trying to revive him but when I couldnt I killed myself.
What does his dream mean? Please help!

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pat 2014-04-05 15:01:50
I been having dream for a long while now always dreaming of someone trying to kill me

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Mikaila 2014-03-22 15:10:00
In my dream, there were a bunch of people(including myself) that were told of this gorgeous place that would be a break from "reality" then afterwards we just kinda blacked out then woke up being forced out of a building into a big area of land with a lake. It was kind of like final destination, except the fact that we could not leave the area. People were being murdered(not by other people) and all of the living people became terrified and would hide in the "safest" places they could find to avoid their own death. Finally, the door opened and a lot of people I recognized were walking into the field so I was yelling at them to go back, that it was a trick. I tried to run out the door but it began to close really hard, on it's own. Eventually I escaped, returning to free more people only to find that only a few were left. We escaped in my car and the next thing I know it's pouring down rain, and we're going over the tallest bridge I have ever been on in my life. I am thrown out of the car and am hanging onto the railings for dear life until it breaks and I'm falling down, and down, towards the ocean. And then I woke up sweating, shaking and freaking out. I just want to know why I'm dreaming of myself, family and friends getting murdered by some unknown force ):

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Laya 2014-03-16 13:29:36
I have a question;
I have seen all these interpretations of what murdering someone or killing someone could mean, but what if you DON'T kill the person? What if you are being pressured into the killing, but your dream-self doesn't want to? I've also looked at separate interpretations, but my dream-self was crying, too... I really don't know what this means. I know it's all in my thoughts, so the only outside pressure is from within me, too, but my dream-self felt so cut off, so sad.
So what does it mean when you WON'T kill a person in your dream?
If it has any impact, I also knew the person I didn't want to kill. She's a friend. Probably why this is so unsettling.

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Paulette 2014-03-12 02:09:22
I keep having the same nightmare where its late during the night, I wake up in the dream , here noises then all of s sudden someone runs straight at me to kill me while I'm still in my bed? It scares me, and normally I don't sleep well for days after it. This has been happening for many years?

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Laura 2014-02-02 23:54:31
I have always had unsettling dreams. Over the last few nights they have been especially graphic. One night I had a dream where I shot a girl in the leg (I have no clue who this person was). Another night I slaughtered my pets. The most graphic one to me though was when i had a dream where I was standing in a slaughter room and i distinctly remember seeing buckets of guts and blood on the wall. I haven't been watching scary movies nor have I felt anger towards others. What does this mean?

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Thina 2014-01-08 07:41:09
Hi I dreamt last night someone was murdered. In the dream I knew her she was a sister to someone that I knew in my dream. In real life I do not know these people. The girl was quite young. It was a confusing dream. Somehow people around me didnt know she was murdered or even dead. I found out somehow. The circumstances around the death who did it and so on is very unclear. I think I did found out from her brother or someoneelse who knew her. At the end of the dream I found out she was murdered under a bridge and her body was still in the water.. In the dream I felt sad but I didnt tell anyone about it. I knew all the people around me in the dream but in real life I dont think I recognize any of them. What does this mean??  :)

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Kel 2013-12-28 09:51:13
I had a dream with my parents,my daughter and my uncle
I was having a nice dream until it became a hell dream
Heard lot of things outside cause living room window was left open
Then my mom pointed the window at kitchen
Then there was this pitch black figure
Outside was dusk , summer .. It looked like 7pm
Then my uncle when to go check it out.. I went with him. I was standing on the door watched him .. Then his head got sliced off by this black figure .. It started to hover over .. Then i quicky close the door real quick .. I ask my parents to lock everything ... Then i peeked outside people standing outside .. People i know and that i don't know.. Then were holding weapons like shotgun and axe ... They told us to come out .. But we were scare .. Then my daughter came to me asked theres a stranger in our room then i checked nothing was there.. I knew i was dreaming but i couldn't wake up.., then people starting to bang the door and windows .. Kitchen window broke every wondow started to break.. I took my daughter our room and asked her to hide in the closet .. I was laying in cover .. Cause i knew they had guns then the doors broke down.. Front door and back door .. I heard people talking to go check the rooms .. I closed the door in our room and locked it .. I heard couple gun shots .. I knew my parents maybe got found and got shot ... Then our room door got busted open and got pinned down on the floor by two people .. Then others checked around the room .. Then they found my daughter dragged it out...
Then some guy asked me "WHERE IS IT!?!"
I reply scare "what are you talking about?"

Then gun pointed at my daughter
Guy:"I will ask you ONE MORE TIME, Where IS IT?!?"

I reply same anwser .. Then my daughter got shot in the head in front of me .. I was shocked.. Then i burst out anger that i never been so angry ... I was shaking and i felt like a monster ... Manage to push off two people off of me that pinned me down .. Then i slam that person face on the wall really hard that crush his head like a egg... Then i ran to those people that were inside the room .. Slaughtered them ... Blood was everywhere .. I was out of control .. I kept killing people onside the house that busted in... I found my parents bodies .. They were ripped open on the chest .. Then i got more angry my vision started to turned red ... I knew it was a nightmare but can believe how anger got to me in my dream .. The anger that i just wanna slaughter everyone that was part of it that killed my family and my daughter.. I ripped people only my bare hands.. Even i ripped open rib cage ... The screams that made me felt that i punist them for mirdering my family ... I got shot on my leg .. But i still kept moving killing them.. I felt insane .. I started to laugh ... Then i saw this black figure ., i ran towards it .. And i started to scream "IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!" Then i tackle that thing .. Started to punch it hard non stop ... Then i dragged inside the house . Slam it on the edge of the table ... Beating it up.. Then i start rip it open on his chest .. Rip rip rip rip every single piece of it's body parts after i killed it .. i woke up and started to cry ... It was disturing never had a dream that i slaugher people and that figure .. Some people tell me maybe I'm strugging something that i never face .. Well my life is messed up, i know my girlfriend cheated on me twice .. But i pretend that i don't know about it .. And i have a daughter she's two years old .. I love my daughter and i'm over protective to her ..

Believe me my dream was like hell .. Ripping people with my bare hands how is that possible .. Why were people there and even that black figure .. The dream still makes me think .. To this night and day ...

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Jemimah 2013-12-25 22:36:14
I dream t that I had a dead body under my bed. In the dream, for some reason, I knew it was me who murdered the deceased person under my bed,who I thought was male, but I did not witness myself committing the murder in my dream. I just knew that I had to get rid of the body, and get rid of it fast, before the authorities found out. Later on in that dream, I was being interviewed by the police about the "missing" person. I also remember in the dream cutting up the body. Don't think I've ever had a dream as graphic as that one...

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chris 2014-02-03 00:45:13
I've had the same dream, but I killed two women. I just didn't know how it's just I knew that I did it. What does this dream mean you think?

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robin 2014-03-06 20:10:08
It probably means you want them out of your life because they are ruining everything. I've had a dream of killing someone for a while. I know him very personally. His name is Chris. We have a son together. And it's strange that I saw your post because he has children by three women. He is supposedly with one. But, he cheats on her, too. So, this made me think that he may be having the same dream about killing me and the other mom... or some combination of us three. I think I dream of killing him because I hate his lifestyle and how he treats people and the fact that he doesn't care and is never accountable for anything. Like... he constantly gets away with murder. So, instead he's the one that gets murdered for hurting so many people because he causes so much pain to whoever he comes in contact with.

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SAra 2014-03-30 18:38:32
I had the same dream. I tried rolling the body in a tarp and somehow I had enough strength to carry it down the street near a park. I ended up rolling the body under a parked car.
I woke up when I heard search helicopters.
My son's dad also cheated on me. He ended up fathering two other children that I didn't know about. It is really uncanny, how our dreams our so similar. Thanks everybody for their insight.

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. 2013-12-16 09:34:36
I had a dream where someone told me to kill all my friends and I did but I didn't dare to kill one friend of mine (She's my best friend and the closest)

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victoria 2013-11-16 11:11:11
I had a dream that my husband was planning ahijack of me in a bus and he was talking me somewhere to kill be but before he did I threw him over a cliff off the bus. After that I remembered being very scared like I couldnt function and then someone came And gave me a phone to call the police

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Madison 2013-11-12 02:09:31
[b]I always have very graphic dreams, never anything pleasant.. I do suffer from really bad health anxiety of always worrying about "am I going too die.." but the last 3 nights i have had these dreams where people are always coming too attack me... the first dream was 2 people making me try too kill everyone in the world and leaving me too be the bad person of this when i had to intention of wanting too do it... the second dream i had two nights ago was a huge ship coming of people ready too come kill everybody and no matter if i tried too help anyone i was hopeless.. last nights dream was i got stuck in a mob of people trying too hurt me and my friend so we ran quickly too go up to the hotel room we were staying at and i called out too my stepdad (who in my dreams he always is the one too come rescue me) and he ran down with my bf and i looked from at the top of the balcony more people had come too hurt him and my bf so my friend and i went too go help but we got caught with this guy so tried running away and he sat us down on a chair each and pointed a gun too my head, as he was doing this i put my hand up and he shot the gun - in my dream i was thinking did it only get me in the hand or my head too, as soon as i reacted in my dream i took a huge breath too see if i was alive and then i woke up sweating and breathing out from the deep breath i gave in the dream....

I sound physco but i just want too know if anyone knows what these dreams could mean as i have them soo frequently and wondering what my mind is trying to tell me..

- Maddy

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Eve 2013-10-26 16:34:50
I had a very vivid dream about my hubby. In the dream, he's drinking like crazy with two of his buddies (both of which I do not trust in real life). So, we were arguing about his drinking and then he becomes very cold and distant. He goes into the next room with his friends and doesn't come out for a long time. I creep by the room. I'm thinking maybe he is so pissed drunk he passed out. But when I peek in, he's sitting with his two friends, they're smoking weed and drinking and they all look extremely serious and they're all smilingly like they all know some secret the world doesn't know. I look at what they're all pointing at on the table and its a picture of me with a big X on it. There's some writing that I can't make out But the picture of it all is very clear. I get this really ominous feeling and I just know that they're planning on killing me. I try to back away but the damn door squeaks like it always does and they all see me and their faces change. They go from serious to sneering. And they come after me. I'm screaming and crying and the dream environment changes from my house to empty city streets. I'm running down the block, its night time. I am screaming for my life but no one can hear me or tries to help. I'm hiding in alley ways and behind buildings trying to escape my newly demented love and his two cronies. But they always find me. Like a big crazy one sided fatal hide and seek game. Every time they wind up grabbing me i scream and get away. But the last time they try I wake up actually screaming and crying.
This dream only happened once and my hubby and I were actually arguing about his drinking that night. So I can see that being in the dream. I'm just not sure where everything else came from. Any ideas?

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My Friend 2013-09-20 01:37:14
I had a dream where I'm in a black room staring at a white box, I have no idea what it could mean, I also had a dream where I'm in limbo paralyzed and forced to stare at a wooden door and slowly the lines on the wooden door transform into a half serpent/man creature staring back at me with its viscous and demented smile, than after the door finally opens I see myself and my mom, than I'm forced to watch as I kill my own mom. Please respond if you know what this means.

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FireLady 2013-09-25 02:10:39
I had the craziest dream, where I was living in a giant tree that was also a hut, like hidden in the branches, with some dude I don't even know. Then me and this guy were being chased by some old lady with bleach-blonde hair (again, no idea who she is) and it starts to thunder and rain, and then it becomes sunny as I run behind her in the middle of a yellow road and press my thumb hard on her courtarid artery, hear a snapping sound, and she drops to the ground and as she rapidly decays she says, "I'll kill you..."

Any idea what this means?

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Baby girl 29 2013-08-21 17:45:27
I keep having this horrible dream about someone come in my home and murder my two children and I was left to die I got sent to the hospital... Both of my children was murder in my dream so please can anyone tell what I can do about having this dream and I just it just a dream and won't come true

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