Dream Dictionary Bathroom

Dream Dictionary Bathroom

The bathroom as a dream symbol contains so many different perceptions because of how differently people view it.

Dream Bathroom
Dream Dictionary Bathroom. The Bathroom in Your Dreams: What It Means When Your Dream Takes Place in a Bathroom

Some people see the bathroom as their own private getaway, and as a form of stress relief. Some people see the bathroom as a form of physical release. Others find the bathroom to be dirty or disgusting, and unless a dream dictionary wanted to use pages and pages discussing bathrooms, it would have to edit these ideas into one meaningful passage in order to save space. It turns out that the meaning of dream about bathrooms all depends on how the dreamer perceives bathrooms personally, and what they mean to him.

In general, whether good or bad, a dream about bathrooms has a dream meaning related to relief of some sort. No matter our feelings on bathrooms, the physical act of excreting our waste products gives us a momentary sense of relief after the deed has been done. In the moments leading up to that relief, we may be anxious, or shifty, but once we get there and feel that form of relief, it all comes to closure. This is also true in the dream world. A dream interpretation would suggest that you have some sort of feeling of uneasiness that you need to get off your chest. The bathroom is the best way that you have to relieve that feeling and this is probably why you are dreaming about bathrooms, because you need some stress relief in your waking life.

Because of our views on excrement that are generally associated with dirt or filth, the bathroom can also be seen as a kind of purification chamber where we entire not only in order to relieve the burden from ourselves, but also to purify ourselves. Dream interpretations involving bathrooms as places of purity or self renewal are not uncommon. By extension, dreaming that you cannot find the bathroom or that you are somehow being prevented from entering can mean that you have trouble expressing yourself, that there is something inside that you want to let out emotionally, but that you won’t allow yourself to let out for some reason. A dream where you cannot find the bathroom is a very serious one and should be taken into account, especially if these types of dreams are being experienced very often.

On the other hand, the types of bathrooms that we usually associate with the filth and dirt that restrooms are known for are public bathrooms. The dream meanings of public bathrooms can often get misconstrued sometimes, but these generally relate to a feeling of dirtiness or of embarrassment. Some people are very uneasy about using public restrooms, and for them, a dream about a public bathroom may be a signal that something has made them very uneasy or uncomfortable in their waking life. The best way to make sure that dreams like this do not occur in the future is to make sure that you allow yourself to boost up your confidence and your outgoingness.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Bathroom

Renee 2015-07-24 22:54:14
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I dreamed I moved into a house and I like very much. But it didn't have a But it d inside the house it was located outside the the house. It wasn't an outhouse it was more like a closet that's located outside the front door. It was painted green all over. And had a door without a window. It also had a chamber pot inside the house to use at night. What does this mean(
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Debi 2015-06-25 03:58:54
👍 +13 👎
I often dream that i need to go, but cant find a working bathroom. I will search and search but wont find one that suits me. Often times they have no walls and the toilet is in the middle of the room. Or in a room with a lot of people milling around. It is a common theme... what do you think it means?
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Donna 2015-04-17 15:48:18
👍 +9 👎
I dreamed I was in my bathroom. I saw a tick. It hopped toward me I tried to catch it so I could flush it but it was just too fast.It was like a ninja jumping tick. I thought it got on me and was trying to latch on. I was looking for it on my neck I couldn't find it. I woke up. I like my bathroom. I relax in there usually. My neck is a source of pain. I have had three ACDF surgeries and am told I need a revision again.
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Deborah anderson 1 2015-02-27 06:15:57
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When I dreamt of bathroom it was very interesting. The bathroom was all glamed up
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Prudence 2014-05-24 17:23:18
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Very good point of view. I like this.
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Dahlia 2013-02-25 03:49:25
👍 +14 👎
Wow, this is a very thoughtful examination of the issue. I've been having dreams of searching for acceptable bathrooms for years. Always coming up short because they lack privacy. I like this interpretation, and I shall think on what my subconscious is trying to tell me.
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