Dream Dictionary Whales

Dream Dictionary Whales

Dream interpretations about whales usually include information about your awareness of the world around you.

Dream Whales
Dreaming About Whales: What Whales Mean Culturally And In The Dream World

This is because whales are seen as beautiful and intelligent creatures. Their size makes them majestic and humans find them wondrous. They are understood by many cultures around the world to be intelligent creatures, and thus when they show up as a dream symbol, they usually mean the same thing. As the dream meaning in a dream dictionary may tell you, a whale symbolizes a general increase in intuition and understanding. This does not necessarily apply to anything specific. For example, many different symbols can be traced back to a specific event, but in this case most dream meanings suggest that a whale symbolizes a general spiritual awakening.

A whale can still be tied back to a specific event possibly if that event was of a serenely natural experience, or perhaps some kind of spiritual awakening. Perhaps a trip to your religious center of choice sparked a new kind of understanding in you, or brought about some new perception of the world unlike anything you’ve felt before.

Another dream interpretation of a whale could be due to its size. As much as whales are associated with intelligence and serenity, they are also well known for their size and there is no denying that. The meaning of dream regarding a large whale may simply correlate to a large project. Perhaps you have bitten off a little more than you could chew, or taken on a project that you couldn’t possibly see yourself completing. It is also possible that you may have simply taken on too much responsibility, and seeing the whale is a way of letting you know that you are coming to grips with this project. You could be feeling overwhelmed.

Finally, another dream interpretation of whales which is very interesting has to do with the way our brains understand words. The whale in a dream can correlate to the other definition of the alternate spelling of the word whale as the other word wail. Maybe you are sad about something, or mournful, or perhaps you have been thinking too much about words and diction in general. When you have a dream with a whale in it, it could really be the world wail that your brain is thinking of, while actually making you visualize something completely different.

The brain works in funny and interesting ways, and dreams are a great reminder of how wacky our brains can be sometimes. Whales and all kinds of other creatures can be seen permeating the dream world in our minds, each of them meaning something completely different, but all being based on our perceptions of these creatures in real life. We see the nature of whales to be serene and beautiful but at the same time massive, so they can mean on or all of these things in dreams, and symbolize aspects of our lives that are completely unrelated to these things.

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