Dream meaning Celebrity

Dream meaning Celebrity


To see that you have become celebrity in your dreams suggests that you are having unrealistic ambitions that are not practical to achieve at this time. To see another known person becoming a celebrity in dreams signify that you are questioning the devotion of this person or may be feeling jealous about his achievements.

All of us think that dreams of celebrities are just the representation of liking towards them and nothing else but many times these dreams are reflections of our inner fears or aspirations. The person who achieves fame in particular area becomes celebrity and this achievement propels their admirers to dream of becoming a celebrity. To dream of becoming a celebrity and observing a present celebrity bring different meanings to real life.

Celebrity related dreams and its understanding

The encounters with these celebrities in the dreams are always pleasant to the dreamer and he is always spell bounded by the alluring glory surrounding the famous person. To see a dream where you are communicating with these celebrities in a friendly manner denotes that you actually want to interact with the person and aspire to meet him/her in future. To see known celebrity denotes that you want to be equally famous or think that you have missed an opportunity of turning famous in your life. It also reflects disappointment in your mind that you are not at that position where you see your start. The similar dream also showcases the regret for not making it big in this lifetime. To see a dream where you observe that you are very close to the star emotionally and have friendly relations suggests that you want your best pal to act or behave like celebrity. This is in relation with eh personality traits that are present in your celebrity the same you want to see in your friends. To see a physical intimacy with the celebrity suggest that you will be successful in reaching to your desires.

Celebrity dreams passion or imprudence?

It is true that dreams about celebrities are out of the passion for that celebrity and eventual foolishness that evolves after. To dream yourself as celebrity denotes the worst state of ambitions and obviously denotes foolishness as you are allured by the fame and related glow on that person. These dreams are foretellers of madness related to the special person where you are not keen on knowing them but you want to experience the fame life they lead. These dreams are suggesting that take a step back and analyze the situation closely so that you will find your current position blissful stop running behind the unachievable.

Particular celebrity dream and its accurate analysis

Consider a dream where you have turned a celebrity in one night and startled with the sudden fame gathering around. You are very happy to find yourself as a celebrity to whom other people are following and are eager to know everything about you. You see that you are meeting other celebrities from same field and already started behaving like a celebrity. This dream is nothing but a representation of the ambition to become famous like a popular start you admire. This dream signifies that you are keeping impractical desires in your mind due to which you are deviating from the destined path. You should concentrate on the allotted path understanding that your celebrities are just doing the same.

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Julian 2023-04-18 09:41:36
Had a dream I attended a wedding with Kim Kardashian and we dance for a lil bit
Rachel 2023-02-27 03:41:26
I dreamed I was so tired that I was sleeping in the ice cream shop that’s actually my nails shop location in real life, I’m the dream my husband was at the ice cream shop with me. I finally wake up and that’s when Kim K and a couple of ppl with her walked through to the back but she came & touched my on the shoulder, I found out that was bc she wanted me to model her bikini line at the show which was starting soon! I was like of course! Then I go from that to back asleep in the dream but I’m the car with my husband on a raining road, he gets road rage bc of a driver I’m the middle of the road so he starts swearing in the middle & has a bad wreck! I get out angry at him & begin to walk to the gas station.. while there trying to convince the clerk I’m old enough for cigarettes lol which I am.. my sister walks in with my husband but she was the only one I remember really bc she was very angry with me bc she said at the event I barely looked at her and was a B**** so I tried to talk to her but no she wasn’t hearing it, so I finally said well f you! Lol then I had the unlit cigarette in my mouth at the gas station & woke up. What kind of weird dream was this?! Sleeping in my dream twice… modeling for Kim K & then my husband road rage causing us to crash before my sister shows up w him angry at me… super weird !
Marissa 2022-03-05 21:43:24
I had a dream about attending a party where thwre were family and friends. Suddenly i see Kylie Jenner w her dressing table, getting her hair done. I approch her and all these emotions flood up my eyes w tears. I tell her how she inspires me. How good, a mom she is, how her work ethic inspires me and she actually tells me that dreams do come true. Listening to all this, tears well up in her eyes too and she envelopes me in a hug. She invites me to a photoshoot of hers and there we have a photoshoot with Stormi, her and me.
Laura Lynne 2017-05-24 11:16:35
I had a strange dream about Taylor Swift. I am personally not a fan of her music & I don't really know enough about her personal life to say I have an opinion of her but she was really drunk in my dream & she fell over her right side & down 3 steps. She called out for help & no one was paying attention so I jumped over some chairs to where she had fallen & was holding her hands trying to keep her from falling more. I asked the people around me to help so she didn't fall more but again no one was listening. I noticed she only had 2 more feet to fall, if she did so I told her it was okay cause I was there to help. She kept saying I was so loyal & in the dream I wanted to tell her I wasn't a fan but I figured it might hurt her feelings so I just helped steady her up & then I did calypsos very fast thru a open, wooden floor till I grabbed a fan(stand up white ones that heads spin on a stand) & I quickly let it go as I barreled thru a glass door(I opened it when I ran into it) & stopped at the edge of a wooden deck. It looked like my aunts house in Avalon NJ. Very strange dream
Melissa Driesen 2017-04-25 09:47:35
I had a dream where I was driving at night, dont know where to, and I missed one of my turns. I stopped at a convenient store, and asked for directions. A police officer showed up at the same time and was going to purchase something. When the officer and I went out to go our seperate ways, both of our vehicles were gone. The officer contacted other officers on his walkie and both of us encountered an old women who claimed to have seen our vehicles over by her house. Officer and I followed her there, and once we entered the house, the women with two children attacked the officer, tied him up and put him in a room with other tied up people. Idk why this didnt happen to me but before I could escape, one of the kids made someone come out of the room of tied up people and that person was Alan Rickman dressed as Professor Snape. I was like....what!? Alan had his hands tied behind his back, sat on a wooden chair and this child kept talking in tongues while tazing Alan. I cringed and wanted to leave, but I was not able to move. So freaky, wish I knew what this meant.
Vicky 2017-02-16 03:45:38
I keep dreaming about Rachel McAdams... I am a straight female, so this is like WHAT?? To me
Carl 2016-12-09 23:32:33
I keep having dreams where I meet celebrites (Normam Reedus, Andrew Lincoln) and I'll ask for a picture amd they always say no and walk away. Not angrily, just there normal voice. 🤔
Martin 2016-12-04 14:59:25
I had a dream I was very close friends with Kim Kardashian. In my dream her driving was awful!! She was nice to me the whole dream and I felt like she was a sister. She drove me to there hugggeeee mansion. I remember people using hoverboards or segways to get around because it was so big. I was dating her sister kendall at the time. I remember seeing kendall and this was after she came back from her victorias seceret weekend. I then made a comment about her show saying something in the likes of "Did you practise walking back and forth alot?" aha she took offence to that and started avoiding me.. ahhah wow the things I dream about!!
. 2016-09-21 12:50:11
I keep dreaming about Tyler The Creator.. the last dream I had was I went into his golf wang shop and met the Odd Future crew, Jasper ended up giving me a bunch of the same shirt for free. I then left the shop ending up in a small town that I guess was some what of a camp and Tyler was there walking around, eventually sitting at a table signing autographs and meeting fans. I was to shy to meet him and only admired him from far distance. Later on, there was a strange event going on at an auditorium and apparently my parents and I had free entry. Before entering I saw Tyler laying near the entrance talking with friends and he saw me, I then pretended as if I didn't see him acting as if I have ego. Being seated in the front row I asked my mother what was going on in the auditorium and she said there was a concert about to happen, I asked if Tyler was performing and she said yes. Of course I got excited. I waited for a bit for the concert to begin while people were still being seated, I woke before the concert started.. idk just thought I'd share that for fun I guess.
PeaceAmy 2016-06-15 01:47:07
Hollow, my name is Amy! I had a dream about Harry Styles, he was standing in front of me, and puts his hands up to me. I ran and jumped into his chest, for a hug. He hugged me.
Eskild 2017-01-01 05:29:23
I usually listen to music in my sleep. I had a dream about me singing next to Zain Malik where Harry Styles was standing behind me. When I woke up, I looked at the playlist I listened to and then found out that the song I was singing with them was: "They dont know about us".I dont know if the song has any connection to my woken life. Well I have this girlfriend at the moment, but I tell most people she is just a really good friend.
Hayley 2016-06-12 17:33:12
I had a dream that i saw the kardasians having a meet up but it was too expensive to actually meet them rather than take pictures from the street
Zoe 2016-05-21 07:08:07
I've had a recurring dream with one direction's Harry Styles. A couple years ago when the band was just starting to get really popular I would have dream about him and I kissing and being close. Now recently a dream about him dying occured I was so sad and confused in my dream I would see his ghost and try to communicate with him. I've always liked Harry Styles so it just confused me how this dream some how relates to my waking life. I'm in a relationship now and i guess i dont fangirl over Harry anymore. I wonder if those dreams are telling me something about my something going on in my life now.

i cant tell 2016-03-18 20:50:38
i saw miley cyrus in train and i am hugging her and i told her that miley ........? i cant telllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Gemstone 2016-03-13 07:51:11
I had a dream I was at a nice party sitting at a table surrounded by celebs like: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt etc. But the one who was talking to me most was Leonardo DiCaprio. He raised a glass at me (Just like in the movies, and I never seen any of them). He would not stop smiling at me. And I wanted to move away from him because he was getting too weird. But there were no seats left open so I had to sit through his constant rambling. Don't get me wrong I love his acting and I am happy that he finally got an emmy. But I was just not interested.
I honestly wanted to talk to Johnny Depp who sat from across us. Because instead of talking my ear off about himself, he actually got me a drink and asked me what my favorite food was and how my life was going.XD
I could never look up and find what this means and it see,s that there is no answer here. Perhaps someone can give me some insight.
For example: I never even once imagine being with these two or never had dreams like this.
TF is going on?
Vanna 2015-11-22 18:09:06
I had a dream before( 2yrs ago). I was in an expensive club I was alone but, Miley Cyrus was there. We started drinking together and Miley put down the bottle of vodka. Then we started a heated make out session, she keep pushing me back till we were in a room. It was white with blue neon flash lights and a white queen size bed. Then it turns out we are having sex, and I woke up feeling hot and wet.

Then I had another one today, I was back in my home town and I was hanging out with Nat Wolff. We were talking about something but, I didn't quite catch it. Then he asked me about riding a motorcycle together so rode it, all around the town. Then we came back at my home, we were sweaty and greasy from riding. We shared a good laugh. It's time to say goodbye, O saw a truck passed by us. It was Cara Delevigne, she smiled at me. Then suddenly we were closed up, but Kendall Jenner was there with Cara. After that they walk away, goofing around without looking behind. I was quite happy then, suddenly my mom came. She was scolding me about hanging out with a guy. I wanted to tell her that I am not into guys and shit. After that heated argument, I went inside my room and cried.
Em 2015-11-05 23:48:03
I keep dreaming that I'm in a relationship with one directions Niall Horan, had the same dream 4-5 times now. [just=center][/just]
Justin 2015-10-27 17:01:53
I keep dreaming about cuddling and having sex with Olivia Holt. Her family and my family were both in the same house or some type of cottage and before the night arrived she said to me lets go in that room later after everyone is asleep. So I then opened the door she turned around and welcomed me in the bed and then cuddled and she was happy and wanted me to put my arm over her and that just made me happy. Then I wake up in real life and I am so mad that it didn't really happened but I want it to be with her specifically. Is it possible to date and get married with a celebrity? If yes, how?
Yessie 2015-06-21 17:52:13
I had a dream about Peyton Meyer. I was on a ride where it spins the little cups. While I was spinning we started getting off the ground, but we were still spinning. While the ride started to slow down, and I was faces a celebrity. Peyton meyers!! I didn't really think he was hot or cute, I just saw him and just waved my hand. He stopped laughing and was about to yell hi but I cut him off by waving my hand over my throat. Ya know? And then I turned Around quickly so he couldn't say anything. After that, I didn't really know where I was going so I tripped over a rock but someone caught me and it was Peyton. He held my waist and smiled. His hazel eyes were staring into mine and it was weird. "Hey I'm Payton" he said and smiled again! Then I started to like him and started to talk to him. I could tell he really liked me because he would not stop talking about me. All of a sudden my principle form my school showed up and yanked hair. "Excuse me?" Peyton said and hugged me. He looked back at my Principle. "Can I help you" he asked rudely. "Excuse me, but she isn't on the list to be able to talk or hang out with celebrities"She said taking out her little pared with names on it. She searched for my name but it wasn't on there. "I'm sorry but you can't hang out with him" she laughed and I just walked away. I kinda wanted to cry because I actually started to fall in love with him. Later on that day o got a text message form an unknown number. "Hey. It's Peyton" and I started to cry. I replied and he answered back saying "I want to hang out soon. Love you" and that's when my dream ended because I woke up
Jennifer 2015-05-04 05:06:28
I dreamt that kim kardashian came to my country and I was close to her and taking her around my city
Marian 2015-04-03 16:20:56
i had a dream really weird. I was training to be a stunt person and an actress and a famous actor that I really love was there and we fell in love and made out and stuff. What does this mean?
Joaquin 2015-04-02 19:03:51
I had a dream about a celebrity. I don't really admire this celebrity but in my dream, we are so close and he looks like he's into me. I keep on dreaming about him until I liked him. We did hang out in real life once. I don't know what's happening. What does that mean?
Murray 2015-04-01 21:20:58
I keep having this dream where I meet Gilbert Gottfried and he hits on my mom and then they start to date and he becomes my step dad and then we have all these messed up family christmas photos all over the house with them all wearing matching sweaters. He even makes my cat like him more and he talks in that Iago voice from Aladdin and then I hear them doing it and it's frightening.
Mark 2015-03-21 01:42:30
I had two of these dreams id like a second opinion on. I had a dream that I was in this building place and there were alot of people that were being rude to me in there and Kurt Cobain (who Im a HUGE fan of) was there and I was trying to pick up this giant log and I couldnt get it, and Kurt came over and without saying anything grabbed the opposite end of it, swung it right with me , and helped me throw it away. What do you guys think it means?

My second dream was me and my friend Chris, and Chris likes to beat box and hes pretty damn good at it, and I was at a radio station with him and he was famous for beatboxing and they were interveiwing him and he was beatboxing over the radio, and I was just sitting there with him enjoying it cause it was exciting. What do you think this one means?

I really do appreciate those who respond and help me. Ive been really stressed out recently and my life's been really messing with my head in a really bad way so like I said I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks so much.
Zorra 2015-04-05 15:16:27
Hey Mark. From the first dream, it's true people always say music saves their lives. In this case, it would appear that Kurt is an important, for the lack of a better word, role model to you that is helping you in your life to move on from whatever is holding you back from your ambitions which might be owning a nice home or meeting better people.

I don't think we get jealous like the dream says of our friends getting famous... I think the second dream just means you want your friend to succeed in life for either the sweetest reasons or you want to live vicariously through him.

These are just opinions not facts. I just answered because no one was responding but maybe it will give you a start.
Person 2015-03-09 19:27:14
I had a dream that I was watching a documentary on a celebrity I really admire. The documentary dug deeper and deeper into his life as the dream went on. Parts of his life that he never mentioned in interviews were seen. What does it mean?

Don 2015-02-26 22:14:10
I had a dream I found out Nelly was my dad and I went 2 go live with him...can u tell me wt it mean
Marianna 2015-02-18 21:44:56
I had a dream that I had went to my first concert to see Drake!!!! I absolutely love Drake. To cut the story short we hugged and he grabbed my ass and gave me his number.
Belinda 2014-06-23 16:15:32
Hello i have celebrity dreams my celebrity dreams am friends with them like we being friends for years. I have one celebrity dream i cant seen to stop thing about. I know i cant have him i know we will never be a couple. Why is he keep popping up after now my celebrity dream is Usher Raymond hes a pop star singer. I want to stop having dreams about him i was doing good after so many years. I had a dream about him lastnight i broken up with my man cause he wasnt what i want in my life. I want to be happy and want to be love by someone that will love me back and my kids. I woken up dreaming Usher was in it he came to this place i was at the girl need a man and he was the man that came. Usher seen me and he want me to be with him. He kiss me telling me he love me he miss me. See in my other dreams with Usher in it he and i alwas being friends he always find away to want to be with me. He want me to stay at his house. I need help stop having dreams about him is no good to be dreaming about a man i know i cany have. He has a girlfriend ans kids in real life. And so do i as a mother and a women cant be having dreams like that. Yes i have celebrity others dreams The twins Tie Mowe Tamar Mowe we are bestfriends. Or am hang out with P. Diddy at a party he see me as his lil sister that how i was interdos to Usher in the first place he said i need a man in my life. I had dreams about the kim k, beyonce we are good friends, its like am friends with this celebrity. But with Usher hes my lover .
Tee 2014-11-11 01:01:09
I've had similar dreams about him just before and after leaving a unhealthy relationship. I do think about it a lot.
Dannie Clara Sommie 2014-06-12 07:35:32
I keep seeing myself interacting with celebrities. I'm not a celebrity freak,though i have a crush on Fredrick Leonard a Nigerian actor..I wonder why i keep seeing n talking to them in my dream. I've seen Leo in my dream buh we didn't talk,we jst stared at eachother.
Dannie clara sommie 2014-06-17 12:31:53
Its jst a dream cos i've got someone i really love n his name is Skipper.
Patricia 2014-02-12 09:27:54
My dreams are spaced apart. I had a dream of me and Johnny Depp and we were on a movie set making a movie together. Another dream i had was of Kanye west and he helped me get into a fashion show by telling me to go behind the building and wait at the back door so they would let me in to the fashion show as a model, then i got to walk the runway. And another dream i had was of Bill Murray and his son, i'm not sure if he actually has a son though.. They got into a car accident and i was talking to his son in the ambulance and he started talking about his dad then i said i knew he looked familiar like i knew them personally. Those are the dreams i've had quite recently. I wonder if they mean something significant...
Rebecca 2013-02-23 04:23:00
I had a brief dream with Travis Tritt. I don't listen to country music, and don't know much about him. He was with other people (at a park🤔 instructing them (I have the impression it was on how to throw a ball, beach ball size.)

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