Dream Dictionary Boat

Dream Dictionary Boat


One of the most important things to note about boats as a dream symbol is that the image directly relates to your emotional status. The meaning of dream about boats often has something to do with the way that you are handling your emotions, and it can be very therapeutic to search through a dream dictionary to find out all of the different things that a boat might say about you in your dreams.

The dream meaning of seeing yourself riding a boat is related to how you are able to navigate your emotions. Water is often cited in dream interpretation to be related to emotions, so to use a boat to navigate the water is showing your own ability to handle your emotions. The choppier the water, the more chaotic your emotions are, meaning it will be harder to navigate the sea in your dreams if you are feeling mixed up about too many things. If the water is tepid and placid, then this means that you are relatively calm and have mostly achieved peace with yourself in some way. Seeing yourself on a boat in your dreams especially if you are feeling particularly emotionally sound is a great reward for you when you have achieved emotional harmony.

One of the many other dream meanings associated with boats is that you are sailing down the path to confronting your own subconscious. The emotional path that the water takes is one that leads straight to all of the thoughts that you can't access on your own while awake. As silly as it sounds, if you can continue this journey all the way to the end, you may learn things about yourself that you never knew. Either way, the fact that you are having the dream at all shows that you are definitely curious about discovering the way that you work emotionally, and finding out how your mind works. Even if you do not discover anything, the hunger for knowledge about yourself is an important one to have.

Dream interpretations also suggest that if you are dreaming about jumping off a boat and into the water, you are fearlessly attempting to confront all of your feelings. This is different than merely navigating a field of emotions, because when you are confronting your emotions, you are taking a more active stance. This dream becomes even more potent if the water is testy. This means that you are dealing with some difficult thoughts and feelings, but that you are ready to deal with the consequences of confronting your own thoughts head on. If you are on a rocking boat and attempting not to fall off in your dream, then this may show that you are not exercising enough control over your emotions, you are letting them drive you to and fro without being able to help yourself. No matter what type of boat you are on, the special significance is usually all about the water itself. Learn how to navigate your emotions and you may find yourself on a boat in your dreams more often.

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Boat dream meaning 2024-01-13 02:48:00
The symbol of a boat in the subconscious maritime of our dreams offers a potent vessel for interpretation, rich with the promise of journeying, exploration, and the evaluative state of the waters upon which it resides. This floating artifact can be a metaphor for how we navigate the complexities of our lives, carrying our thoughts, emotions, and experiences across the figurative seas we encounter.

When one beholds a boat calmly traversing clear water within their dreams, it's akin to gazing upon a tableau of hope and positive expectation. The serenity of the water reflects a harmonious progression through life's endeavors. The clearness of the liquid expanse suggests transparency and understanding, indicating that current life circumstances are manageable, and the horizons hold promise. The dreamer in such a vision might take heart in knowing that their current trajectory is favorable, and they should continue to steer their course with confidence.

Conversely, if the waters are rough and the dream is swept with waves of a brooding or foamy countenance, the boat becomes a symbol of endurance amidst adversity. The unsettled water represents the tumultuous periods of our lives—times when we may feel overwhelmed by the sheer force of our challenges. Emotional turmoil, unexpected changes, or anxiety about the future may be at the forefront of the dreamer's mind. The act of keeping the boat afloat could be emblematic of the dreamer's resilience in the face of these life tests.

When the dream conjures images of boarding a boat accompanied by a merry assembly, without any mishap, it suggests communal support and a harmonious social life. This scene bodes well for the dreamer, auspiciously implying that they can expect a deluge of goodwill, aid, and benevolence from those around them. This may be an indication of upcoming celebrations, friendships flourishing, or network expansions that bear fruitful opportunities.

Yet, to dream of being cast overboard into stormy waters paints a foreboding picture. Such an experience might engender a sense of crisis or loss of control in the dreamer's waking life. It might forewarn of forthcoming struggles that require immediate attention, or of being unprepared for an impending challenge.

Let us envisage a typical dream scenario that includes this rich symbol:

Imagine standing aboard a majestic boat, its polished wooden deck glistening under the benevolence of a radiant sun. The water below is a crystal expanse, stretching far into a horizon bespeckled with the glints of possibility. The vessel moves with a gentle purpose, guided by your steady hand on the wheel. This dream might be a reflection of a period in your life where everything is falling into place—a career taking off, personal relationships blossoming, and a satisfying sense of direction.

Should these waters transform beneath your feet, transmuting from a lucid mirror into a frothy tumult, the dream's narrative might shift. Now you clutch at the wheel, your boat rocking precariously as it contends with each insidious wave. This could suggest you're encountering a phase filled with professional upheaval or personal discord, and the dream is calling on you to summon your inner strength and resilience to stay the course.

Ultimately, the boat within a dream is a rich symbol of one's voyage through the narrative of their life, responding to the currents of fate and the winds of change. Each dreamer, as the captain of their own destiny, must heed the conditions they encounter and adjust their sails accordingly, navigating through both smooth passages and storms, charting a course toward their own distinct horizon.
ladyleelee 2020-10-08 23:46:48
dreamt that my ex husband had unilaterally chose to take one of my inflatable boats and go off on an excursion. Because the boat was mine and not his I chose to go after.. I found a canoe and a place to place into water. beautiful setting and very calm water. while on my lazy river in my borrowed canoe, saw an area of the water below the row of the path I was on and felt i wanted to get over to the clearer calmer water area.. the dream ended.
Natalie 2019-12-12 04:09:30
I dreamt i was sending my little girl on holiday i sent her to catch the boat she got on the wrong boat as i was searching for her i heard her call mummy wen i looked up i saw her on the boat i told her she should get off but suddenly a women i knew was there told me i should leave her with her but the thing about that women is that she owed me some cash and because she owed me she cut off al communication then.. i just wonder what is it about that dream i just dont understand it
Lin 2018-07-11 11:26:54
It is a sad dream,i was there with my father only in the dreamn he ride the small wooden boat drifting away from me. When i woke up i was tearing. I dont know what it means. His now having demension now dont remember me anymore. And we dont meet as well
Aaron 2017-11-28 16:38:17
The boat dream: I was new at a job. For some reason, I was on some kind of dock. The person training me told me to get rid of my hard hat. A boat was docking but I decided to throw the hat in the water. My trainer said this was ok but immediately made me come inside. I felt I was in trouble. A few minutes later we were asked to come outside where the boat personel were waiting. They knew I was new and were sympathising. One of them told me it was not a big deal and that the only problem was the hard hat had the company name on it. I felt doomed. Like I was going to lose my job right then and there. Thats when I woke up. This had to be about my currrent situation. I quit my job 6 months ago. Ive been living on my 401K and some stocks. I just couldnt handle anxiety that overwhelms me when im around people or talking to them. Im social phobic. This lead to me quitting. I regret this. I havent been looking for another job and I havent returned some equipment the company owns. The money is gone and im facing eviction. Ive decided to move on physically to another world. I know thats messed up but I cant take this life anymore. Im just not compatible with anyone or anything. Enough of that. I think this is my brain telling me im throwing small things overboard, or taking things too hard on myself. Not sure. But the emotion explanation makes sense, I was just reading about emotional neglect and how it affected me (im a mess, I know) from my childhood. No father and a constantly depressed, abusive mother. So the emotions explanation seems spot on. Im just not sure if my mind is saying to leave life (which I plan to do) or to find work. Anyway, thanks for seeding my curiosity with the emotions explanation. It makes sense. Sorry if I brought anyone down.
Danielle 2019-10-29 13:25:05
Are you ok? Can not believe your comment went ignored.
Crystal 2017-10-08 17:07:51
OK so my boyfriend had a dream he was on his grandfathers shrimping boat with his grandfather and his daughter. His daughter is now grown with a new baby of her own but in the dream she was a child. In the dream my boyfriend told his grandfather he was going to the cabin to take a nap but when he woke from the nap the boat was no longer in the water but sitting in the middle of an intersection. He then woke from the dream...... Any ideas what this dream means?
annie 2017-04-23 20:03:14
I'm always dreaming I'm on a very large ship, but it's going to fast down a large river or inlet I'm on the deck and the water is deep but I can see the bottom, I know the ships going to fast but I don't know why. Sometimes I dream of a swimming pool and a large wave engulfs me and I can't breathe. My great grandad went down on the titanic, could it be something to do with this?
Brandi 2016-11-29 07:30:57
Last night I dreamt my daughter and I were fishing out of a boat on a wide, slow river. She is nine so I was aiding in assembling and baiting the poles for us. She and I were kind of tangled in the lines and having a hard go of getting them straightened out. The way was calm though, and it was a relatively nice day about dusk. Suddenly my late husband floats by in his own boat and he and I make eye contact. In my dream he and I hadn't been married, don't ask me how I knew that, but we were in that place before we started dating when we both had huge crushes on each other. I smiled this huge smile at him as he passed and he smiled back, his best and most adorable smile. I stood up and we remained staring at each other, just smiling, as he floated away around the bed and out of sight... My daughter and I have issues surrounding his death to face together but we are getting there and I feel like we're on the right path. I think as far as my personal feelings about his death, they seem to be at peace.
Katie 2017-02-11 23:56:17
Wow this is an absolutely amazing visitation from your husband letting you know he is still with you and your daughter always. May he Rest In Peace and God Bless you and your family.
Ray 2016-11-17 01:18:59
I had a dream that I was using and old truck as a boat. It worked as a boat but I had to get something. My girlfriend then starting using the boat and lake wasn't calm anymore. It stopped working as a boat. I wanted to call a tow truck. I woke up.
M 2016-11-05 09:53:26
I had probably the most strangest boat dream.. please if someone can interpret this. I was on a big inflatable black boat in a giant pool filled with water. By myself. Basically riding it back and forth. Had no control. Going back and forth like you would a skate ramp. It was weird.. and at the end the water seemed to lower and I jumped off the boat and held myself against the top of the pool and pulled this lever which sucked in all the water into a hole. The dream after this was done.
Kelsey 2016-09-21 09:41:04
My dream on the boat was scary because I was given the boat for the day but the water was calm I wasn't very good at navigating the boat and I kept going in the same narrow pathway and soon the pathway turned into a cement road with houses on the side so i tried to turn the boat around and I finally got back into water. Then i saw this huge pool and I went to go swimming in the pool and these two younger kids came swimming up to me and the boy whom I ended up babysitting that night and grabbed my shoulders and held me deep deep underwater for awhile... And then once I was finally allowed to go up to the surface the little girl his sister told me that their mom did that to the boy before. But I guess I decided to stay and later on while babysitting the boy had a gun and he was being super crazy so i left the boy and the girl alone and escaped.. Any help interpreting this crazy dream?
nolyn 2016-09-12 14:31:48
I dreamt that I was on a ship/boat near an island docked, like the people was leaving on it, the water was calm and they received some news that a storm was coming.

one of the persons on the ship started to cry, she was my coworker, I tried comforting her, but she still kept on crying.

Two other ladies on the ship started to signed over what the owned to their families, I myself thought I should of done the same, but even thou a storm was coming, I was not frightened at all.

I asked a young boy how long he leaved on the ship and he said 8 years,,

now the dream took me to anothet location out in the sea, the water was rough, really rough and there was two fishing boats there,

even if they were anchored, the waves was carrying them towards the rock, they reach almost to crashing on the rocks then I woke up from the drea,

can you please share some light on this

Sara 2016-07-07 15:44:04
Ok so basically I had this dream I was outside like at school and the bell rang so I turned around to go to class and I saw my dad. He turns away and walks off I try to run after him and I'm calling his name, I know he can hear me cuz he turned around and looked at me then kept walking buy he sped up. As I'm running I run into tho building that leads to many more and as in running down this coridor hallway thing like on a cruize boat and he walks out of the room and gets off the boat. The boat then starts to shake violently all the doors slam closed from the roughness of the sea. I get trapped in there and I'm crying from my dad leaving me and I'm crying cuz I'm scared. Oh and I'm not the only person in there someone from my high school is in there with me her names Amy. So the boat starts rocking really bad and I look out the window and I'm on like a level that's higher up in the boat just past the middle and the waves are crashing so high up on the boat it was almost getting the window two levels down. This maid or assistant just magically apears I don't know how she got there and calms us down and erasures we are safe. A few moments later the whole boat moves and it feels like we're in an airplane and feels like we're diagonally shorting upwards, I'm thrown down the other end of the room crashing into Amy I'm screaming I'm still crying and I'm shouting out "why isn't all the stuff on the boat moving!!? It's like it's glued and held down!" And about 10 seconds later it all went calmed the waves where still high and crashing but the boat was still slightly rocking. And that maid that was in there she was gone. And then I woke up
Hurt 2016-06-22 16:54:56
I was dreaming of a broken boat inside the house, then my father say, it was a lucky day because, it was god said the boat can be sail even its broken, so i carry the boat at first with my sister then my sisiter left me, so i carry the boat alone
Shannon 2016-05-14 02:28:55
I just had this long dream where I was stuck in another town and went through some distressing things. I was with my children but they were much younger,and we were also with a girl friend of mine. My friend was supposed to drive us back home...but she suddenly ran away!!! I had a lot of luggage!
I saw people getting on a boat and asked the Captain if they were going by my home....and offered what little money I had. He agreed ...and my kids stayed in a cabin with other people but near the Captain...I felt they were safe.
I didn't have a cabin but was happy to be going back home. The water was calm...and I wasn't worried at all. Out of nowhere,I saw the Captain running across the water trying to catch flying fish, swordfish sharks etc etc. They were just skimming on top of the water! (It was quite beautiful)
Suddenly, there was a bit of a shift. Winds picked up and the waves got choppy. The boat turned right, and I felt a bit uneasy watching the waves. But, we made it to a town just an hour away from where i was going! Weird weird dreams! But I kind of liked this one!
Rebecca 2016-01-31 18:12:18
I was at a boat lot, and saw a small boat in the shape of a fish, but the bottom part was made of (light) blue rope, and not filled in between the ropes. When I saw it, I was happy, and said that I really liked it.
Janelle 2016-01-03 18:54:31
I had a continuous dream. It will be the end of the world and we need to reserve seats at certain boats where angles will take us to heaven, in the dream i didnt believe it, then came the next day and we saw skeletons in the sky, next thing I saw, my mother together with my baby daughter was on their way to the boat, then came my husband, who, in reality was in a flight to Dubai, during this dream. I feel so confused about it, i woke up scared.
Nikki 2015-12-21 16:23:09
I had a dream where me, my family and strangers were on this huge cruise ship, but it was abandoned/haunted ship. Me and a few others would explore around and some would disappear, and these figures would attack us so we would run back to the main area. And for some reason the small group I was in kept trying to go further and further, my family were also talking to the captain the whole time. I have this dream multiple times and it scares me a bit.
pauline 2015-12-18 00:22:00
on a boat but was unable to get off it was going to Syria .
Natalie 2017-05-18 14:09:19
I had the same dream but it wasnt going to Syria it was just going on and on and on.

Steph 2015-12-12 01:06:18
OK so I had a dream where I met random people on a boat, and I guess we stayed there For a week to a month and I love getting along with everyone. there's times when the when the waves where choppy but then there was times where it would really calm. I learned a lot when the dream ended, it was like I love someone that I really cared for.I don't know what the dream means but I kind a wish it didn't end.
Alexis 2015-11-12 18:57:27
I had a dream that I kept on falling off a ship but in the next instant I would be back on and then fall off again, it was frustrating
Cherokee 2015-10-04 18:08:53
I keep dreaming I'm on a boat. This time it was kinda calm kinda Jerry but I dropped my mom's quarter in the ocean. It was beautiful. I had to jump in and retrieve it from the bottom but I had a lot of trouble. But it changed and I was in an abandoned church with dormitories. It was full of dead people. I think I drowned. Well I saw this one dead guy I asked him what it's like to be dead. He told me heaven isn't what we think it is. Then he explained everything but I can't remember. I saw Jesus in my dream when he called the man back to heaven. What could all of this mean? Is it a message?
Gladys 2015-08-31 14:36:57
I had a dream I was on a boat with some people I didn't know. They all had calming smiles and one by one, they all jumped into the clear blue ocean, and I could see them swimming like fish. I didn't jump because I couldn't swim, and I was the last one left and the boat started jerking and changing positions as if to throw me off, but I held on tightly. It finally stopped, and I ended up riding it to a train track where it slowed down and I jumped off. When my feet hit the dry land, I woke up
sue73 2015-08-17 01:58:58
I dreamt of being on a boat with family and friends but decided to explore the other levels on my own. i went down some stairs and found myself on another boat with people i didn't know. i was asking them to help me get back on my own boat but they ignored me and i kept looking at my phone hoping my family would call me once they realised i was missing but they never did.

Charlotte 2015-08-10 10:53:08
My dream was a large ship in the ocean bit dark but all of a sudden the ship starts to tilt back and forth, I held on for dear life! The strangers with me jumped into the sea, I look down and see sharks swimming around the front of the ship whilst the back where I was , was in the air, ( titanic moment minus sharks!) Very odd!
Michele 2015-07-26 12:17:33
I had the most amazing dream ever, my hubby give me a day trip on a cruise ship and and I was so emotional when I went on the ship as it was amazing, ship was so big and I walked around taking photos and there was a room with model dinosaurs in, strange I thought being on a cruise ship, everything about the ship was amazing and when we docked back home, I was walking along to get of the ship and seen my mate and was surprised to see her and she told me her and her mum was sent on this cruise because her dad wanted them to have a trip and that he had died... Sad.. But anyway I got off the ship and met my hubby and was so excited too tell him all about my day on the cruise ship.. Amazing.. Then I had woken up from my dream.... Wow.. I feel so overwhelm today after that.....
Michele 2015-07-26 12:13:03
I had the most amazing dream ever, my hubby give me a day trip on a cruise ship and and I was so emotional when I went on the ship as it was amazing, ship was so big and I walked around taking photos and there was a room with model dinosaurs in, strange I thought being on a cruise ship, everything about the ship was amazing and when we docked back home, I was walking along to get of the sighs and seen my mate and was surprised to see her and she told me her and her mum was sent on this cruise because her dad wanted them to have a trip and that he had died... Sad.. But anyway I got off the ship and met my hubby and was so excited too tell him all about my day on the cruise ship.. Amazing.. Then I had woken up from my dream.... Wow.. I feel so overwhelm today after that.....
Juliya 2015-06-07 03:56:28
well my dream about being on a boat was to save my sister from a bad storm that happened and it flipped the boat so I jumped out and saved her
zackdarby1993@gmail.com 2015-05-28 23:20:22
Ok so my dream starts off me waking up on a small boat in the middle of the ocean with two strangers, I remember asking what were doing here and they respond that we are fishing for whales, my dreamself then realizes that all around me is filled with passing whales and at this point the waters get rough well they don't try to catch any of them so I'm confused and at the point I'm thinking why am I here a fin bumps the boat and knocks me overboard and at that point the guy states there's the whales we want and next thing I know three hammerhead sharks are swimming towards me and these seem to be the "whales" he was talking about, well even my dream self knew to punch the nose if they got aggressive, the middle one comes and bites my right shoulder but as I try and swing at the nose it all feels slow and murky, and the guy swings the oar at the nose and drags me up the whole time the third companion has done nothing, and at this point I wake up having faceplates the floor. I don't know why but I feel it might have meaning. If anyone could help it would be grateful.
shayal 2015-05-01 22:12:40
i have dreamed about my boat that i m helping my uncle to clean it and after a while we pushing it in the water.....can anyone who knows can tell me what does it mean please 🤔

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