Dream meaning Storm or Hurricane

To dream of approaching storm is known to bring sorrows in the already disturbed life. Much similar to the actual storm, these dreams are signs of devastation in particular part of your life. Their effect is generally seen on business or workplace, on health and on relationships.

Storm is the sign of struggle and loss in real life which is known to deteriorate the present conditions of the dreamer. In particular situation storm also represents hidden emotions such as jealousy, anger or some kind of turmoil. In some places it is taken as the positive symbol where it signifies that whatever problems you are facing up are going to end soon and once the storm is gone everything will be peaceful and happy.

General storm and hurricane dream variants associated with their meaning

To see an approaching storm in your dream is significant of the future problems that will bring temporary distress until the storm passes over. To see yourself running and taking a shelter in the storm implies that you will sustain the hardest of troubles and problems in your life. To dream that you are standing in the path of storm and calling it with wide arms implies that you are prepared for any challenges come what may and want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Dreams about storm where you are caught up in middle and struggling to get out of it denotes that you are not ready to accept the troubles surfacing your life. To hear a storm in dream signifies that you will get a bad news about something in near future. Current problems of life may result to dreams of storm that are warning you to be calm and content as the problem will be over soon.

Meaning of storm dreams in your life

These storm dreams are nothing but a signal for a distress in near future but along with it they also signify that this problem is temporary. If you get a storm dream you can realize the importance of such signals to reach the cause of trouble and to remove it. Hurricane also signifies similar warnings about the probable grief coming your way. After having this dream you need to stop for a while and think about the situation rather than rotating in the emotional twister yourself.

A dreary storm dream and its effects

Think about a dream where you are living in a house far away from the local areas placed amongst natural beauty. While you are asleep in this house at night you hear roaring voices around and by a shock you get out of your sleep. Following the sound you get out of the house to see a horrific hurricane or storm reaching towards your house. Until you get time to save and wake your family up the storm touches the abode and destroys it completely leaving you staring awestricken from other side. Storm dreams are more or less of this nature while as far as this dream is concerned it shows a beautiful house getting destroyed in the storm which is the signal of intense distress in near future. Destruction of house by storm is also known for enemy in friend's garb which signifies that you are having a close friend or relative who is having bad intentions about you or your family. Identify that adversary and keep safe distance from him always.
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richard 2016-05-24 05:28:46
i had a dream
Massive Man like as big as a godzilla
Houses destroyed
Hurricane and Tornadoes everywhere
lightning and thunders dropping everywhere
too windy
The maasive man threw pieces of Trees at me but i successfully dodge em all

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Erica (a different one) 2016-04-10 04:32:56
Last night I had a dream which started in a storm shelter. Constantly there was a warning being announced for a "Large Hurricane". I was hugging my father and for some reason I had my IPad with me. I didn't dare to use it. Some leaves blew by a window and suddenly everything became cartoony and there was a Girraffe, Elephant, and a Ring Master in a pink cloud. Some guy kicked the animals and they fell and the hurricane stopped. He landed on a building with his wife. He was given a metal which he gave to his wife.
What does that symbolize?

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Erica 2016-01-05 05:33:15
I currently live with my fianc , his grandmother and her fianc , and have for awhile. I had a Dream that we were all in the same house together and that it had been raining and I kept telling my boyfriend that the rain will not stick((wired)) and then the wind became harsh to the point we made sure all the doors were shut and windows were locked, it was scary , then the rumbling and the wind became more and more , and so we ran to the basement and took cover , and at this time I am speaking to my mom telling her I love her and she's telling me the same and to take cover ,

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Jessy 2016-05-10 13:04:30
Same here too..its start with the rain...i was working in a under construct building, so i go out the building to watch the sky! I saw approaching hurricane i got panic so i hide myself in a safe place, but i almost start crying thingking my families and start to worried then i saw a man with a strong intention trying to chasing me, i didnt even saw his face...

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Nathan 2015-10-31 20:03:08
I had a dream where I was in florida with my dad ( I don't know why my dad was in my dream because I'm not having any struggles with him) and we were at the beach together. Somehow we got separated and I ended up at an old church. The church workers were helping infants get to a safe place and I was confused, so I asked to borrow a phone to call my dad. As soon as I called my dad, a very destructive hurricane hit, and everything started to flood. I was not able to breathe and was drowning, and then i suddenly woke up.

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irene 2015-10-15 03:36:27
I had a dream last night where I was on a beach and the water was going crazy. Then all of a sudden a hurricane started coming towards me and I was running away looking for shelter. I didn't end up finding shelter I ended up coming across two Pepe I have never seen in my life fighting about something. I dont remember what but I remember there was a lot of yelling. When I woke up it all felt so real. Don't no what this could mean but lately I've been having a lot of unexplainable dreams

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wolfvarg 2015-08-29 09:49:48
I had a dream where i was on a ship inside something like a water channel that lead to the sea itself (it wasnt underground- you could see the sky and everything), it was surrounded by buildings to the left and right, but only where i was heading, there was the sea and a storm coming, like a large hurricane or a tornado, it was huge, i remember my mother shouting out that there was a storm coming, and i took a shelter as i jumped out of the ship and out of the water. I jumped on the ground to my left where the buildings are. I remember that the waves werent as strong, but i dont remember what happened afterwards. Right now my mother is on her way to Bulgaria, and that will be a 2600km long trip which will be more than a day travel with a car. I dont know if the storm heading us means something bad, but i hope that they're alright and that God protects them..

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alberthd 2015-08-23 23:51:51
Well I dream that i was in my father's house the second floor was in darkness and i know there was something evil hidden in the darkness, so i went to the first floor it was dark also, then i try to turn on the light but won't work so i left the house and walk, i notice that darkness got to my skin and was covering me too, like a dress stick to my body i call to God Almighty for help them the darkness in me started to leave me and I started to see my face and hands, it was gone. but them I look up to the heavens to the sea and I saw a Gigantic Hurricane going around and around and there was many clouds with it, the i saw a woman in front of the Hurricane it look like a Princess for the way she was dress, i saw she has authority like commanding and i notice she was bringing the Hurricane from the sea toward my direction, i only admire her and who she was, i was not scared then i return to continue my life like nothing was happening.

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Lain 2015-08-06 03:29:44
i just woke up from my dream, in my dream i was standing in the kitchen. in an old apartment from my teen years i looked out the window as it looked like it was gonna rain, the sky was grey i heard one of my siblings come in, she had just been outside cause there were chickens laying egg's...i didn't really care much for it but i heard a small noise and my little sister began crying, as i ran into the living room my little sister sat near the sofa crying the egg had hit the ground...the lil baby chicken dead, i heard my sister sob ''i put it on the pillow and, he made it fall'' she refered to my little brother who had been sleeping on the sofa his feet must have hit the pillow that knocked down the egg i began crying and my mom came in all 3 of us was crying but my mom said ''it's just an egg, why are u so sad?!'' renembering the chicken's where laying eggs i took my hoodie on and ran outside i saw a girl there too as i tryed to find a warm egg i noticed it began to rain...after it began storming i heard screams not far away as the wind got much heavier almost blowing me away i ran back..with no egg but as i ran up the stairs the wind got to me and lifted me, pulling me up the last thing i saw was the open door to the apartment with my mom and two siblings inside...i didnt make it in so the dream ended...

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ellie 2015-07-04 10:14:53
I had a dream last night but it felt extremely real. I was still in my bed and I could hear the thunder and rain outside. I could also see occasional light flashing.this carried on for a while then my brother screamed out for my mum as he doesn't like storms.the whole time this was happening I thought I was awake so after that I had another dream, completely different and when I woke I still thought the storm had really happened. However when I checked the weather this morning it said it was a clear night and then I knew it was a dreAm but it felt so realistic

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A 2015-06-07 15:04:05
I had a dream within a dream. In that dream, there was a storm, but not a normal one. It was like a super storm combining a huge supertornado with an earthquake and possibly a hurricane. It was like nothing ever seen before on Earth. My dad opened the front door, in the dream, and was instantly sucked up into the sky. I slammed the door shut, and if you kept the door shut you were safe, but if you opened it, you'd get sucked up too. In the dream, I woke up, and was now in my bedroom. I thought at first that I was actually awake, but things weren't adding up. In the dream, I thought I'd have to keep charging my Ipad while I used it to check some things, because it was at 34 percent. But in real life, I had it in the charger all night, and it was at 100 when I woke up and checked it, so that bugged me in my dream, cause I thought I was losing it, but then I woke up for real, and just laid there for 10 mins to see if I was actually awake or not. It was weird.

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Sharon 2015-01-20 14:42:51
its been 7 months now that i am continuously dreaming about storm and tsunamis i never die in my dreams however my family members do. Im so scared as i dream about this atleast once in a week.

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Christian Williams 2014-12-29 18:21:42
I had a dream that my father and sister were in the living room with me until the hurricane hit us and they disappeared. The strange part after that was like time itself reverse itself and I was trying to tell them along with my mother now that it is coming we have to leave they just told me it won't but then boom it hits us and they disappear

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clarrise 2014-12-17 22:59:45
i dream last night that me my mom my dad and my son, in the floating cottage in a beach with a clear sea.. then the 4 of as in the meddle of the sea the strong wind comes and no one is in the beach except the four of us. my dad hold my son and i am the one who walk first to live the cottage then i shouted to them to go with me to live the area but the last thing i remember that i so my dad holding my son inside the floating cottage.then the dream ends.. i dont know what is the meaning of that dream

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Theresa 2014-12-02 21:09:39
I had a dream I was walking my son to elementary school, my son is actually 17 now. We could see a storm coming but it look like we had time to get to the school. All of a sudden the tornado sirens started going off. My son had run off ahead of me so I couldn't see him any more and I started running trying to get to the school for shelter. I made it to the school but never did find my son and I woke up before the tornado hit. I have been having trouble with my son lately so this dream is really bothering me.

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Danny 2014-11-10 13:49:40
I had I dream where I stand about 500-100 m above the ground in the middle of the air over a city. I see a huge CB cloud coming towards the city with lightnings and thunders which sound louder and louder as the storm comes closer. It goes right over me, pouring an extremely heavy rain on me and I see bright, big and beautiful lightnings around me every 10-20 seconds and hear thunders loud as if a bomb would explode only a few centimeters away from my ears. I feel so blissful. But after a few minutes, I suddenly appear on a sidewalk in the city. Tall buildings are beside me, and in the front of me there is a view of low mountains (somewhere between low and medium, closer to low) and the storm passing away behind them. My eyes are starting to fill with tears. After a few more minutes of me just standing and looking at the vanishing storm with my eyes glowing as crystals, I awake.

What does this dream mean?

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Jessica 2015-08-19 04:42:57
Perhaps you feel more alive, aware and sensual wile you are in the middle of intense energy, even floating above problems like a warrior? When those extermely fulfilling, intense moments pass, it is sad to lose them and you experience grief.

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