Dream meaning Sea

Appearance of sea in your dreams is taken in two perspectives, one is the spiritual and one is emotional. According to our mythology, sea consisted many elements that are responsible for spiritual awakening of the dreamer. The emotional aspect is depicted by the nature of sea observed in the dreams. The sound, situations and total appearance of sea hold primal importance in extracting its meanings. You may dream associated symbols life sea creatures that are also taken into consideration while forming a complete interpretation of your dreams.

Descriptions on different dreams about sea

Sea is the emblem of strong emotions that are building in your mind and that are personalized with the detailed interpretation of various activities about sea in your dreams. To dream of listening to the soaring sound of sea but not able to view it depicts that you will lead a tedious and impassionate life. This may imply to the retired people as they are leading unfruitful life after leaving their work or regular activities. This dream also suits to the single person as it depicts a life devoid of love and relationships. Dreams of sea signify your desires and want to relax your body and mind at some exotic destination. Unfortunately, this desire may remain unfulfilled but you will experience some sort of pleasure in material gains. To see yourself lost in the sea signifies that you will lead a life without any peculiar direction. To see a storm in the ocean of your dreams indicate your anger or frustrations over a helpless situation. Contrary to this, calm and peaceful sea depicts peace of mind and contentment of thoughts. Dreams of riding sea with a partner to women indicate that their relationship will turn into some kind of official state which will ensure their union in the form of marriage.

Inference from dreams about sea

In general sea is a symbol of emotions or sensitiveness in your heart. Sea generally brings new hope in your frustrated surrounding if present in appropriate manner. It also incorporates a warning for you to give a peculiar direction to your life. If you are retired and leading a tedious life, then sea is signaling that you should consider a newly found passion, hobby or any other activity that will consume your time and will give you a reason to be happy. As it is relates to spiritual awakening, you can indulge in spiritual activities to bestow peace of mind.

Sample dream about sea with its actual meaning

Consider a dream where you have planned to go on a day wide trip to nearby ocean with family members. You are striving to get in the sea and want to relax your mind and body from hectic work ahead. You hire a bus to reach the destinations, where other unknown people also accompany you on the journey. You reach the place and got engaged in removing the picnic objects packed together. You observe that everyone else have already reached the sea and you also try to get in after finishing this task .as soon as you finish the arrangement you hear bus honking calling people inside to go back and suggesting that time is over and you alone left to experience the sea. This dream signifies your need to have a break from responsibilities bestowed on you from family and work. This signifies that you have missed an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself lately and now repenting for the mistake.
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Laimi 2016-02-28 23:16:09
I had a dream last night were i was with my daughter and my in law.and there was a stage in top of the water were we have to jump some gaps,later my in law fall in the sea and my daughter followed her.i left crying just shouting my daughter my daughter.but me i didn't fall in the sea.what does this really mean?

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ne 2016-04-11 20:51:00
I am now in a very difficult sitution. And jzt this morning I woke up seeing a peacsful sea. What does this mean?

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me 2016-02-11 16:15:43
I dreamt as if there is a small house in the sea I am having a very serious conversation with some people and the climate is very dark there is no reaction from sea tell me the meaning please

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arcel 2015-12-28 15:41:07
I had a dream, I was swimming in the sea together with a person. But actually, I don't know how to swim and I am afraid so I go to dive and I saw blue crystal clear water. What is the meaning of that???

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MEl 2015-10-21 14:05:54
I had a dream lastnight. that sea was calm and i was in a house right in the middle of the sea. there was a house at the back of the hous i was in. I wanted to go over to the other house. there was a breach leading to the other house. but the breach was broken and it was difficult for me to cross. Please Help

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Angel 2015-07-15 01:55:26
I had a dream, I saw my friends playing in the sea, but i didn't bother to go coz i know i can't swim then my other friends just tapped me on my shoulder and we played. We are all happy, then we enter to a small room, where the food will be served, that room is full of persons, and when we are about to eat, the oxygen get lesser and lesser until we are out of breath. After that, i just woke up.

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Pau 2015-04-04 14:42:29
I dream about the sea then i saw someone that want me to come with him and i saw a light in his back then he is wearing a white shirt and white pants WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE MEANING OF THIS ?

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Vaishu 2015-01-06 06:59:42
I had a dream that sea water is going to come into the city and all were going to die. We are trying to be safe as much as possible, but the sea water is coming near, so i lost my hope and telling my son, that sorry dear i'm helpless now and please forgive me, my son is telling me why cant we go for a world trip and i got an idea of calling my cousin in other country and trying to go to airport, and i wake up. What this means

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khush 2014-08-16 15:03:14
i have dream i was under the sea as a diver ... and i was watching fishes i have never seen before what would it be ?

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Veena 2013-01-02 01:07:53
I had a dream about sea like this - I go to a beach during low tide and I saw instead of sand lots of very small colored pebbles. I don't see the water. I saw people are running towards the land screaming the water is going to rise. I also tried to run and I saw a huge wall in front of me. I am worried if I could climb the wall before the water comes near me. Suddenly I got confidence and started climbing the wall fast.

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