Dream Dictionary Bed

Dream Dictionary Bed

Dreams of bed can have as many meanings as there are designs and purposes.

Dream Bed
Dream meaning Interpretation Bed, Dreams Dictionary Bed common dream meaning

Aside from divinatory and symbolic interpretations, you may also want to review dreams featuring beds in terms of how you sleep. For example, if you dream of leg pain, or something jabbing into your side, it may be time to buy a new mattress, or see a doctor. Once you eliminate these causes of issues associated with dreams featuring beds, then you may want to look for other interpretations if you continue to dream of this type of furniture.

Bed Dream General Meaning

For the most part, if you dream of sleeping in your own bed, then you can look forward to safety and security in your personal life. That said, if you were in bed with a stranger, or in a strange bed, you may wind up dealing with issues caused by a lack of prudence. Interestingly enough, if you dream of floating above your bed, it indicates that you feel disconnected from people in your private life. On the other hand, if you enjoyed the floating sensation, or find yourself wishing for some type of freedom, then this dream symbol may indicate a desire to disconnect yourself from something troublesome. Finally, dreams of an unmade bed indicate you may soon uncover a secret that will disrupt your personal life, or leave you feeling very distressed.

How Bed Dream Symbol May Fit in Your Life

When you dream of a bed, it is important to realize that where you sleep can, or should be the safest place in your home. No matter what kinds of problems you may have in life, chances are, you will see your bed as a source of security. Therefore, when you dream of this symbol, you may want to stop and think about all of the places where you do not feel safe. For example, if you are concerned about your job, or worried about your love life, then it may be of some help to think about what will help you feel better. As may be expected, if you find yourself thinking that others need to do something to help you feel better, then you will need to go deeper into your inner landscape. No matter how you look at it, dreams that deal with insecurity will never go away until you feel strong and assured based on your own personal means. While it may take some time for you to determine how to achieve a sufficient level of safety, at least you won't waste your time on useless efforts.

A Sample Bed Dream Interpretation

Consider a dream where you are at home in bed. Even though you are married, the person in bed with you is a complete stranger. As you snuggle up to this person, you realize that you are far happier with him/her than you ever were with your current spouse. Suddenly, you realize that the person in your dream is one of your co-workers. While you have known each other for years, there has never been an indication of a romantic attraction.

Before long, your sleeping partner wakes up, and transforms back to your real spouse. You feel disappointed, and get out of bed in order to have a snack. While you are digging around in the refrigerator, you uncover some stale cake, which you promptly throw away. Finally, you settle for some crackers and milk. Upon waking, you find yourself wondering what would happen if you began flirting with your co-worker, who is actually going through a divorce.

Even though security can be a wonderful thing, it can also be boring. In this instance, the bed in your dream, and your feelings about who is beside you indicate that you are not happy with your current life situation. Since temptation is literally sleeping right next to you, it is important o realize that the safety of the bed itself is illusory in nature. In fact, if you are not careful, you may find that you will have all kinds of problems if you give into temptation and start flirting with your co-worker.

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roxy 2016-09-10 03:37:13
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dream of a person i really like and we were just sitting on a bed listening to someone speak but we ended up snuggling together and kissed but there was no sex.
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Diane 2016-05-02 20:54:28
Dream of my husband spray painting an old bed
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