Dream interpretation Helicopter

Appearance of helicopter in your dreams is suggestive of success in life may be at office or home. It generally signifies that the dreamer is going to get immense success in his life which is a result of his hard work. Similar to the helicopter structure which do not need any support of runway to reach the skies there are possibilities that the dreamer will reach a soaring high in his business or job. To envisage yourself in helicopter is also reminiscent of the sense of independence and freedom in life. It means that you want to deviate yourself from the nagging problems of your life to become trouble free.

Different aspects of a helicopter dream

There can be large variations in helicopter dreams and each one specifies different meaning related to your life. To see yourself situated in the helicopter which is flying in the sky clearly shows that you are in full quest of your goals and you are not ready to compromise in anything regarding your ambition of life. To see a helicopter crash in front of you is sign of unrealistic or unachievable ambitions that you have set for yourself which are going to crash down or break. This also signifies your lack of confidence and trust in yourself to obtain something in life.

Wisdom you can get from a helicopter dream

Every dream is suggestive of something or another that can save you from many problems, dreams are fortune tellers but most of the times they are messengers of wisdom meant for you. If you see a helicopter in your dream it is understandable that you are expecting something extraordinary from your life which is not possible in your situation. It is always good to try hard to achieve goals but the basic is to set goals which are attainable. If you fail to do this then you can waste your precious time running behind a thing which can never be yours.

Common sample dream of helicopter and its meaning

Consider a dream where you are standing in a church or auditorium praying or doing something when suddenly a helicopter roams in the center of the sky of your open roof theater ultimately the chopper lies in the center of your stadium and you are struck inside with no way to get out. A dream like this can suggest that he is going to face failure in the most wanted objective of his life. Such dreams can also get triggered due to previous day activities or conversations.
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Francis 2015-10-04 06:03:08
I had this strange dream. This is insane. Reality Case: There is this girl I met in 10th grade (August 2011), known as Year 11 in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. 12 months later, we became friends, kind of, but seemed to like each other. She is indeed very beautiful looking in my perspective, but this kind of liking seemed to be more like valuing each other by how we got along. Then, I discovered such creepy numerology between me and her and how it connects with many things including my family but that numerology is actually non-existent if she was born at an earlier time of the day than the time of the clock I was born. I know not when she was born, but 2 different things have shown me evidence of the exact same time possible that she could have been born in. This showed me that it could be possible that the supposed "illuminati" could have planned our fate and that they could be planning a way to unpreventably get us together in a romantic relationship eventually to marriage.

Nightmare: During the summer (somewhere in June or July) of this year, 2015, I had a weird, disturbing dream. Me and her were actually couples in that dream. Of course, that didn't feel awkward until I woke up. The thing is that we were like in a setting of many not-so-tall buildings that were up to 4-6 floors (including base level). I knew not if there were elevators but we didn't use any elevators. We were hiding but had to frequently move from one spot to another because there were specifically Nazis in helicopters flying above our heads and some of them at some times in the same building, very close to us, about to get us, even saw us at some points. I don't remember if they were trying to kill us or kidnap us, but I think but don't remember for sure about whether helicopters were attempting to shoot us when we were at the top of a building. But there were some attempts and almost a success at which I was almost captured by one of them, by which we were going up to the top of the building by a ladder outside on the wall or some pipes sticked on the wall. At that part of that weird dream (I would always have the her go first to make sure she was safe as my top priority.) a man which was trying to capture us grabbed onto my shoe and tried pulling me down. There was a window not that far below. I succeeded at escaping that guy who tried grabbing me. Some other times when we hid or escaped them, well, usually it was the safe way. Going upward or downward on the outside was not uncommon. On one point, as someone was coming towards us from a hallway, we went in this mini-storage room and there was the air conditioner on top. I took of the thing, but I don't think we went through that because I think that was the last part of that awkward dream but I don't remember for sure. I don't either remember if they caught us, but we weren't injured or killed for sure.

The other creepy thing is that I was told through a "telepathic communication" on 2012 that she was going to go to a specific university with a specific name I already knew of and which I visited with my AVID class back in December 2008. Guess what? She did go to that university and currently attends there. I was told many other things. Some of them happened but that was a specific event about her that actually already happened. I was also told something else like another very specific extremely significant event of her life that was going to happen. Those were the only 2 that are specific events of her life. That next event was told to happen sometime later but were not there yet. It is in sometime in the future but I can't say when in effort to respect her, especially because there are evidences that she spies what I do on my laptop and cellphone. I have many evidences and one life event of mine that very much broadly confirms that she does spy on me on my laptop. I am attending a "community college" right now which is a post-secondary institution where it offers Associate Degrees and certificate with cheaper tuition where people can also study for a few years before transferring to a university but I am afraid that I might get an FBI order (FBI is the super great-expert investigating police in the United States) to transfer specifically to the university she studies. I have had a dream in which that has happened. Also, that was my dream university from 2008 to 2010. Not so much starting in late 2010 since my academic performance was not so good over unawareness, discourage, and mostly because of being bullied over it by my siblings and by my mom, causing it to last much longer but I am about ready to get back on the good academic performance soon most likely as I get those burdens out of my way. That university definitely got off my dream university even from the slightest once I was told that the girl would attend that university through telepathic communication and upon graduating from secondary (called high school in United States) definitely confirmed that it is off the list for good because she told me she is going to attend that university. Remember what I said earlier about the creepy numerology thing and "illuminati planned fate" which is why I don't want to attend the same university she attends.

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DAPHNEY 2015-09-18 14:56:02

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Brittany 2015-09-14 08:12:58
I had a dream that my sister framed me and the cops showed up at my moms house with helicopters on top of th roof.

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Rajah 2015-08-28 04:23:15
I dream helicopter going around in top of my house. And saw out balance almost went down.

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Thalia 2015-08-12 19:18:55
I dreamed that an helicopter crashed infront of me. I went closely to the helicopter and unlock the seatbelt of the two pilots. I carried the first pilot and placed him on the floor.I did the same thing with the other pilot. THEN i inmdediately lay down on the ground. We heard a sound like ticking. AND AFTER 5 ticks the helicopter exploded. I WAS ON TOP OF ONE OF THE PILOT.I WAS EMBRACING HIM. THEN After the helicopter exploded i looked at him.I thought he was dead byt he suddenly opened his eyes, he looked at me and gave me a silly smile.

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Regan 2015-08-05 15:18:55
I had a dream where I was on top of a helicopter, above a river. There were some buildings on one side of the river, and a beach and trees on the other. My family was on the beach and I could tell they looked kind of nervous. I was nervous too because I was trying to control the helicopter. Although I was nervous, I was having a lot of fun. I was steering it up, and down, and left, and right, while my paw paw watched me. For some reason I think I was flying it backwards because I was holding the tail the whole time. Eventually i came to a landing, and was sad I had to get off. Maybe I should stop worrying about driving soon. XD

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monica 2015-07-25 18:19:39
I had a dream that two helicopters crashed into each other on the sky and the pieces fell right next t me but they didnt hit me

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Jess 2015-07-20 10:06:14
I had a dream I was in a lovely large outdoor swimming pool with my daughter and a guy I don't no and have never seen, he was I think my boyfriend, I told him I had a surprise for him that night and too be ready at such a time. The day became night in the blink of an eye and the sky was pitch black. I got in my helicopter feeling excited and nervous and started flying it I picked him up gave him his ear things and speaker and took off its was so beautiful seeing all the lights from a distance there was mountains all around so we went there looked at stars and moon then I tried too teach him too drive it he seemed like he new what he was doing but got too nervous and decided not too but I had all confidence in him so I took charge and headed back home and that was it. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love too know what this could mean. Thank you

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sheila 2015-07-10 13:12:16
I was flying a helicopter with a trainer and as I flu I seen vehicles under me driving. It seems as if I was controlling the traffic on the ground and if I go crooked it caused and accident on ground. But only I knew this. I landed the helicopter to see all what had happened and people were dead It was all a big horrible mess, wrecked cars and truck everywhere. I even seen a friend. But I wondered how could I be responsible for this and I was I n the air. Please help me what does this mean.

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vee 2015-06-20 03:51:50
can someone please help me understand my dream of riding a helicopter flew on top of a hill where i can see a beautiful view from the top. i'm actually afraid of heights but i'm my dream i was amazed. a bit afraid but more on happy feeling. then on my arm i was holding a new born baby. we landed on a village on top of the hill and i was feeling like i wanted to live there and feeling so happy. so it's more on happy thoughts i don't know if it's a good thing. so please someone try to explain it. thank you

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Davie 2015-04-22 22:13:29
I dreamt that I was walking theough my Villege, and there was these almighty bang's in the sky, people started to panic and run, I told them to calm down, 3 people were next to me, and we stayed calm, so these bangs hit us, each one was like a bomb going off. So thin continued for what seemed like 5mins, and I was walking and then a knack and yellow (standard poloce helecopot here), was coming down, they were struggling to keep it up, in remember covering the person next to me, telling them to stay down and not to move as we were down on the middle of a main road sheltering behind a car, I was worried about flying debri, so te helecoptor was still in control by the pilot, however, before I knew it!, police officers turned up and the helecoptor was surrounded by 5 men dressed in black, and they stood below the machine and by this time the helecoptor was 30-40feet above us, it bounced nose first off he front of the buildings made of grey sandstone, and it bounced back and forth about 4-5 times and then when it touched down the police who were under it caught the machine at 5 points of balance and they kneeled down and jumped back up and one commander stood away out the road shouted ready to fly and they police stood back up pushing the helecopor up and it flew away as if there was nothing wrong with it. So that was that, and the dream continued, next thing I knew I was with my friend in Brazil who I a musician in Brazilian Hip hop and funk, and we were in his home talking and I lookedbout his back room window in Rio De Jeniro ad I asked him wow what's th story about that castle, ad e kinda looked at me said nothing and we looked out the window to show him what I meant and there was no castle, it was just gon, so the whole thing got strange from there, so moving on, I later ended up in some big drug dealers company who was pleased to meet me, and we spoke, I recognise him and everyone in the dream except the girls.

I have read many deep books in dream interpretations as psychology of dreams and I have deeeep understanding knowledge in a gifted man itr of the Qabala and hernetics Gnostics and a lot of other religions and astrology too. So there's some of the dreams meanings already clear to me. It's the strange girls panicking I don't understand and there was some confusion too about the castle thing. My friend couldn't see the castle but I could, then it vanished. I must say I read a lot of forbidden knowledge all about dreams, and I know a strange female in a dream represents the Supreem mother of god, and a strange make represents the dark father. But there were 3 strange females and 5 strange men, I never seen the pilot. All together in total 10 + 1mepeople, I knew two. Reciently one of them just got prison for drugs and guns, so... This tells me my attension of mind is scattered on 5 imposter subjects, and my heart is scattered on 3 lives. I have had a scattered attention past 2 days with per anylysing information while trying to prepare and design my future. And u have been mixed up with some of the worlds most dangerous people and some of the worlds most famous in the music and film industry.

As for the bangs I know what they mean. But the whole number of people in the dream was 10. There was not a single cloud in the sky's over my Villege, but over Rio De Jeniro the sky's were dark and the horizons were misty, this castle thing, well.

Can you forget what I had said and show me your way of interpretation, and my brain power is to high so I can't over anylyse. It will harm me.

Oh I must note I didn't recognise any of the police officers. Just that stupid helecoptor.


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gregory does 2015-03-12 12:28:17
I dreamd that i was flying a helicopter en suddenly something happened now i only had to try not chrashing the heli on al the buildings so i flood a bit further and jumpt jumpt awake..  :ups:

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phyx 2015-03-12 05:52:50
I had a dream that Vladimir Putin tried to blow me up in a helicopter  :(

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The Dreamer 2015-03-02 15:17:37
Last night I had a dream of me visiting my mother's new apartment. It's not pretty apartment in a city tho close to the shopping center. Her right hand is burnt and finger is gone they all turnt black she got it from cooking "vinegar fish stew". I arrived there using a helicopter... It's a self "personal helicopter" I have to pull a string/ rope to deploy it just like parachute. 1st I was able to fly it well... Very well. And then my girlfriend came. Although she knows how to set it up.. She doesn't know how/ I didn't trust her to fly it.
I took over and flew it... It was then a struggle...
I couldn't get much air / I was having trouble getting up.... Tho the adventure still going on. the more we try flying it the more places we end up getting stuck... Lol it's a very cool dream.

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Michele 2015-02-26 08:40:06
I had a dream a man in a helicopter was flying quite a way up.i waved as I walked by and started hovering above smiling and waving back .i went home and then he appeared at my window and came in.not much else happened but later on in the dream I started to tell my mum and dad about it who have both passed.what does this mean??

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