Dream interpretation Helicopter

Appearance of helicopter in your dreams is suggestive of success in life may be at office or home. It generally signifies that the dreamer is going to get immense success in his life which is a result of his hard work. Similar to the helicopter structure which do not need any support of runway to reach the skies there are possibilities that the dreamer will reach a soaring high in his business or job. To envisage yourself in helicopter is also reminiscent of the sense of independence and freedom in life. It means that you want to deviate yourself from the nagging problems of your life to become trouble free.

Different aspects of a helicopter dream

There can be large variations in helicopter dreams and each one specifies different meaning related to your life. To see yourself situated in the helicopter which is flying in the sky clearly shows that you are in full quest of your goals and you are not ready to compromise in anything regarding your ambition of life. To see a helicopter crash in front of you is sign of unrealistic or unachievable ambitions that you have set for yourself which are going to crash down or break. This also signifies your lack of confidence and trust in yourself to obtain something in life.

Wisdom you can get from a helicopter dream

Every dream is suggestive of something or another that can save you from many problems, dreams are fortune tellers but most of the times they are messengers of wisdom meant for you. If you see a helicopter in your dream it is understandable that you are expecting something extraordinary from your life which is not possible in your situation. It is always good to try hard to achieve goals but the basic is to set goals which are attainable. If you fail to do this then you can waste your precious time running behind a thing which can never be yours.

Common sample dream of helicopter and its meaning

Consider a dream where you are standing in a church or auditorium praying or doing something when suddenly a helicopter roams in the center of the sky of your open roof theater ultimately the chopper lies in the center of your stadium and you are struck inside with no way to get out. A dream like this can suggest that he is going to face failure in the most wanted objective of his life. Such dreams can also get triggered due to previous day activities or conversations.
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Greta 2015-01-23 15:59:09
I dreamt one landed on me!

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andrew 2014-12-22 05:04:38
My dream had a helicoptor wirh a mini gun on it, and it was trying to kill/bomb me at my own home. I was wearing a British red coat. And I'm not british. Can anyone interpret that???

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shebia 2014-12-18 04:13:27
I went to look for my brother who i found outside repeatedly saying oh my god. And when I turned to look in the sky it was three helicopters. The atmosphere of the dream was terrifying. And I was terrified. I then awoke

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Melissa 2014-11-13 00:54:51
I was flying a helicopter to go pick up the class that I was on a field trip with and I flew over New York and the tops of the buildings lit up with blue when I flew over them.

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John 2014-10-24 08:48:32
I was driving with a friend like any other day, a police helicopter was literally parked in the middle of the road downtown, i had a brief encounter and spoke with one of the pilots, he reassured me everything is fine, we some what joked around, i parked my car and bought cigarettes with my friend. Woke up pretty confused

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Joy 2014-10-16 23:18:42
Dreamed my husband and I were flying in a helicopter in a beautiful blue sky, over a big city. It was a lovely dream.

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Dealey 2014-10-14 08:28:22
I was planning to go somewhere south,I saw a helicopter & jet together waiting to take off.

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rani 2014-09-27 23:16:29
Standing open plastic part of my childhood place. Talking to my old friend about my old house telling her no body care this is really nice house any way suddenly I saw helicopter in the sky he stop try to lad he land on my na ours empty place .and went to out to see .I saw pilot had copy in his hands he is writing like ticket .them in my mind I am saying to my self oh he came to check a how much collectpeople have garbage.then suddenly came in my mind may he will come to our house to be coz we have tied up garbage near that house.I just come back

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Ophiuchus 2014-06-05 14:44:05
My dream was a helicopter hovering high over a house and I wanted it to go away, when I did something about it, it tried to get me and was checking every window shining a light trying to find me.

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stone 2014-12-05 06:46:52
I've had this hovering helicopter searching the house with a spotlight though all the windows dream a couple of times over the years, exactly as you wrote it.

My best guess as to what it means is that there is something bugging the dreamer in an important way (life, livelihood, home) causing loss of piece of mind that you can't do anything about. I think this because in one instance of this kind of dream I had, I saw the helicopter was piloted by the person at the root (but not necessarily the intentional inflictor) of the loss of piece of mind to my family.

Maybe, in the case the pilot is not understood, the cause of the loss of piece of mind is more abstract.

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Jennifer 2014-09-23 14:31:24
I had the same exact dream. It was dark and hovering above my house. It shined lights through every window trying to find me. Eventually it landed outside my bedroom window. I was so afraid of who or what was inside that I kept trying to close the window. It wouldn't lock and I was getting frantic. My mother was home but I was too afraid to go and check on her. I didn't know what the helicopter wanted so I kept a knife in my hand and waited in terror.

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c 2014-05-29 20:40:33
in my dream, i seen at least 30 helicopters flying slowly over my house. i woke up right away because it was very intense

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PALLAVI 2014-05-26 05:15:26

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preethi 2014-05-21 06:47:17
I had a dream of Helicopter crash..

I was at an apartment, which is not looking like my living House. I saw helicopter flying over that apartment. so I started staring at helicopter. It took more than 10 rounds over the apartment. And after sometime it got hit to wall slightly , caught fire and started burning..

I felt someone came to trouble me and in return they faced it..

What does this indicate??

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JohnJay 2014-04-07 06:48:17
I dreamt last night I was video taping a helicopter that was performing close to ground stunt flying through a half tunnel (like a skateboard ramp). It got through several times giving me great shots but then crashed alongside me, causing me Injuries.

Then I was being stalked by wild lions and bears as I jumped from furniture to furniture to flee them. I ended up hiding on top of tables that were stocked on top of each other.

Any ideas what this could mean?

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Brandon 2014-03-19 17:19:07
I just now had a dream which included a helicopter. It was flying outside of our house, but this helicopter didn't have the blades or the tail blades or anything. It sounded loud but sounded more like another type of machinery that I can't explain. Think of a... Whirring motor.

It was beige in color, and I ran at first, but as it flew toward the end of the street it dropped an orange vehicle that resembled a Kubota (it is a modified golf cart). It came back and started dropping items, such as a pair of faded rainbow-colored gloves. My brother picked one of these items up, but I never got to see it. It was dropping stuff all around town. Obviously, I went chasing after it on foot but knowing I can't run fast, I ended up just being in a somewhat restricted jog.

I woke up just when I was about to turn the corner to see what else it dropped, and before it had come back with something else.

So I don't know what that symbolizes in any fashion. I'm not a dream interpreter. Need help decoding this dream. The Kubota and the gloves were both items that I used in my previous job.

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john 2014-03-05 09:34:18
Hi I’m a 45 year old man, I’ve just lost my job and here’s a dream I just had

Dream 04/03/2014

I’m a helicopter pilot with a helicopter which can travel through time and alternate realties. I have two female passengers. We start off at a location where we are dressed in 1940s costume, the women are about to go in to a museum and they encourage me to come with them; I say, “I don’t want to go in.”
“Then you’ll have to wait in the helicopter!” Says one of the women.
“I won’t; I’ll leave you.” I reply.
“You haven’t dared leave me since World War Two.” She says.
“Watch me,” I say. I head for the helicopter, while the two women go in to the museum
One of the women snorts. “He wouldn’t dare leave us!”
I climb aboard the helicopter and start the engines, the two women come running and get inside, they are both upset at my defiance to them; I turn to them and say. “I’m in command now; I’m the only one who can fly this thing.”
As we prepare to take off, an old man comes over; he says, “I’m from a charity, can you write something with the blades for me?”
I look at the controls which look unusual, and then I look at the spinning blades. I say, “sorry; I can’t do that for you.”
“I know how to do it,” he says and reaches in for the joy stick.
I push him away and say, “I rather you didn’t.” I accelerate the speed of the blades and pull the stick back, we take off at steep angle. The two women are thrust back in their seats and are still upset. “Right let’s go,” I say. We are surrounded by tall snow covered trees, and I have to climb high to fly over them. Eventually, we reach the right altitude and we are free to go where we like. The landscape is still covered in snow, time seems in flux as we see people below from different eras. Looking down; I see a man and a woman from the Regency period walking across a snow covered field. “Let’s buzz them!” I say and swoop down close to them, I then pull up and then pass a man from the future who, is flying a jet pack, all of them are surprised at my audacity.
“Right, let’s go somewhere hot and luxurious.” I say to the women. They agree and seem to have accepted that I am in command. They also appear to be very happy with it.
We fly to The Azores and circle the beach, looking for a place to land. “Let’s get something to eat.” I say.
One of the women says, “but we don’t have the right sort of money.”
“Right, let’s get some!” I reply. I then fly at low level through a casino, as we pass the gambling tables, one of the women leans out and steals chips. When we have enough I head for the door, we pass a man who used to be a manager of mine; he is dressed as a bell boy now and is carrying suit cases. I laugh and he looks down in shame. As we go outside, I find a place to land and we go and eat.

Later we are walking round the town and see a theatre; we go in and are told that if we sit in the red seats, we can take part in the performance if asked. We sit in these seats and the show starts right away. I look round and see there are adverts for sweets on the walls, I go up to one and find they are real, I help myself and take some back for the women. They have joined the actors on stage, so I join them too. The music starts and we all dance around; everyone is happy.

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