Dream interpretation Helicopter

Dream interpretation Helicopter


Appearance of helicopter in your dreams is suggestive of success in life may be at office or home. It generally signifies that the dreamer is going to get immense success in his life which is a result of his hard work. Similar to the helicopter structure which do not need any support of runway to reach the skies there are possibilities that the dreamer will reach a soaring high in his business or job. To envisage yourself in helicopter is also reminiscent of the sense of independence and freedom in life. It means that you want to deviate yourself from the nagging problems of your life to become trouble free.

Different aspects of a helicopter dream

There can be large variations in helicopter dreams and each one specifies different meaning related to your life. To see yourself situated in the helicopter which is flying in the sky clearly shows that you are in full quest of your goals and you are not ready to compromise in anything regarding your ambition of life. To see a helicopter crash in front of you is sign of unrealistic or unachievable ambitions that you have set for yourself which are going to crash down or break. This also signifies your lack of confidence and trust in yourself to obtain something in life.

Wisdom you can get from a helicopter dream

Every dream is suggestive of something or another that can save you from many problems, dreams are fortune tellers but most of the times they are messengers of wisdom meant for you. If you see a helicopter in your dream it is understandable that you are expecting something extraordinary from your life which is not possible in your situation. It is always good to try hard to achieve goals but the basic is to set goals which are attainable. If you fail to do this then you can waste your precious time running behind a thing which can never be yours.

Common sample dream of helicopter and its meaning

Consider a dream where you are standing in a church or auditorium praying or doing something when suddenly a helicopter roams in the center of the sky of your open roof theater ultimately the chopper lies in the center of your stadium and you are struck inside with no way to get out. A dream like this can suggest that he is going to face failure in the most wanted objective of his life. Such dreams can also get triggered due to previous day activities or conversations.

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Icee 2022-09-19 10:50:06
I was in the mountains being chased by someone when I saw a helicopter flying off and tried chasing it. Theres a rope hanging from the helicopters feet and I grabbed the rope. I was hanging from the helicopter as it flew away
theDream 2023-11-25 16:35:14
Dreaming of being chased in the mountains and then grabbing a rope hanging from a helicopter signifies a desire for escape or a need for a fresh perspective in a challenging situation in your waking life.

The mountains in dreams often symbolize obstacles or challenges that you are facing. Being chased further emphasizes the presence of those difficulties or pressures that may be causing you stress or anxiety.

The appearance of the helicopter suggests that you are seeking a higher vantage point or a broader view of the situation. You desire to rise above the challenges and gain a new perspective. The helicopter represents a possible solution or means of escape from the current troubles you are facing.

Grabbing the rope and hanging from the helicopter represents your willingness to take hold of an opportunity or to actively pursue a solution. It indicates your determination and initiative in seeking a way out or finding a different approach to overcome your challenges.

The act of being lifted by the helicopter as it flies away symbolizes a sense of liberation, as if you are leaving the troubles behind and moving towards a more favorable position. It suggests that you have taken control or found a means to rise above the challenging situation.

Overall, this dream signifies your desire for resolution and a new perspective on the difficulties you are experiencing. It indicates your readiness to take action and embrace opportunities that can help you overcome obstacles or find a fresh start.
Tinni 2022-03-22 03:37:30
Dreamt I was driving a helicopter, men loaded dead animals on to a hook inside, I fly up and in circle with protective clothing - it's like being inside a blender, blood everywhere and I was driving with my eyes closed, I wasn't happy and when I open my eyes I see a Ferris wheel in sight. It was a horrible dream!!
bhavya nair 2021-09-08 06:02:51
my cousin brother is driving a helicoptor. the helicoptor caught fire , and my cousin's dead body is burned
Matt 2021-08-31 07:58:36
Last night I dreamt that I was walking down a lakeside or oceanside boardwalk and a yellow helicopter crashed into the water. My brother and I ran over, I remember seeing the childrens' hands reaching up from inside the helicopter under water. I managed to pull out 2 kids and the father. The kids were alive but I remember seeing the father on the stretcher receiving CPR, his eyes still open. This was such a reaslitic dream and I clearly remember it at the moment.
Abbey 2021-06-27 13:13:35
I had a dream with many things going on. One thing that stuck out in the dream was blood falling from the helicopter as the heel opted hovered over a fatal car accident scene. My dream was a lot but I really wondered what blood dripping for the helicopter meant. It was so much blood. It was falling heavily from the bottom of the helicopter. I would put my entire dream here but it was so long and so much detail.
Rebecca 2019-07-10 22:27:54
I dreamt that I was flying a stationary helicopter above some houses in a neighborhood. The street may have been circular, bending toward me. I was looking at the houses on the left bend. There was a white sedan (big hood and trunk) parked on the right side of the driveway. There was a lifted white truck parked on the left side of the house to the right with the driver side of the truck over the sedan a bit. I was thinking that the people living at one of the houses would've left by now, but seeing the car, it looked as if they were still there. As I was looking own, I was thinking how amazing it was that I was flying a helicopter as if it had been a long time before doing so (I don't know how and haven't gone for training.) As I was thinking this, I was about to lose control but was able to hold on. (I was woken so this is the best that I can remember.)
Sana 2019-07-06 05:32:34
I had a dream like I’m flying about a beautiful blue-green sea. I was with someone who was too irritated and complaining that we shouldn’t have taken this risky ride. When the chopper went low, I could see huge waves like tsunami and saw 1000s of people swept away and some shouting for help and a guilt struck in me that I couldn’t help. Later the altitude of the chopper went high and I again could just see clam ocean. I woke up when I smoothly landed on a cliff.
Cienna 2019-06-10 18:36:50
I had a dream last night that I was suppose to be doing some sort of tree work but we couldn't get our job done because there were all these helicopters flying around dumping hundreds of paint brushes down on us. It was the strangest thing
Kim 2018-12-12 22:56:37
I dreamed that my dad (who is passed away) was alive and bought me a miniature helicopter. I parked it somewhere outside of a building and when I came back with my friend it was gone. Someone had stolen it. I asked my sister and she told me that dad had spent 600 dollars on it. I explained to her, "What a waste of 600 dollars! I feel so bad!"
Hildah 2018-11-18 23:21:10
I dream of me and my child surrounded by many people then when I looked on the sky is saw two choppers flying very well and then as we were walking I looked again up and noticed as if they were losing control at this time I saw my self leaning on a table and my child sitter on top of it then other people surrounding the table then allover sudden the choppers came crushing down in grubed my baby shield her from danger there was fire but didn't reach us then I rose up and shouted to people that we should escape and we started running I then woke up from my dream
BROWN 2018-11-13 12:07:34
Last night, I had a dream that I was in the middle of a field and I had to be TRANSPORTED. I wasnt enjuryed but I had somewhere I had to be and two guys volunteered to help me. They strapped me into a small helicopter and navigated it by remote to my next destination switch was no far at all ... maybe a few miles ... kinda hard to say in a dream ... it seems further ... when I touched down, I was treated by my favorite cousin (which I hollered to), my husband and a lot of kids ... like atta daycare or school. When he helped me out, I handed him the keys to the helicopter, which I took back for safe keeping.
Ishaq Arhin 2018-09-19 04:47:08
I was in my house working and was ordered by one of my incharges that i should go with our helicopter to china and take something and come along with the same plane so when it landed and jumped into it and fastened my seat belt the plane pilot tried flying it but to no avail.what does it mean.

Juliana 2018-08-24 21:18:51
My dream was very weird . I was walking down the street with a friend , someone who I never met she was 11 years old and had long blond hair and blue eyes. I’m 16 years old I think it’s kinda odd I was hanging out with an 11 year old but I remember feeling like she was someone who I trusted and new for a long time. Anyways We look up in the sky and see multiple types of ufos . One was white and What looked like a saucer , and another was silver with red gemstone imbedded around the oval shaped craft , it also had a top dome roof and sharp wing looking things spinning around it making it hover . There was one that was like color of bm8 on star wars too. I think there was 6. The silver gemstone ufo came real close to us and we thought we were about to be abducted , as soon as I started to feel anxiety about being abducted ,I started to speak to the ufo I remember saying “Lord help me I want to save the world” i don’t remember the rest of what I was saying after that but I was calling onto the lord to help me and save me from this terrifying looking ufo. I was speaking to my friend and she spoke too but I forgot was she said . They banish and 2 helicopters in the sky suddenly appear they had the local news channel logo on it , ima and my friend were like “they are here cause of the UFOs!” Which meant in my dream we weren’t going crazy and other people witnessed the event. This is all I can remember.
Believer 2018-12-06 09:13:22
Not sure if you would see this. . But I just woke up and similar dream and i actually seen some real life events
Nece 2019-06-17 20:50:05
My mom has had similar dreams. All my moms dreams have come true to date. I’m still waiting to this to happen as many people have had this same dream.
Anshika gupta 2018-08-19 03:13:20
I just had a dream that i climed Mt Everest with three people whom i called my freind but in real i don't even know them and there at the mt everest top there is a helipad situated and suddenly my freind's helicopter appeared there and i was so happy that i stated shouting at the shore of the top and disbalance and dropped down but suddenly i find myself n a helicopter confused for what to do and found that i can drove it out and with the two near the crash attempts i got in the right position and i was saved.....
rgh 2018-08-06 15:41:52
Some buddies i look up to were snapping photos being in a helicopter. They were hugging bear manniquins? Anyway idk how i got in the helicopter but i knew it was my turn to ride. I’ve never been afraid of heights before but i was so scared & the pilot asked me if i wanted to open the doors. I said nah i’m good but he made me feel like a punk about saying no so i put on an extra seatbelt. There was a babe sitting on his lap the whole time & she started talking in spanish about how she loved flying over paris. They guy started talking to me in spanish too so i told him i was ready to open the doors in spanish but then the babe started laughing at my poor spanish skills. :[
Airwolf 2018-06-24 18:48:32
I was inside a house being attached by a black helicopter. I could see it through the window and it was facing the house. It shot white missiles into the window but the missiles didnt explode just sat their on the floor but I would jump up and run to another room. Then the same thing would happen it would shoot a missile into the room that didnt explode and I would run out to another room. This happened at 3east 5 times them I was sitting with an old high school friend whos house it was. We were both glad the missiles didnt explode and I was thanking him for letting me hide out in his house.
ISHMAEL 2018-05-31 02:57:02
Few days ago, I dreamt seeing a helicopter flying with a loud noise and landed successfully not about a 100 meters from me. The helo has children that came out running with happiness. I wonder what this dream means?
Jay buds 2018-04-02 15:33:24
I dreamed of me and a female standing in a high rise hotel room with the window open and a helicopter touching distance from the window and out of curiosity I see If I can push it with my hands and I do and the helicopter loses control and after idk what happened... Crazy crazy dream no lie....
Montie 2018-02-28 22:53:12
So last night I dreamt this helicopter was flying full speed towards our apartment, it suddenly came to a dead still on the roof where it kinda misslanded or something, I could see the front hanging over the side of the building and all of a sudden I here lots of people rushing up the stairs and my wife pulls me back and I wake up, this evening my neighbour knocks on the door crying for help as her boyfriend laying helpless coughing up blood, thanks to the quick response of the paramedics they were able to revive him after struggling for at least 30 mins to bring him back, thank you Lord for hearing my prayer! Amen.
Stephany 2017-10-21 19:28:16
I had a dream where I was having lunch up on a hill close to the ocean. A helicopter came down and crashed into a ship. Dark clouds surrounded the area and the crash caused a large tidal wave. I remember thinking we're far enough away we will be fine. Shortly after the wave came over me and I just remember feeling warmth.

Any idea what this means!?
Ronald 2017-08-09 10:27:49
This is probably a weird one but the dream consisted of at first me grabbing some food from the shop just randomly and I was shocked this giant helicopter which had 4 distanced propellears and a long rope down with an man attached sitting laughing on a lilio which. You would find in a pool th dream had many more things happen like car crashes into dirty stinky lakes and big animals chasing me in the water give that read lol
Swu 2017-07-16 18:11:42
Last night i dreamt that my youngest sister came home from helicopter and landed in our terrace
brandy 2017-04-17 18:06:55
last night i dreamt of a helicopter toy above me while sleeping inside my bedroom. i thought it is a drone from my neighbors, so i catch it with my blanket because im a little scare. i feel it is so surreal. what does my dream mean?
Maddy 2017-04-14 09:19:01
my dream consisted of three people including me we we're trying to flee from something. All of us had ran in me garage which is huge and has three sliding doors as we light candles in turn on Christmas lights. It looks similar to that of a thrift store with the middle being separated but with the sides not. As we ran through past a chicken coop we had come through to the Other side. An there where tons of sluges everywhere we all screamed I had ran to open up the chicken coop to see something from the crack of the door and a helicopter not even 15 feet away close to ground takes off . I quickly run to the other side and tell every one to stay quiet and stay low then it starts to shoot in the garge hitting a candle on the table above me and the candle has a face and hands from the wax and as it slowly comes out of the broken glass it like touches it's face and around it like asking for help. And I wake up lol

Shivani Banerjee 2017-03-26 22:18:10
last night i saw that a helicopter was used to shift a complete big house from one place to another place. the house was very big and the area where it was being shifted was lush green and beautiful.
Marsha 2016-11-29 09:29:49
I dreamed a toy helicopter came into my home and was filled with money. What does this dream mean?
Kt 2016-11-17 16:49:25
Dreamt last night about helicopters and no matter where I went one was going to crash into my family. I spent most of the dream chasing my family away from any and all areas where these helicopters would crash to keep them alive but in the end no matter where we went to get away from the helicopters crashing they killed a family member and the dream ended with a family member being hit by the helicopters blade, bleeding and falling to the floor.

I then woke up and have been unable to get the nightmare more than dream out of my mind.
Corina 2016-10-19 15:15:07
I dreamt last night Adele (the singer) was in a helicopter where the pilot dropped dead! She was handcuffed to him, but in part of my dream tge helicopter had already crashed and she was thrown out and survived. It was like I was watching a rerun of a movie because I was able to talk to her in the helicopter and asked how she was going to get out alive. She said she was communicating with people on the ground and they were helping, although she was unable to use the controls. She had a cover over the windscreen so couldnt see where she was going,I recommended she remove it but she showed me it was attached and couldnt come off so she was driving blind.I asked her what if you hit a building? She said "Im too high for that" tgen my dream changed to me flying a helicopter that I borrowed and returned safely
charles andrew s.f 2016-09-27 14:29:18
so this manner i dream which my neighbohrhood was landing in a helicopter. perhaps i dont know the helicopter will be mine
Rick 2016-09-13 08:25:47
How about to see a helicopter in flight against a pitch black night sky, firing on another airborne object? Also police vehicles and fire trucks en route to ...Something? The dream had an overall war feel to it. What the chopper fired on liked small, like a drone possibly.

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